1966 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Horse

Which type of Horse are people born in 1966 Chinese zodiac year?

1966 is the year of the Horse according to Chinese zodiac. And based on Chinese Five Elements, it is the Fire element. Therefore, people born in 1966 are the Fire Horse

As Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar since ancient time, the Fire Horse year in Gregorian calendar starts from January 21, 1966 to February 8, 1967. People who born from January 1 to January 20 in 1966 are with the previous Wood Snake sign.


Lucky Signs for 1966 Fire Horse

 Lucky Numbers: 4, 9

 Lucky Color: black

2021 Horoscope for Fire Horse Born in 1966

Horse people born in 1966 will be very busy in the year of 2021. Even on weekends and holidays, they may still have to work overtime at the company. At the same time, the number of business trips in this year has increased significantly. They need to travel all over the country and even go abroad. They will have to go through a very difficult period, being tortured physically and mentally. If they can't keep going, they should resign early. After all, health is more important than work.

Affected by the wealth bad fortune, they cannot earn much money this year. In addition, with the rise of prices, the daily expenses will increase. What’s worse, they will have a lot of unexpected expenses. So they must do a good job in financial management this year and put their money where their mouths are. Don't expect to get rich overnight. Only through regular channels can they get rid of the economic predicament they are facing.

The Horse fortune in 2021 shows that they should spend more time with their loved ones this year. Their relationship may not be as good as it used to be because of frequent quarrels. It is better for them to calm down and find a way to reconcile when they encounter conflicts. Also, they should not be too strict with their children and put forward some requirements beyond their abilities.

Many old diseases may recur this year. If they feel unwell, they should go to the hospital immediately for diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, due to bad health, their mental status is particularly poor, which may even lead to disease. They must pay attention to psychological problems. If the situation is serious, they need to seek the help of a doctor. In addition, it is not recommended to travel around this year, because accidents may happen during the long journey.

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Personality Traits of the 1966 Chinese Zodiac Fire Horse

People born in 1966 year of the Horse are born with intelligence. Their active, lively and outgoing personality make them have a good interpersonal relationship. They are full of confidence and enthusiasm, and they will put 100% energy into something they like. They never give up. Even if they encounter very difficult problems, they will try their best to solve them.

But the Fire Horse are stubborn and unwilling to listen to the opinions of others. Therefore, they need to learn self-control and self-restraint, listen to the views of others and patiently obey the teachings of the elderly.

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The Fire Horse do not have such a great ambition, but they are very diligent and will try hard to do everything best. Due to their down to earth character, they are easy to be appreciated by their boss and then get promotion.

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Due to hard work, the Horse people born in 1966 have a good fortune luck. At the same time they will win some lotteries occasionally. Because of their relatively good wealth luck, the Fire Horse who like to invest and speculate in stocks will have the opportunity to make a lot of money. However, they should have a clear vision of the market and should not follow others blindly.


Love and Relationships

The Fire Horse are very single-minded about their love, so they will not have any complicated love entanglements. Their marriage road is plain but happy. There will not be many quarrels with their spouse, and they understand each other well. And the relationship among their families is very harmonious, too. Their children are also very filial.

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People born in 1966 year of the Horse will not suffer from any serious illness in their whole life, but there are many minor ailments. They need to take notice of head diseases and eye diseases. Remember to work properly, strike a proper balance between work and rest, and go to hospital in time when they feel sick.

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