Aquarius Horoscope in 2023

Overall Luck

Aquarius horoscope in 2023 is not very good. Their negative attitude towards work may cause dissatisfactions from leaders and colleagues and put themselves in a “dangerous” situation. If they could not adjust timely, they may even get fired. The poor performance in work brings no bonus for them and their sidelines may not go well either, so they may need to make a consumption plan in case of bankruptcy. In daily life, they like to make decisions for their lover, which make them unhappy and do no good to maintain the relationship. Caring about their body figure, they are very likely to keep an unhealthy diet and do excessive exercise, which make them weak or even a patient in the hospital. Luckily, young Aquarius become positive about study and are very likely to make a progress in school. 


It might be a bad year for Aquarius in term of career. They do not like to ask for jobs. Also, once the work can be threw to others, they would do it. Even for the jobs designated to them, they intend to finish them perfunctorily. As a result, their leaders and workmates may feel dissatisfied with them. In addition, they do not seem to have plans about their future and goals to achieve, only focusing on the short-term profits, so their career may not develop well this year. To change the fortune, they’d better work hard with honest attitude and make a plan about their career. 

Love and Relationships

It is predicted their love life will be full of waves, according to Aquarius horoscope in 2023. With a strong character, they may often make decisions for their lover, making the other half feel not being respected, or even worse, dissatisfied about Aquarius. If the relationship is not firm enough, gaps may appear between the two sides. In addition, Aquarius like to start a cold war when disputes happen, rather than have a talk with the lover so as to solve the problem. If the cold war happens too many times or lasts for long, it is very difficult to maintain the relationship. 


The amount of their wealth may decrease because their luck in this aspect is really poor according to Aquarius horoscope prediction in 2023. They may need to spend money to solve troubles like car scratch. In addition to the absence of bonus due to the poor work performance, their other income may decrease, too. In previous years, their part-time jobs or other channels to make money might develop well and earn them some. However, the sidelines are not likely to develop well this year and Aquarius may have no other ideas to earn additional income. In case of bankruptcy, they’d better make a consumption plan and save some for unforeseen troubles. 


The horoscope prediction says their physical condition will not be very good. Not satisfied with their body figure, they intend to keep a diet and do exercises to lose weight. However, they often do them excessively rather than properly, which may cause harm to the body. For instance, over exercise make them feel hurt very often. Excessive dieting cannot provide enough nutrition and energy needed by the body and they may feel weak very often, too; even worse, they may go down with diseases more easily than before. They should know that health comes the first and keep a diet and exercising on the premise of health.


In 2023, there is a great chance for them to make a progress in study. Entering the new year, they start to realize the goodness of study and become eager and positive to study. Knowing that they have wasted much time previously, they study harder and longer than others in order to catch up. When facing difficulties, they do not give up easily anymore and know to seek help from teachers or classmates. If they keep the modest and serious attitude and study hard continuously, there is no doubt their academic performance will be better and better.
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