Rat - Luck Prediction by Month 2020 & 2021


Luck Prediction by Month 2020

In 2020, people with Chinese zodiac Rat will experience a lot of things, and it is exactly the timing for Rats to make a change in their life. They need to pay attention to both their career and love although they may feel tired sometimes. Troublesome problems can be solved if they can adjust their attitude well.

In the latter half of the year, the fortune will be better than in the first half and things will be easier to be handled. The following are 2020 luck prediction by month.

 See general introduction to Rat Fortune in 2020.

Rat Fortune in 2020

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(01/25/2020 – 02/22/2020)

Based on Chinese zodiac luck prediction, January is not a lucky month for the Rats. The Rats will be in tension in January 2020. At the beginning of the New Year, they may be always in a hurry to deal with unexpected events. This month, it is recommended that the Rats should not be hurry to make decisions. Calm down, think carefully and then take action, which will be more helpful to solve problems.


(02/23/2020 – 03/23/2020)

The fortune of the Rats in February 2020 will turn better. The Rats will be more confident and do things more efficiently. In February, the Rats will begin to plan their own lives well, and both the life and work of the Rats will go well. This month, they have new goals, and they may achieve them in this month. It is actually a relatively easy task for the Rats to work this month. They can take the initiative to fight for better work opportunities.


(03/24/2020 – 04/22/2020)

Rats’ luck in the third lunar month is bad, especially the love fortune. Their mood will be affected by the unhappy relationship, which may lead to their ability in work be questioned. They should deal with the bad relationship which makes their life full of chaos in time and carefully. 


(04/23/2020 – 05/22/2020)

According to Rat luck prediction in 2020, Rats’ luck is still bad in the fourth lunar month. They may be in trouble which will make them demoralized and confused. They must figure out what they really want to do next, otherwise they will be in dilemma. It would be helpful to enjoy a holiday to relax and make an adjustment.


(05/23/2020 – 06/20/2020)

Rats’ luck in 2020 shows that the fortune in May is much better. Happy things will happen. The luck in career is good. They will work hard and carefully. It is advised them to pay more attention and spend more time on work left undone in the previous months. They may be busy in May and meet an influential person who may help them to get promoted. 


(06/21/2020 – 07/20/2020)

The luck in the sixth lunar month is pretty good because they can get help from an influential man. They can easily solve problems and become more capable. They can learn much from others. They should cherish the rare opportunity the influential person give them and learn from him or her. The skills they learn in this month will help a lot in their further development. 


(07/21/2020 – 08/18/2020)

The luck in wealth is very good. Rats can earn much money in this month but they also spend a lot. They are not suggested to take risks to make a fortune in a hurry. They will be satisfied since they will get higher social status through hard work. 


(08/19/2020 – 09/16/2020)

In the eighth lunar month, the luck in social relationship is not so good and Rats may have conflicts with someone. They should not forget to guard against possible harm done by others. They need to be more patient with the dissatisfactions in daily life. Also, watch out for the hypocritical people around.


(09/17/2020 – 10/16/2020)

The luck in the ninth lunar month is just so-so. The fortune in wealth is not good. They should have more rest in this month to keep healthy. The work is easy for them. Too much entertainment will bring a burden to body. They are suggested to stay home more often instead of going out one night after another.  


(10/17/2020 – 11/14/2020)

Rats’ luck in the 10th lunar month become better. They may encounter competitions and challenges, and they will be confident to finish them. They will defeat the competitor through hard work and get what they want in this lucky month.


(11/15/2020 – 12/14/2020)

Rats’ luck in 11th lunar month is not good. Rats will encounter many difficulties and risks in life. They might feel worried and scared. Just remember that the difficulties will be overcome if you are confident enough and try the best to solve them. Don’t be sky to ask questions when confused about something.


(12/15/2020 – 01/12/2021)

According to the horoscope, the luck in this month is pretty good for they may gain much from the whole year’s effort they have done. This month is a new beginning for them. New Year plan will be made and life goals and direction will be clearer.


