Chinese Zodiac Horoscope - 2023 Fortune

Rat Horoscope - 2023 Fortune


Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 10

Overall Luck:

It is predicted that people born in the year of the Rat will encounter many changes in 2023 in many aspects. They should be cautious and act carefully in case of the bad changes. Be low-key in workplace and work hard, which may bring them higher salaries and help them get promoted. Do not start a romantic relationship in a hurry, because according to the Rat's horoscope in 2023, they may meet Mr. or Mrs. Wrong. Luckily, those in dating may get married and those married can live a happy life if they keep a reasonable distance from the opposite sexes. They would not suffer from big physical problems, but they’d better care more about the physical conditions of their elder family members. 

Rat Fortune in 2023


Possible promotion; be low-key; not a lucky year to change the job

For people born in the year of the Rat, they may not be the most outstanding employees in their workplace in 2023, but perform better than most of their workmates, hence there is a great possibility for them to get promoted. However, if they get promoted in a short period of time, it is easy to attract jealousy from others. In order to avoid troubles, stay low-key. It is not a lucky year to change the job. Instead, they are advised to stay in the current company, learn more professional skills, and read more related books, which help enhance their competitiveness in the future. 


Generally lucky; do not spend too much on the date

In term of wealth, it is generally a lucky year for people with Rat sign of Chinese zodiac. Thanks to their good performance in work, they may be paid with a higher salary. For those self-employed, as they get recognized by more and more customers, their business will welcome a periodical growth, which would bring them more profits. In addition, people born in Chinese zodiac Rat year may earn a little from funds and stocks, especially after they seek advice from experts. One bad thing is that the singles may meet their Mr. or Mrs. Wrong and lose money on them. So this year, they are not advised to spend too much on dating or send expensive gifts to their dates just known. 

Love and Relationships

Singles should be cautious to start a relationship; those married keep a safe distance with opposite sexes

According to Rat fortune prediction in 2023, those having been dating for years may get married. However, while preparing for the wedding, they may have different ideas with their lover, which may cause conflicts. Be patient and communicate more with each other. It is not a big deal to give way to love and lover. The singles may meet some charming opposite sexes; it is advised to know the person well before officially starting the relationship, in case of wasting time in Mr. or Mrs. Wrong and getting heartbroken. Those getting married should keep a safe distance with opposite sexes and spend more time with their partner. 
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Eat reasonably; not a right year to get pregnant 

The Rat horoscope prediction in 2023 shows they would not meet big physical problems this year. But they intend to join more business parties and friends gatherings, during which they are likely to eat and drink more, which can bring heavier burden to their stomach and lead to bigger weight. To keep healthy, do not eat too much and try to give up junk food. In spare time, do more exercises. As for females, it seems not to be a right year to conceive a baby, as they may suffer from some gyneoopathy, although not serious. Also, Rats should pay more attention to the physical conditions of their elder family members. 

Luck Prediction for Rats Born in Different Years

• Born in 2008: In 2023, they may feel it difficult to focus on study, attracted by video games or exciting parties. Their parents should know this beforehand and take some measures to help them. They can be healthy and safe, under the premise of eating healthily and doing sports carefully.
• Born in 1996: In term of career, many troubles and difficulties would be waiting for them this year. Be conservative when making investment. For the singles, it is not an auspicious year to start dating. To keep healthy in a long run, they’d better change their bad living habits. 
• Born in 1984: According to Rat fortune in 2023, the high pressure from work intend to make them nervous and impede them to do a great job and get a higher salary. So this year, they are advised to make a consumption plan. For singles, it is not likely they will find their Mr. or Mrs. Right.
• Born in 1972: It intends to be an unsmooth year in general. Be patient and kind to workmates in case they make troubles. Keep a safe distance from other opposite sexes. Do not spend money randomly to avoid personal economic crisis.
• Born in 1960: The Rat fortune prediction in 2023 shows they are likely to make more minor mistakes this year in company, indicating that it’s time to retire and live a carefree life. Their physical condition may not be stable, so it is necessary to take a physical examination.
• Born in 1948: Most of them can live a leisurely retired life in 2023. Take good care of the wallets and do not make unplanned investment. Eat healthily and keep doing some suitable exercises. If feel not fine, go to hospital in time.

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Ox Horoscope - 2023 Fortune

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 6

Overall Luck:

The Ox horoscope in 2023 is neither good nor bad in many aspects. In term of career, there is little chance of promotion. Instead, because of their poor work efficiency, their salary may be lowered. But don’t worry too much. They can still live on their sideline or previous investment. Even though, they’d better find out the ways to increase their working ability in case of getting fired in the future. The singles may have abundant time to do so because they are very likely to stay single this year. For the married people, find out the balance between work and family, so as to do a good job while maintaining a happy family. In term of health and safety, stay away from potential dangers and those in poor physical condition are highly advised to have a physical examination.

Ox Fortune in 2023


Low work efficiency; consult colleagues in time if stuck in difficulties

As a whole, the career fortune for people born in the year of the Ox is not very good in 2023. They may not be able to understand the tasks given by the team leader immediately and do some useless jobs, which make them disliked by other team members. Also, disturbed by the messes at home, their work efficiency is likely to be low and they may arrive late and leave early sometimes. They may make more business trips than before, but it seems they cannot get used to the new working environment quickly and influence the advancement of the project. 

It is advised that they find ways to improve their working efficiency. If encounter problems and difficulties that cannot be solved by themselves, consult leaders and colleagues in time.


Unstable salary; surprising income from other aspects; find out more ways to make money

As their performance in work may not be very good, their salary may not increase or even decrease. When making mistakes, they may be fined. Fortunately, it is possible for them to earn some from their sideline this year, like investing a small restaurant or operating an online shop. In addition, their previous investment in bank’s financial products may finally get paid this year. Even though, they’d better not spend money randomly and make a plan to save some, because according to Ox fortune in 2023, they may need to pay for the unexpected hospital bills for their elder family members. 

For enterprisers, they’d better find out more creative ways and products to make money, as their previous products seem to bring them less and less profits.

