Ox - Luck Prediction by Month 2022

Ox - Luck Prediction by Month 2022

Ox luck prediction in 2022 would be stable in general, especially in career and wealth. In career, people born with Chinese zodiac Ox sign should seize the golden chances to create benefits for the company in order to be recognized by their bosses. Also, it is recommended to be kind to people around, so that when they encounter difficulties, they will get help from others.

As for love relationship, single cows are expected to fall in love with someone. As long as they treat the beloved him or her sincerely, they will obtain a happy and everlasting relationship. For Oxen with a partner, they are expected to get married in 2022.

In 2022, they should pay much attention to their health condition. Ox people would suffer from some minor diseases. However, they can be cured by taking medicine in time. There is no need to worry too much. They are suggested to take exercises in spare time actively. In this way, the body immunity would be improved a lot.

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Ox Fortune in 2022

  Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/01/2022 – 03/02/2022)

Ox people is expected to make progress in career in the first lunar month based on the Ox luck prediction in 2022. However, the premise is that they work hard and keep the good relationship with their colleagues. The fortune prediction shows that most of them can enjoy some leisurely time this month, such as reading books, drinking tea and climbing mountains. They can make full use of time to adjust themselves and spend more time with family members and friends.


(03/03/2022 – 03/31/2022)

The lunar February sees several chances for career development. It is worth mentioning that the interpersonal relationship won’t be good. It is recommended to talk less and do more in the workplace. They can learn courses to enhance the competitiveness. Setting up several short-term goals would help them achieve long-term goals. In term of wealth, because they always spend money on unnecessary things, it won’t be easy for them to save some money. It is not advised to invest a lot of money on high-risky investment fields. 


(04/01/2022 – 04/30/2022)

The 2022 luck prediction by month shows that March is a lucky month for Chinese zodiac Ox people. The career and wealth fortune would be stable and smooth. Some lucky stars can provide support. No matter at workplace or at home, they won’t make big mistakes. However, they should still work hard and do not stop struggling for better status quo. Pay attention to the health condition this month. Releasing pressure timely is important. 


(05/01/2022 – 05/29/2022)

Some troubles may occur this month. Their work will enter a period of bottleneck. Many problems cannot be solved immediately. In addition, due to the weak interpersonal relationship, people born with Chinese zodiac Ox will be deeply discouraged without the help of their lucky stars. They can plan to travel abroad this month and adjust mentality. Ox’s life would be lack of fun because there are not too many surprises happening. 


(05/30/2022 – 06/28/2022)

According to Ox’s luck in 2022, they are easy to be constrained by some rules and feel dissatisfied at workplace. Luckily, they are also blessed with some opportunities to make improvement this month. About wealth, Ox people would spend a lot of money on daily life and love relationship. It is recommended to record the income and expenses timely. Accumulating enough money will help them get through emergencies effectively. The interpersonal relationship is harmonious in May. Getting acquainted with some noble people can be of great help to their future life. 


(06/29/2022 – 07/28/2022)

The overall luck won’t be stable in the 6th lunar month. At work, Ox people may face change of workplace. There are opportunities for business trips. After careful consideration, they may accept it with a peaceful mind if it is beneficial to future development. If they do well, they may get a promotion or a salary increase. However, some of them should pay attention to the possibility of minor injuries. Dangerous outdoor activities should be avoided.


(07/29/2022 – 08/26/2022)

As per Ox luck prediction in 2022, they should be cautious about their career, wealth, love relationships and health in this month. Otherwise, they are likely to fall into a terrible situation. At the same time, they must learn more skills and improve the ability in work and earn money continuously, so that they can find a way out and not be stuck in a difficult situation all the time. The health situation of Ox people this month would be worse than before. Pay attention to colds, coughs, runny nose, sore throat and other minor problems. 


(08/27/2022 – 09/25/2022)

This month, Ox’s luck in 2022 will be great because everything would become smooth. Problems can be solved one by one during this period of time, which can relieve a lot of pressure. Several new business opportunities and cooperative intensions pop up in their career. Although Ox people may encounter many difficulties in the early stages of development, they shouldn’t give up. After work, they can fully enjoy the free time and stay with family members.


(09/26/2022 – 10/24/2022)

Generally speaking, September is not a lucky month for Ox people based on the Chinese zodiac luck prediction. The career fortune is not ideal. It is not conducive to competition, because they are vulnerable to interference from competitors. Meanwhile, the interpersonal relationship is not harmonious, which is easy to cause various problems in their career and wealth.


