Which Type of 'Horse' Are You?

-- Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements


Wood Horse (1954, 2014)

 Personality: Seeing from the aspect of Chinese zodiac and Five Elements (Wu Xing), freedom is what Wood Horses seek always, as they dislike being strained and bounded. They are diligent, passionate and careful in character, but they are also hot-tempered, impulsive and impatient. Their enthusiasm for new things cannot last long, so they may give up easily. If they spend more time to cultivate their willpower and patience, they could become more capable.

 Career: With Wood element, people born in the Year of the Horse get favorable fortune in career. No matter what kind of work they are occupied, they could accomplish something through efforts. Some of them even start from nothing, and become brilliant entrepreneurs. They are born to be leaders and decision makers, and they can lead employees to promote in the same direction. Besides, they are reliable business partners.

 Wealth: Their fortune in wealth is average on the whole. Without rich family background, they need to strive hard to make a fortune. As their luck in easy money is poor, the only way to increase income is to work harder. With accumulated wealth, they should avoid rash investment but purchase some real estate instead.

 Love: Being popular among opposite sex, they may get involved in complex relationships. If they make a false choice, they may lose their true love forever. Trust issues may happen on them, but loyalty and faithfulness could save their love.

 Health: They should never ignore some chronic disease, and they may go through several small operations in a lifetime.

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Fire Horse (1966, 2026)

 Personality: Fire Horses are smart, energetic, acute and cautious. They have strong sense of self-egoism, and they wouldn’t like to take suggestions from others. They are sunny and outgoing, with popularity among peers. Meanwhile, they are filial to parents and caring to siblings.

 Career: With a brain for business, they are shrewd and sophisticated in career. Thanks to help from friends and partners, they could get over with most adversities in work. If they can be more modest and thriving, they would open up the path leading to success. If they dig deeper on one thing, they would be brilliant people.

 Wealth: Horse people with Five Elements sign of Fire get flourishing fortune in wealth. Although there are obstacles blocking their way, they could earn a big amount of money through their endeavors. They are not good at financing, but purchasing real estate with income is a wise choice for them. If trying some small amount investment, they could get unexpected harvest.

 Love: Having nice personality, they get favorable fortune in love and relationship. They charm a lot of pursuers with their romantic nature. They seem to be fickle in love, but very faithful indeed. They are not suitable to get married early. For married people, they should become more thoughtful and tolerant.

 Health: They should pay special attention to the diseases at head and eyes, and females need to give care to gynecological diseases.

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Earth Horse (1918, 1978)

 Personality: Earth Horses have pure and kind heart. They always concern others’ trouble first, and willing to sacrifice their own benefits to help achieve others’ aims. Meanwhile, they are soft, outgoing, generous, frank and outspoken to friends, so they are experts in socializing. Although a bit hot-tempered, they are careful and responsible, so they are reliable partners.

 Career: They get flat fortune in career at young age, and they need to put much effort to accomplish something. In work, they will be given advice and promotion from leaders. Besides, they are born to be talented businessmen, risky and adventurous. Even in trouble, they could obtain assistance from others. Males have chances to do work related to civil service.

 Wealth: They have balanced fortune in wealth. With adequate effort and sweat, they can get satisfying results. In the middle age, they could get a chance to make fortune by buying stock or winning lottery. However, they should avoid taking part in gambling activities.

 Love: It is unwise for them to marry early, as they can hardly go a long way with their first love. If they meet the well matched one, they would gain a harmonious and everlasting marriage relationship. Once they feel uncomfortable in love, they could solve the problem by communication.

 Health: After 40, they need to find their own way of keeping good health. Balanced diet and regular exercise could help them stay in shape.

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Metal Horse (1930, 1990)

 Personality: Metal Horse people are full of affection, with bold, open and outgoing characters. They are frank, kind and positive, so others may feel relaxed when getting along with them. They seek freedom and hate quarrels. Towards people who have helped them, they would like to show gratitude by rewarding in their way. The shortcoming is that they are quite outspoken, so they may offend others unconsciously.

