Horse’s Personality by Blood Types

Horse with Blood Type O

Personality Traits: Sentimental & Romantic

 Strong Points: They are quite sentimental, and they can capture every subtle change of nature and relationships. A romantic love affair is what they seek in their lifetime. Most people born in the Year of the Horse with blood type O are outgoing and popular. They do not like to be lonely and love to make friends. When handling a task, they put emphasis on efficiency and utility, so the task can be accomplished as expected. O-type people are inclined to adopt a casual and relaxed lifestyle, and they seldom feel much stress. Far-sighted in career and business, they seldom fight for benefits up front, so they get along well with both partners and rivals. In addition, they are shrewd, sophisticated and decently dressed. Born with brilliant leadership, they can inspire others to achieve great goals.

 Weak Points: Although they have a lot of friends, very few of them are sincere and reliable. Doing poorly in financing and loving spending, O types cannot make ends meet. As cheerful as they look, once they meet a great crisis or obstacle, they will fall into depression and lose heart.

 Love: People with blood type O are enthusiastic and passionate in love, and they can be wholeheartedly devoted in a relationship. In marital life, respect and personal space are the key factors to keep love fresh. Meanwhile, they can be easily attracted by pursuers and throw themselves into another relationship too soon.

 Suggestion: They should be more positive, stable and industrious so that they can make something for the future. Set clearer goals, make more detailed plans, and strive harder. Make some reliable and faithful friends. Be loyal and responsible for family.

Horse with Blood Type A

Personality Traits: Endurant & Hot-tempered

 Strong Points: They usually possess super endurance. Facing some challenging and long time-consuming task, they can finish it silently and behave like a real achiever. With courage and wit, they are able to march forward in adversity. Their acute insights enable them to seize every possible chance to realize ambitions. Born to be kind, easygoing, humorous and frank, they are regarded as reliable friends. They are likely to have dual characters: when everything goes smoothly, they can share the high time with friends with abandon, but when frustrated by reality, they tend to be desperately depressed.

 Weak Points: They can keep working hard on one task, but skill and experience are ignored, so the outcome is not as perfect as they expect. In addition, they are hot-tempered. When irritated by someone, they will immediately be quite aggressive. They are also over-confident, turning a deaf ear to others when making great decisions. Stubbornness makes them miss opportunities.

 Love: People with blood type A and Chinese Zodiac sign of Horse are emotional, but they are loyal and faithful to lovers, even with a lot of pursuers around. If failing in a relationship, they can hardly get over it. The reason they fall in love with another may be that something in the one reminds them of the beloved ex.

 Suggestion: When they are in a state of blues, anxiety and anger, they expect to find friends to pour out their bitterness. When falling in love, they like to control and cling to the other, which may make them go away. Therefore, personal space should be well maintained in a relationship.

Horse with Blood Type B

Personality Traits: Honest & Kind-hearted

 Strong Points: People having blood type B and born in the Year of Horse are kind-hearted and honest. They love to grant others favors within their capability as long as people are in need, and they never play dirty tricks surreptitiously. In all circumstances, they can keep a positive attitude and learn virtues from friends, even rivals. They are masters at livening up the atmosphere, making everyone feel relaxed and happy. Because they often help others, they also receive help in individual development from leaders, seniors and friends. Seldom frustrated by setbacks, they will always receive help.

 Weak Points: Due to so many nice people around them, they are inclined to rely on others’ power. Trying to succeed through others’ help, they gradually become a bit lazy. What’s more, they are not loyal to relationships, easily hopping between several lovers. It’s hard for them to find a true love in their lifetime.

 Love: People with Chinese zodiac Horse sign and blood type B tend to be unfaithful to their lovers, for they often shift their affection to another charmer after the passion fades away. They do little to build up a stable and lasting relationship but chase the one attracting them. They never feel the pain of being out of love, for they never devote themselves fully to a relationship. After a long time of chasing and selecting, finally they fail to find the one who can stand by them to the end. A lonely and regretful old age may await them.

 Suggestion: In love, they should take a serious and responsible attitude instead of playing a game. Time may take away their youth, so does love. Independence is the most important skill they need to learn, while families and friends just function as backup. They need to struggle hard and show their talent.

Horse with Blood Type AB

Personality Traits: Complicated & Adventurous

 Strong Points: Characteristics of people with AB blood type and born in the Year of the Horse are complicated and adventurous. They are fond of sports and outdoor activities, such as bicycle riding, martial arts and skiing. Longing for freedom, they cannot bear any clinging from family and friends. Meanwhile, they are full of heroism and imagination. Utilizing their talents, they can shape a wonderful blueprint. With acute observation, they can accomplish tasks in an unexpected way. They are willing to help others and are sick of dirty schemes. In addition, they have strong willpower, for they can try to realize a dream with a life- long struggle. Every day, they require themselves to do better than the day before. Driven by this spirit, they usually can achieve admirable gains at an early age.

 Weak Points: In their pursuit of freedom, they will feel restricted by social principles. In reality, they usually feel bored with their life and eager to explore the world. They like to be in the limelight and express themselves in an aggressive way. Their ambitions are far from reality, so they get used to complaining of the current situation. They tend to look down upon those who are inferior in capability.

 Love: Rich in imagination, they look forward to romance and taste in relationships. Once they fall in love, they will find out that the present is not the ideal one. Although their lovers are perfect in every aspect, they would dump them resolutely.

 Suggestion: They should be more pragmatic and abide by the rules. Having big ambitions is good, but it is suggested to divide a big plan into small goals and realize them one by one. In this way, they can gradually get closer to success.

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Questions & Answers on Horse Personality by Blood Types
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Will I find love in 2020? The love I trully deserve...
My DOB, dec 5, 1978;
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Answered by Alexander from FINLAND | Feb. 02, 2020 21:48

Be positive, Renee! You would have several chances to meet the soul mate in the year of 2020. The prediction shows that February, March, July and August would be your lucky months.
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Asked by Neha Tekriwal from INDIA | Jun. 23, 2018 12:48Reply
When I'll find my soul mate?
My birthday 8 Nov 1990. Time 2.35 am. When and where I'll find my true love?
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You have a large chance to meet your true love in August and hope you to catch the chance.
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My birthday is Nov 13, 1966 and my boyfriend's birthday is Apr 28, 1964. Will we get married?
We love each other very much and are very compatible. Sometimes, we butt heads though and lose our tempers because we both have strong personalities. But most of the time, we are happy. I want us to get married; will he ever be ready for marriage?
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Both of you are straightforward, faithful and loyal in relationship. Personal space is respected. Positive attitudes help you to go through all hardships. Hope helpful!
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