Ox’s Personality by Western Astrology Signs

Aries  (March 21 - April 19)

Personality: With sufficient power and energy, western astrological Aries sign with Chinese zodiac Ox sign will always keep their industrious quality in work. Their persistence will make them to be the winners at last. However, they are not good at expressing themselves, for they are really shy in front of strangers. People cannot discover their kindness and honesty at once when getting along with them. In fact, they sometimes, seem to be very talkative when handling business.

Love: No one can provide ideal true love as Aries does. They are always devoted in love in a silent and sincere manner. They are reliable and honest lover although they may be not that romantic, for their expressing ways are really limited. They will not try to please or lure others intentionally, while what attracts them most is natural and harmonious relationship.

Compatible Partners

Rooster Leo
Rabbit  Leo
Monkey Leo

Suitable Jobs: restaurant owner, school headmaster, teacher, singer, accoutant, programmer, journalist.
Related Celebrity: Karl Malden

Taurus  (April 20 - May 20)

Personality: People with Taurus sign according to western astrology seems to be quite silent, actually they are not. They just speak in a slow pace, but their eloquence is well-known among people who are really familiar with them. They count days to live a leisurely life, calm and free. Most of them will be poem, dancing or other arts lovers, and the stress from life will not push them to give up their hobbies. In work, they maintain a careful attitude to handle every case. When making decisions, they are very prudent but will not discuss about their affair with others.

Love: Nonchalance is one of their features in love. If their lovers go against them, they will dump them relentlessly. They can be quite sensitive and skeptical, but not weak as they are good at psychological tactics. If giving them more tenderness and care, they will reward you most passionate affection.

Compatible Partners

Rooster  Capricorn
Rat Pisces, Cancer
Snake Capricorn, Virgo

Suitable Jobs: athlete, journalist, sales rep, actor/actress, musician, researcher.
Related Celebrities: Gary Cooper, Billy Joel


Gemini  (May 21 - June 21)

Personality: Gemini in Ox sign according to Chinese zodiac tends to be more stable in character, for they are home loving and practical. They are fond of thinking, for they always want to find the answer for every puzzle in life. They are quite good at sneering at others, which may make people feel uncomfortable. In fact, they are born with sense of humor, but sometimes they are unaware of taking advantage of it. For them, the happiest time is when they enjoy their loneliness. Meanwhile, they keep a picky manner towards people around.

Love: They weigh more in individual achievement than in relationship and love. They have no interest in romance and they cannot stand boring and troublesome marriage life. The best life partner for them should be people who can give support or guidance in their career, or people who can help them to solve problems.

Compatible Partners

Rat  Leo
Snake Aries, Aquarius
Rooster  Aries, Libra

Suitable Jobs: speaker, writer, reporter, waitress, reviewer, tour guide, singer.
Related Celebrities: Yeats, William Styron


Cancer  (June 22 - July 22)

Personality: Many artists are in Cancer and Ox signs. People of this type usually have strong willpower and determination. Besides, with passion and novelty, they are able to create new things that other people would never imagine. Patience and courage enable them to make breakthrough in work. They get used to accomplishing task in their own pace but not taking orders from others. If people offend them somehow, they will fight back with a vengeance.

Love: As for Cancers, love is a quite personal affair, and they seldom talk about it with others. Once they are settled in a relationship, they will keep their loyalty always. They have enough patience and courage in love as they do in work, so they can always gain an ideal life partner. As long as being given expected care, they will forgive any faults that their lover has made.

Compatible Partners

Rooster  Taurus, Virgo, Pisces
Rat  Virgo, Scorpio
Snake  Scorpio, Pisces

Suitable Jobs: secretary, mechanic, housekeeper, mailmen, pilot, electrician, porter, driver.
Related Celebrities: Thoreau, Tom Stoppard, Meryl Streep


Leo  (July 23 - August 22)

Personality: With strong leadership, Ox people in Leo sign impress people with a mighty image. They are accustomed to wear a serious look, and people can hardly get intimate with them. They are brave and strong-minded, for they will never fear for difficulties and like to finish tasks efficiently. In public occasions, they want themselves to be unique and have a dominant status in the crowd. They are skilled in managing their life and arranging everything well-scheduled, but they lack passion and flexibility to some extent.

Love: Leos need a life partner who can come up with good ideas and give enlightenments. A humorous and sunny lover will keep them feel content about life. Admiration from each other will help them to become more confident, and they would also get respect from that. As long as standing by Leo, people will never give up a relationship willingly.

