Ox - Fortune in 2019 & 2020

Ox Fortune in 2019

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Fortune in 2019


Overall Luck:

The Ox horoscope in 2019 indicates a pretty good luck of people with Chinese zodiac Ox.

In the aspect of career and wealth, apart from their regular income, they will accumulate much fortune if they invest money on aquaculture or catering industry. Though feeling fatigue, they are easy to attain some achievements. As for love, they are likely to meet their true lovers in this year.

Besides, they are reminded not to have quarrels with others. Children should stay away from humid places.

Ox Fortune in 2019


Easy to make achievements, few chances for promotion

According to the Ox fortune prediction in 2019, they are easy to make some achievements in career on the premise of legal transactions. Their bosses won’t put much pressure or restrictions on them so they have more initiative to do work well. Being involved in the aquaculture or catering industry is beneficial to them though they may consume much strength on their business. They may not get promotion this year, but keeping a good relationship with their bosses is always needed.


Stable profits, good repay

In 2019, people with Ox sign of Chinese zodiac have a pretty good fortune in the aspect of wealth based on luck prediction. Besides the stable benefits from their regular incomes, they can get good repay from their investment on aquaculture, food and beverage industry, while they may suffer a loss if not familiar with these programs. Running a business at crowded places helps them gain profound benefits.

Love and Relationships

Taking the initiative, many chances around the corner

The year of 2019 will witness an adorable luck of people with Chinese zodiac Ox on love and relationships. Generally speaking, males have more chances to meet their soul mates than females, but both of them need to take the initiative so as to start a relationship. Females are encouraged to make a hint to the person they love. Love needs to be spoken out bravely.
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Physical tiredness, attending outdoor activities

On the basis of Ox daily horoscope in 2019, Ox people have minor problems on health conditions. They are likely to feel body fatigue for spending too much energy on their jobs, so they are advised to keep a good balance between work and relaxation. Attending relaxed outdoor activities or spending more time on family is encouraged. It is not suitable to drink alcohol or do underground adventures. In daily life, they need to care more about their eyes and hearts.

Luck Prediction for Oxen Born in Different Years

If you want to give birth to a Metal Ox baby, the best months are March, July, August and September in Chinese calendar. The Metal Ox babies need to learn to get along with other people when they grow up, or it may be the biggest obstacle in their career. Furthermore, they can accumulate wealth through wise investment, but make sure to look before you leap. It is easy for them to meet their lover and live a happy life together. There is no big problem on their physical health as long as they form a healthy living habit.

Age: 10

Children of Chinese zodiac Ox will meet many surprises in 2019. They will feel the mystery of the world. However, they are not so lucky on health condition. Once there are some physical problems on their children, parents should send them to hospital in time. Besides, parents also need to guide children to form a correct attitude towards money. Those dangerous entertainment programs should be avoided.

Age: 22

People born in 1997 may have a just so-so fortune in the Year of the Pig according to the prediction. They may make some mistakes at the beginning of work for lack of experience. But they don’t need to worry about this too much. Keeping learning from others and trying to improve themselves will pave the way for their future. Though young and energetic, they need to treat their body seriously. Try to develop healthy living habits and be frank to others.
Age: 34

In 2019, people with Ox sign of Chinese zodiac will have a great fortune on career. They are advised to build up ambitions at the beginning of this year and make detailed plans to step forward to the final goal. However, they may have some trouble in dealing with social relationships and feel tired with work. Having a better understanding of others and doing more exercise help to reduce the troubles in life.
Age: 46

For people with Chinese zodiac Ox, 2019 might be a tough year to go through based on Ox fortune prediction. The biggest concern lies in family relationship. Many quarrels and conflicts might break out between couples. And the relationship with relatives is also not satisfying. On health condition, they may suffer from some acute stomach diseases. And not much deposit is available at last. Be positive and tolerated, life will turn to a better situation gradually.
Age: 58