(10/25/2022 – 11/23/2022)

For Chinese zodiac Ox, their career and interpersonal relationship would go into a better stage in October. The career will steadily develops. However, it is not suitable for investment in order to avoid bankruptcy. There will be a lot of entertainment and living expenses. Therefore, having daily records and saving plan is necessary. Some of Ox people would be in poor health this month. Please follow the healthy diet and keep warm.


(11/24/2022 – 12/22/2022)

The 2022 luck prediction by month indicates that Ox people would earn some extra money from investments in November. People who do business in hydraulic engineering and catering would gain pay back. About love life, if single ones can join in more social activities on weekends, they would meet their soul mates much easier.


(12/23/2022 – 01/21/2023)

The work pressure in the last lunar month would be high, but many opportunities coexist. They need to take the initiative to find breakthroughs in career to promote cooperation. In addition, they should do a good job in year-end summary. If they can sum up experience, their career would be improved a lot next year. Although single ones may meet some people they are interested in, they would miss the opportunity because of hesitation. Fortunately, the financial luck is relatively stable, so they have abundant budget to travel and get some relaxation.


Ox - Luck Prediction by Month 2023

According to 2023 Ox’s luck prediction by month, their fortune is at an average level. But there are still some surprises. For instance, the singles may fall in love in lunar August and November. In the last lunar month, those being dating may get married. The lucky months are June, September and December, when they would make progresses in work and earn more to improve their living quality. However, their health fortune is not very good in February, April and October when they need to be more careful to take themselves; in daily life, maintain good living habits to strengthen the body's resistance against viruses. 

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Ox Fortune in 2023

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(01/22/2023 – 02/19/2023)

People born in the year of the Ox are blessed with good fortune in the beginning of this Chinese New Year. Although their performance in work would be just so-so, they are very likely to receive a big amount of bonus for the hard work of last year and they can finally buy the stuff they want for months. The relationship with girlfriend or boyfriend would be sweet and stable and they two both have the intentions to get married. Comparatively, their health horoscope may not be very good, mainly because they would be too busy with work and feel tired often.


(02/20/2023 – 03/21/2023)

According to Ox luck prediction in 2023, their fortune in the 2nd lunar month of 2023 falls down a little. Being low-key and lack of self-confidence, they may lose the opportunities to show their great talents and prove their working ability, hence see their competitors get promoted. This will very possible make them feel frustrated. If the bad mental status cannot be adjusted in time, their working efficiency and relationship with workmates would be influenced. In addition, if the bad mood is brought home, the relationship with their partner may also go worse. So when the opportunities appear, be positive to grasp them.

Leap February

(03/22/2023 – 04/19/2023)

This month, they are very likely to recover from the bad mood and the good opportunity would appear. This time, they would be brave and positive to grasp it tightly and do a great job. The good performance in work would in turn earn them not only bonus, but also praises from supervisors and workmates. Their marriage would be happy in general this month. Good things make people happy and good mood is helpful for physical health. As a result, they would seldom feel uncomfortable. Even if falling sick, they would recover soon.


(04/20/2023 – 05/18/2023)

In the third lunar month of 2023, the keyword of Chinese zodiac luck prediction for Ox is “stable”. Their career would develop steadily and bring them stable income, which can support them to live a stable life. There is also an auspicious signal that the singles may meet a charming opposite sex. But it requires them to be active and chase the girl or boy bravely; otherwise, the true love would not fall upon on them this time.


(05/19/2023 – 06/17/2023)

Based on 2023 Ox luck prediction by month, their life in lunar April would be bumpy. Their health horoscope is at a low level, which indicates that they may suffer from some physical discomforts or feel pressured mentally because of the messes of life. Also, be prepared for some difficulties and downtrends in terms of career and wealth because they are not blessed by good luck in those aspects. Stay low-key; even though it may not change the situation, it would not make it worse. Luckily, their family life would not be full of waves and they can get relaxed after going home.


(06/18/2023 – 07/17/2023)

After a difficult month, the life in this month would be much better. The difficulties in work would be solved; even if not, they would make a plan B to advance the project. Their positive attitude towards work earn them good reputations among colleagues, and higher possibilities of promotion and salary rise in the future. However, as they spend too much time in work, their partner may feel being ignored and they two may have some quarrels. Try to seek a balance between work and family. They should know: a happy family can be their strong support while a bad one can be an obstacle on their way to success. 