Compatible Partners

Rat  Gemini, Libra 
Snake  Sagittarius, Capricorn
Rooster  Aries

Suitable Jobs: beautician, hairstylist, cook, sales rep, customer service rep. programmer, photographer.
Related Celebrities: Napoleon, Dustin Hoffman


Virgo  (August 23 - September 22)

Personality: According to western astrology, Virgos are really careful and prudent in many cases, especially communicating with people, so they seldom misbehave in public occasions. When combining with Chinese zodiacal Ox sign, they are also upright and conservative; they will not accept new things willingly. In their opinion, there is no need to change the life style that they are accustomed to. They also get used to living an independent life, and never turn to others for help. In public speech and wide judgment, they have inborn talent and sharp instinct.

Love: Persistence is their creed in relationship. Once they determine to take somebody for the rest of life, they will never give up their destined one on the half way. They are also pragmatic, for they are likely to choose people with attractive appearance and smart minds, even someone who can be their assistant in career. They will not go after romantic love, for what they need is harmonious and peaceful relationship.

Compatible Partners

Snake Taurus
Horse Cancer
Dog  Scorpio, Capricorn

Suitable Jobs: shop owner, carpenter, shepherd, policeman, teacher, translator, accountant.
Related Celebrities: Lafayette, Peter Sellers, Robert Bresson

Libra  (September 23 - October 23)

Personality: Libras are always seeking perfection and balance, so they have strict rules and principles to arrange work and life. They care a lot about daily dressing, and emphasize the high quality of life. Seeming to be efficient and sophisticated, they also have inner contradiction. Tender and decent, people will feel comfortable when staying with them. Meanwhile, they are gifted in art, and usually cultivate their minds with constant learning to get self-improvement.

Love: Their love affairs are wonderful, for they have a lot of pursuers around but they never get sick of that. If people are in love with them, it is needed to notice every subtle change of their emotion, for they usually behave not out of their real thoughts. They are aggressive in squabbles and it’s hard for them to give in first, so people should make that step first. They like to manipulate the other in relationship, for they lack confidence sometimes.

Compatible Partners

Snake Gemini, Leo
Rat  Leo, Sagittarius
Rooster Leo, Aquarius

Suitable Jobs: revolutionist, reporter, priest, educator, historian, editor, athlete.
Related Celebrity: Gore Vidal


Scorpio  (October 24 - November 22)

Personality: Scorpios in Ox sign according to Chinese zodiac are really smart and crazy, and they can easily go to the extremes. With sharp instinct, they like to act out of others’ expectation. They are shrewd and skeptical, so people can hardly win their trust. They keep being in a highly spirited condition when they are fighting for their career. Feeling good about themselves, they have sense of superiority, which sometimes brings troubles. People may feel uncomfortable when Scorpios are showing off what they get.

Love: Because of their authority and power, they may gain much admiration from people who long for their halo. Among the pursuers, they are inclined to choose the one who has attractive appearance and pleasant character. Comparing a smart mind, they prefer a nice face to be proud of. Squabbles and split will never make them feel stressed; they are willing to take that as some amusement in relationship.

Compatible Partners

Rat  Cancer, Virgo, Pisces 
Rooster Capricorn, Pisces
Snake Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn

Suitable Jobs: politician, actor, play writer, clown, magician, businessman, clergy.
Related Celebrities: Carrie Fisher, Richard Burton, Johnny Carson


Sagittarius  (November 23 - December 21)

Personality: They are dynamic and passionate for success. On account of their eloquence and creativity, they can have easy approach to expected achievements. They are frank and generous to friends, glad to help others even they are in trouble. They hold great ambitions to power and money, for they regard them as an effective means to realize their dreams. Danger and risk will not scare them off; on the contrary, they love to take adventures and experience thrilling things.

Love: They are eager to seek comfort and stability in marriage life, but they will keep their enthusiasm as they just fall in love. They will never be meant to praising their life partners. With loyal and faithful heart, they usually can get an everlasting relationship.

Compatible Partners

Rabbit  Leo, Libra, Aquarius
Snake  Leo, Aquarius
Rooster Aquarius

Suitable Jobs: driver, detective, cashier, cartoon maker, scientist, nurse, doctor.
Related Celebrities: William Blake, Jane Fonda, Walt Disney


Capricorn  (December 22 - January 19)

Personality: Capricorns are the conservative type, and they are determined and stubborn. They hold strong personal will when a decision needs to be made, for they seldom consider about others’ opinions. Usually they have super intelligence but they are not good at speaking. They seem to be mature and sophisticated, having everything in their command, but in fact, they are weak and sensitive when facing relationship problem. Having special interest for food, they are picky about everything on the table. People having dinner with them should keep a respectable manner.

