Rat - Luck Prediction by Month 2021 & 2022


Luck Prediction by Month in 2021

Rat’s luck in 2021 will be generally good in many aspects. It will be much easier for them to catch golden opportunities to get promotion and increased salary, especially in April, May, August and September. The detailed Chinese zodiac luck prediction shows that they can also receive some help from their lucky stars in wealth. Investing some money on low-risked fields may bring extra money in 2021. In this way, they can accumulate some money step by step.

Their luck in love life can be smooth this year. They would find a right person in March, May, July and December based on 2021 luck prediction by month. However, they should pay more attention to health problems in February and June. Try to find effective ways to release high pressure. Besides, regular physical exercises and healthy diet are also necessary.

 See general introduction to Rat Fortune in 2021.

Rat Fortune in 2021

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/12/2021 – 03/12/2021)

According to Rat luck prediction in 2021, people may have some developments in career. They would meet several lucky stars who can provide some necessary help. Joining in more social activities will help them make more friends. The harmonious interpersonal relationship will bring more chances in work. The situation of wealth and health will be stable this month. Although the work will be busy, they are still advised to spend more time to stay with family members.


(03/13/2021 – 04/11/2021)

In the second Chinese lunar month, Rat people would have a large chance to meet soul mate based on the fortune prediction in 2021. If the relationship goes well, then they will get married soon. Their wealth aspect will be much better than last month. However, they need to face several challenges and difficulties in career, which may bring them extreme pressures. Having more confidence and keeping the modest attitude towards other people’s suggestions will help them overcome the current situation.


(04/12/2021 – 05/11/2021)

In general, most of people born with Rat sign are endowed with welcomed personalities and excellent abilities. Therefore, there are nice opportunities in work. Rat fortune in 2021 indicates that some of them can be responsible for important tasks, which will win back leaders’ trust. Do not waste money on unfamiliar investment fields. Otherwise, they may lose a lot of money. In addition, a detailed daily expense recorder is necessary, which can help control their expenditures.


(05/12/2021 – 06/09/2021)

The good news in the 4th Chinese lunar month is that people born with Chinese zodiac Rat sign don’t need to worry about career, wealth and health aspects. They may find some nice opportunities in this month. Although they may earn some extra money from other aspects, they are still advised to make a plan to manage money. They need to find ways to keep a balance between busy work and life. Having more communications with friends and soul mates is also important. Otherwise, they will always meet misunderstandings.


(06/10/2021 – 07/09/2021)

May is a lucky month for Rat people based on 2021 luck prediction by month. They need to spend more time to consider their career future because this month is a good time to make big breakthroughs. Their outstanding work abilities would bring them chances to get a promotion or obtain an increased salary. Although there is no big problems in your health, you still need to keep the healthy living habits.


(07/10/2021 – 08/07/2021)

According to Chinese zodiac luck prediction, June is not a smooth year for people born with Rat sign of Chinese zodiac. They need to pay much attention to the financial situation. High expenditure in daily life makes saving money becoming a difficult thing for them. They should save enough time to deal with emergencies. Work pressures and intense interpersonal relationships don’t bring positive influence to their health.


(08/08/2021 – 09/06/2021)

This month will bring good news to Rat people’s love relationship. If they are still single, there will have many golden chances to fall in love with someone as long as they join in more social activities on weekends. Remember to express love timely and bravely. Besides, the career and wealth will change into a better stage during this time. Based on Rats’ luck in 2021, they may suffer some small diseases, therefore they can do more physical exercises in order to keep healthy.


(09/07/2021 – 10/05/2021)

The Chinese zodiac luck prediction shows that the overall situation of their career and wealth will be smooth in this month. There won’t have many tasks and obstacles in job. Stable career will bring stable income. It is advised to save some money in daily life. For married ones, they should have more patience and understanding to family issues in order to avoid quarrels. As for health, it is suggested to have regular physical examinations to prevent health problems in this period of time.