Luck Prediction by Month 2021

Rat’s luck in 2021 will be generally good in many aspects. It will be much easier for them to catch golden opportunities to get promotion and increased salary, especially in April, May, August and September. The detailed Chinese zodiac luck prediction shows that they can also receive some help from their lucky stars in wealth. Investing some money on low-risked fields may bring extra money in 2021. In this way, they can accumulate some money step by step.

Their luck in love life can be smooth this year. They would find a right person in March, May, July and December based on 2021 luck prediction by month. However, they should pay more attention to health problems in February and June. Try to find effective ways to release high pressure. Besides, regular physical exercises and healthy diet are also necessary.

 See general introduction to Rat Fortune in 2021.

Rat Fortune in 2021

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/12/2021 – 03/12/2021)

According to Rat luck prediction in 2021, people may have some developments in career. They would meet several lucky stars who can provide some necessary help. Joining in more social activities will help them make more friends. The harmonious interpersonal relationship will bring more chances in work. The situation of wealth and health will be stable this month. Although the work will be busy, they are still advised to spend more time to stay with family members.


(03/13/2021 – 04/11/2021)

In the second Chinese lunar month, Rat people would have a large chance to meet soul mate based on the fortune prediction in 2021. If the relationship goes well, then they will get married soon. Their wealth aspect will be much better than last month. However, they need to face several challenges and difficulties in career, which may bring them extreme pressures. Having more confidence and keeping the modest attitude towards other people’s suggestions will help them overcome the current situation.


(04/12/2021 – 05/11/2021)

In general, most of people born with Rat sign are endowed with welcomed personalities and excellent abilities. Therefore, there are nice opportunities in work. Rat fortune in 2021 indicates that some of them can be responsible for important tasks, which will win back leaders’ trust. Do not waste money on unfamiliar investment fields. Otherwise, they may lose a lot of money. In addition, a detailed daily expense recorder is necessary, which can help control their expenditures. 


(05/12/2021 – 06/09/2021)

The good news in the 4th Chinese lunar month is that people born with Chinese zodiac Rat sign don’t need to worry about career, wealth and health aspects. They may find some nice opportunities in this month. Although they may earn some extra money from other aspects, they are still advised to make a plan to manage money. They need to find ways to keep a balance between busy work and life. Having more communications with friends and soul mates is also important. Otherwise, they will always meet misunderstandings.


(06/10/2021 – 07/09/2021)

May is a lucky month for Rat people based on 2021 luck prediction by month. They need to spend more time to consider their career future because this month is a good time to make big breakthroughs. Their outstanding work abilities would bring them chances to get a promotion or obtain an increased salary. Although there is no big problems in your health, you still need to keep the healthy living habits.


(07/10/2021 – 08/07/2021)

According to Chinese zodiac luck prediction, June is not a smooth year for people born with Rat sign of Chinese zodiac. They need to pay much attention to the financial situation. High expenditure in daily life makes saving money becoming a difficult thing for them. They should save enough time to deal with emergencies. Work pressures and intense interpersonal relationships don’t bring positive influence to their health.


(08/08/2021 – 09/06/2021)

This month will bring good news to Rat people’s love relationship. If they are still single, there will have many golden chances to fall in love with someone as long as they join in more social activities on weekends. Remember to express love timely and bravely. Besides, the career and wealth will change into a better stage during this time. Based on Rats’ luck in 2021, they may suffer some small diseases, therefore they can do more physical exercises in order to keep healthy.


(09/07/2021 – 10/05/2021)

The Chinese zodiac luck prediction shows that the overall situation of their career and wealth will be smooth in this month. There won’t have many tasks and obstacles in job. Stable career will bring stable income. It is advised to save some money in daily life. For married ones, they should have more patience and understanding to family issues in order to avoid quarrels. As for health, it is suggested to have regular physical examinations to prevent health problems in this period of time.


