Horse - Fortune in 2018

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 3

Overall Luck:

The general fortune in 2018 for people born in the Year of the Horse can be good. As for wealth, they will make wise investment so that no severe financial problem will fall upon. Horse fortune in 2018 at the aspect of career may be a little fluctuant. This year won’t witness a promotion, but they can still enjoy salary raise if keeping working hard as usual. The love life and interpersonal relationships will go smooth. As long as they get along well with their beloved ones and friends, they will gain love back. In the year of 2018, taking a walk after dinner will keep them fit.
Horse Fortune in 2018


Conflicts with Leaders, Salary Raise, Good Chance for Job Hoppers

People with the Horse sign of Chinese zodiac tend to be radical and impulsive at work in 2018. Sometimes they can be very stubborn and even conflict with their leaders or bosses. Therefore, there is a little chance for them to get a promotion this year. However, if they spend more time and energy on work and try to maintain good relationships with colleagues, salary raise can still be expected. The Year of the Dog will be fortunate for job hoppers. They should make up their mind to apply for the suitable positions. Surely they will find better jobs and make a difference.


Invest Wisely, Involved in Lawsuits

Horse fortune in 2018 can be cheerful at wealth. It is suggested that they make full use of their intelligence to invest wisely. Being utilitarian should be avoided; otherwise, they may forget the limits of laws and morality, resulting in being involved in lawsuits. Ambitious enterprisers with Chinese zodiac Horse may consider cooperating on the real estate, technology projects, and cultural projects. Although they have to make great efforts, profits will compensate.

Love and Relationships

Females Gossipy, Males Nice to People, Loyalty Counts

It seems that females of Horse sign of Chinese zodiac will be radical and gossipy in a relationship, due to which their love or wooers may give up maintaining the romance. The recommended dos are to keep a low profile and to try to get along well with others. Males of the zodiac sign are nice to people, so they have a good impression on others. Thanks to this, girls may be interested in them, and they can easily step in a relationship. A suggestion is that they should be loyal and truthful.   

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Usually Fit, Stomach Upset, No Self-driving Traveling

Horse fortune prediction in 2018 indicates that they will have the tendency to hurt themselves. Do maintain a happy relationship with others in case of fights or quarrels. Usually they feel well, but sometimes stomach upset may happen. As a result, a healthy diet is needed. Regular physical examination should be kept, because there may be something wrong with their respiratory system in 2018. In addition, solo driving traveling, mountain climbing, and expeditions are not advised in the year in case of unexpected injuries or accidents.

Luck Prediction for Horses Born in Different Years

Born in 2014
Age: 4
Horse people born in 2014 will welcome good fortune in 2018. They will make many friends. Children will be willing to play with them because of their attentive personality. In 2018, they should concentrate on study, and high scores will be a piece of cake for them. Don’t be picky about food and engorgement should be avoided. They are lively and healthy at most cases, but discomfort at heart, liver or gall cannot be ignored.
Born in 2002
Age: 16
It is predicted that their emotions for love will germinate in the year and the love life fortune can be great. Both girls and boys may be faced with puppy love. Though, it is not a good idea to focus on that only. Some Horse people may become rebellious in 2018, acting arrogantly or contradicting their parents and teachers. They should spend more time on the fields they are interested in, trying hard to stop the uncontrolled anger. Then their luck would be better and better.
Born in 1990
Age: 28
Doing some brainstorm and working hard, people born in 1990 has the potential to present their intelligence and capability at work and investment in 2018. They may be headstrong at times. For example, they may conflict with their leaders and bosses on different views at work. It is highly recommended to act flexibly under this circumstance, or they would expect no promotion for a long time. Males of Horse sign are predicted to find their love soon, while females should prevent misunderstanding of their love so that a happy relationship can be kept.
Born in 1978
Age: 40
They would easily access the romance in the year; however, great efforts are necessary to stay happily with their love. Those who are considering doing a business are suggested to put their plan into practice, and it would be better to cooperate with others. The investments on real estate and technology project are suggested. Stop being radical and headstrong, or terrible conflicts with colleagues and neighbors may happen.
Born in 1966
Age: 52
Career fortune with Horse people can be good. They may make a wise investment and make some profits in 2018. If doing a business, it is best to cooperate with others or listen to kind suggestions of friends beforehand. Males will have a chance to meet their soul mates this year. It is advisable to be sincere and loyal, or the relationship won’t last long. Females may have several pursuers, but their boldness may be unacceptable for these gentlemen.
Born in 1954
Age: 64
Their fortune in the respect of interpersonal relationships can be good this year, but the love life may confront the bottleneck. It is recommended to focus on career or business, on which the Horse people will make great achievements. Accordingly, their financial fortune will improve. They are generally fit, but sometimes may feel uncomfortable at heart, liver or gall. Upon this, see a doctor immediately.

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