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People with Chinese zodiac Horse have strong reasoning abilities, open mind and can give response very fast. They are also uninhibited, lively, frank and eloquent. For them, a good job should to be able to give full play to their talents. But they are impulsive and capricious and easily go to extremes. So there may be some setbacks in their career. In addition, they need to practice perseverance and patience and remember not to give up halfway.

Best Occupations for Horse

Adventurers, writers, architects, businessmen, performers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artist, politicians, critics, tour guide...


Suitable Job Fields for Horse

Artistic Field

The Horse people have a sharp sense of art. Born with both negative and positive characters, it makes them think more than others, which inspires their creative ideas.

Political Circle

The Horse people are full of resource in any emergency. And they are so intelligent and thoughtful that can predict things which others cannot think about. Therefore, they are suitable to engage in occupations like politicians and critics.

Commercial Fields

They have extremely high business talents, not only in trading with customers, but also in communicating with colleagues. And they are good at making plans, which can make them succeed in the business field.

Tourism Industry

The Horse people are often enjoy playing and leave other people an energetic impression. So they can show their greatest enthusiasm in the tourism industry. Honestly speaking, tourism development and tourism management not only depend on interests, but also need exquisite thoughts and excellent coordination and organization ability, which are the advantages of the Horse people. And it is relatively easy for them to succeed in this field, like being a tour guide.


Jobs Not Suitable For Horse

Generally speaking, due to the positive character and changeable mood, people born in the Chinese Zodiac Horse year are not suitable for occupations which are monotonous, repetitive and changeless. It is very painful for them to repeat the same work day by day and often fail to give full play to their talents.


Working Partners for Horse

Best Working Partners:

Tiger, Sheep & Dog
As long as Horse cooperate with any one of them, it will help their career a lot.

Good Working Partners:

Snake, Horse & Sheep
They have to work with the other two people in the same time to realize their own value.

Bad Working Partners:

Rat & Ox
The Horse people and the Rat people were opposites in character, temper and values. And there are also great differences in the way of thinking and the concept of doing things between Horse and Ox, so Horse should try to avoid cooperating with them.


How to Work Happily

While discussing problems, they will not stop until expressing all their thoughts. They have strong personalities and leadership, but sometimes they do not listen to others’ opinions. Therefore, it is easy for colleagues to stay away from them

To solve these problems, they should learn how to control and restrain themselves. As long as they can listen to others’ views patiently and obey the teachings of the elderly, they will surely get along well with workmates and make extraordinary achievements.

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