Love and Relationships

Singles stay available; those in love should make efforts to enhance the relationship

For single people born with Ox sign of Chinese zodiac, there is little chance for them to be attracted by someone in 2023, so it is very possible another year for them to live a life alone. Don’t worry a lot and be patient. It’s just a matter of time for them to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right. Those having a girlfriend or boyfriend may live a plain life, neither with quarrels nor sweet moments. To strengthen the tie, they’d better go out for dating more frequently or make trips together. For the married people born in Chinese zodiac Ox year, due to their unstable mood this year, they may lose temper towards their partner occasionally, which make them feel upset and depressed. Also, occupied by work, housework and kids, they may seldom go out dating with their partner. If the situation continues, their relationship may not be as close as before; so they’d better do something to change it.
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Possible injuries; keep a good mood and healthy living habits

The Ox fortune prediction in 2023 says they may be injured by some accidents, although not serious. To prevent it from happening, they are advised to care more about their personal safety. When going out, stay away from the gatherings. They should know that curiosity kills the cat. 

Those in bad physical condition or once suffered from some serious diseases should go for a physical examination this year, because the risk for them to get sick is a little high. In daily life, keep a good mood, cultivate healthy living habits and do exercises on a regular basis to improve the immunity. 

Luck Prediction for Oxen Born in Different Years

Born in 2009: They would be eager to learn this year. Even though, parents should plan their study time and leisure time properly, rather than ask them to learn all the time, which is not good for their health. 
Born in 1997: They would live a worry-free life in general in addition to the pressures from work. Learn to relieve the stress in time, otherwise it may cause physical problems.
Born in 1985: In 2023, years of experience would help them do a great job in workplace and earn them good salary. The singles may start dating, even get married. But they may catch skin or gastrointestinal diseases.
Born in 1973: They would do a good job in company and earn enough money to support themselves and their family. Communicate frequently and patiently with family members to avoid misunderstandings from them.
• Born in 1961: They would perform well in workplace, but it’s also time to consider about retirement. Do not touch investment this year. Last but not least, pay attention to daily diet in case of catching some chronic diseases. 
• Born in 1949: In 2023, their health fortune is at a low level, so pay more attention to take care of themselves. It is predicted that there is a great possibility for them to earn high returns from investment.
• Born in 1937: According to Ox horoscope prediction in 2023, they are not blessed by too much luck in wealth, so they’d better not waste too much time and energy analyzing the financial products this year. Instead, make more efforts to keep themselves healthy.

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Tiger Horoscope - 2023 Fortune

Tiger Fortune in 2023

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 8

Overall Luck:

Tiger horoscope in 2023 is full of ups and downs. In their company, they are not experienced and qualified to be the best among their peers, so do not expect promotion and salary rise very much. After work, they may need to seek for a part-time job to support the increasing daily expenses. However, the devotion to work leave them less time to date with their girlfriend or boyfriend and even lead to breakups; in addition, the singles may have no energy to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right. The good thing is that the marriage of married people would be steady. Try to seek balance between work and rest. During the free time, keep regular exercises for the sake of health.

Tiger Fortune in 2023


Low chance of promotion; get along well with colleagues and customers

According to Tiger fortune in 2023, their performance in workplace would not be the best compared with other colleagues and as a result, the chance of promotion would not be very high. But their overall career fortune my not be bad, either, so there is no need to worry too much. It is likely that they would work with new partners or take over a new project, which requires them to improve their working ability. The auspicious signals are that they intend to get along well with their leaders, team members and old customers, and continuously develop high-quality customers. The self-employed ones would make a big progress thanks to the favorable policies from the government. 


Stable income; increasing cost on daily necessities

In 2023, the salary for people born in the year of the Tiger may not increase, but would be satisfying as long as they work hard. However, their daily cost in clothes, food, accommodation and transportation would increase tremendously because the 2023 shows many of them would make trips for sightseeing. Unfortunately, they may also need to pay for some unexpected matters, like seeing a doctor. So this year, in addition to the full-time job, they are advised to do some part-time jobs to increase their income; but do not touch investment which requires professional knowledge and rich experience. 

The businessmen are expected to achieve their yearly goal financially with the help of some distinguished persons; meanwhile, be cautious of the competitors who could cause them big economic losses. 

Love and Relationships

Singles stay available; the life for married people would be stable

The Tiger horoscope prediction in 2023 shows it is not a lucky year in term of love relationship. Busy with work, the singles are not likely to spend too much time dressing themselves up, hence hardly attracting the opposite sexes. Even if someone kindly introduce them charming girls or handsome boys, they would not be interested in a blind date. In one word, there is a high possibility they will stay available this year. For those having a girlfriend or a boyfriend, their relationship with the other side may not be as close as before because they would have less communication and decreasing meetings. What’s worse, they may break up because of the third person. The good prediction is that the married people with Tiger sign of Chinese zodiac could enjoy a stable marriage life as a whole. Although the wife and husband would argue over some matters, they would like to understand and tolerate the other half.


Be careful of getting sick; take good care of elder family members

The health horoscope indicates both major and minor illnesses are possible to fall upon on people with Chinese zodiac Tiger this year. So whenever feel uncomfortable, do not be afraid of seeing a doctor, so as to be cured timely and recover soon. Also, stop staying up late and have enough sleep; meanwhile spare some time from busy work to do exercises, which help enhance body resistance and immunity against diseases. In daily life, keep themselves clean and eat healthily. One more piece of advice: pay more attention to the health of the seniors in the family and take care of them more attentively. 

Luck Prediction for Tigers Born in Different Years

• Born in 2010: It’s possible for them to get high scores in school in 2023 and they may have disputes with schoolmates. In daily life, do something to improve immunity and decrease the impact of the predicted bad health fortune.
• Born in 1998: Be low-key and modest in company, because pride would make them unpopular and bring them troubles. Their income would not be adequate for them to live a rich life and it’s advised they make a consumption plan.
• Born in 1986: This year, their uncontrolled shopping may bring them heavy economic burdens. Try to achieve the balance between income and expenditure. The singles should be more active to pursue love.
• Born in 1974: They would be busy with work, and have less time and energy to maintain health, accompany families and gather with friends. It is advised they seek a balance between work and life.
• Born in 1962: They would keep working hard to make more money, in order to live a better elder life. Just keep a balance between work and rest for the sake of health. Also, it is not advised to make large-scale investment this year.
• Born in 1950: They would live a care-free life in terms of career and wealth. Do something to strengthen the body and lower the possibility of getting sick and injured.
• Born in 1938: Their wealth fortune is full of ups and downs, so be careful when making investment. Their old friends may break up with them due to their bad attitude, and they are advised to be more patient and tolerant.

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Rabbit Horoscope - 2023 Fortune


Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 12

Overall Luck:

2023 is the Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth) for people born in the year of the Rabbit. In Chinese astrology, Ben Ming Nian is one’s unlucky year and they should be more cautious than usual. Traditionally, people wear red underclothes in their Ben Ming Nian to decrease the influence of the bad luck. 

