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Horse - Fortune in 2017

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 1
Overall Luck:

Generally speaking, the year of 2017 will be an auspicious year with favorable fortune for people born in the Year of the Horse. They will be in a dominant position in all aspects compared with other Chinese zodiac signs and achieve a lot in both career and wealth. They should make the right choice to avoid the possible misfortune. As per 2017 Chinese zodiac fortune prediction, they will find a well-matched partner if they continue to be emotionally loyal. They won’t suffer from serious diseases, but keeping fit should be borne in mind and they are advised to exercise more.

Horse Fortune in 2017
Improve themselves, work hard to prove themselves...

The good news is that people with Chinese Zodiac Horse will make great progress in career in 2017. They may be given guidance by high-placed persons. However, no matter who they may meet, they should take work seriously and work hard to improve work efficiency and quality. Then getting a promotion won’t be a big problem. One thing to notice is that doing a remarkable job may incur other people’s envy, so they should be careful of those with vile character. They’d better keep a low profile and maintain good relationships with people around to avoid secret plot and unpleasantness.
Saving money for unexpected needs...

People born in the years of Horse will have good fortune and lots of opportunities to earn much and save a lot of money in 2017. However, as the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes, they have to spend some money to buy peace. Saving money should be put on the agenda because of the possible losses.
Love and Relationships
Pay more attention to love life; being constant in marriage...

Their fortune in love and relationships may have ups and downs during 2017, but being constant in love may help people with Chinese zodiac Horse sign find their soul mates. Those who are singles may be surrounded by different kinds of people and various temptations, which require them to control themselves well. In this way, they may get what they want. For those who get married, pay more attention to love relationships and family to ensure a stable marriage life.  

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Neither better nor worse; keeping a healthy lifestyle...

Taking it by and large, they won’t suffer from serious disease in 2017. But some minor illness may be inevitable such as catching cold or having a fever because of the weather change. The senior should be careful of some of the common senile diseases such as arthrosis or cervical spondylosis. Anyway, good emotion management will help a lot for one’s health. Also, better diet and moderate exercise are highly recommended for a healthy lifestyle.
Luck Prediction for Horses Born in Different Years
Born in 2002
Age: 15
They don’t need to think about money earning, or spend time in love and relationship, so what they should do is to concentrate on their school work. Puppy love may distract their attention from studies, and it will affect their grades; also, the love and relationship doesn’t go well for them at this age, so they can just focus on studies and don’t need to worry about their fortune in career or wealth. They will be in a healthy state and exercise more to relieve pressure from school work and parents. Don’t be too lively to avoid a flesh wound.
Born in 1990
Age: 27
People born in 1990, the Year of the Horse, will welcome good fortune in career in 2017. Only if they put more efforts to career, they can make an achievement. They should be flexible to utilize the available resources to improve work efficiency, which may bring about unexpected results. In terms of wealth, they may not accumulate much at the start-up of career and they will maintain stable in wealth and then make money step by step. They may face challenge in marriage life, but if it is true love, nothing can make them break up. They will be healthy all year around.
Born in 1978
Age: 39
They won’t encounter many problems in career, according to Horses’ fortune in 2017. However, a problem may cause a deadly blow at this age - they should save against a rainy day to copy with unforeseen circumstances. As for wealth, they shouldn’t make high risk investments. Family conflicts may affect marriage life for those born in 1978. Any carelessness may lead to bad results, so they should show understanding and tolerance for each other. More attention should be paid to health issues because there is a great chance for them to get sick. In order to be healthy, they should control emotions well and avoid anxiety.
Born in 1966
Age: 51
They don’t need to worry too much; usually, nothing serious will happen. However, their marriage life may face a crisis because of unfavorable fortune in love affairs; they should control themselves in any relations to maintain the better marriage life. They will witness a great success in career if they keep going by following the goal set before. The most important thing is to focus on what they do. Their luck in wealth may be affected by many factors around. They should avoid getting into trouble because of money issues. They will be in a healthy state, but those who do business should watch out for cardiovascular disease.
Born in 1954
Age: 63
Great success will be made in career for those with Chinese zodiac Horse sign born in 1954, but too much attention in career may affect their health condition. They should pay close attention to their health and enjoy life. No big change will fall on their wealth and treat money lightly. Besides, they should learn to balance work and family life and spend more time with their family to save from any marriage accidents.

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