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People born in the year of Ox are always realistic and fair-minded, while lack a sense of romance, so they are not suitable for artistic jobs; instead, jobs that requires high organization skills fit them better. They are apparently not fast movers; however, in spite of others’ comments or potential difficulties, once they make up their minds, they would get things finished in their own pace. If expressing themselves well, most of them are likely to be recognized and appreciated by their superiors for their persistence and diligence and get promoted. They are relatively weak in scientifically or logistically thinking or working at noisy places, but able to simplify complicated problems and avoid imposing trouble on others or themselves.

Suitable Occupations for Ox

Lawyer, doctor, teacher, author, social worker, writer, editor, government officer, policeman, technician, politician, office clerk, and consultant are all suitable for them.

Best Jobs for Ox

Jobs Requiring Specific Expertise

People born in the year of Ox are suitable for jobs requiring specific expertise or knowledge. They would dedicate themselves to this kind of jobs once they got admired by others for their working attitudes and abilities. Their strong sense of responsibility decides that they could do many kinds of jobs that are demanding and complicated. They win social recognition and self-realization through long-time of hard working.

Steady Jobs

In steady working environment, people with Chinese zodiac Ox could truly realize their value and pursuits. They would always associate their family and career with the public interest and have a preference for long-term and steady devotion. And they study hard in school, which lay a solid foundation for the related jobs.

Jobs They Are Interested in

Ox people need the job to be attractive and charming in its own way. They could pay their great patience into a job they like, hence work at the highest efficiency and make the largest profits. While to those jobs they are not interested in, they would be skeptical and refuse to embrace them due to their stubborn traits.

Working Partners for Ox

Best Working Partners:

Rat, Rooster, Snake
Ox people can work well with any of them.

Good Working Partners:

Rat, Pig
This combination only works when three of them are together.

Not Bad Working Partners:

Snake and Horse, Monkey and Rooster
These are two groups, Ox with Snake and Horse, and Ox with Monkey and Rooster. The other two will help Ox and themselves have higher efficiency by working together. But the influence is not as significant as the combination with Rat and Pig.

Advices for Career Promotion for Ox

Ox people are not flexible and so good at expressing themselves, so they may feel that their talents are wasted or complain that their superiors have no insight into their hard working and abilities. To acquire better position and salary, they should communicate more with their superiors at right moment to show that they are talented, hardworking and able to do more challenged works. Don’t be too stubborn and self-assertive.

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