1973 Chinese Zodiac - Water Ox

Which type of Ox are people born in 1973 Chinese Zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1973 is the year of the Ox, and it belongs to the Water based on Chinese Five Elements. So the people born in 1973 is the Water Ox.

Chinese calendar follows lunar calendar. In Gregorian calendar, people born from February 3, 1973 to January 22, 1974 are the Water Ox, those who born from January 1 to February 2 in 1973 are Water Rat. 

Lucky Signs for 1973 Water Ox

 Lucky Numbers: 1, 4

 Lucky Colors: blue, yellow

2021 Horoscope for Water Ox Born in 1973

For Water Ox born in 1973, their career development will encounter some obstacles in 2021. If they don’t deal with them well, they may face the situation of looking for a new job. Most Ox people are a little bit stubborn with strong willpower. No matter what others say, they won’t make changes easily. Besides, they speak very straightforwardly. Sometimes, they may offend their leaders and colleagues because of improper words. Therefore, this year they need to learn how to become gentle and flexible. During this period of time, they must control their temper and establish good relationships with people around. 

As per Ox fortune prediction in 2021, they would have a relatively gloomy financial situation. Their income would be reduced due to unstable elements in work. However, the expenses in life would be huge. Although the economic pressure is large, they still need to keep the positive attitude. Do not rely on usury and participate in illegal things like gambling. Otherwise, they may fall into economic disputes. If someone want to borrow money, Ox people are suggested to refuse. 

The relationship fortune for Ox people born in 1973 won’t be that favorable based on Chinese zodiac luck prediction. They will have some large conflicts with partners because of some divergences. Some Ox people cannot get warmth from lovers and may even find boring in marriage life. Once such thoughts arise, it will be difficult for the relationship to develop in a good direction. In daily life, they should be more tolerant and understanding. When they encounter divergences, don’t be stubborn. It is suggested to share some housework for their partners and always pay attention to partner’s mood change. In this way, the relationship can remain stable. 

The fortune prediction shows that Ox people will be smooth in the year of 2021. Although the immunity will decrease, there won’t have serious diseases. They are all minor diseases such as colds and fevers, which won’t bring too much threat to health condition. However, Ox people should pay more attention during this period of time, especially to prevent accidents. When going out, they should take safe transportation to minimize accidents.

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Personality Traits of the 1973 Chinese Zodiac Water Ox

People with Chinese zodiac Ox born in 1973 are diligent, competent, dependable and kind. They are very capable of managing their emotions appropriately. They are right-thinking people and like to help others who are in trouble. They are very patient and careful in doing things and are not easily influenced by others or the environment.

However, most of the Water Ox are tough and irritable, and often screw up things even if they have a kind heart. They are kind of stubborn, and rarely listen to others’ opinions. They lack humor and enthusiasm, and are not good at communication.

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The career fortune for the 1973 Water Ox is not very stable. For office workers, they may not be taken seriously by leaders because they do not know how to show themselves. It is suggested that they should learn to show themselves more and strive for more business trips so that leaders can discover their talents.

For entrepreneurs, it is suggested to accumulate some experiences before starting a business, which is easier to succeed than starting a business directly.

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They have a pretty good fortune luck in their lives. For office workers, although their career is not stable enough, the salary is relatively good. If they learn how to show themselves well in career, their salary will be higher.

For entrepreneurs, they may not make lots of money at early time. However, if they can find and grasp the business opportunities, they will make a lot of money, live a rich life thereafter and leave much fortune for their children.


Love and Relationships

There are seldom surprises and setbacks in their love lives. When they are single, there are many admirers and they can easily find the right person.

After getting married, they may neglect their partners because they are so busy with their careers, leading to frequent quarrels. It is suggested that they spend more time with their lovers and be patient when they have conflicts with them.

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Their physical condition will not have much problem, but they may suffer from minor illnesses. Therefore, they should get rid of the bad habits like playing mobile phones for long time and staying up late. If they feel uncomfortable, they’d better go to hospital at once. They are also advised to have regular physical examinations.

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Questions & Answers on 1973 Chinese Zodiac - Water Ox
Asked by Dani from MACEDONIA | Jan. 15, 2021 02:26Reply
I want to know how my career will be in 2021. I'm female born 13th of February 1973.
Asked by Cindy from SINGAPORE | Jan. 06, 2021 03:55Reply
Should I join another company in 2021
I am female born 12 Feb 73. Am in dilemma whether to stay in the same company or to join a another one. Need guidance and advice for my career. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Abigail | Jan. 12, 2021 19:45

Don't worry. It will ok for you to change the job. The new work environment will bring you new breakthroughs.
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