Ox horoscope in 2019 is pretty neutral. People born in the Year of Ox will have a harmonious and admirable family. They also have a steady and prosperous career. There is no big change in their work and life. One thing that needs to pay attention to is physical health, on which they might spend much money. Besides, they should protect themselves from accidents.
Age: 70

The Earth people born in 1949 are 70 years old. They can participate in interesting classes to enrich their life. There may be some money problem in 2019, so they should be careful not to be cheated. They can get along well with friends and receive help from them when getting into the trouble, but they may quarrel with spouse due to trivial things. They may suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, so they need to eat healthily.
Age: 82

In 2019, the Fire Ox people born in the year of 1937 is 82 years old, they do not need to worry about their career any more. Although they do not have more ways to make money, less spending will help them save a considerable amount of money. Furthermore, the relationship between them and their children and neighbors is pretty good, but they should try to talk with their spouse calmly instead of quarrel when there are different opinions. There is no big problem on their physical health, but they also need to be careful because of their age.

Ox Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs


Fortune in 2020


Overall Luck:

The people with Ox sign of Chinese zodiac has a pretty good luck in 2020. The fortune in wealth is good. They may gain a great fortune in dietetic project or earn money from their investment through their intelligence and wisdom. Their performance in work will be better. Sometimes they may hesitate when deal with things, but if they make efforts, the results should be good. As for health, they are suggested to keep fit through exercise. In 2020, they are also advised to spend more time with their families.

Besides, based on Ox fortune prediction in 2020, they have very good luck in examinations and study. So students born in the year of Ox should make full use of this lucky year and study hard. The efforts will get paid.

Ox Fortune in 2020


More business corporations, little promotion opportunities

The fortune in career is good for Ox. They may perform well in workplace and some business corporation, which will bring them a good fortune in 2020. The water conservancy project and dietetic project are suggested. However, getting promoted may be a little different in 2020 for that they may have some conflicts with their boss and leader. 


Earn a lot

In 2020, people born in the year of Ox have a very good luck in wealth. They may earn much money through investment. When invest in some project, they are advised to learn more about the project, otherwise they may lose a lot. Besides, opening a store in busy and prosperous places will easily bring them a fortune. 

Love and Relationships

More opportunities for males

The fortune in love and relationship for Ox varies between males and females. For boys who born in the year of Ox, they have opportunities to fall in love. They might meet girls through parties and other social occasions. For girls, the fortune in love is not that good; it is suggested to take the initiative to pursue their love bravely instead of just waiting. 
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Possible stomach and liver problems

Based on the horoscope in 2020, the luck of health for Ox is not good. They may easily have a cold and have stomach and liver problems. They may get injured when fighting with others. The eyes, and heart also need to be taken good care of. They are suggested not to give themselves too much pressure and stay up late, but maintain a healthy diet and stable schedule, which will help them stay healthy.

Luck Prediction for Oxen Born in Different Years

Age: 11

The health fortune of the Oxen born in 2009 is best. They are still growing at this age, so most of them are full of energy and have a good life. The Ox in 2020 should learn to put their energy into study, and try their best to perfect themselves so that they can shine in the future instead of wasting time. They may be cheated by others since they are lack of life experience. 

Age: 23

According to Ox fortune in 2020, the Ox born in 1997 will be easily affected by bad emotion, which will influence their friendship. They have good fortune in study, so students should study harder to make a progress. It will be better for them to go abroad and study further to prepare for their future career. For the fortune in love and relationship, more problems may pop up between them and their lovers, especially in the latter half of the year. 
Age: 35

In the luck of career, they will be under heavy work pressure and competition with peers are fierce. The problems will be solved if they seek help from the experienced predecessors and due to which they may get promoted. Take some courses related to work will do help to their future development. As for love and relationship, they will either break up or get married with their longtime lovers. Single Ox will meet new friends and may start a relationship. 
Age: 47

