Horse - Best Business and Career Fields

People born in the year of the Horse are brave, courageous and determined, and have a fast response to everything. But impulsiveness is their biggest disadvantage, so they should be more patient. Although there are some setbacks in their businesses, it may lay the groundwork to their career.


Best Age to Start a Business for Horse

30-50 years old


Best Business and Career Fields for Horse


They have strong artistic appreciation and intuition, and have great talent in art. Even if they cannot draw, they are able to find good paintings. Moreover, their eloquence is quite good and they have obvious advantages in making a deal.

Travel Agency

It seems that the Horse people are meant for tourism because of their quick mind and endless energy. They enjoy travelling very much, therefore, they will show their greatest enthusiasm in tourism. Running a travel agency needs interest and energy. What’s more, delicate mind and outstanding coordination and organization ability are also required, which precisely the advantages for Chinese zodiac Horse people. So it is easy for them to fully play their strength.

Charity Institute

The horse people are gentle and seldom lose their temper. Even if they lose their temper occasionally, they will get recovered soon. Once they have an argument with someone, they usually put up with it so that things can end as soon as possible. In addition, they have no desire for personal gain, which makes them suitable for social charity or public welfare services.


Which one is better for Horse, Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

The Horse people are more suitable for running a company alone. They are quick in action, sharp in mind, and never waste time in doing businesses. Their keen sense of business can help them find which field they can make money. The talented Horse people can make wise decisions in their businesses and have a complete set of develop plans. It is comfortable for them to act on their own, take responsibility for themselves and do not have to explain to the partners.

If they have a partner, they have to discuss everything with them. Their impatience often makes them unhappy because they find it difficult to give full play to their advantages. In this way, the partner becomes an obstacle to them.


Business and Career Partners for Horse

 Rat: Uncooperative
Both of them hate each other and often hurt each other.

 Ox: Great partner
They are all loyal and work hard.

 Tiger: Good partner
They can work together for their own benefits.

 Rabbit: Can be corporative
The Rabbit enjoy playing jokes, but people born in the year of the Horse can take good care of themselves.

 Dragon: Uncooperative
There will be disagreements if they cooperate in a long time.

 Snake: Best Partner
The Snake are good at making plans, and the Horse are diligent in work.

 Horse: Uncooperative
It is difficult for them to tolerate each other.

 Sheep: Uncooperative
There are certain dangers in the cooperation relationship.

 Monkey: Uncooperative
Horse will stand to lose if they do business with Monkey, and Monkey cannot control an independent Horse.

 Rooster: Good partner
Rooster cannot rely too much on horses if they want cooperate successfully because horses cannot tolerate Rooster’s laziness.

 Dog: Great Partner
If the work process is institutionalized, they can together make great achievements.

 Pig: Uncooperative
Their opinions and aspirations are far apart.


Advice on Business Investment and Financial Management

Greedy is a big taboo when People with Chinese zodiac Horse start a business. Because if they are greedy for small money, they will lose big fortune. In addition, Horses are likely to believe in sweet words, and then fall into the sweet trap set by others. It is suggested that do not be too greedy and stay away from untrustworthy persons when doing businesses.

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Questions & Answers on Horse - Best Business and Career Fields
Asked by Geeslenn tabacon from PHILIPPINES | May. 28, 2019 20:27Reply
My friends and I are planning to have a business..I am earth horse cancer
My friends is wood dog pisces and wood ox virgo..what kind of business is lucky to us?
Answers (1)
Answered by Aiden from CANADA | Jun. 04, 2019 23:55

Based on the prediction, you need to choose a business that related to you two's familiar fields. In this way, it will be easy for you to solve the problems and decrease the risks.
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