(07/18/2023 – 08/15/2023)

It is a lucky month for people born in the year of the Ox. In many aspects like career and financial management, they would receive help from some professional people and make great achievements. In details, they may complete the projects perfectly or earn satisfying profits through investment. Also, through the introduction of others, they may meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right for the first time and fall in love. The inauspicious signal is that their body may have some problems. But don’t worry too much. They would not be serious and could be cured easily.


(08/16/2023 – 09/14/2023)

Ox's luck in 2023 shows their fortune in 7th lunar month is on a slightly downtrend compared with last month. But their life would be satisfying in general. The possible unsatisfying thing would be the bad luck in study. No matter how hard they study, they would not get a high score either in big examinations or small tests. For those pursuing professional certificates, they’d better join the specific examinations another time. In difficult times, try more hard to keep a good mood and be clear-minded to find out ways to get over it as soon as possible.


(09/15/2023 – 10/14/2023)

This month, it is advised that people born with Chinese zodiac Ox sign travel less or none, because the risk of getting injured or cheated during the trip is a little high. If cannot be avoided, be 100% careful. The horoscope in other aspects is not bad and there is a high possibility that the singles would say goodbye to their previous lonely life. Even if not, they would meet the right person and start talking on the phone, with the purpose of getting married in the end.


(10/15/2023 – 11/12/2023)

Lunar September is autumn in China, a season of harvest. The Ox luck prediction in 2023 shows they may also harvest a lot in this lucky month. In company, they would successfully achieve their monthly goals; their income through work or sideline would both increase and support them to live an abundant life; last but not least, the relationship with their lover intend to be much closer. In term of health, they would also not get sick if they eat regularly and healthily and take enough rest. 


(11/13/2023 – 12/12/2023)

The fortune for people born in the year of the Ox is good in 10th lunar month in terms of career and wealth. They would not meet many difficulties in work and their income would be satisfying. However, they intend to be in low mood for no reason and often feel something is missing. The low mood may make them reticent and communicate less with their lover, which would influence their intimate relationship to some extent. Also, low mood may cause insomnia and sleeplessness would be harmful to their health.


(12/13/2023 – 01/10/2024)

Blessed by good love fortune in this month, single people born with Chinese zodiac Ox sign are very likely to meet like-minded people through work. After getting along more and more tacitly, their colleagues’ relationship may develop into lovers’ relationship. Also in work, they’d better be careful of their competitors, who may make troubles secretly. It’s not advised to make investment this month, which would earn them little but take up too much of their energy. After experiencing sleeplessness last month, they should care more about their health and do some regular exercises in daily life.


(01/11/2024 – 02/09/2024)

In the last lunar month of 2023, Ox would be busy but happy. Those being dating may get married, so busy with their wedding. In the aspect of career, they would be entrusted with important tasks and busy to finish them successfully and timely. The wealth luck is at a high level; in addition to bonus from work, they may earn some through their previous investment. One thing to take note is that do not ignore the body changes even if the life would be busy. If feel uncomfortable, go to see a doctor.

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Questions & Answers on Ox\s Luck Prediction by Month 2022
Asked by Guest from AUSTRALIA | May. 10, 2021 23:08Reply
Overcoming challenges
I'm born 25th August 1985.
I've had many challenges so far this year, when will it get easier?
Many thanks,
Answers (2)
Answered by Emery | May. 16, 2021 22:56

Dear, the prediction shows that the overall situation would change into a better stage in the second half of the year. Good luck!
Answered by Marie | Dec. 09, 2021 11:50

I was born the exact same date month n year. I'm virgo ,it's been tough this year but I manage to go through it
Asked by Joe Khong from SINGAPORE | Dec. 22, 2019 06:50Reply
Hi, I'm born in 16th Apr 1973 and would like to know this coming Rat year
how will i fare in based on my birth date. How is my overall wealth luck and etc.
Answers (1)
Answered by Dominic from POLAND | Dec. 23, 2019 00:00

According to the Chinese zodiac prediction, you would have a favorable career in 2020. However, you should notice your wealth condition. Do not invest some money on high risked investments. Otherwise, you may lose some money.
Asked by Ragin from INDIA | Sep. 02, 2019 21:29Reply
I am Male born in 29th June 1985,jobless past 1 month.When can I expect a job, can you foretell pls.

I am male , born in 29th June 1985. I have been searching for a job for quite sometime. I am jobless past 1 month. I haven't received a single interview call. Can you suggest when can I expect to land a job for myself.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lincoln from SINGAPORE | Sep. 02, 2019 23:20

According to the prediction, October and November will be auspicious time for you to find a job. There would have several golden chances during this period of time. You should learn more skills and catch the opportunities timely.
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