In 2020, they may quarrel with their wife or husband over their children’s issues. Remember not to be emotional and be objective to resolve conflicts calmly. The fortune in wealth is not good. It is not a good year to invest. In health, be aware of the liver disease and have a healthy dietary habit. They shouldn’t eat too much sea food and cold food.
Age: 59

In 2020, businessman born in 1961 will earn more money than 2019. The Ox may also earn money by investing in stocks. In relationship, they might quarrel with wife or husband for trivial affairs. As for the luck in health, they may have disease of respiratory system. Smokers should give up smoking.  
Age: 71

In 2020, businessman born in 1961 will earn more money than 2019. The Ox may also earn money by investing in stocks. In relationship, they might quarrel with wife or husband for trivial affairs. As for the luck in health, they may have disease of respiratory system. Smokers should give up smoking.  They shouldn’t eat too much sea food and cold food.
Age: 83

For those who are stilling working, it’s time to retire and enjoy the life, because it is more and more difficult for them to make achievements and catch up the steps of the young. Do not invest easily in 2020 for their wealth luck this year is not so good. Don’t be lazy and do some regular exercises, which are good to their health.

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Questions & Answers on Ox\s Fortune in 2019 & 2020
Asked by tina from USA | Nov. 06, 2019 07:44Reply
Oct 31 1985 i would like to know if i'm going to be in luck for the year 2020 in general
what about career? health and fortune? what about my lucky color or number? what color to avoid? thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Kaitlyn from USA | Nov. 06, 2019 18:55

Yes, in general, your overall luck will become better than last year. Here under are some elements in the following:
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9
Lucky Colors: red, blue, purple
Unlucky Numbers: 3, 4
Unlucky Colors: white, green
Asked by Jennifer from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 05, 2019 17:13Reply
Will i grow old w my husband?
I always fear my husband might give up on me, does he love me ? Husband wood tiger 091774
Answers (5)
Answered by Shea from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 05, 2019 19:37

Well, Jennifer, you should have more confidence about yourself and your love relationship. In daily life, you should show enough trust to him. The prediction indicates that you two have a high love compatibility index. Thus don't worry.
Answered by Jennifer from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 05, 2019 20:49

hi thank you 🙏 I know He loves Me but bcoz of the Ups and downs of our marriage i feel unsure now that we have grown older He is so basic while Me I believe no matter what situation I try to bring in the SuN. It has always been fom the very start. Will i get my inheritance this year?
Answered by Shea | Nov. 06, 2019 17:29

Don't worry. The situation would change into a better stage next year. But I am not sure whether if you can get inheritance this year.
Answered by Jennifer from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 07, 2019 15:27

Hi Shea🤗 thank You for the reply if not this year what does my luck say it’s my birthrights will I ever get it? My marriage is falling apart everything seems burdened with something i dunno what .Is He the right person for Me?
Answered by Shea | Nov. 07, 2019 19:13

In the marriage life, you two need to show more patience and understanding to each other. You two need to solve the problems together. If you don't have feelings on him, you should you leave him.
Asked by asma fatima from INDIA | Oct. 07, 2019 02:24Reply
New Job
Hi I am Asma Fatima, Female Libra/Sanke, from Mumbai, India.

My Date of Birth is 15 Oct, 2019, Exact Time of Birth is unknown, however it is between 10-11 am in the morning. I have a question about my career. I will be joining a new company (Name: JP Morgan) commencing from Nov 4. It seems a dream opportunity for me, however i want to be very sure before joining. Please let me know if this new job will be beneficial for me. Should i go ahead and accept this offer. I am going through big financial crisis due to my family hence this decision is very important for me. Please Please help.!!!
Answers (1)
Answered by Anna from UKRAINE | Oct. 08, 2019 00:48

Yes, you are suggested to go ahead and accept this offer. If you work harder and harder, and have excellent performance, then you would have chance to get promotion and increased salary. Good luck!
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