Aquarius Horoscope - Dates, Personality & Compatibility for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Date of Birth

January 20 - February 18 

Aquarius Personality

Ranking eleven in western zodiac signs, Aquarius are very intelligent, innovative, and kind. They pursue the unique life. They are friendly and enjoy making friends with all types of person. However, caring about privacy a lot, it is hard for them to open their hearts to make very close friends. Compared with friends, Aquarius pay less care and concern to their own family members.   

Negative Aquarius Personality Traits

Lack of enthusiasm, too idealized, inquisitive, changeable, having no perseverance, hard to confide in friends, meddlesome, too rational, lack of taste... 

Personality of Aquarius Women 

Aquarius women are very smart and rational. They do what they like and don’t care about what other people think. They love and pursue freedom, and don’t want to be controlled. Although they seem to be cold and indifferent outside, they actually long for a partner who is compatible with their soul and spirit and understand them.   

Personality of Aquarius Men 

Aquarius men are the most difficult sign to know and to understand among the twelve western zodiac signs. Because they think and behave randomly and out of others’ expectations. Sometimes, Aquarius men are warm-hearted and outgoing, sometimes, they become cold and hard to get close to. Always being maverick, they pursue freedom and enjoy socializing.   

Aquarius Love Horoscope & Compatibility 

Love is highly attracted to Aquarius. Because Aquarius like to contact and explore novel things, similarly, they also want to explore love. While in love, Aquarius can keep enough sense of rational and will never sacrifice for love. Aquarius men love the type of women who are intellectual, healthy, unique, independent, have their own ideas, and at the same time share similarities with them. Famous for single-minded in love, Aquarius women are attracted to talented men with unique shining points. Aquarius women appreciate appearances but they pay more attention to inner talents. They don’t like men who are too clingy and dependent, because they need to have their own space.         
 Best Matches: Gemini, Libra, and Aries
 Worst Matches: Cancer and Virgo
 Best Match for Scorpio Man: Libra woman 
 Best Match for Scorpio Woman: Gemini man

Best Business and Career Fields for Aquarius

The biggest advantage of Aquarius is innovation. People born under the Aquarius zodiac sign like to lead a unique life and behave randomly, usually out of others’ expectation. Emphasizing the freedom and independence, Aquarius are suitable to free and individual work and to be freelances. 

Besides, Aquarius are creative, rebellious, bold in their imagination, and eager to learn knowledge, so they can apply for work related to web design and online games. 

What’s more, Aquarius are smart and intelligent. They are suitable for scientific research, humanities and social science, which can make the best use of their talents and help them make progress in chances and challenges. 

Aquarius Horoscope in 2020

In 2020, if Aquarius are willing to do things down to earth, they will gain good results. Do not like to accept others’ persuasions and being relatively stubborn, Aquarius may mess up their works in 2020. It is better for them to adjust their attitudes and learn from others modestly. Not interested in relationships, Aquarius may still be single and live a life alone. In 2020, they won’t earn extra money except their stable and regular salary. As for health, it is pretty good for Aquarius in 2020. They have healthy diet and enough rest; therefore, they can be pretty healthy. In 2020, Aquarius are easy to be disturbed in class and they need monitoring from others. It is advised for them to be more self-disciplined and learn to control themselve.

Aquarius Eminent Personalities

Famous Female Aquarius

Anne, Queen of Great Britain, Jennifer Aniston, Millie Bobby Brown, Isla Fisher, Arielle Kebbel, Emma Roberts, Sarah Palin, Zhang Ziyi, Isabella Gomez, Gorazon Aquino

Famous Male Aquarius

Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Tom Hiddleston, Brandon Lee, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Klay Thompson, Thomas Edison, Taylor Lautner, Steve Nash, Lord Byron
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Questions & Answers on Aquarius Horoscope - Dates, Personality & Compatibility for Aquarius Zodiac Sign
Asked by Devyani from INDIA | Nov. 24, 2020 22:07Reply
Sagittarius man 15th December 1985 and Aquarius woman 21st January 1991 does it make a good match ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Chasen | Nov. 26, 2020 22:53

You are born to be a good match. In general, you can think in other’s shoes, so you seldom squabble. In inner world, you have strong desire to get everything in control, so sometimes you may need more personal space.
Asked by Danielle from NIGERIA | Nov. 20, 2020 03:26Reply
Can Aqarius woman (35/01/2000) marry cancer guy (23/06/1994)
Answers (1)
Answered by Chadwick | Nov. 26, 2020 22:55

A romantic half and a faithful half can always generate different feelings. Your relationship will develop stably, and you will admire each other gradually. Don't worry.
Asked by RD from CANADA | Nov. 13, 2020 07:05Reply
Can Cancer guy 5 July 1995 and Aquarius girl 24 January 1998 make a relationship work?
Answers (1)
Answered by Auburn | Nov. 15, 2020 23:20

Don't worry. Just follow your heart. The prediction indicates that you two can become a good match.
Asked by Chandana from INDIA | Nov. 09, 2020 23:15Reply
Can aquarius woman 03 Feb 1995 and taurus man 21 march 1991 make a relationship work?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tyler | Nov. 12, 2020 23:55

Oh, dear, you should keep the positive attitude. The prediction shows that you can become a good match.
Asked by MTR from INDONESIA | Nov. 07, 2020 01:24Reply
can aquarius girl (24/01/1998) and cancer guy (5/05/1995) relationship will work great
Answers (2)
Answered by John | Nov. 12, 2020 23:55

Base on the Chinese zodiac love compatibility, you would obtain a stable and sweet love relationship. Don't worry. Both of you can show enough understanding and patience to each other.
Answered by mj | Nov. 30, 2020 06:50

Your right!!!
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