This year, they’d better not believe in others easily and do their own work with all heart. Financially, they may earn a little more than last year but the unexpected expenditure may wait for them ahead, so trim the unnecessary shopping down and save some for the possible rainy days. But be generous for the purpose of keeping healthy. When feeling angry or depressed, do not loose temper to their lover, which could push them away. As for singles, the possibility for them to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right is low. 

Rabbit Fortune in 2023


Very enterprising; talk less, think more and do more

According to Rabbit horoscope in 2023, they would be enterprising and try their best to show their talents and do their works well. For those leaders, their leadership skills and abilities would be improved. However, influenced by the bad luck of the Ben Ming Nian, they may experience lots of difficulties while achieving their goals. In one hand, being suggestible, they may be fooled by others easily and bring themselves troubles. In the other hand, their big mouth in the public may offend others without knowing it and make them unpopular. To decrease the impacts, they are advised to talk less, think more and do more. Last but not least, for those engaging in the manufacturing industry, be careful this year in case of injuries. 


Slightly higher salary than last year; unexpected expenditures

The Rabbit fortune prediction in 2023 shows their salary may be a little higher than last year. But compared with their peers, it is at a lower moderate level and it is not very possible for them to gain much through other channels like investment this year. 

The possible misfortunes lie in that they may need to pay for some bills and matters out of plan. For instance, they themselves may get injured. Although not very serious, they may need to leave work and have a rest for a few days, which could directly cause the decrease of income; and it would cost some to see a doctor. Also, the physical status of their elder families may not be very good which require Rabbit people to pay more for their medical cares. 

Love and Relationships

Singles: true love would not arrive; others: care more about the other half

It is not a lucky year for the single people with Rabbit sign of Chinese zodiac. They may fall in love with someone not interested on them; while do not like the ones who show interests on them. As a result, stay single this year. 

For those being dating or married, their love fortune is at a low level, too. Because of annoyances of work and life, they would be impatient to their lover and care less about them, which may push them away, or even give opportunity to the third person and lead to break-up or divorce. When feeling depressed, it is suggested Rabbit people speak out their true feelings to earn understandings and comforts from their lover, rather than “building walls” around themselves.


Watch out for possible dangers; be generous in keeping healthy 

Their health fortune is not good in 2023. In daily life, watch out for possible dangers, like when going downstairs and upstairs, crossing the road, and using knives. When in bad weather, change the clothes accordingly to avoid getting ill and be careful when going out for school or work. Also, be generous while investing on health: do physical examinations regularly; do not eat expired food; eat more fresh fruit; and keep doing exercise, etc. The aged should be very careful this year because the Rabbit horoscope prediction in 2023 indicates that it is difficult for them to recover completely if getting injured this year. 

Luck Prediction for Rabbits Born in Different Years

• Born in 2011: It’s possible for them to make a big progress in school with the help of professional and responsible teachers. Parents should help them learn to manage money, rather than spending all without plan.
• Born in 1999: The heavy workload may make them feel tired. But after finishing the tasks perfectly, they would have opportunities to pursue a better position and higher salary. It’s not a lucky year for the singes, but a lucky one to for those pursuing a higher education degree or professional certificates. 
• Born in 1987: This year, be loyal to their partner and stay away from outside temptations, so as to protect their marriage. They would have some time to study further and increase their competitiveness in company.
• Born in 1975: Although busy with work, they’d better leave some time for their families, like making them a meal and making a short trip with them together, in order to maintain a harmonious family. In workplace, watch out for contract traps. 
• Born in 1963: 2023 may be a difficult year for them. Financially, their income may not be enough to pay for their bills and it’s very necessary for them to develop more ways to make money. In addition, be careful of skin diseases and gastrointestinal discomforts.
• Born in 1951: It is predicted that their relationship with people around may turn bad because of their impatience and bad temper. It’s not a lucky year to make an investment.
• Born in 1939: Their horoscope is just so-so in 2023 and the health fortune is the worst, so take better care of themselves. Also, be careful of their words in case of offending others. 

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Dragon Horoscope - 2023 Fortune


Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 9

Overall Luck:

In 2023, people with Chinese zodiac Dragon sign would experience some rain and wind. In career, they may be obstructed by some of their competitors, which requires them to be cautious and work more intensively to achieve their goals. Do not expect a big progress. Also, do not dream of becoming rich this year and their salary could only support their daily needs, rather than luxury life. Their love fortune is not ideal. The singles should sharpen their eyes and stay away from material boys or girls; the married ones are advised to do something to improve intimacy between them and their partner. In addition to physical health, they also need to pay attention to their mental health. When feeling angry, learn to control the temper well. 

Dragon Fortune in 2023


Not be favored by certain leader or supervisor; be cautious of tricks from competitors

According to Dragon horoscope in 2023, they may not be favored by their certain leader or supervisor and feel uneasy in the workplace. Do not care about it very much. The more important thing is to complete the tasks on time perfectly. In spare time, learn more professional knowledge rather than waste time flattering that leader or supervisor.  

Another thing may annoy people born in the year of the Dragon is that their competitors may make troubles to obstruct them. To ensure the smooth advancement of their work tasks, they’d better not trust the colleagues 100%, and keep new customers and business partners a secret before the contract is signed. Although the process may not be easy, the result would turn out to be good and they could hand over a beautiful work report at the end of the year. 

It is not a very lucky year for businessmen and they’d better make thorough investigations before opening up a new branch or investing at a large sale.


Average wealth luck; live within their means

The Dragon fortune in 2023 shows their fortune in wealth is plain. In other words, the possibility for them to make a big amount of money from sideline or through investment is low. One reason is that someone may make tricks on what they would be doing and lead to direct economic losses. The other reason is that they could not win support from their families or friends. Fighting alone for sure is not as competitive as mass efforts. 

But it’s not difficult for them to make a small amount using their intelligence and wisdom and their salary would be steady and reliable to support their daily needs. Just change the bad habits of unplanned consumption and cut the expenditure according to income, so as to make both ends meet. Otherwise, they would burden themselves with heavy financial pressure. 