Love: Capricorns desire a romantic relationship; they are always indulged in their fantasy for ideal love. Marriage is necessary for them, because they lack warmness from family. Some may develop their affair beyond the marriage, which makes them feel guilty. However, divorce will make them scared. For them, divorce means a shameful failure.

Compatible Partners

Snake  Taurus, Leo, Pisces
Rooster Virgo, Scorpio
Pig Leo, Scorpio

Suitable Jobs: health consultant, journalist, fashion designer, architect, publisher, physical trainer.
Related Celebrity: Mary Tyler Moore


Aquarius  (January 20 - February 18)

Personality: With strong will power, they will not abandon their dream on the half way. They are always striving for what they desire and never retreat. They are kind and flexible, so they can handle well interpersonal relationships. With sharp sense of humor, they may use that to sneer at people who are inferior to them. They are talented story teller, for they can always remember every subtle detail. Longing for freedom, they are unstrained from the rules and principles.

Love: Aquarius people need freshness and romance from relationship, and will get tired of the current life soon. After going through rises and falls, they may begin to chase stable family life. People feel unsettled and anxious with them, which might make them lose their true love. After getting married, they will take the responsibility in the family. Although they feel being bounded, they still cherish the sweet marriage life.

Compatible Partners

Snake  Aries, Libra, Gemini
Rooster Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Pig Sagittarius, Gemini

Suitable Jobs: kindergarten teacher, farmer, physical coach, driver, repairman, private doctor.
Related Celebrities: Jack Lemmon, Vanessa Redgrave


Pisces  (February 19 - March 20)

Personality: They have sensitive instinct, which helps them to make right judgment. They will not get satisfied about the existing success, and they like challenges. They are independent financially, but not psychologically. They tend to live with parents and friends, for they cannot bear loneliness. With strong sense of possessiveness, they are likely to get jealous in any relationship. Mutual trust is what they weigh more in friendship.

Love: They have complicated relationships, for they cannot distinguish between friendship and love. They care about families, but their ambiguous attitude makes others hurt much. In relationship, they will try the best to please the other, which makes them feel tired. They are not confident enough in love, so their life partners should give more encouragement and praise.

Compatible Partners

Rat Taurus, Scorpio
Snake Cancer, Capricorn
Rooster Scorpio

Suitable Jobs: lawyer, painter, film director, manager, writer, banker, security guard.
Related Celebrities: Handel George, Vincente Minnelli

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Questions & Answers on Ox Personality by Western Astrology Signs
Asked by marites recopero from PHILIPPINES | Mar. 08, 2018 01:25Reply
i want to open my business this April what date is best form i was born in Dec. 16,1973
Answers (1)
Answered by Samantha from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 08, 2018 21:38

The Chinese calendar shows that Apr. 01, Apr. 08, Apr. 16, Apr. 20, Apr. 22, Apr. 26 and Apr. 28 will be the lucky dates. :)
Asked by CENG41 | Mar. 26, 2017 18:17Reply
born october 3rd 1985 am
I need an advice about finding a right partner. im a Chinese citizen brought up in the uk, living in the country for 25 years. I speak fluent English with basic speaking of Chinese and no understanding of writing. im confused who good for me.
Answers (1)
Answered by Peyton from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 06, 2017 22:33

Well, for people with Ox Chinese zodiac sign, the perfect matches are people born with Rat, Snake and Rooster sign according to the love compatibility index. In this way, you will have tacit agreement in options in daily life. Generally speaking, you are willing to share more family duties. Hope helpful!
Asked by Michelle from USA | Jan. 31, 2017 11:17Reply
I am a female metal ox born in 1961 under the sun of Virgo.
I am recently licensed and ready to start my own business. After over 20 years of school and working two jobs I am ready for my breakthrough. What are my prospects for love - I really want my partner, wealth, and for my business success?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alfred from POLAND | Feb. 04, 2017 03:03

Michelle, your love luck may just be so-so this year. It is suggested you put your attention on your busniess. You are predicted to have a proseprous luck in business and work. Grasp the chance and work for great profit. :)
Asked by Dana from USA | Sep. 24, 2016 20:34Reply
I need to ask if my mom will ever going to have a good job? her date of birth is october 20 1961?
she has a very tough, hard job and she can't leave it because we need the money.
Answers (2)
Answered by Alina from CANADA | Sep. 24, 2016 22:03

It is predicted that your mom will find a good job. Things will go better and better. She will get a good position with a decent salary. Let her try to apply for several suitable jobs and the opportunity will come soon.
Answered by Dana from USA | Oct. 07, 2016 21:45

I sent to you before asking about my mom job, you told me she will soon will get a fair decent job .
can I ask you when she will get the job I mean what month and which year this year or next year?
my mom is ox 10/20/61

Thank you
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