Horse Horoscope - 2023 Fortune

Horse Horoscope in 2023

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 2

Overall Luck:

Horse horoscope in 2023 is good compared with that of other Chinese zodiac signs. They could hand in a beautiful work report and win themselves a higher salary; just be cautious of contract traps. In addition to the salary, it’s possible for them to earn some from investment or other ways; but do not be greedy and care more about the risky rate than the return rate. Those seeing someone intend to get married this year and for the singles, they may start seeing someone. As for those in marriage, they need to do something to keep the marriage life harmonious. Their health fortune is not very good and they are advised to do something to decrease the impact.

Horse Fortune in 2023


Would do a great job; win opportunities for promotion 

The Horse fortune in 2023 indicates that they would do a great job this year thanks to their super talent, hard work and help from their leaders and workmates. Because of their excellent performance, they would be appointed to a higher position and entrusted with more important tasks or projects. Although the result would be good, the process may be full of waves. They may have conflicts and disputes with others, or even be sued. To avoid them, make clear rules before starting the project or cooperating with others and then strictly follow the rules as well as the laws of the country. The higher position in the workplace may make them busier than before. Find ways to improve the efficiency instead of working overtime, which may influence their life in other aspects.

This year, it’s possible for the merchants to make a breakthrough and earn more profits than before.


Higher salary; additional income from other channels

As mentioned above, people born in the year of the Horse may get promoted in 2023. In turn, they would earn a higher salary. Additionally, it’s very likely they would earn some through investment; but the luck in this aspect is not at a high level. So do not focus on the return only; they should also take the risk index into consideration to avoid severe financial loss. For those planning to do business on their own, they may start from selling girls’ dresses or accessories. 

The inauspicious signal is that they may need to pay for some unexpected bills, like renovating the house or car, or seeing a doctor. When going out, take good care of your cellphone and purse, just in case of thieves. 

Love and Relationships

A lucky year for the singles; those seeing someone may get married

According to Horse horoscope in 2023, their luck in term of love is ideal for most of them. For singles, they may start seeing someone with the help of elder family members or friends. Although the two may start from a not so romantic blind date, their relationship would be quite sweet and they would create some romantic moments of their own. 

For those being dating, they may get married this year. In Chinese astrology, wedding ceremony could bring good luck to themselves and their families. But when preparing for the wedding, discuss the details patiently and do not argue over some unimportant matters. 

For the married, be tolerant to their partner and deal with the conflicts between them maturely, rather than complaining the other half, which would make the situation worse. They need to know a happy marriage needs the efforts of both sides.
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Have meals regularly; keep a good mood

The Horse fortune prediction in 2023 reminds that their health horoscope is poor. Busy with work, they may not have meals regularly, which could cause stomach upsets. Also, they may often feel depressed even facing some small difficulties. If the situation goes on for a long time, they would get sick mentally. So do something to make themselves happy timely. If needed, seek help from families and friends. 

For those working outdoor, obey the operation rules strictly to keep themselves safe. For drivers with Snake sign of Chinese zodiac, must not drunk drive.

Luck Prediction for Horses Born in Different Years

• Born in 2014: This year, parents are advised to help little Horses born in 2014 to get rid of the picky eating habits and develop good learning habits and correct consumption concept. 
• Born in 2002: It would require more efforts for those students to make a progress in 2023. As for those graduates, their performance in workplace intends to be average. Do not start dating in a hurry because they are not lucky in term of love relationship this year.
• Born in 1990: In workplace, they are likely to meet lots of challenges. Deal with them calmly and carefully in case of making big mistakes. This year, they’d better save some money rather than spending all, so as to get through the rainy days smoothly.
• Born in 1978: Their career fortune is not at a high level in 2023, and they may not earn a lot to live a luxury life. The married people born in the year of the Horse may lose temper to their partner sometimes, making the family life unharmonious.
• Born in 1966: It’s possible for them to make a progress in their workplace and earn a higher wage. But be cautious when handling issues related to money and be careful of gastrointestinal diseases. 
• Born in 1954: Their fortune in career is not very good. But depending on the current income and previous savings, they could still live a comfortable life. Just do not touch high risky investment and pay more attention to their health. 
• Born in 1942: They may feel disappointed about the unimplemented plans. Change the plan and do some other things to make the life interesting. It may also require their more efforts to get along well with others and keep healthy.

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Asked by Jayco Mark Ruda from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 26, 2022 01:23Reply
I have plan to migrate to USA, what state do you think is the best for me to live? Jan13,1990 Male
I have the plan to migrate to USA, what state do you think is the best for me to live in? I prefer New Jersey, NY, Virginia, or Pennsylvania. By the way, I am Male, born on Jan 13, 1990, and I work as a nurse.
Thank you so much!
Answers (1)
Answered by Rox | Jan. 30, 2022 06:24

New York is allllllways in shortage of RN nurses so definitely. Not gonna lie most of my aunts r nurses n even my uncles r trying to get certified, so Welcome to NY is definitely a yeaaa good luck
Asked by Metal horse from NEW ZEALAND | Oct. 28, 2021 18:11Reply
Life prediction
Can you please predict my future being a female who born on the 07 November 1990?.
Thank you for your time and much appreciated.
Answers (2)
Answered by Hailey | Nov. 01, 2021 13:44

You are born with Chinese zodiac Horse sign. Generally speaking, your future will be bright. But you need to pay attention to the health problem. Trying to find ways to release pressure is also important.
Answered by Vitalii | Jan. 09, 2023 03:58

Wow! I am a man who was born on November 7, 1990 :)

Good luck to you Metal Scorpio Horse!
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