2002 Chinese Zodiac - Water Horse

Which type of Horse are people born in 2002 Chinese Zodiac year?

2002 is the year of the Horse, and it is the Water year according to Chinese Five Elements, so the people born in 2002 are the Water Horse.

As the lunar calendar Chinese people follow is different from Gregorian calendar. Referring to Gregorian calendar, people born from February 12, 2002 to January 31, 2003 are the Water Horse. People born from January 1 to February 11 in 2002 are with the previous Metal Rabbit sign. 


Lucky Signs for 2002 Water Horse

 Lucky Numbers: 7, 15

 Lucky Colors: brown, blue


2019 Horoscope for 2002 Water Horse

In the year of the Pig, people born in 2002 year of the Horse will have a relatively good luck. They will achieve good results in most areas.

The Water Horse will have the best luck in study. It will be especially easy for them to grasp the knowledge. They will easily get good scores in most examinations. However, in addition to their own study, they should help classmates in their study, which will enhance their knowledge.

For those who have already left school and started working, it is easy to get noble help from others in their career. They will do a good job in career and learn new things quickly, so that they will be appreciated by their boss. They may take over more challenging jobs. As long as they are not too lazy, they will get promotion and earn more salary in 2019.

The wealth fortune for the Water Horse is not very good in 2019. They will spend more money this year. Therefore, it is difficult for them to accumulate wealth. But they do not need to worry about it too much. They may receive an unexpected fortune probably from the elder in their family.

People with Chinese zodiac Horse born in 2002 are rebellious like most people in puberty. They should be calm when they have conflicts with their families or friends. If working or studying in other places, it is suggest to go home to see their parents more often.

They have a good health in the year of 2019. They are strong and healthy, and are not easy to get sick. However, it is worth reminding that when they go out, they should pay attention to personal safety, especially for girls. Do not go swimming in dangerous lakes. Besides, they must be accompanied by their parents when playing by waterside.

2020 Horoscope for 2002 Water Horse

In the year of 2020, Horse people born in 2002 would have just so-so fortune. They need to focus on their daily physical exercise to keep fit.

They need to pay more attention to their study in order to make sure that they have strong motivation to learn extra-curriculum knowledge. Their parents should give them the chance to cultivate hobbies, like piano, dancing…However, there is one thing should to be mentioned: do not give too much pressure to Horse people born in 2002. Or the result will be totally different.

In terms of health, teenagers born in 2002 will easily get diseases like catching a cold, coughing or diseases relate to intestines and stomach. These slight illnesses will make them feel uncomfortable for quite a long period of time. Parents should focus on the foods their children eat every day and pay more attention on their health condition.

Moreover, Horse people born in 2002 should have more outdoor activities, like riding a bicycle, hiking or playing ball games instead of playing video games or watching TV at home.

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Personality Traits of the 2002 Chinese Zodiac Water Horse

People with Chinese zodiac Horse born in 2002 are honest and reliable. They can put themselves in other people's shoes and have the spirit to sacrifice themselves for others. The Water Horse have a very strong heroism and often defend others against injustice. They never give up and persist in what they decide to do despite setbacks.

But the 2002 Chinses zodiac Horse people are impatient and sentimental. They are not independent enough and usually care much about other people's evaluation. They like to be praised and easy to be self-inflation.

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They will have a good luck in career. Their hard work in the early stage will lay a good foundation for them. In the middle age, they will be more likely to get the help from others. If they can seize the opportunity, they will definitely get promoted. However, they must not be complacent on small achievements. Work down to earth and accumulate relevant knowledge and professional skills for further career development.

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The wealth fortune for the Water Horse is plain. They do not have a very strong concept of money. It is because of this concept that they do not have a strong desire to make money. So it is not an easy thing for them to make big fortune. But due to their good performance in career, they will have a considerable salary. In addition, they should learn to develop the habit of saving money, otherwise there will be nothing left when they grow old.


Love and Relationships

The 2002 Water Horse have a pretty good luck in love and relationship. They will have many admirers when they are young. And after careful choose, they will finally get married with the right person. After getting married, they will still care about their lovers. They will learn to understand and tolerate each other. Growing up in good family environment, their children will be filial.

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The Horse people born in 2002 may have a poor healthy condition. They need to pay attention to some inflammatory attacks, such as throat inflammation and eye inflammation. If they feel unwell, go to hospital for treatment in time to avoid developing into serious illness. At the same time, they should keep a healthy life schedule and avoid staying up late. If they live a regular life and keep a good mood, their health can be naturally improved.

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