1978 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Horse

Which type of Horse are people born in 1978 Chinese zodiac year?

People born in 1978 is with the Chinese zodiac Horse sign and 1978 is with the Earth element based on Chinese Five Elements. So, people with Chinses zodiac Horse born in 1978 is the Earth Horse.

Chinese people follow lunar calendar since ancient time. Referring to Gregorian calendar, the Earth Horse year begins from February 7, 1978 to January 27, 1979. Those who born from January 1 to February 6 in 1978 are the previous Fire Snake.


Lucky Signs for 1966 Fire Horse

 Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 8

 Lucky Colors: brown, yellow, purple

2024 Horoscope for Earth Horse Born in 1978

Horse people born in 1978 will have an upward trend in fortune in 2024. Especially in career, they are likely to have new ideas and be able to use their talents to reach a higher level in career. They may also be given more job opportunities. If having a plan to change jobs, it might be the right year. The good performance in work would also bring them more income. In family life, although there are occasional quarrels, they would get along well with their partner most of the time. But they need to pay more attention to their health. They may have some minor illnesses this year, but as long as they are treated in time, there should be no big problems.

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Personality Traits of the 1978 Chinese Zodiac Earth Horse

People born in 1978 year of the Horse are optimists. They have a strong sense of responsibility with easy-going, kind-hearted, helpful characteristics, so it is easy for them to make friends with others. And they are definitely a reliable friend. They are honest people who can be fair and just when getting along with others.

However, they are bad-tempered and a little impatient, which always leads them to give up in halfway. They are very proud and even conceited to admit their disadvantages. They also complain the unhappiness of life a lot. It is suggested that they should live for the moment and try to be content with the current situation.

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The overall career fortune for the 1978 Fire Horse is good. Their smartness and diligence will be easily appreciated by the supervisors, so they have more opportunities to get promotion. They know how to use the resources around them to develop their career, so they can easily become managers of the company.

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The Chinese zodiac Fire Horse have a very good luck in wealth. They can earn considerable salary from work. And their investment luck in also good enough. They will meet some professionals to help them, so it is easy for them to make some extra money from investment. But they should get rid of bad habits such as wasting money and spending money in useless things.


Love and Relationships

They will go passing a relatively smooth road of love and relationships. Because of their kindness, they have many friends. And the Horse people will only have one lover through their life. They will take good care of their spouses, and their spouses also know how much they love them and treat them in the same way. However, keep a calm attitude when getting along with children; do not be too tough.

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The health fortune is not very good. They are easy to get mad, so they may get some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is necessary for them to learn to control their temper and adjust and vent their bad emotion in a reasonable and healthy way.

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Questions & Answers on 1978 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Horse
Asked by Raj from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 08, 2024 12:25Reply
DOB 23/08/1978, Earth Horse - Life struggle
Hi, My life has been a struggle. I'm a 45-year-old male, married twice, no kid. 1st marriage was in 2008 and divorced in 2014. My second marriage was in 2015 and our relationship is not good, always quarrel. I do not have a kid but want to have a kid. Not sure if I will have my kid or not. Always in financial debt and struggling financially. Since 2015 frequently changed my jobs and in 2023 started my own business. Which is a failed business and left me in huge debt. Since January 2024 I have now closed my business and searching for a job to support my life and pay back my debt. Want to know in the coming months or year, will I have a kid, whether my relationship with my wife will get better or not, will I be financially stable and pay back my debt, whether will I have a good career or job, how will be my health, will I get happiness in my life, etc... Any help will be good to know which will help my mental peace.
Answers (3)
Answered by Daisy | Jan. 10, 2024 18:04

I'm very sorry about your experience but the zodiac horoscope cannot predict so many things. It can only offer a brief fortune trend actually. According to the prediction, this year is favorable for you and you will see an upward trend in the new year. Some good chances will appear and your life will gradually become better. I know the life sometimes can be so hard. However, try to keep positive and you will definitely find its beauty at last.
Answered by Then | Feb. 10, 2024 12:09

Hi, I wish will find the best job, and have the best of luck
Answered by Isabelle Grace | Feb. 11, 2024 02:32

Raj, don't give up . change your view point of what you e experienced There are some lessons you need to learn so that you can obtain wisdom and know how to move forward. You will have all you seek when you start to look in the mirror and focus on YOU. Your business didn't fail . you just didn't apply yourself . nothing worth having is easy.
Asked by Seema from INDIA | Jan. 16, 2023 12:12Reply
I wish to know if this year will be good for me (2023)
I am born in August 1978, I wish to know if this year will be good for me to find a partner and a job.
Answers (1)
Answered by Daniel | Jan. 16, 2023 18:05

It is not a very lucky year in finding a job or partner. You need to be more positive, improve yourself and go out to meet more attracting ones.
Asked by Niki from UNITED STATES | May. 10, 2021 03:28Reply
This 2021 prediction for me is spot on...how do I change it?
I am December 15, 1978. This 2021 prediction is completely accurate for current life. I work way too much and don't get paid for all the overtime I've been working, I am also still at the bottom of pay even though my job duties are that of a higher level than my pay grade, and I am grossly under appreciated with the work that I do. I have college degrees in psychology (but that is not the field that I currently work in) and have always, my entire life, been very psychologically aware of my life and my surroundings. However, these past few years I have been losing control of my mental awareness and strength and my depression has overtaken me. I am drinking too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes again too much and am just lost in life recently, which is majorly affecting my two children. My love life is pretty much non existent because I tend to push everyone away, and my health is drastically declining (including lung/breathing problems and major insomnia). How do I fix myself? Or is my time on this earth done?
Answers (6)
Answered by Albert | May. 11, 2021 11:35

