1937 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Ox

Which type of Ox are people born in 1937 Chinese zodiac year?

1937 is the year of the Ox according to Chinese zodiac. Furthermore, based on Chinese Five Elements, Ox people born in this year are Fire OX.

Refer to the Gregorian calendar, the Fire Ox year is from February 11, 1937 to January 30, 1938. Those who was born from January 1 to February 10 in 1937 are previous Chinese zodiac sign Fire Rat.

Lucky Signs for 1937 Fire Ox

Lucky numbers: 1, 4

Lucky colors: blue, yellow, green

2023 Horoscope for Fire Ox Born in 1937

Although not young any more, people born in 1937 year of the Ox are still interested in buying stocks or financial products. However, they are not lucky in this aspect this year. So it is not advised them spend too much time and energy in it. Instead, they can spend more time having fun with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. They would also attend more parties and gatherings held by their elder friends. But eat regularly and drink properly to avoid any discomfort. There is also another bad signal about their health that some of them may need to have an operation to cure the current disease. Do not worry too much. Follow the doctor’s advice and they should recover soon.
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2024 Horoscope for Fire Ox Born in 1937

For people born in 1937 year of the Ox, most of them would enjoy their late life at a leisurely life in 2024. For a few still working, it’s time to relay baton to later generations, for it’s not very possible for them to make a big progress in career. Instead, they should spend more time taking care of themselves: eat healthily, and exercise properly. Also, do physical examinations regularly. Once feeling not good, go for a doctor timely. Their family atmosphere would be harmonious and happy this year; they would also get along well with friends and other people around. Thanks to previous savings and retirement pension, they could live a worry-free life financially. 

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Personality Traits of the 1937 Chinese Zodiac Fire Ox

People born with Chinese zodiac Ox are cautious and practical in doing things. They always think carefully before getting down to the things. They have strong endurance and ability to distinguish right from wrong. Moreover, they are highly motivated and self-disciplined, so they can usually achieve the goals they set.

However, the Fire Ox are somewhat cold and stiff, giving the impression that they are difficult to get along with. They are stubborn and often do not listen to other people's advice. In addition, they are always silent, not good at social intercourse and communication.

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The Fire Ox have a relatively good luck in wealth in their old age. As they no longer care too much about gain and loss in their old age, their fortunes have gradually improved. They will receive more pension and various government subsidies. Moreover, their children and grandchildren will often come to visit them and give them red envelopes and gifts in special festivals.

Love and Relationships

After living together through lifetime, there will be no big problems between them and their spouse. But they still need to care more about their lovers and spend more time accompanying them. In addition, they also have a good relationship with their children mainly because they do not interfere with children’s affair and can comfort them when they meet difficulties.

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On the whole, the Fire Ox people born in 1937 are still very strong, which is closely related to their regular exercise. But they should also be careful not to overdo it when exercising. As they are 82 years old, the health problem cannot be underestimated. Therefore, they should better go to the hospital regularly for physical examination. Besides, they should eat more nutritious food to keep fit.

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