(10/16/2021 – 11/04/2021)

In September, Rat people will see great improvements in career, finance and health. Because of their hard work, they will obtain more chances in job and earn more money in wealth. Although the pressure is a little bit high, they will find ways to make adjustments and get some relaxation. Based on Rat fortune in 2021, they may encounter crisis in love relationship due to the trivial things. In order to ensure a stable love life, they should keep the positive attitude and solve problems step by step. 


(11/05/2021 – 12/03/2021)

Generally speaking, October is not a very lucky month for Chinese zodiac Rat people. They would face competition with colleagues. If they want to lose self interests, they need to have strong-minded. Meanwhile, keeping optimistic attitude is crucial. The career problems would influence wealth a lot in this month. Therefore, it is not advised to invest money on unfamiliar fields. Besides, Rat luck prediction in 2021 indicates that there would have problems in love relationship. Preparing some surprises and travelling together are nice ways to add more fun to marriage life. 


(12/04/2021 – 01/02/2022)

The overall condition won’t seem to have improvements in this month based on the 2021 luck prediction by month and they may encounter some troubles in career. Do not waste time and energy on gossip or complain. They are advised to focus on their goals. Trying to record daily expenses will help you save some money. About health, they should pay more attention to respiratory and digestive system diseases.


(01/03/2022 – 01/31/2022)

Rat’s fortune will begin to become much better in the last lunar month. Most of them can make breakthroughs in current job or new work environment. The steady income can be guaranteed at the same time. As per Rat luck prediction in 2021, the relationships with family members and soul mates would be harmonious and peaceful. In addition, they don’t need to worry about health problem as long as they keep doing exercises in ordinary life.

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Questions & Answers on Rat\s Luck Prediction by Month 2020 & 2021
Asked by Malou from DENMARK | Jul. 06, 2020 02:19Reply
Financial, family and Career 2020
Hi I am born of April 1972, What can tell about my financial for 2020 and career since i always struggling of my financial almost everymonth..
Thank you in advance.

Answers (1)
Answered by Alyssa from DENMARK | Jul. 12, 2020 23:17

According to the prediction, the overall situation would have a large chance to become better in the following months. In the daily life, you should record the daily expense and accumulate the wealth step by step. Besides, do not rely on high-risked investments.
Asked by bincy from UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Feb. 25, 2020 02:53Reply
My fortune in 2020

i am 1972 may 1st born rat. i lost my job 4 years back and i tried to find jobs with the same salary minimum and couldn't find one. so i left searching for jobs for 2-3 years and had plans to start business and in the last minute it is cancelled. again i am planning to find a job for stable income. is it right time to find a job a or can i start some business with partnership? what will be better? Seeks your reply on my money luck and fortune
Answers (1)
Answered by Candace from DENMARK | Feb. 28, 2020 20:48

Yes, generally speaking, 2020 will be a stable year for you. You would find several chances to find a good job. You should have more confidence about yourself.
Asked by Liliane from PERÚ | Feb. 11, 2020 05:43Reply
Hi, I'm a female born 19 august 1984, I would like to know if the love relationship I'm about to St
to know if the love relationship I'm about to Start Is going to be succesful, worthwile and long Term?
Answers (1)
Answered by Russell from DENMARK | Feb. 12, 2020 19:09

Liliane, 2020 will be a good year for you. Thus you would have a large chance to obtain sweet love relationship.
Asked by mohibullah from BANGLADESH | Feb. 08, 2020 10:45Reply
i want to know about my career and marriage ?
Hi I am a male, born on 6th november 1984, the year of the rat. I am architect and running my own farm. Am i changing jobs this year in 2020. Will I be promoted in 2021? Or is having a business better for me? What kind of business?
Answers (1)
Answered by Marcus from POLAND | Feb. 12, 2020 18:23

The prediction indicates that you can stay in the current job. There are several chances for you to get some successes in 2020. If you want to start own business, it will also be ok. Just choose the field that you are familiar with.
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