Ox - Best Business and Career Fields

Compared with those emerging creative fields, traditional businesses suit people born in the year of the Ox better.

People born in this year are earnest and serious, and they could take care of things step by step. They are also very persistent. Once they decide to start up, they will stick to it and never give up. Ox is also the kind of person who works diligently and conscientiously. They don’t have any tricks in doing business. They are able to build a long term, steady and profitable business and get recognized by the neighborhood. All these traits help them achieve success in business and career.

However, sometimes their persistence turns into stubbornness, and make them not think out of the box. Listen more to the advices from others, which can help their business and career path become smoother.

Best Age to Start a Business for Ox

Age: 30-40

Best Business and Career Field for Ox
- Building Materials Field

People with Chinese zodiac Ox pay great attention to the product and service quality, so they are likely to be recommended to others by their repeat customers. What’s more, they are diligent and able to endure loneliness, so business in the building material field is a nice choice, which include floor, paint, wallpaper, steels and reinforced concrete. But there’s one thing they should keep in mind, that is to be diplomatic and tactful in business, and they should give reasonable discount for repeat customers.

Which One Is Better for Ox, Sole Proprietorship or Partnership?

Ox people lack for the creativity and talent. They are only capable of following the tide or tradition, thus their sole-proprietorship business always tends to develop very slowly and laboriously. So they should seek a partner who is relatively creative and open-minded to cooperate and benefit from each other.

However, if Ox people decide to run a small business which can be easily operated and demands no creativity, they are better run it alone rather than cooperate with others, since they are very likely to be under the management of the partner. And in long term partnership, the partner may think the ox do little contribution to the business, which leads to conflicts and disputes.

Business and Career Partners for Ox

 Rat: Cooperative
Though Ox people are not good in business, Rat people who have expertise in business operation could make this up.

 Ox: Cooperative
Their characteristics decide that this partnership will be better in relatively peaceful farm business instead of business circle with fierce competition.

 Tiger: Uncooperative
Both parties are not willing to recognize each other, and usually end up with the leaving of Tiger.

 Rabbit: Uncooperative
They just don’t trust each other.

 Dragon: Cooperative in short term
Both of them wouldn’t make compromises while having different ideas.

 Snake: Uncooperative
They have trouble bearing each other.

 Horse: Cooperative
They are both diligent and caring, so they could make smooth development in their business.

 Sheep: Definitely uncooperative
Their personalities decide they two are worst match in doing business together.

 Monkey: Generally uncooperative
This partnership will be a unilateral benefit for Monkey.

 Rooster: Possibly cooperative
But the Ox may gain much less than the Rooster and easily ignore rooster’s advantages.

 Dog: Uncooperative
They have nothing in common.

 Pig: Cooperative
Pig people can offer great help to the Ox, while the Ox’s capability will be recognized by the Pig.

Advice on Business Investment for Ox

They should keep away from credit associations or other private fundraising organizations. Try to accumulate wealth through reliable organizations like banks and investment corporations. Avoid being guarantor of others no matter they are your friends or relatives because Ox people are likely to increase their own liabilities and damage their credit.

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Questions & Answers on Ox - Best Business and Career Fields
Asked by Abdul from KENYA | May. 27, 2023 11:17Reply
I am ox zodiac, and this is may 2023 heading June, will encounter fortunes this year??
I am ox zodiac, and this is may 2023 heading June, will encounter fortunes this year??
Answers (1)
Answered by James | May. 29, 2023 00:55

This is indeed a bumpy year for Ox people, and you may suffer some challenges in career aspect. However, things may also get better in the next half of year. Good luck to you!
Asked by Maria Cristina C. Lee from PHILIPPINES | Mar. 20, 2021 05:28Reply
Lending business is good for me ?October 27,1971
Answers (1)
Answered by Ellie | Mar. 21, 2021 23:20

If this business field is the familiar one, then you would have a high possibility to obtain some successes.
Asked by Reema Ahktar from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 09, 2019 00:37Reply
I'm the fire ox. Will I be lucky to get a good job this year 2019?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mia from NETHERLANDS | Feb. 13, 2019 00:57

The overall luck is very good for people with the sign of Ox, so it is possible for you to find a good job this year. Good luck!
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