(10/16/2021 – 11/04/2021)

In September, Rat people will see great improvements in career, finance and health. Because of their hard work, they will obtain more chances in job and earn more money in wealth. Although the pressure is a little bit high, they will find ways to make adjustments and get some relaxation. Based on Rat fortune in 2021, they may encounter crisis in love relationship due to the trivial things. In order to ensure a stable love life, they should keep the positive attitude and solve problems step by step.


(11/05/2021 – 12/03/2021)

Generally speaking, October is not a very lucky month for Chinese zodiac Rat people. They would face competition with colleagues. If they want to lose self interests, they need to have strong-minded. Meanwhile, keeping optimistic attitude is crucial. The career problems would influence wealth a lot in this month. Therefore, it is not advised to invest money on unfamiliar fields. Besides, Rat luck prediction in 2021 indicates that there would have problems in love relationship. Preparing some surprises and travelling together are nice ways to add more fun to marriage life.


(12/04/2021 – 01/02/2022)

The overall condition won’t seem to have improvements in this month based on the 2021 luck prediction by month and they may encounter some troubles in career. Do not waste time and energy on gossip or complain. They are advised to focus on their goals. Trying to record daily expenses will help you save some money. About health, they should pay more attention to respiratory and digestive system diseases.


(01/03/2022 – 01/31/2022)

Rat’s fortune will begin to become much better in the last lunar month. Most of them can make breakthroughs in current job or new work environment. The steady income can be guaranteed at the same time. As per Rat luck prediction in 2021, the relationships with family members and soul mates would be harmonious and peaceful. In addition, they don’t need to worry about health problem as long as they keep doing exercises in ordinary life.


Luck Prediction by Month 2022

According to 2022 Rat luck prediction by month, the overall situation is at a general level. Some unsatisfactory things may happen when accumulating wealth. Several difficulties will also lead to slow progresses in work. However, Chinese zodiac Rats don’t need to be too anxious, because they would have a lot of chances to meet their lucky stars. As long as they maintain the best working attitude, many difficulties will be solved and golden promotion opportunities will be given. In addition, the married Rat people is likely to have a more stable love relationship this year. However, single ones have fewer chances to fall in love with someone. Before starting a love relationship, they should think twice. Do not just look at the other’s appearance. About health, Rat people must pay more attention. They are not advised to be impulsive, so as not to incur unnecessary troubles. 

 See general introduction to Rat Fortune in 2022.

Rat Fortune in 2022

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/01/2022 – 03/02/2022)

In the first lunar month, Rat people will have to face heavy work pressure based on the Rat luck prediction in 2022. However, after hard working, they may not be awarded a proportional income, which made them feel discouraged. Adjust themselves timely and do not be short eye-sighted. Just make full use of chances to learn more things and improve themselves. Do their best and do their own work, and they will have a pleasant return in the future. In January, some Rat people may spend a lot of money in daily life. They need to find ways for earning extra money, and they should be thrifty at the same time. 


(03/03/2022 – 03/31/2022)

Generally speaking, the Rat people is likely to face several challenges when dealing with the interpersonal relationship in this unlucky month. They may feel it difficult to get along with bosses and colleagues. Besides, they may be impulsive to argue with other people about trivial matters. They should show more patience and keep the modest attitude all the time in order to keep the relationship with others harmoniously. About family life, Rat people are suggested to have more communications with family members to avoid misunderstandings. In health, the mental pressure would be a little bit high. They should find suitable ways to release it. 


(04/01/2022 – 04/30/2022)

As per Rat’s luck in 2022, the overall situation in the third lunar month won’t have many ups and downs. When expanding their interpersonal network, they should also control the expenses in order to accumulate some wealth for emergencies. In addition, it is not advisable to make high-risking investment this month. About health, most Rat people should be cautious of gastrointestinal problems. Married ones during this period of time are susceptible to temptation from the outside world. Some of them may have an affair, which would influence the stable family life. 


