2009 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Ox

Which type of Ox are people born in 2009 Chinese zodiac year?

According to Chinese Zodiac, 2009 is the year of the Ox. And it is the Earth year based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 2009 are the Earth Ox.

As Chinese zodiac is based on lunar calendar, the Earth Ox are born from January 26, 2009 to February 13, 2010; those who born from January 1 to January 25 in 2009 are Earth Rat.

Lucky Signs for 2009 Earth Ox

 Lucky Numbers: 1, 9

 Lucky Colors: blue, red, purple

2022 Horoscope for Earth Ox Born in 2009

People born with Chinese zodiac Ox are young and hardworking. Their interest in learning would be stronger than before in 2022. However, most of their energy is likely to be spent on extracurricular courses. Therefore, in addition to expanding hobbies, they should correct their attitude in class and listen carefully, so that their scores will be better presented. The most important thing in 2022 is to control their temper. Don't be self-willed and arrogant. They should accept teachers’ kind reminders with humility. Some Ox students at this age will also face the test of entering a higher school. They will meet a lot of pressure in study. They need to adjust their personal status as soon as possible.

The health fortune of Ox people born in 2009 will be ordinary in 2022. During this year, they should pay more attention to their own safety and be cautious when going out. In addition, it is not suitable for them to carry out some high-intensity training and sports, otherwise accidental injuries will easily occur. 

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Personality Traits of the 2009 Chinese Zodiac Earth Ox

People born in 2009 Chinese zodiac year are very smart, determined and full of ambitions. They are brave and have a strong self-confidence. They try their best to do everything they want to. The Earth Ox are loyal and never deceive others, so they can be good friends of others. They are glutton for hard work, and easy to make achievement in their working fields.

However, they are kind of conceited and most of time not willing to admire others. They always want to be the leader of the team. They have a quick tongue and always say what they are thinking without much deliberation.

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In their youth, their career rises steadily. Although it is not very obvious, everything is developing towards a better direction. They are conscientious in their work and never have any excuses or complaints, so supervisors can hand over the task to them. In their middle age, it is a bit of hard for them to get promoted because of varieties of emergencies. It is suggested that more attention should be paid on social relationships at this time. They are still energetic in their work in old age, and they will not find various reasons to quit working. Because for them, work is not a painful thing, on the contrary, it can bring them much fun.

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They have a relatively smooth fortune luck through their lives. When they are kids, their wealth is not very good, and it is a common thing because they have no abilities to earn money.

In their youth, their wealth is just so-so. They can earn some money but it is not enough to support themselves.

In the summer of their lives, their fortune luck get improved a lot. After the basic expenses are deducted, they can still save a sum of money.

They can earn a large amount of money in their middle age, and live an abundant life when they grow old.

Love and Relationships

They are not good at dealing with romantic relationships, so their love fortune are not very good when they are young. They need to learn how to communicate with the opposite sex in order to find their lovers. After getting married, the relationship between them and their partners are pretty good. In their eyes, nothing is more important than family. Their relationships grow closer and closer as they get older.

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People who born in Chinese zodiac 2009 year will not suffer from many serious illnesses in their lives, but some minor illnesses will bother them. They should try their best to avoid drinking, which may cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. At the same time, control the body weight well through reasonable diet, and do not eat foods with too much fat.

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