Hi Niki,
I think you should want the things you want and, believe that you should have them. You determine your purpose here. It sounds like something you always wanted to happen never did. Or it did, and it is not everything you dreamed it would be. It happens, but don’t forget that you have the power, not others, to design, to create and to experience life as you want it to be. The Zodiac helps us to understand ourselves, but the fire, the light , the passion and the Devine is inside of each and every one of us. We have immense power to make this life as we wish. Think, visualize and speak of where you want to go and have. When you reach for cigarettes, walk instead. When you reach for a drink, drink water and walk or do anything that keeps you moving. Then imagine better things. Spend time with the kids. It is NOT too late, in fact it is just beginning. If yesterday was not great, today is!
Answered by GEZA | Jan. 07, 2022 05:54

Yeah Very Good, mostly accurate on Spot. I'm Born September 8, 1978. I'm Virgo+Earth+Horse. Both together. As Horse eats the wheat of the hand of the maiden. I like mother Earth. Like Jesus or Saint Michael rides a white Horse (and conquers the Dragon), my horse is Golden and Earthly, the golden comes 8th day being on a Sunday in 2002 year of the horse. 8 Infinite Spirit that can't be broken. The Virgo is equal to Virgin Mary and Mother Earth, or Even teachings of Wing Chun from Ng Mui passed down from the lineage. The attribute I give my Horse is power of Love, heart. If Tiger is strength, and Dragon is Wisdom, the horse conquers above the Dragon with the Attribute of love because naturally it is Love being greater than wisdom, and is what the Earth Horse stands for to me, Heart is inner strength.
well my Love life has always been non existent, except for when I visited Brazil. Single my whole life. Waiting for that special someone. I work hard too much for family. I still walk that thin narrow path in life. Although I'm a Free Spirit, I would like to take that leap of faith and go for all my dreams. Year, 2022 video I like Steve Harvey's video ask and you will receive. So, now I see my life as a story of faith. First thing I said to God I see in 2002 of horse will be my birthright. Why I like like the film Spirit Stallion because it is a story of faith. I just got lo take that leap of faith.
Answered by Csaba | Feb. 08, 2022 10:51

Hi Niki!
I am borne is the same year as you, with exactly the same problems as you! I love you so much as I see myself in you!
We are so special, sensitive people borne in this year! For us this world is too hard to understand and too much to bare!
but we are fighters and we can, at least pretend it is all okay.
nowbody can compete with us in this!
I could tell you so much now, but it is not the time and place.
I just wanna hug you and let you know you have to be on top of this as you never known how to be otherwise!
Answered by Munh Pisal | Oct. 13, 2022 01:58

Oh my God! You are really like me !
Answered by Kristi | Jan. 14, 2023 14:47

I am the same Earth Horse...please tell us more
Answered by Justin | May. 13, 2023 09:07

I am Jan 5th 1979, also a 'Horse' and I was once in the same boat as you are now.

Things will not change unless you change them. Your employer is taking advantage of you and using you for the free overtime. It's likely that your supervisor is accruing all the advantages of your unpaid hard work for him/herself, and throwing you "under the bus" in private conversations behind your back like my ex-boss (also my ex-father-in-law) did. Everything else you mention; alcohol, tobacco, no love life, etc...these are symptoms of your misplaced dedication to a lost cause. They could become problems on their own, but I suspect in your case these are not the root cause but rather symptoms of something deeper.

You need to leave your job and find the place you belong in and the place that will appreciate your hard work and dedication. The drinking and tobacco will decrease naturally when you find the natural high of doing what you were meant to do. Alcohol and tobacco are both artificial substitutions that stimulate the reward center of your brain, you turn to them because you are not receiving the rewarding dopamine you would otherwise get if you were working a job that is meaningful and satisfying. You have degrees in psychology so you likely understand this even better than I do. I have degrees in physics, and I was prevented from working in the field of my expertise also, but there are 'lateral' moves you can make to maximize the advantages of your education and feel like you are serving your purpose.

My advice is to leave your job. Find a new job where your dedication and determination is appreciated. The rest will likely flow naturally once you are where you ought to be.
Asked by sree from QATAR | May. 22, 2020 02:20Reply
Dear Team,
my DOB 06-06-1978 morning 8.30 am
Referring to Gregorian calendar, the Earth Horse year begins from February 7, 1978 to January 27, 1979. it means my elements is earth horse?
please calrify?
Answers (3)
Answered by Damian from DENMARK | May. 25, 2020 01:24

Yes, it means your element is Horse.
Answered by sree from QATAR | May. 25, 2020 01:47

i mean Those who born from January 1 to February 6 in 1978 are the previous Fire Snake.
if i born 06-06-1978 so i belongs to earth horse?
Answered by Damian | May. 25, 2020 02:45

Yes, you belongs to Earth.
Asked by Eva from PHILIPPINES | Mar. 09, 2020 01:48Reply
Year of the Earth Horse
I am born 22, October 1978,
Is 2020 will be a good year for me?
What are my Lucky elements to use to avoid negative energy.
Answers (1)
Answered by Charles from GERMANY | Mar. 10, 2020 22:58

Yes, generally speaking, 2020 will be a good year for you. The prediction shows that the lucky elements are the following:
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 7
Lucky Colors: brown, yellow, purple
Lucky Flowers: calla lily, jasmine, marigold
Lucky Directions: northeast, southwest and northwest
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