Love and Relationships

Not a lucky year for the singles; the married should do something to increase intimacy in the marriage 

Dragon horoscope in 2023 reminds their luck in love is some worrying. Singles may have special feelings on some opposite sexes, who are very likely to be gold diggers, and cause financial losses to people with Dragon sign of Chinese zodiac or involve them in complicated relations. For those married, discord may arise between them and their partner and the affection on each other may be gradually replaced by divergences in daily trivial matters. Even worse, some married Dragon people may betray their lover, causing fierce conflicts and even divorce. To maintain a happy and steady marriage, they are advised to be more patient and tolerant to their lover in daily life and arrange some activities to enhance affection and increase intimacy in marriage. It’s not a bad year for those being dating to get married. In Chinese astrology, wedding ceremony helps decrease the influence of misfortune in other aspects. 


Be care of stomach upsets; keep a good mood

Because of work, they may have dinners with business partners or workmates more often, during which they are very possible to drink alcohol. In addition, they may not eat on time when working wholly heartedly. As a result, they may suffer stomach upsets. But they can be avoided if they eat regularly and healthily and have enough rest. 

This year, they’d better make more efforts to keep a peaceful mind, as the Dragon fortune prediction in 2023 reminds that they would be easily affected by others and become angry, which is not good for health. Also, do not drive a car when in bad mood or after drinking alcohol.

Luck Prediction for Dragons Born in Different Years

• Born in 2012: It is very possible for them to make a progress in study, because they could understand their teachers and acquire the knowledge more easily. But the health fortune is poor. Keep a healthy diet and do exercise often, which would help improve the physical status.
• Born in 2000: In term of career, it would be a lucky year for them to fight for a bright future. As for students, it may be a busy year; even though, have enough rest in order to keep healthy. The possibility for them to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right is low this year.
• Born in 1988: In 2023, they may be hesitant in making decisions on important life events, and even feel uneasy and pressured. If so, consult elders. They’d better also do something to relieve the pressure so as to keep healthy. 
• Born in 1976: Their career may not develop smoothly because of disputes with workmates or tricks of competitors. To maintain a happy marriage, do something to improve intimacy with their partner.
• Born in 1964: Be careful of thieves and then they could live a care-free life on their stable income. For health, they should be more careful of potential dangers and keep a good mood. 
• Born in 1952: This year, they would have time and money to make trips and develop their hobbies. Mind the wording because it is predicted that they may offend someone unintentionally and cause conflicts. Also, watch out for scams targeting on elders.
• Born in 1940: It is not a lucky year to make an investment as they are very likely to fall into scams. In addition, if lending money to others this year, it may not be paid back. In term of health, be cautious of respiratory diseases.

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Snake Horoscope - 2023 Fortune


Snake Fortune in 2023

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 5

Overall Luck:

Snake horoscope in 2023 is not the best among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, but better than many. Their wealth luck is the best, which may bless them to earn more than before. But their cost may increase out of expectation, so do not spend money lavishly. They would do a good job in workplace. Just deal with the family matters well and do not let them influence the work efficiency a lot. The singles may luckily find the other half. But for the married, especially those in an inharmonious relationship, they’d better do something to enhance the intimacy. The fortune in term of health is the worst compared with others. Take care and be cautious of epidemic diseases.  

Snake Fortune in 2023


Would do a good job in general; need time to get used to the new working environment 

In general, people born in the year of the Snake would do a good job in workplace, fully showing their outstanding ability and rich knowledge, which could win them opportunities of promotion and higher salary. But they may be distracted by family matters occasionally, like kids getting sick and house renovation, and lag behind, which may push them to work overtime in others days, so as to catch up and finish the tasks on time. 

In addition, some of the people born in Chinese zodiac Snake Year may be relocated to a different branch office, or make frequent business trips to branch offices to help deal with the jobs there. The thing is they may not be able to get used to the new environment quickly and start the work there smoothly. Seek help from colleagues there and try the best to acclimatize themselves to the new environment as soon as possible. 

It could be a fruitful year for merchants. It’s very likely they would make a breakthrough and earn some. 


Would make a fortune; expenditures out of plan

Snake fortune prediction in 2023 reminds that their wealth luck is quite good this year, especially the businessmen. As long as they dare to make innovations and break through, it’s very possible for them to make a fortune. As for common employees, in addition to monthly salary, they may earn additional money from their sidelines or other channels, like receiving bonus, selling or renting out the old house, or investing some financial products. 

But their expenditure may increase out of plan. On possible cause is that their elder family member may fall ill and go to see doctors this year, which could cost some. Another cause is that their house decorations, furniture or electrical appliances may be broken and the maintenance cost may not be within their expectation, let along the cost to replace them.

Love and Relationships

Lucky for singles and those seeing someone; two extreme situations for the married

According to Snake fortune in 2023, the singles should go out to attend more social activities and meet more people, by which way they would find their significant other. For those seeing someone, they, after earning more, would like to send more gifts to their lover on special days, which could enhance the intimacy greatly. 

But the love fortune for those married with Snake sign of Chinese zodiac are two extremes. Due to their poor health fortune, they may expect more care from their partner. If they two are close before, they would be looked after well by their partner and their intimacy would be improved. If the relationship before are not very good, they may receive only a little care from their partner and the contradictions between them would increase; what’s the worst, they may end in divorce.
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Non-acclimatization to the new workplace; be cautious of epidemic disease 

As mentioned above, the health horoscope for Snake in 2023 is not good. They may be bothered by respiratory diseases, stomach upset, or skin problems. If being relocated to a new branch office, bring some common medicine to help get over the possible non-acclimatization to the new environment. They may feel upset sometimes. Adjust the mood timely in case it develops into mental problems. 

Besides, they’d better care more about their families’ health, especially during the epidemic period. Because as long as one family member was infected, the whole family would be in a terrible situation.

Luck Prediction for Snakes Born in Different Years

• Born in 2013: They are too young to be self-disciplined, so they may need the supervision of their teachers and parents to study well. After school, go out often to play with other children and make more friends, which would be good to them both physically and mentally.
• Born in 2001: The students would be more knowledgeable and accumulate some experience through part-time jobs in 2023. For others, it still needs time for them to be an excellent employee. They may find their lover, but it may not be the right time to get married. 
• Born in 1989: They may need to spend more time and energy dealing with problems in work, hence ignore their partner and make them unhappy. They may also have no time to maintain health because of the busy work.
• Born in 1977: They would not meet much difficulties in term of career. At home, share the housework to avoid possible complains from their partner and promote the intimacy between the two sides.
• Born in 1965: It is predicted they would perform well in workplace and earn a high salary to support them to live a comfortable life in 2023. But to maintain a harmonious family atmosphere, they need to be more tolerant to their families.
• Born in 1953: Their health luck is poor this year. When feeling not OK, go to see doctors on time. Because of the expenditures on health care, their wealth luck is not very good, either. But their previous savings would be enough to support them.
• Born in 1941: They would have much time to do what they like and accompany their partner in 2023. Take care of their personal belongings when going out and exercise properly. 

