1949 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Ox

Which type of Ox are people born in 1949 Chinese zodiac year?

According to the Chinese calendar, people born in 1978 are the Chinese zodiac Ox. Moreover, the year of 1949 belongs to the Earth element based on Chinese Five Elements. So, people with Chinese zodiac Ox born in 1978 are the Earth Ox.

Chinese people follow lunar calendar since ancient time. Referring to Gregorian calendar, the Earth Ox year begins from January 29, 1949 to February 16, 1950. Those people who born from January 1 to 28 in 1949 are previous Chinese zodiac sign Earth Rat.


Lucky Signs for 1949 Earth Ox

Lucky numbers: 6, 9

Lucky colors: red, green


2019 Horoscope for Earth Ox Born in 1949

Honestly speaking, the overall horoscope for the Earth Ox born in 1949 is not very good, but there is still good luck in some aspects like relationship and career.

Most Ox people born in 1949 have retired. For them, all they need to do is enjoy their retirement life. They will be less troubled by their previous work. Besides, since the Ox people like new things, some of them may change their job in 2019. But they should better consider all factors before changing job.

People born in 1949 year of the Earth Rat have to keep alert on their savings. Because in this year their money may be easy to be cheated by the people they trust. The Ox people should not lend money to people around them or invest with others during this year. If they do so, they may both lose money and friendship.

In the Year of the Pig, there will be frequent quarrels between the Earth Ox and their spouse. They will quarrel about rather trivial things and the disagreement between them will may hurt each other’s feeling. They could tolerate their lover as much as possible to reduce the occurrence of such things. Fortunately, in 2019, their interpersonal relationship with others is not bad. When they meet setbacks, there will always be someone offering help.

For the Earth Ox who born in 1949, they should pay special attention to gastrointestinal diseases and eat a light diet. After dinner, they can take a walk to keep fit. In addition, they should better have their children’s accompany when they going outside. Last but the least, they had better go to the hospital regularly for physical examination.


2020 Horoscope for Earth Ox Born in 1949

People with Chinese zodiac Ox born in the year of 1949 will live a stable life in 2020, their fortune in all aspects show a steady trend.

The Earth Ox people born in 1949 will have a mediocre job prospect in 2020 and will make little achievements. At this age, most Earth Ox people are not going to work anymore, but retire at home and enjoy life. It's time for those Ox people who is still working to retire, and do not ruin their health. After working hard for most of their life, they should stay at home to accompany their lover, children and grandchildren.

The wealth luck for 1949 Earth Ox is not good enough. In this year, because they will not make much progress in their career and their daily expenses will be increased, it is difficult for them to save too much money. Therefore, they should better make a detailed plan in spending money. In addition, it is suggested that the Earth Ox should not make too much investments this year.  Because of their bad luck in wealth this year, blind investments may cause a huge lose. But they can make some small investments, and remember do not to be too greedy.

The Earth Ox will have a relatively stable love relationship in 2020. Since having been together for so many years, they and their spouses have known each other very well, but sometimes they will also quarrel over some trivial matters. But do not worry, quarrel is not always that bad, it can sometimes promote the relationship.

The Earth Ox born in 1949 may have some physical problems in 2020. The potential damage to their bodies caused by staying up late at night when they were young has now been fully revealed, with all kinds of minor diseases and pains occurring. But do not worry too much, they will not suffer from incurable diseases. As long as they take regular exercise, their physical condition can still be improved.

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Personality Traits of the 1949 Chinese Zodiac Earth Ox

Chinese zodiac Ox are honest, and responsible. They have a strong fighting spirit and always have a conscientious and steady attitude on work. In addition, they are considerate and helpful. They are righteous, humble and polite, which makes many people willing to make friends with them. Last but not least, the Earth Ox is very determined and will not be influenced by others easily.

However, they are sometimes too conservative and stubborn. They will stick to their own opinions and do not easily accept other people's suggestions. In addition, their emotions can fluctuate greatly. Sometimes they are a little impulsive, and sometimes they may feel inferior. They are not good at expressing their true thoughts deep inside.

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For the Ox people in 1949, they have already begun to enjoy retirement. In order to enrich their retirement life, they can take one or two interest courses, such as calligraphy and chess. Because it can not only kill time, but also edify sentiment.

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The wealth luck of the Earth Ox is getting better and better. Since they are 70 years old, they will seldom get extra money through investment. Their financial resources mainly come from the money they saved from their work and from their stable pension. In addition, their children are also excellent, so their old age life will be very rich.

Love and Relationships

The Earth Ox will live with their spouse happily. Although their life with their loved ones has always been ordinary, their feelings will get better and better if they can understand and support each other in life. In addition, the grandchildren of the Ox people will always accompany them and play games with them. Thus they will lead a peaceful and harmonious life.

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As they get older, the Earth Ox should pay more attention to their health. They should eat more nutritious food and do not eat leftovers, especially in hot summer, because food is easy to rot. Moreover, they should take more exercise in daily life to strengthen their body. Most importantly, they should go to the doctor at once when they feel unwell.

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