Ox – Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Ox

March, July, August, September, October
 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Click to check your birth month in Chinese lunar calendar.

Born in January

Ox people born in January may not have much good luck in early ages. But in their middle ages, good luck may come their way and then they may have a happy and healthy life since after. They may not need to worry about food and clothing the whole life. But due to the poor ancestral accumulations, they need to rely on themselves to get better financially, during which they need to work hard and may encounter much bitterness.

Born in February

People with Chinese zodiac Ox sign and born in February, their self-consciousness is particularly strong. They are very brave and eager to do some earth-shattering business to get famous. But they usually do not think carefully before taking actions and do not take others’ advice, resulting in more harm than good, great ambitions turning into bubbles and a busy and struggling life. They should pay more attention to self-cultivation, study more, think more, and take actions step by step. In this way they may move forward and succeed.

Born in March

People born in March of Chinese zodiac year of the Ox are smart and knowledgeable. Even if they do not work hard, they can live a happy and free life no worrying about food and clothing. They are respected by others and often invited as honored guests by the rich. Although lots of risks and dangers hidden in their life paths, they can go through them with the help of others. In their late lives, they can be rich. However, they may achieve no big success the whole lifetime.

Born in April

Born in April, Ox people may live a difficult and busy life. They may not be well educated but have strong body. Their social status may not be very high and they usually make a living by working somewhere far from hometowns, but may not have much savings. They are very likely to subject to others’ control. They should be neither obsequious nor arrogant, acquire more knowledge or learn some skills. As long as they make efforts, their destinies can be changed.

Born in May

Born in May, Ox people are kind and honest, loyal and filial. They may have a little good luck in their lives, and get little help from blood relatives and others, so mostly live a plain life. They may leave home to making a living, but cannot earn too much. However, if their birth dates and birth hours are auspicious, the destinies can be much different.

Born in June

Although may not be born in a rich family and the relative cannot help much, Ox people born in June are smart and have high IQ, and may make great achievements in the arts, academia, technology fields. They are kind-hearted and trustworthy, so have many friends. They may live hard early lives but smooth and rich middle and late lives. During the lifetime, they may get lots of help from others, but it is difficult for them to be in power. 

Born in July

Ox people born in July are smart and very likely to born in a rich family. They also know to rely on themselves to live a wealthy life. There are little disasters in their lifetimes and the money rolls into their purses. Their later lives may be especially good with filial descents surrounding by.

Born in August

Although born rich, the Ox people born in August are not satisfied with their good situations and are always making efforts to achieve self-fulfillment. Their lifetime as a whole has more good luck than bad luck and little disasters. Being healthy and smart with strong creativities, they can be authority in some fields requiring good skills. However, their career path is not always smooth and may encounter some difficulties, which discourage them a lot. But they can recover soon and keep on working. In their late lives, they may be greatly respected and admired by others.

Born in September

They may not be born into a prosperous family, but they study and work hard. They also have extraordinary courage, wisdom, and energy, which may make them a big person with both intelligence and power. In career, they get help from others and little obstacles from family, and may succeed step by step.

Born in October

Ox born in October may live a bitter and poor early life without ancestral inheritance and can only rely on themselves. But from youth or middle ages, their career starts to turn good and the life will be better and better. They are clever, decisive, quick on thinking, independent on creating, and good at doing business, which can bring them lots of money and success in career. 

Born in November

Their life path may not be so smooth and there may be lots of ups and downs. Although they work hard, they may be “underpaid”. The relationship with partner may not be good, so with children. But they can as a whole live a safe life. However, if the birth date and hour are good, the destiny can be very different. 

Born in December

Born in December, people with Chinese zodiac sign Ox may have strong body and be energetic. They work hard for fame, but seldom succeed. However, they may have a happy family. Although not rich, they can live a pure and peaceful life in general.
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Questions & Answers on Ox – Destiny by Birth Month
Asked by Joe from SINGAPORE | Jan. 29, 2019 00:05Reply
Wealth Luck in 2019
Hi, I'm male born on 16th Apr 1973 and is 2019 a good n lucky year in term of wealth for me based on my birth date.
Answers (1)
Answered by Kevin from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 29, 2019 18:25

Hi, this year is not bad for you to make money and get some achievements in career. However, things may not be smooth in family relationship. You need to be more patient and pay more attention to communication.
Asked by Cherie corey from UNITED STATES | Mar. 01, 2018 14:31Reply
Can a male fire snake have a long lasting relationship with a female wood ox
Answers (1)
Answered by Miles from POLAND | Mar. 01, 2018 19:38

Based on the Chinese zodiac love compatibility, your relationship develops through lasting attraction between each other. Both of you like to cooperate to make life better. You both are good at associating, and enjoy a high reputation in life circus. You can form a cozy and harmonious family.
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