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Horse Horoscope - 2023 Fortune


Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 2

Overall Luck:

Horse horoscope in 2023 is good compared with that of other Chinese zodiac signs. They could hand in a beautiful work report and win themselves a higher salary; just be cautious of contract traps. In addition to the salary, it’s possible for them to earn some from investment or other ways; but do not be greedy and care more about the risky rate than the return rate. Those seeing someone intend to get married this year and for the singles, they may start seeing someone. As for those in marriage, they need to do something to keep the marriage life harmonious. Their health fortune is not very good and they are advised to do something to decrease the impact.

Horse Fortune in 2023


Would do a great job; win opportunities for promotion 

The Horse fortune in 2023 indicates that they would do a great job this year thanks to their super talent, hard work and help from their leaders and workmates. Because of their excellent performance, they would be appointed to a higher position and entrusted with more important tasks or projects. Although the result would be good, the process may be full of waves. They may have conflicts and disputes with others, or even be sued. To avoid them, make clear rules before starting the project or cooperating with others and then strictly follow the rules as well as the laws of the country. The higher position in the workplace may make them busier than before. Find ways to improve the efficiency instead of working overtime, which may influence their life in other aspects.

This year, it’s possible for the merchants to make a breakthrough and earn more profits than before.


Higher salary; additional income from other channels

As mentioned above, people born in the year of the Horse may get promoted in 2023. In turn, they would earn a higher salary. Additionally, it’s very likely they would earn some through investment; but the luck in this aspect is not at a high level. So do not focus on the return only; they should also take the risk index into consideration to avoid severe financial loss. For those planning to do business on their own, they may start from selling girls’ dresses or accessories. 

The inauspicious signal is that they may need to pay for some unexpected bills, like renovating the house or car, or seeing a doctor. When going out, take good care of your cellphone and purse, just in case of thieves. 

Love and Relationships

A lucky year for the singles; those seeing someone may get married

According to Horse horoscope in 2023, their luck in term of love is ideal for most of them. For singles, they may start seeing someone with the help of elder family members or friends. Although the two may start from a not so romantic blind date, their relationship would be quite sweet and they would create some romantic moments of their own. 

For those being dating, they may get married this year. In Chinese astrology, wedding ceremony could bring good luck to themselves and their families. But when preparing for the wedding, discuss the details patiently and do not argue over some unimportant matters. 

For the married, be tolerant to their partner and deal with the conflicts between them maturely, rather than complaining the other half, which would make the situation worse. They need to know a happy marriage needs the efforts of both sides.
* See more about Love Compatibility of Horse


Have meals regularly; keep a good mood

The Horse fortune prediction in 2023 reminds that their health horoscope is poor. Busy with work, they may not have meals regularly, which could cause stomach upsets. Also, they may often feel depressed even facing some small difficulties. If the situation goes on for a long time, they would get sick mentally. So do something to make themselves happy timely. If needed, seek help from families and friends. 

For those working outdoor, obey the operation rules strictly to keep themselves safe. For drivers with Snake sign of Chinese zodiac, must not drunk drive.

Luck Prediction for Horses Born in Different Years

• Born in 2014: This year, parents are advised to help little Horses born in 2014 to get rid of the picky eating habits and develop good learning habits and correct consumption concept. 
• Born in 2002: It would require more efforts for those students to make a progress in 2023. As for those graduates, their performance in workplace intends to be average. Do not start dating in a hurry because they are not lucky in term of love relationship this year.
• Born in 1990: In workplace, they are likely to meet lots of challenges. Deal with them calmly and carefully in case of making big mistakes. This year, they’d better save some money rather than spending all, so as to get through the rainy days smoothly.
• Born in 1978: Their career fortune is not at a high level in 2023, and they may not earn a lot to live a luxury life. The married people born in the year of the Horse may lose temper to their partner sometimes, making the family life unharmonious.
• Born in 1966: It’s possible for them to make a progress in their workplace and earn a higher wage. But be cautious when handling issues related to money and be careful of gastrointestinal diseases. 
• Born in 1954: Their fortune in career is not very good. But depending on the current income and previous savings, they could still live a comfortable life. Just do not touch high risky investment and pay more attention to their health. 
• Born in 1942: They may feel disappointed about the unimplemented plans. Change the plan and do some other things to make the life interesting. It may also require their more efforts to get along well with others and keep healthy.

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Sheep Horoscope - 2023 Fortune

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 1

Overall Luck:

Blessed by much luck in career, people born in the year of the Sheep/ Goat/ Ram are very likely to achieve their short-term goals this year, hence earn higher income and live a well-off life. Just accumulate some money for rainy days. Their luck in love is not as good as that in career and wealth. The singles may continue to live a life alone while those seeing someone may be dumped because of their distrust to their lover. They would be healthy physically but mentally, they may feel it difficult to keep calm sometimes. 

As a whole, Sheep’s horoscope in 2023 is enviable. 

Sheep Fortune in 2023


Would finish their works excellently; do something to improve efficiency

According to Sheep fortune in 2023, it could be a bumper year in term of career. Making full use of their talents and wisdom and through their hard working, they are likely to finish their works excellently and make great contributions to their company. In turn, they would be promoted to a higher position and have an independent office. 

But it does not mean their work would be smooth all the time. Obstacles may pop up every now and then, which would require them to carry out the solutions as soon as possible. In addition, they may sometimes be disturbed by personal affairs or family matters, which decrease their efficiency, or even make some mistakes. Be cautious and try their best to work absorbedly. Last but not least, do not stay up late and have enough sleep, which would help increase the efficiency.


Higher income; restrain shopping desire

The Goat horoscope in 2023 reminds that they may earn a much higher salary than their peers in the company. Besides, people born in the year of the Goat intend to open up a small business with their friends or relatives this year, which would also bring them a small amount of income. Even though, they may feel the money is not enough to spend because of their lavish consumption custom, especially females, who are very generous in buying clothes, bags and cosmetics, etc. When meeting some emergencies, they may even need to use their previous savings. They’d better make a consumption plan and put some of the incomes by for rainy days.