(05/01/2022 – 05/29/2022)

On the basis of 2022 luck prediction by month, April is a lucky month for Rat people, especially in career. Make sure to grasp the opportunities and make great efforts for their career development. In this month, females would have a strong desire for shopping, buying a lot of luxury goods, or spending money on beauty. They are advised to be diligent and thrifty, instead of being lavish. Rats may have weak respiratory systems, so they are advised to wear a mask for protection.


(05/30/2022 – 06/28/2022)

The Rat people’s fortune will be fluctuating this month, especially in career. Many work plans may be suddenly disrupted. It is advisable to prepare multiple plans carefully in order to decrease the influence of sudden changes. One thing important is that they’d better make crucial decisions after careful consideration. For health, it is recommended them to make some travels to reduce the pressure brought by the changes. Because of the favorable wealth luck, they can make some investment to earn extra income. For married Rat people, the family atmosphere is harmonious and they feel relaxed at home. 


(06/29/2022 – 07/28/2022)

The luck in the 6th lunar month is not so good, especially in making money. Avoiding high-risking investment would help them turn the corner. Meanwhile, cutting down expenses in daily life is also necessary. They must review the details of the documents and contracts carefully when handling them, to avoid possible lawsuit and disputes. Elder Rat people would have poor sleep quality. They should try to make adjustments, such as having enough physical exercises.


(07/29/2022 – 08/26/2022)

According to Rat’s luck in 2022, businessmen may not obtain more chances although they work hard to enlarge the interpersonal network. The suggestion is to reduce unnecessary and useless social interactions to avoid consuming energy and money. For those working for others, there are few chances for promotion, but they still need to work hard and show their ability for future advancement. The fortune of health would be good. They won’t be affected by diseases, and would be vigorous every day.


(08/27/2022 – 09/25/2022)

Rats’ luck in 8th lunar month rises quickly. They are expected to receive great help from their bosses and colleagues because of their high popularity. Coupled with their flexible mind, they can stir up their brains and make full use of their advantages to participate in key projects, which is good for their future career development. However, Rat people are susceptible to bad mood this month and may feel so stressed. Adjust the life timetable properly for the sake of health. Besides, they are advised to spend more time with family members.


(09/26/2022 – 10/24/2022)

People with Rat sign of Chinese zodiac would have a good fortune in wealth in September. It is a lucky month to make some investment on stock because most of the time they predict the trend correctly. For single people, they would find chances to make more friends and fall in love with someone. Although the love life won’t be stable, they still feel the romance of the love. Young Rat people will tend to quarrel with friends about trivial matters during this period of time. The key solution is to show more patience and understanding. 


(10/25/2022 – 11/23/2022)

Based on Rat luck prediction in 2022, they would find nice chances to study abroad or make business trips. People who in business can also take advantage of this lucky month to expand overseas markets and gain extra money. No matter how busy they are, they should spend enough time staying with partners and children. Nice future requires good physical and psychological conditions. Rat people should keep good living habits and do enough physical exercise if possible.


(11/24/2022 – 12/22/2022)

For people with Chinese zodiac Rat, they are likely to have depressed mood affected by the weak and tense interpersonal relationship in the 11th lunar month. They must learn to adjust their mentality and get out of emotional dilemmas as soon as possible. In terms of career development, there are still many opportunities. When encountering problems that cannot be solved on their own, they are advised to ask help from elders or experienced people. Elderly Rat people in winter should pay special attention to their health, keep warm and defend themselves from cold weather.


(12/23/2023 – 01/21/2023)

The main concern for people with Chinese zodiac Rat in the last lunar month of 2022 is mental health. The 2022 Rat luck prediction by month indicates that some of them will plan to move the house and purchase furniture. They should have more communications with family members to avoid quarrels and divergences. When they felt depressed, they should find ways to get some relaxation, such as climbing mountains, shopping or joining in parties...


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