 Career: Being dynamic, they cannot withstand tedious and repetitive work, and they are also not good at managing job. They get used to finishing tasks independently, so the most suitable job for them is freelancer. They are responsible and careful in work, so they could get promotion soon. Being a bit aggressive, they can hardly accept others’ advice on work.

 Wealth: Their good and bad luck in wealth are half to half. Although their income is handsome, money flows out soon. With the increase of age, they can accumulate a certain amount of money, but speculative investments should be avoided.

 Love: They are very devoted in relationship. They also demands freedom and space in love, so they usually find life partners who tolerate and care them. It might be hard for them to make compromise when opinions diverge. Males like to take a dominant position in family issues.

 Health: Regarding health condition, they should concern more about their mental stress. It is better to arrange some trips to release pressure.

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Water Horse (1942, 2002)

 Personality: Water Horses are most kind, mild, and helpful. They can view things in others' shoes, and would like sacrifice their own interest for friends and family. They are a little sensitive, hot-tempered and emotional, but still have many faithful friends. They are generous and sympathetic, ready to help people in need without hesitation.

 Career: With zodiac sign of Horse and Five Elements sign of Water, they are talented in starting business, and good at maintenance and promotion. They seek high standard in work, and desire to occupy a stand in the industry. They could bear heavy stress in work. If they make more friends with Chinese zodiac sign of Tiger or Dog, they could get assistance in difficulties.

 Wealth: They get very prosperous luck in money, and are seldom troubled by money issues. Being brilliant businessmen, they have fair chances to make a big fortune. Even when they come across adversity, their friends would come for help. However, they should avoid cooperating with partners with Rat sign. Otherwise, they may get cheated in money.

 Love: With nice characters, they can discover their soul mates easily, and most of their marriage life is full of ease and sweetness. However, when meeting pursuers, they seem to be hesitant and irresponsible, so they may rush into tangled relationships.

 Health: They will go through a lot of sicknesses before adulthood, but their good luck comes after that.

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Questions & Answers on Horse Character and Fortune by Five Elements
Asked by sre from QATAR | Jun. 18, 2020 11:26Reply
my DOB 06-06-1978 morning at 8.30 am
I would like to know when does my best time in 2020? my lucky no?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nora from FRANCE | Jun. 22, 2020 00:07

You should make full use of the following months of the late 2020. Make full use of abilities and intelligence to make some breakthroughs.
Asked by Julie Anderson from UNITED STATES | Feb. 05, 2019 17:42Reply
10/07/1978 Earth Horse- how is my year going to be?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lily from USA | Feb. 12, 2019 18:28

This year is favorable for you and you may encounter some big surprises in career. The luck in love relationship is also pretty good. However, try to avoid some mean people and pay attention to the interpersonal relationship. Good luck!
Asked by AndraXLY from ROMANIA | Jun. 04, 2018 10:49Reply
Hi, I want to get a job this summer, before school starts again in september.
I want to know, do I have any luck in career this year? Last year I worked too, but I did not enjoy my job.
Female, born 28.06.2002, water horse, 8:40 PM, Romania. thanks..
Answers (1)
Answered by Corey from UNITED KINGDOM | Jun. 04, 2018 21:28

Don’t worry about that. You will find a good job as planned. But there is something you should learn by heart. Get along well with your bosses and colleagues so shat you may get a higher salary.
Asked by A from PHILIPPINES | Jul. 11, 2017 14:02Reply
What is my Career Status for this year 2017?-A
Hi,I'm A, I was born on April 15 1978...
I am applying for abroad to be with my girlfriend.
Can you please help me to read my career.
Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Kelly from USA | Jul. 11, 2017 23:04

Hi, your career luck is getting better and better in the second half of 2017. You will find a good job soon.
Asked by Lalaine from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 19, 2017 16:02Reply
March 30, 1990 i want to know if its a good year for business or a job?
Answers (1)
Answered by Barry from USA | Jan. 20, 2017 02:13

Hi, dear! 2017 is a good year for a job. It is likely that you will make great progress at career through hard work. Maintain a good relationship with others! Good luck! :)
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