It intends to be a good harvest year for merchants engaging in woods or gardening business. Just follow the laws of the country and do not invest a lot in high-risky projects.

Love and Relationships

Singles stay single; those seeing someone should trust their lover

This year, the singles born with Sheep sign of Chinese zodiac may show little interest in finding their lover. They would be more willing to work, make money or travel around, so the possibility for them to start dating is not high. For those having a lover, their life may not be so sweet. Their absurd suspicions would make their lover uncomfortable, which could cause fierce quarrels and even lead to breakup. They should know that love is not enough to maintain a relationship. What is also needed include trust, care and companion. The life for the married would be quite good. Their higher income could support their families to live a better life, which make everyone in the family happy and the atmosphere enjoyable.
* See more about Love Compatibility of Sheep


Ideal physical status; be cautious of mental problems

The Sheep fortune prediction in 2023 says they would be in an ideal physical status, supporting them to do what they like. Even though, they’d better keep healthy living habits rather than excessive consumption of the health. One piece of advice: be careful when take part in water sports because it is predicted that they may get hurt; kids should not play around by waterside alone. 

Their mental status may not be good. Specifically, their mood may wave frequently, which could lead to mental diseases. Do not give themselves too much pressure and keep a calm mind, so as to avoid possible mental problems.

Luck Prediction for Sheep Born in Different Years

• Born in 2015: They would enjoy school life happily and learn more knowledge in 2023. It is advised that parents help them develop healthy eating habits and correct value of consumption.
• Born in 2003: It is a lucky year both for the students and those having entered workplace. But do not expect a high income. It’s very possible for the singles to start a life-long romantic relationship.
• Born in 1991: Although busy with work, they should spare some time to improve themselves and maintain health. Their 2023 horoscope also reminds the singles may start dating the married may welcome a little family member.
• Born in 1979: People born in 1979 would experience little annoyances both in workplace and at home in the year of 2023. Their health luck is not bad, either, although some minor illnesses may bother them.
• Born in 1967: Their life in 2023 would be smooth generally. There is a great possibility they would perform well in workplace and earn more to improve their life. If possible, arrange themselves a medical examination to better maintain health accordingly.
• Born in 1955: It is predicted that they would be worry-free both physically and financially. In the case, they would enjoy life to the full extent, like travelling to other destinations, or developing personal hobbies.
• Born in 1943: At the age of 80, it’s time to retire from work and enjoy life to the full extent. But do not spend money lavishly. Be cautious of the reappearance of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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Monkey Horoscope - 2023 Fortune

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 4

Overall Luck:

In 2023, people born in 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004… years of the Monkey are blessed by more good luck than bad luck. It’s very likely they would make more contributions to their workplace in spite of various difficulties. Their salary would be higher than before; just do not spend all and leave some for rainy days. They are not blessed by much luck in love and the singles may meet someone wrong and the married may have discords with their lover. To make the life better, they’d better also do something to reverse their bad health fortune. 

Monkey Fortune in 2023


Would be put into an important position; difficult initial period in the new position

The Monkey horoscope in 2023 predicts that they would get appreciation by some capable leaders and put into an important position thanks to their previous excellent performance. However, the new job may not go well at the very beginning, which would make them irritable. On the one hand, unfamiliar with the new position, their efficiency may be low; one the other hand, being proud of themselves, they intend to find problems from people around when making mistakes, rather than themselves, which would make them unpopular in the workplace and receive little help from others. Fortunately, people born with Monkey sign of Chinese zodiac could recognize the problems and make changes timely. After the initial difficult period, the situation would be much better and they would work harder to pursue their next goal in career.


Manage the reliable income well; do not expect to be rich overnight

The Monkey fortune prediction in 2023 also reminds that their income from work would increase together with their promotion, supporting them to live a well-off life. But their luck in making additional money from other channels is not good; so establish sound investment ideas and do not dream of making a huge fortune overnight.

The inauspicious fortune in term of wealth is that some unexpected expenditures are likely to wait for them ahead. For instance, their elder family members may need to see doctors several times this year, hence spend more on medical cares; in addition, they may lose valuable items like a cellphone and need to pay for another one. Considering these possible situations, they are suggested to manage their reliable wage well and save some for the rainy days.

Love and Relationships

Average love fortune; make friends with people of different backgrounds

Monkey’s fortune in 2023 in the aspect of love is average. For singles, people around would like to introduce opposite sexes to them, wishing them to get rid of the lonely life. But be careful as they may encounter material girls or boys, who appear to be more interested in Moneys’ background. For the married, they may have discords with their lover over some family matters. Communicate with each other patiently and timely to prevent the small conflicts growing into irreconcilable contradictions. 

Their luck in interpersonal relationship is quite good. It is likely they would make friends with some people despite differences in ages, personal interests and social status, etc. Their new friends would offer a hand when needed, during which they would learn and benefit a lot.


Pay more attention to daily diet; watch out in bad weather

Their fortune in term of health and safety is the worst compared with that in other aspects. But do not be worry a lot. People born in Chinese zodiac Monkey year could do something to reverse the bad fortune. Firstly, pay more attention to daily diet. Eat less junk food and take-out food; instead, replace them with nutritious and clean self-made dishes. Secondly, improve the safety awareness: do not drunk drive; try not to go out in stormy or lightening days; be careful when doing adventurous sports… This year, they’d better care more about the physical conditions of the seniors in their family, so as to have them cured in time when feeling uncomfortable.

Luck Prediction for Monkeys Born in Different Years

• Born in 2016: Although not easy, they are advised to focus in the class so as to keep up with other classmates. It is likely they would be given more pocket money than before, but do not know how to manage it and spend it lavishly.
• Born in 2004: It’s a lucky year for students but the horoscope for those having started fighting in the workplace is average. It’s not difficult for them to start dating; what’s difficult for them is to maintain the relationship.
• Born in 1992: They would do a good job in workplace and hence earn more in 2023. The singles may still have no one to share their happiness and sorrows while the married should be faithful to their marriage.
• Born in 1980: There is a high possibility they would make a progress in career and earn much more than before. But they are not blessed by much luck in love. The singles may stay available while those being dating may turn available again.
• Born in 1968: Although they would earn more than before, they’d better not spend money extravagantly. Instead, make a consumption plan to make the ends meet. They are also advised to care more about their health.
• Born in 1956: It is not a lucky year for people born in 1956. They may experience several minor illnesses and they would not make more money than before. The happy thing is that they could get enough care from their partner. 
• Born in 1944: They are not lucky in term of wealth this year, so do not dream of making a fortune and live within their means. Keep a good mood and follow a healthy life routine, which would help maintain health.

