Capricorn Horoscope - Dates, Personality & Compatibility for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Date of Birth

December 22 -January 19

Capricorn Personality

Among the twelve western zodiac signs, Capricorns are the most patient, most cautious, and the kindest. They are also persistent, sometimes being stubborn, incredibly tolerant and hardworking. They are responsible but have no sense of security, and don not fully trust others.  

Negative Capricorn Personality Traits

Too realistic, stubborn, individualistic, not optimistic enough, lack of romantic taste, too focused on personal goals, unsociable...  

Personality of Capricorn Women 

Capricorn women are relatively introverted, kind-hearted, disciplined, conservative, traditional, independent, intelligent, discreet, full of sense of justice, and have their own views about the whole world. They may show to be fragile and weak in appearance and leave people impressions of arrogance and indifference; but actually they are strong, self-reliance, and warm-hearted. They possess strong responsibility and they can struggle for their goals all lifetime. 

Personality of Capricorn Men 

With a strong sense of responsibility, Capricorn men are mature and prudent. With strong willpower, they will not give up until they achieve the goals. With cautious, persistent and indomitable spirit, and be strict to themselves, Capricorn men have high prestige among the masses. One shortcoming is that they are rigid, inflexible, too stubborn and sometimes indecisive, which leads to the result of missing chances and opportunities.      

Capricorn Love Horoscope & Compatibility 

Both Capricorn men and women give people an impression of indifference and silence. They enjoy communicating with mature and prudent persons. For Capricorn men, they are a little dull and they don’t like to get along with others; therefore, optimistic, lovely, elegant and polite women are the types suitable to them. In this way, Capricorn men can break the cage and start to get along with others. As for Capricorn women, in their heart, they want to be cared in life and be given some advice in difficulties; so mature, experienced, gentle and considerate men with good family background are flavored by Capricorn women.         
 Best Matches: Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces
 Worst Matches: Gemini and Leo
 Best Match for Scorpio Man: Virgo woman 
 Best Match for Scorpio Woman: Taurus man

Best Business and Career Fields for Capricorn

The stable, pragmatic career and work with opportunities for advancement are suitable for them. Capricorns are ambitious, full of justice, and they like to pursue success and progress; therefore, civil servants, white-collar workers and subordinates in large enterprises and public institutions, soldiers in the army and political officials are suitable for them. In career, once they set a goal, they will never give up until they achieve it.
 Getting into 2019, Capricorns’ overall horoscope will have slightly ups and downs, but finally, the results will turn to be relatively ideal. In career aspect, there will be challenges and crises together with breakthroughs. So, Capricorns need to adjust mind, make preparations to meet the challenges, and improve themselves for more difficult tasks. About wealth fortune, it will be smooth in this year, but it is also necessary to consume reasonably. In terms of health, Capricorns are advised to take more care of their own body, spare time exercising from busy work and life, go to see doctors immediately when feel uncomfortable and have periodical physical examination.        

Capricorn Eminent Personalities

Famous Female Capricorn 

Nina Dobrev, Michelle Obama, Priyanka Gandhi, Betsy DeVos, Nikki Haley, Princess Michael of Kent, Elizabeth of Russia, Alice Paul, Raisa Gorbacheva, Jeanette Nolan 

Famous Male Capricorn

Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Jeff Bezos, Stan Lee, Muhammad Ali, Stephen Hawking, Dwyane Wade, Alexander Hamilton, Rowan Atkinson, Isaac Newton, Akihito, Benjamin Franklin, Mao Zedong, Robert E.Leo
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