Horse Horoscope - 2024 Fortune

Horse Horoscope in 2024

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 4

Overall Luck:

The overall luck for people born in the year of the Horse is ideal in 2024. 

In career, although chances are accompanied by challenges, it’s possible for them to make a progress as long as they keep clear-minded, do not give up and make efforts. The outstanding work performance would ensure them a steady salary. But they are not blessed by much fortune in making additional money from side jobs or through investment. For singles, the possibility for them to meet their true love is very high, while the marriage life for others would be joyful as a whole. In term of health, Horse people are advised to eat less spicy food while the aged should be more careful of their steps. 

Horse Fortune in 2024


Opportunities and challenges coexist; possibly achieve goals 

Whatever job they do, 2024 is a year full of both opportunities and challenges for people born with Horse sign of Chinese zodiac. For employees, although they may occasionally encounter some difficulties and obstacles, as long as they are patient and determined, and do not give up easily, they would surely usher in a turning point and finish the work fast and excellently. It’s also a lucky year for them to learn some new skills and obtain some qualification certificates, which would be helpful in their future career development. For civil officials, there are opportunities for promotion; just be humble and be cautious not offending villains. For entrepreneurs, it’s the right year to expand business scope and enhance the influence of their products among guests. In spite of the good career fortune, they should always maintain a positive attitude, work hard and keep learning to lay a solid foundation for advancement to the next level.


Steady and reliable regular income; don’t expect a lot passive income

According to Horse fortune prediction in 2024, their luck in wealth is not bad this year, especially in term of regular income, which would be stable and reliable. Even though, they should be mindful of their spending and avoid wasting money on some unnecessary items, so as to keep a balance between income and expenditure, meanwhile saving some for rainy days or major purchases in the future. 

In term of passive income, their luck is not equally good. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful with investment. Do not be greedy and consider the possible risks in advance, so as not to suffer losses. It is also necessary to do invest within their means and avoid losses due to blind following. April, July, September, and October are the lucky months in wealth, recommended to those who plan to start a business or make investments.

Love and Relationships

A lucky year in love; spend some time maintaining other relationships

In the aspect of love, it is a quite lucky year for people born in Chinese zodiac Horse year. Those married would enjoy a sweet and harmonious marriage life. Although minor quarrels would inevitably arise between them and their partner, they would not have a major impact on their relationship. Those in a relationship, it’s very likely they will get married this year and harvest a smooth and happy marriage. As for the singles, they will have the opportunities to meet someone attracting them and fall in love. Be brave to take the initiative and it’s possible they will start dating soon. 

While enjoying the happy times with their lover, don’t forget to participate in social activities to maintain the friendship and connections with others.
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Be cautious of throat inflammation; get treatment timely if feeling unwell

In general, Horse fortune in 2024 in term of health is relatively stable. However, it is predicted that they may be annoyed by inflammation of the throat. In daily life, follow a healthy diet and avoid eating too much spicy food. Regular exercise also helps maintain a good physical condition. Please be aware that health is the premise of everything in life.

For little Horse kids, their health horoscope is not very good this year. They may often get minor illnesses. The good thing is that they would recover quickly as long as they receive timely treatment.

For the elders, they should mind their steps and be careful not to fall, especially when going out. If feeling unwell, seek medical care immediately. 

Luck Prediction for Horses Born in Different Years

• Born in 2014: Little children born in 2014 are very likely to excel in their studies in 2024. It’s good to attend some interest classes after school, but not too many.
• Born in 2002: To create a good working environment for themselves, they should be humble and keep learning new skills. If possible, do some side jobs to increase income. Distant lovers may break up.
• Born in 1990: In career, they may encounter more challenges, which could be good opportunities to prove their talents and abilities, hence get promoted. For a peaceful family atmosphere, be more patient to their partner.
• Born in 1978: For those planning to change the job, it is the right year to do so. For others staying in the current workplace, it’s possible for them to achieve a promotion. 
• Born in 1966: It’s a lucky year for them in terms of career and career. Even though, they need to make efforts to realize it. Be careful when dealing with interpersonal relationships.
• Born in 1954: It’s not a lucky year to make surprising money through lottery or investment, but their regular income would be steady. They should spend more time caring their health. 
• Born in 1942: This year, they should pay more attention to the health of themselves and their partner and make more efforts to get along well with people around.

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Asked by Jayco Mark Ruda from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 26, 2022 01:23Reply
I have plan to migrate to USA, what state do you think is the best for me to live? Jan13,1990 Male
I have the plan to migrate to USA, what state do you think is the best for me to live in? I prefer New Jersey, NY, Virginia, or Pennsylvania. By the way, I am Male, born on Jan 13, 1990, and I work as a nurse.
Thank you so much!
Answers (1)
Answered by Rox | Jan. 30, 2022 06:24

New York is allllllways in shortage of RN nurses so definitely. Not gonna lie most of my aunts r nurses n even my uncles r trying to get certified, so Welcome to NY is definitely a yeaaa good luck
Asked by Metal horse from NEW ZEALAND | Oct. 28, 2021 18:11Reply
Life prediction
Can you please predict my future being a female who born on the 07 November 1990?.
Thank you for your time and much appreciated.
Answers (2)
Answered by Hailey | Nov. 01, 2021 13:44

You are born with Chinese zodiac Horse sign. Generally speaking, your future will be bright. But you need to pay attention to the health problem. Trying to find ways to release pressure is also important.
Answered by Vitalii | Jan. 09, 2023 03:58

Wow! I am a man who was born on November 7, 1990 :)

Good luck to you Metal Scorpio Horse!
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