2008 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Rat

Which type of Rat are people born in 2008 Chinese zodiac year?

2008 is the year of the Rat according to Chinese zodiac. And in Chinese Five Elements, it belongs to year of the Earth. So the Rat people born in 2008 is the Earth Rat.

As Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar, this Earth Rat year is from February 6, 2008 to January 25, 2009. Those who born from January 1 to February 5 in 2008 are Chinese zodiac Fire Pig.

Lucky Signs for 2008 Earth Rat

 Lucky Numbers: 2, 3

 Lucky Colors: green, golden yellow

2021 Horoscope for Earth Rat Born in 2008

According to Rat’s fortune in 2021, the overall situation of life will be comfortable and happy for children born in 2008. Enjoying a carefree childhood, they can also make great progresses in their studies. If they can study harder than last year and make full use of their intelligence, they would have a high probability of passing the entrance examination. 

For Rat people born in 2008, joining in more school activities can help them maintain harmonious relationship with teachers and classmates. The relaxed and democratic family atmosphere is conducive to their mental health. Sometimes, having more communications with parents is an effective way to release pressure and solve problems.

At the same time, it is recommended to do more things that they are deeply interested in. Earth Rats can catch every chance to explore this world and establish correct views of life and values. They are not advised to spend their energy on love relationship this year.

Earth Rat people need to keep the optimistic attitude towards difficulties all the time. They should have more confidence about themselves because they actually have the outstanding abilities to change the situation. In daily life, regular timetable, nutrition-balanced diet and enough physical exercises can help you keep the body healthy.

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Personality Traits of the 2008 Chinese Zodiac Earth Rat

The Rat people are smart, helpful and understanding, and born optimistic persons. Most of them are full of talents. There are many good ideas in their minds, and unusually they know how to make people laugh, so they are friends’ joy. They are also curious about new things and full of imagination.

However, they are too realistic that leaves people the mean impression. They are self-righteous and sometimes ask others to follow their standards and thinking.

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People born with Chinese zodiac Rat have a rather good career luck. They are talented and insightful persons. They can achieve good results in any occupation. When facing difficulties, they can always get the help of others. But they should pay attention not to be cheated by snobs. It is easy for them to get promoted if working in the government and military circles or as a manager.

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Their fortune luck throughout their lives are not very good actually. There are many snobs around them, who often borrow money from the Earth Rat, but never give it back, which makes them lose money frequently. They are also careless and often lose their wallets. They like making investments, but often can't make profits from them.

If they want to live an abundant life, find a stable job and work hard. Also they should not be careless and keep an eye on the snobs around them.

Love and Relationships

The Earth Rat will have a pretty good love and relationship in their lives. Because of their tolerance and gentle, many friends of the opposite sex will surround them when they are single. And after they get married, when there are quarrels between them and their lovers, they are always the first one to make concessions.

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In general, their health conditions are not so bad. They may often suffer from some minor illnesses in the early age. After they grow up, their health conditions will improve greatly. But they should pay attention to diet. Make sure exercise regularly and have a healthy lifestyle.

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what is mychinese zodiac i was born may 29th 2008
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Your Chinese zodiac sign is Rat.
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