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Rooster Horoscope - 2023 Fortune


Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 11

Overall Luck:

Rooster horoscope in 2023 is not good and they need to make more efforts to live a better life. Stay clear-minded and calm when meet difficulties at work, so as to solve them quickly; if couldn’t, seek for help from someone professional and trustworthy. As their income from work may not be high, they may need to find other ways to earn extra money; remember to obey the laws and do not be greedy. The singles should be positive in pursuing true love, in spite of troubles in other aspects. To avoid the end of the love relationship, others are suggested to care more about their lover. Another advice for Rooster people is that eat better and care more about their health. 

Rooster Fortune in 2023


Lots of obstacles and difficulties; seek for advice from experienced ones

It is a challenging year for people born in the year of the Rooster in term of career. According to Rooster horoscope prediction in 2023, they would meet lots of obstacles and difficulties at work and may not be able to solve them quickly, which could draw dissatisfaction from their leaders. As a result, there would be little chance for promotion. In addition, their old customers may turn to others for more effective communication, which would also hit them. Keep calm and do not mess themselves up when in bad situations. If could not figure out the solutions in a short time, ask for advice from professional workmates or experienced elder family members.


Average income; cut down the spending to make both ends meet

Closely related to their performance evaluation at work, people with Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac may receive a little bonus in 2023 and the possibility for their salary rise would be low. What’s worse, they may have some unplanned expenditures, like buying gifts for friends or relatives who are going to get married, sharing the bills for gatherings, or restoring their house or car. 

To avoid running into debt, they’d better trim the spending down to fit their income, especially that on luxury items or unnecessary stuff. If possible, develop other channels to make money. But keep the feet on the ground and don’t try to earn ill-gotten wealth through crooked ways.

Love and Relationships

Singles may miss their Mr. or Mrs. Right; others should improve intimacy with their lover

In the aspect of love relationship, the Rooster fortune in 2023 is poor. With too many annoyances at work, the singles would have little interest to make a boyfriend or girlfriend. Thus, they may miss their Mr. or Mrs. Right due to the negative attitude. So when someone attracting them appears, seize the chance. They should know that life is not all about work. For those seeing someone or in marriage, they may seldom have conflicts with their lover, but the two would not be as intimate as before, because of lack of communication. If Rooster people still love that person, do something to rescue the relationship, like talking to him or her more often, sending a gift every now and then, doing housework together, or traveling together.


Get cured in time; eat better

People born in Chinese zodiac Rooster year is not blessed by too much fortune in health in 2023. They may catch some illnesses, which, if could not be cured in time, may develop to serious ones. So go to see a doctor timely when feeling not fine. Considering their average health fortune, they should also eat better: give up junk food and take in more nutritive food; meanwhile keep exercising to enhance their immunity system. Some elders may feel sad about certain things and could not get out soon, which may lead to psychological problems. Do not give themselves too much pressure and develop some personal hobbies, so as to drag their attention away from what make them sad.

Luck Prediction for Roosters Born in Different Years

• Born in 2017: They would acquire more knowledge this year with the help of teachers in kindergarten and their parents. Do not be picky about food and be careful when playing around, then they could grow stronger and stronger. 
• Born in 2005: Most people born in 2005 year of the Rooster are students and they may feel pressured a lot this year in school. Find out useful ways to improve the efficiency and also do some other things to relieve pressure.
• Born in 1993: This year, the singles intend to turn unavailable and those having a boyfriend or girlfriend may get married. In term of career, it’s likely they would not meet many difficulties, but would not make a big progress, either.
• Born in 1981: They may meet more difficulties in work than other years. Do not give up, get over them one by one and try their best to finish the work on time. Also, well manage their wealth in case of running into debt. After work, talk more with their partner to maintain a happy marriage. 
• Born in 1969:  It would be a difficult year for those born in 1969 in term of career, which means they need to make more efforts to achieve their goals. Do not give themselves too much pressure. In spare time, accompany the families more. 
• Born in 1957: People born in 1957 year of the Rooster are not blessed with much fortune in the aspect of health, so they need to pay more attention to keep healthy. To make both ends meet, do not spend money lavishly. Last but not least, be more tolerant towards their partner and later generations.
• Born in 1945: Their fortune in 2023 is not very good. They’d better have a plan to spend money and do not touch risky investment or buy strange health care products. In daily life, try harder to maintain health.

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Dog Horoscope - 2023 Fortune


Dog Fortune in 2023

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 3

Overall Luck:

It is a hopeful year for people with Dog sign of Chinese zodiac. Their great ability would help them draw the attention of leaders and win them good opportunities. Seize them and they would make a big progress. The better they do their work, the higher their income would be; so they would not worry about the bills a lot this year. The singles would start dating, but they may lack of experience on how to maintain the relationship; others should also make more efforts to keep a stable relationship with their lover. As for health, they would not experience lots of physical discomforts; just eat healthily and regularly when traveling to a strange place.

Dog Fortune in 2023


Be appointed to an important position; may not get along well with peers

The Dog horoscope in 2023 reminds that they are blessed by more good fortune than misfortune in term of career. Luckily, they are very likely to be recognized by their leaders and appointed to an important position. If they could do a great job in the new position, there is a great possibility for them to be a top notch in their field and win the praises from more and more customers. 

Unluckily, they may not get along very well with some of their peers in the workplace. Stay low-key even after achieve big goals in case some workmates would make troubles for them out of jealousy. In addition, they may need to make more business trips, during which encounter some accidents, although not serious; also, they may not get used to the new environment at the initial stage and even suffer from stomach disorders; take care and prepare some medicine beforehand.


Higher wage and more bonus; may lose some money unexpectedly

It is predicted that people born in the year of the Dog would earn a higher base wage in 2023. Also, because of their excellent performance in work, they would receive satisfying bonus after finishing each task and at the end of the year. Another auspicious prediction is that they may make some surprising money by operating a sideline together with their friends. 

The inauspicious prediction in term of wealth is that they may lose some money out of expectation, like being stolen by thieves, failure investment in lottery or stocks, or being cheated by frauds. Meanwhile, do not lend money to friends long time no see or distant relatives, because it may be hard to get it back.

