Rat - Love Compatibility

Most people born in the Year of the Rat are very optimistic, nothing can fear them down. This nature attracts a lot of pursuers following behind. When they settle for a stable relationship, the other may think them careless and lack of courage.

In fact, their inner side is tender and delicate, and they usually show mercy and understanding as well as tolerance to the people they love.

Be patient and faithful, they will find true love of a lifetime.
Rat''s Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Animals

Male Rats in Love

Tender, thoughtful, good husband and father…

The males are tender and easygoing, and they always tend to be graceful, noble and thoughtful. They take relationships seriously, and over deliberate performance will make them clumsy and lose love finally. Sincere and honest, they fail to take control of themselves when teased by beauties. They will just be themselves, fully showing their nature. In marriage life, they are almost perfect, for they are realistic and trying their best to be a good husband and father.

Female Rats in Love

Fantastic, naive, romantic…

Females born in the Year of the Rat are inclined to indulge themselves in fantasy. They seek spiritual love but it is still materially based. They want to be the most charming lovers for others both in beauty and wisdom. Sometimes, they are inclined to be naive, admiring their lovers a lot. However, once they find that the one they love is not as perfect as they expect, they will lose heart and retreat quickly.

How to get along with Rats?

They love to complain and comment on most affairs, people who want to get along with them need to listen first. Concentrated listening is the best praise to them. When they are making choice, do not give them forceful advices, for they can hardly accept them. Besides, people need to treat them with sincerity and honesty, for they are suspicious. The motivation people get close to them will make them doubt a lot. In addition, people with Chinese zodiac Rat treasure money a lot and they keep a thrifty life style, so never require for a valuable gift and borrow money from them.

Love Compatibility in Marriage

In general, Rats' best matches come from Ox, Dragon and Monkey according to Chinese zodiac compatibility rules. They can live an everlasting and happy marriage life together. However, they should avoid Horse and Rooster in case of divorcing tragedy.

 Perfect Matches:
Ox Attracted by Rat's passion and romance, Ox is always faithful to their marriage. They are intimate and understanding in relationship.
Dragon Both of the two are straightforward, faithful and loyal in relationship. Personal space is respected. Positive attitudes help them to go through all hardships.
Monkey In marriage life, they can discover potentials of each other; harmonious cooperation makes them harvest a lot both in money and happiness.

 Acceptable Matches:
Rat They treat each other with true heart, and both of them are deeply attached for family life. If adding more romance to life, their relationship will be better.
Tiger They can think in other’s shoes, so they seldom squabble. In inner world, they have strong desire to get everything in control, so sometimes they may need more personal space.

 Complementary Matches:
Rabbit They can rely on each other, and they can also give sincere advice or criticism to each other. The relationship will get along steadily.
Dog A romantic half and a faithful half can always generate different feelings. Their relationship will develop stably, and they will admire each other gradually.
Pig Pigs possess the quality of persistence, which is exactly what Rats are lack of. They can inspire and enlighten each other in marriage life.

 Intimate Friends:
Snake Snakes will be good listeners, who can always help Rats get out of the depression. Snakes can also get guidance in business from the other.

Horse Both of them are a bit self-centered and likely to be in an active position in relationship. In disagreement, they seldom give up their own ideas.
Rooster One cannot stand the other’s extravagant spending, while the other cannot stop complaining about the one’s shortcomings and mistakes.

 Possible the Best or Worst Match:
Sheep Due to different values in wealth and family, they may diverge once and for all. If they attempt to be more modest and considerate, they can also be best teammates in building up a happy family.

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