Leo Horoscope - Dates, Personality & Compatibility for Leo Zodiac Sign

Date of Birth

July 23 - August 22

Leo Personality 

Leo people are enthusiastic, passionate and generous. Another salient characteristics of people with Leo zodiac sign is confident. But sometimes they may be a little arrogant. They often feel unhappy because they care too much about how others think of them.

Negative Leo Personality Traits

One of the prominent negative personality trait is conceit, so they are not likely to tolerate opinions contrary to their own. They are also a little snobbish, always want to be the first, and self-righteous, which will easily make enemies for them.

Personality of Leo Women 

Leo women always hold their heads high, as if they don't care about the whole world. They don't admit failure and want to do everything perfectly. Although sometimes they are hot-tempered, they always look positive and full of vitality. With full energy, they usually know how to express themselves in front of people. They are good at using self-entertainment to attract people's attention.
The most fearful thing for them is to be despised, which will make them depressed and irritated. 

Personality of Leo Men 

Leo men are proud and generous. Their enthusiasm and prestige enable them to succeed in their career. In addition, they are open-minded, far-sighted, has the ability to overcome difficulties and control the overall situation. Therefore, it is easy for people to respect and admire them.  

Leo Love Horoscope & Compatibility 

In love, Leo woman may be tough and have a bad temper, so a gentle and considerate man who can take care of their feelings and treat them gently may be more suitable for them. Leo women are mostly enthusiastic, so they like cheerful men. What’s more, an indifferent man is always attractive for female Leo because they like challenges and have a strong desire for tough men. For Leo man, they like upright and capable woman; they often attach great importance to partner’s personality; in love, they are willing to use their infinite sincerity to win their partner’s admiration.

 Best Matches: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini
 Worst Matches: Taurus and Capricorn
 Best Match for Leo Man: Aries women
 Best Match for Leo Woman: Sagittarius men

Best Business and Career Fields for Leo

Leo prefer careers that can bring them respect from others and enable them to enjoy their life. They don’t like work on the backstage, and they have the potential to become excellent actors, speakers, politicians, and diplomats, etc. Most people born under the Leo zodiac sign are creative, and they are interested in art, entertainment and culture industries. They have excellent acting skills and have their own star halo. In addition to actors, Leo is also suitable for other areas of entertainment, such as being a talk show host, a screenwriter, a director or even a circus owner. If Leo want to do business, the first choice is the entertainment industry, such as operating amusement parks, ballrooms, cinemas, online game companies, etc.
 Leos have the habits of summarizing and analyzing their work, which help them complete the tasks in an orderly way efficiently. The good performance may make them the star in workplace. According to Leo horoscope in 2023, they may also take the step to open up their own business after working for many years and accumulating rich experience. After their business going on the track, they would earn more and more gradually. However, lack of rest may cause physical problems. Although busy, they should also squeeze some time to take care of their bodies. 2023 sees no hope of start dating for singles, also because they are busy with career. For students, it is predicted to be a tough year. They should focus on study and fight for a brighter future, rather than wasting time in computer games or things like that. 

Leo Eminent Personalities

Famous Female Leo 

Percy Bysshe Shelley, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, Madonna Ciccone, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Audrey Tautou, J.K. Rowling, Ingrid Bergman

Famous Male Leo

Napoléon Bonaparte, Henry Ford, William Jefferson Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, James Cameron, Carl Gustav Jung, Alexandre Dumas fils, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck, Antonio Banderas
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Questions & Answers on Leo Horoscope - Dates, Personality & Compatibility for Leo Zodiac Sign
Asked by Lilia from USA | Oct. 30, 2021 22:45Reply
Hi … I’m Leo and I have been dating a Taurus for 3 months … we stand no chance???
So, we have been dating for three months and he says he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me !!! We are both ALPHA … we stand no chance ?? Of having a long term relationship?
I read about Taurus .. and he does have many characteristics… gosh .. now learning about his Zodiac … we are not compartirle at all!!!
Answers (9)
Answered by Abigail | Nov. 01, 2021 11:32

Oh, sometimes the prediction is just for reference. The most important thing is that you would follow your heart.
Answered by Kofi | Nov. 07, 2021 16:09

If it's going well then don't listen to stuff on the internet that can mess up your love life,if you guys both love each other and it feels perfect then the internet is wrong which is usual so dont worry
Answered by Stacy | Nov. 08, 2021 21:32

I am a Leo woman and my husband is a Taurus. We have been married for 23 years and dated 7 years prior. It is a challenge but you can handle it. We are built that way. I always wanna be right and he is stubborn. At the end of the day we love each other and we have each others back. If he says he wanna spend the rest of his life with you, believe him. After all who wouldn't?
Answered by Pnnylnb | Dec. 26, 2021 13:04

I've been with a Taurus for 2 years, didn't end up well because our personalities didn't match.
Answered by Ely | Feb. 20, 2022 07:15

Well, I'm a Leo and my partner is Taurus, we're 6years now.
Answered by alia | Mar. 10, 2022 12:45

no dear, you can take a good care of your relay...those that been published should be a great notes but not everything was accurate with our life...luv:>
Answered by Christine | Apr. 07, 2022 15:34

Leo married to Taurus and we are cool
Answered by Rach | Apr. 30, 2022 06:08

I have been dating other people but always run back to my TAURUS, and I am a LEO woman it's now 2 years and half,sometimes these things domt matter also long as you know his traits and how to handle,a taurus way to win his heart is food most times
Answered by Ann | Sep. 30, 2022 10:25

I'm taurus woman married to Leo man. Married for 29 years. It's okay. As long as u give n take. And if u know his traits u can handle him.
Asked by Mandi from USA | Sep. 20, 2021 08:33Reply
Is it a bad thing that I like a Cancer?
Answers (3)
Answered by Alexis | Oct. 01, 2021 03:48

I like a Cancer too lol he's very mysterious...I like it
Answered by starcrossedlovers | Nov. 26, 2021 18:30

I'm a Leo woman, and believe me, a 100% total LEO I am haha, and I love a Crab (I just don't like the word cancer sorry) for 25 years now, since we were 10 and first met in school... Throughout these 25 years we've bumped into each other and flirted like 50 times. Finally we are for 5 years together now and he's the BEST - caring, gentle, freaking humorous (it's priority nr1 for me), and he leaves me be whenever we fight (3x until now in total), which is such a relief, the rest was like suckling on me when all I needed was a few hours to think it through myself and then I would come to them. I believe a Crab is a freaking great partner for a Leo (when Leo is female).
Answered by Ed | Jan. 27, 2022 02:36

Thank you for saying this .I'm a crab (m) , I have falling in love with Leo women .she wants to marry a so do I. Advice from a Leo women . If you have . Thank you Leo lady
Asked by Shakirat from NIGERIA | Jul. 06, 2021 10:07Reply
Please can a Leo marry a pisces?
Answers (2)
Answered by sharni | Jul. 11, 2021 18:50

yes they do ,my mother is a pisces and my father is a leo ,so yes they do!
Answered by L oakes | May. 15, 2022 13:11

Both my first husband and my second have been Pisces. They are loving and patient .
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