Love and Relationships

Maintain the love relationship with more efforts; singles may find their lover

The Dog fortune in 2023 says it is a year full of opportunities and challenges for the singles. They would meet more opposite sexes through various gatherings and their elder family members would also like to arrange several blind dates for them; so the possibility for them to make a girlfriend or boyfriend is very high. But the relationship with their newly-made boyfriend or girlfriend may not be very steady and the two may even end up with breakup. 

For those having a lover, they need to make more efforts to maintain the relationship as they may have more conflicts. In daily life, care more about them, create some small surprises for them every now and then and accompany them more. When discord arise between them, communicate timely to solve them as soon as possible.
* See more about Love Compatibility of Dog


Keep a healthy lifestyle; be cautious of gastrointestinal diseases

As a whole, the Dog fortune prediction in 2023 in term of health is quite good. As long as they keep a healthy lifestyle and would like to invest in their health, they would not suffer from serious diseases. In detail, take in more fresh fruits and vegetables, do exercise regularly and have enough rest. Even if they catch some small illnesses, they could recover soon. One thing to take note is that be cautious of gastrointestinal diseases when traveling to other places and be more than careful when doing adventurous sports. Last but not least, obey the traffic rules when driving and must not drive after drinking alcohol.

Luck Prediction for Dogs Born in Different Years

• Born in 2018: The 2023 horoscope reminds that they would make more friends in kindergarten. Parents are advised to help them develop right consumption conception, instead of buying them whatever they like. Also, take care of them when the temperature drops greatly. 
• Born in 2006: They would live a happy school life: acquiring new knowledge efficiently, getting along well with classmates… For the singles, if not interested, refuse the affection from others clearly, in order to live a peaceful life. Take care of themselves when doing strenuous exercise.
• Born in 1994: Blessed by good career fortune, they are very likely to do a good job, also thanks to their talent and ability. Those seeing someone may get married and live a happy life. But the singles may still live a life alone.
• Born in 1982: They are very like to make greater contributions to their workplace and earn much more than before. Remember to maintain a good relationship with their workmates and lover. 
• Born in 1970: It could be a fruitful year for them in both of career and wealth after years’ of hard working. But they’d better pay more attention to their health as their luck in health is not as good as before.
• Born in 1958: In 2023, they could live a worry-free life as a whole, suffering no serious physical discomforts and getting along very well with families. Just take care of their wealth and do not touch big investment blindly.
• Born in 1946: They may be bothered by physical problems a few times this year. Remember to see the doctors in time, in case they would influence their life a lot. Their life would be peaceful as a whole in other aspects.

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Pig Horoscope - 2023 Fortune


Pig Fortune in 2023

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 7

Overall Luck:

Pig horoscope in 2023 is not very good. They may be bothered by more troubles at work, which may influence their efficiency and income. Their love life may not be happy, either. The singles may not find their true love successfully while for those having a lover, misunderstandings may arise between them. To live a better life, they’d better be brave to get over the difficulties, and do something to make them more excellent and improve the intimacy in marriage. Their health fortune is the worst; to avoid serious results, do their best to maintain health and stay away from possible dangers. 

Pig Fortune in 2023


Meet more troubles; be brave to explain themselves

It may not be easy for people born in the year of the Pig to achieve good grades at work this year. The Pig fortune in 2023 reminds that workplace weasels may make troubles for them and put them in storms of public opinions. As they are not talkative and good at defending themselves, they may be stuck in the troubles for some time, until the truth come out. If it happens too many times, their leaders may feel unsatisfied about them even if they are not their faults. To decrease the impact of the misfortune, they are advised to be low-key, do their work responsibly and stay away from gossips. When being misunderstood, be brave to explain themselves with sound proofs. 


Regular salary; be cautious of telecom frauds

Closely related to their performance at work, the salary for people with Pig sign of Chinese zodiac would not be at a high level and they may not receive too much bonus, either. In addition, it is not a lucky year for them to make extra money through other ways like investing stocks or operating a sideline. In that case, they’d better adjust their expense to the income to avoid running into debt, like stop buying unnecessary items and trim down the spending on luxury staff. This year, they should also be cautious of telecom frauds. Last but not least, when friends or relatives borrow money from them, do it depending on their real situation instead of satisfying their vanity beyond their ability.

Love and Relationships

An unlucky year for the singles and those seeing someone; possible quarrels for the married

In term of love relationship, it is a troublesome year for people born in Chinese zodiac Pig year. The singles would be active to find themselves a girlfriend or boyfriend. Although they would meet some charming girls or handsome boys in various gatherings and their friends or relatives would also introduce them some for blind dates, it is likely they would not meet the one catching their eyes. As for those seeing someone, misunderstandings may arise between them because of the tricks of some bad guys. If these misunderstandings accumulate instead of being cleared up, the two are very likely to end up with breakup. As for the married, they may quarrel with their partner every now and then over some trivial matters; fortunately, they would not be big deals and the two could soon make up.
* See more about Love Compatibility of Pig


Bad mental status; possible injuries

The Pig fortune prediction in 2023 indicates that it is an eventful year in the aspect of health. Because of the annoyances at work and from love relationship, they may be in a low mood very often, which may cause bad influence on their body. To maintain health, they’d better do something to make themselves happy, like traveling or enjoying delicious food; meanwhile follow a healthy life routine rather than staying up late often or drinking lots of alcohol. In addition, the possibility for them to get injured is relatively high, so they’d better protect themselves well when doing sports, crossing the road, or driving a car.

Luck Prediction for Pigs Born in Different Years

• Born in 2019: Their life would be happy as a whole. Parents should help them learn more about this world and assist them to make more friends and develop some personal hobbies.
• Born in 2007: They would be positive about study and perform well. However in rebellious period, their performance in other aspects may not be very good and their parents should care more about them.
• Born in 1995: It may not be a peaceful year in term of career, but they would also learn a lot during the process of solving the difficulties. It’s a lucky year for the singles as they are very likely to fall in love and start romantic dating.
Born in 1983: They are likely to do a good job in workplace and earn a little higher salary. Do not dream of being rich through investment. It’s not very possible for the singles to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.
• Born in 1971: Their performance at work would be average, so do not expect a higher wage. But they would still live an abundant life because their income would not decrease, either. They may suffer from stomach disorders when making business trips.
• Born in 1959: Retired from work, they would plan many things to do and live a colorful later life. Their health luck is not good, so pay more attention in body care. Besides, be cautious of potential dangers.
• Born in 1947: In 2023, be cautious of online or telecom frauds and make more efforts in health care. Their family life would be happy. To avoid discontents from later generations, give them enough space.

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