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The Ox horoscope in 2023 is neither good nor bad in many aspects. In term of career, there is little chance of promotion. Instead, because of their poor work efficiency, their salary may be lowered. But don’t worry too much. They can still live on their sideline or previous investment. Even though, they’d better find out the ways to increase their working ability in case of getting fired in the future. The singles may have abundant time to do so because they are very likely to stay single this year. For the married people, find out the balance between work and family, so as to do a good job while maintaining a happy family. In term of health and safety, stay away from potential dangers and those in poor physical condition are highly advised to have a physical examination.

Ox Fortune in 2023


Low work efficiency; consult colleagues in time if stuck in difficulties

As a whole, the career fortune for people born in the year of the Ox is not very good in 2023. They may not be able to understand the tasks given by the team leader immediately and do some useless jobs, which make them disliked by other team members. Also, disturbed by the messes at home, their work efficiency is likely to be low and they may arrive late and leave early sometimes. They may make more business trips than before, but it seems they cannot get used to the new working environment quickly and influence the advancement of the project. 

It is advised that they find ways to improve their working efficiency. If encounter problems and difficulties that cannot be solved by themselves, consult leaders and colleagues in time.


Unstable salary; surprising income from other aspects; find out more ways to make money

As their performance in work may not be very good, their salary may not increase or even decrease. When making mistakes, they may be fined. Fortunately, it is possible for them to earn some from their sideline this year, like investing a small restaurant or operating an online shop. In addition, their previous investment in bank’s financial products may finally get paid this year. Even though, they’d better not spend money randomly and make a plan to save some, because according to Ox fortune in 2023, they may need to pay for the unexpected hospital bills for their elder family members. 

For enterprisers, they’d better find out more creative ways and products to make money, as their previous products seem to bring them less and less profits.

Love and Relationships

Singles stay available; those in love should make efforts to enhance the relationship

For single people born with Ox sign of Chinese zodiac, there is little chance for them to be attracted by someone in 2023, so it is very possible another year for them to live a life alone. Don’t worry a lot and be patient. It’s just a matter of time for them to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right. Those having a girlfriend or boyfriend may live a plain life, neither with quarrels nor sweet moments. To strengthen the tie, they’d better go out for dating more frequently or make trips together. For the married people born in Chinese zodiac Ox year, due to their unstable mood this year, they may lose temper towards their partner occasionally, which make them feel upset and depressed. Also, occupied by work, housework and kids, they may seldom go out dating with their partner. If the situation continues, their relationship may not be as close as before; so they’d better do something to change it.
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Possible injuries; keep a good mood and healthy living habits

The Ox fortune prediction in 2023 says they may be injured by some accidents, although not serious. To prevent it from happening, they are advised to care more about their personal safety. When going out, stay away from the gatherings. They should know that curiosity kills the cat. 

Those in bad physical condition or once suffered from some serious diseases should go for a physical examination this year, because the risk for them to get sick is a little high. In daily life, keep a good mood, cultivate healthy living habits and do exercises on a regular basis to improve the immunity. 

Luck Prediction for Oxen Born in Different Years

Born in 2009: They would be eager to learn this year. Even though, parents should plan their study time and leisure time properly, rather than ask them to learn all the time, which is not good for their health. 
Born in 1997: They would live a worry-free life in general in addition to the pressures from work. Learn to relieve the stress in time, otherwise it may cause physical problems.
Born in 1985: In 2023, years of experience would help them do a great job in workplace and earn them good salary. The singles may start dating, even get married. But they may catch skin or gastrointestinal diseases.
Born in 1973: They would do a good job in company and earn enough money to support themselves and their family. Communicate frequently and patiently with family members to avoid misunderstandings from them.
• Born in 1961: They would perform well in workplace, but it’s also time to consider about retirement. Do not touch investment this year. Last but not least, pay attention to daily diet in case of catching some chronic diseases. 
• Born in 1949: In 2023, their health fortune is at a low level, so pay more attention to take care of themselves. It is predicted that there is a great possibility for them to earn high returns from investment.
• Born in 1937: According to Ox horoscope prediction in 2023, they are not blessed by too much luck in wealth, so they’d better not waste too much time and energy analyzing the financial products this year. Instead, make more efforts to keep themselves healthy.

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Questions & Answers on Ox\s Horoscope in 2023
Asked by Vv from SG | Jun. 22, 2021 11:01Reply
Isit advisable to make a career switch in year 2021 or should I wait till 2022?
I'm born in 22 Nov 1985
Answers (3)
Answered by Audrey | Jun. 28, 2021 01:32

You would find many nice job chances in July and November. You can make the decision at that time.
Answered by VV | Jul. 08, 2021 12:09

Thank you
May I ask about the status of my wealth and love life for year 2021?
Answered by Bry | Sep. 15, 2022 04:31

Ive been planning to work abroad again this year is there any good chances for me? Thanks (sept 2,1985)
Asked by Nocawe from BOTSWANA | May. 24, 2021 05:01Reply
I have requested for transfer. Will it be granted to me? I was born 01/12/1985
Answers (2)
Answered by Samuel | May. 30, 2021 19:02

Based on the prediction, it will come true. You should seek the best chance timely.
Answered by Me | May. 24, 2022 01:25

You are actually not an Ox if you are born on that date accordingly to the lunar calendar
Asked by Ruth Ann from PHILIPPINES | Mar. 25, 2021 02:26Reply
Luck in opening business
I was born on January 3, 1986, wanna know if i have any luck if i open a food business. Is there any lucky date to start a business?
Answers (1)
Answered by Noah | Mar. 28, 2021 20:56

You should have more confidence about yourself. Although you may face several difficulties, you can still solve them finally. In addition, each month has several lucky dates. You can provide a rough time.
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