Horse’s Personality by Western Astrology Signs

Aries  (March 21 - April 19)

Personality: With high self-awareness, people born in the Year of the Horse with western astrological Aries sign are initiative and inspiring. They are enthusiastic, innocent and dynamic, usually presenting an image of boldness and power. Besides, they are quite pragmatic, for they are able to mend any home appliances, arrange furniture orderly, and paint the wall of house. As challenge lovers, they are brave enough to face any difficulties. However, if they don’t harvest the expected praise or applause, they will become upset and irritated.

Love: Zeal, sometimes, will stand in the opposite of love. The weakness of Horse in Aries sign is short-lived passion, which can lead them to fall in love at once. However, relationships based on passion only, cannot be everlasting, so the Aries are suggested to start a relationship with a serious attitude, which may be beyond their instant, reactive, individual nature of the moment.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Leo /Gemini
Dog Leo /Gemini
Sheep Sagittarius

Suitable Jobs: IT Programmer, journalist, driver, translator, policeman or advertiser.
Related Celebrity: Michael York

Taurus  (April 20 - May 20)

Personality: They are born to be rulers, and eager to play an important role on big occasions. At early age, most of them are endowed with outstanding talents in music, art, or sports. In career, they strive hard and do well in accumulating wealth. Dressed decently and costly, they are willing to indicate respectable social status and special taste for fashion. When they make judgment and decisions, instinct rivals over intelligence.

Love: The only reason of being modest for Taurus is love. Falling in love, they are easily touched and willing to abandon everything for other’s affection. In addition, they are desperately concerned about their image and others’ opinion towards them. Therefore, they are too cautious to love.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Cancer/Virgo/Capricorns/Pisces
Sheep Pisces/Capricorns
Rooster Cancer/Virgo/Capricorns

Suitable Jobs: Artist, producer, mass media, legislation or advertisement.
Related Celebrity: Barbra Streisand


Gemini  (May 21 - June 21)

Personality: The Twins in western astrology, Gemini people are full of confidence and affection. Born with various talents, they have to face the strongest enemy, themselves. They are likely to behave differently to show their wisdom and taste for fashion, as well as the most important - calmness. They are usually gifted in painting or music, and they are glad to work in the theater. Meanwhile, Gemini people are also funny and humorous, good at playing jokes. Sometimes, they even do something crazy, or play practical jokes, just to arouse attention or win applause from others.

Love: They are faithful and generous in relationship. They hope their soul mates to be considerate, tolerant and understanding. They are also cautious to start a relationship, for an ideal partner is what they finally seek. Besides, they cannot stand the sarcasm from the other.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Aquarius/Aries
Dog Aquarius
Sheep Aries/Libra

Suitable Jobs: choreographer, set designer, circus staff, singer or dancer.
Related Celebrity: Paul McCartney


Cancer  (June 22 - July 22)

Personality: They usually impress others with noble and silent images. They are likely to be traditional in public, but baroque with many scenes immerging in their minds at the same time in private. Endowed with a spirit of self-sacrifice, Cancers tend to be generous both in body and mind. Before setting about to do some investment, or make important decisions, they will conduct a diligent survey, study and size up the situation. As for hobbies, handcraft is their favorite.

Love: Pursuing the romantic love, they can give up everything, even dignity. They will devote all their tenderness and care to the one they commit to for a life time, but usually the other half doesn’t feel the same way and gradually gets tired of the relationship. If someone falls in love with the Horse/Cancer combination, he/she should decisively shut off other wooers and just keep his/her own elegance and charm.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Taurus/Virgo/Scorpio
Dog Taurus/Virgo/Scorpio
Sheep Taurus/Virgo/Scorpio

Suitable Jobs: restaurant owner, professor, doctor, diplomat, furniture maker or entrepreneur.
Related Celebrities: Rembrandt, Duke of Windsor and Ernst Ingmar Bergman


Leo  (July 23 - August 22)

Personality: Horse in Leo sign stands for victory. Difficulties and obstacles will never frustrate them, and they can always get over these with encouragement. Another shinning point for them, is the outstanding ability of execution; once figuring out the goal, they will go all out to fulfill it step by step. Good at analysis, they seldom criticize others on their mistakes; in turn, they cannot sincerely accept criticism from others. They are sensitive about privacy, and hate people who interfere in their own business. Meanwhile, decent dressing and brilliant eloquence enable them to play a role in any gathering or banquet.

Love: Leo’s attitudes towards love goes to two extremes: One is indifferent and careless, they may forget to show up in the dating or be absent from home for several days, leaving the family’s worries and anxiety behind. The other is like the moth to flame. They are zealous enough to sacrifice everything for love. For the sake of love, no one can parallel with their lover, and they never mind to be a victim in a relationship.

Compatible Partners

Tiger  Aries/Libra/Gemini/ Capricorns/Sagittarius
Sheep Aries/Capricorns
Dog Aries/Libra/Gemini/ Capricorns/Sagittarius

Suitable Jobs: salesman, public relations officer, advertiser, receptionist or businessman.
Related Celebrities: Aldous Huxley, John Huston


Virgo  (August 23 - September 22)

Personality: The combination of western astrology Virgo sign and Chinese zodiac Horse sign indicates an image of nobility and grace, while, in fact, they are a bit dull, stiff and conservative. They are popular regards interpersonal relationships, so they usually, and easily fall into temptation. Gifted in imagination, their lives are filled with innovation. Another mentionable advantage of them is that they can take good control of themselves and give guidance on others’ affairs. Although doing well in work, they are inclined to be a bit conceited, for they get used to living in the limelight and set up a positive image.

Love: Once people fall in love with the Horse of Virgo sign, they need to get ready for Virgos’ instant retreat, due to their instinct of flirting around and playing others’ feelings. As long as bound by a close family tie, they will try to be loyal and faithful.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Taurus/Capricorns/Cancer
Dog Taurus/Capricorns/Cancer
Sheep Scorpio/Cancer

Suitable Jobs: public relationship officer, real estate agent, publisher, politician, composer or journalist.
Related Celebrities: Bernstein Albert, Sean Connery

Libra  (September 23 - October 23)

Personality: Attached to Libra, Horse seems elegant and well-educated. Actually, Horses are also rebellious and stubborn, while Libras are good at keeping everything in a perfect balance. One weakness is that they pursue their own version of balance, disregarding the greater whole. Their combination will help to cultivate taste for fashion, which can be traced from their trendy dressing. In addition, eloquent and pervasive, they can always give some constructive advices to the people in dilemma. Caring much about health, they often find a balance in alternating work with rest. Loving social contact, they are easily distinguished from the crowd.

Love: In Libra’s love life; passion is more important than tenderness. Wealthy and powerful people can easily attract them, and while inner virtues are not the first factor in their consideration. Although being fond of flirting, they tend to rely on a stable relationship, attempting to find one who can take care of them wholeheartedly.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Gemini/Leo/Aquarius/Sagittarius
Dog Sagittarius/Aquarius
Sheep Gemini/Leo

Suitable Jobs: Municipal planner, landscape designer, Gossip columnist, critic, businessman, publicity officer, actor, restaurant owner, decorator or teacher.
Related Celebrity: Rita Hayworth


Scorpio  (October 24 - November 22)

Personality: With Scorpio sign, people born in the Year of the Horse are charming and enjoy popularity. They are self-disciplined, versatile, persuasive and inspiring. Thanks to their independence, nothing can stop them accomplishing seemingly impossible career goals, except themselves. With acute observation and brightness, they will endeavor to realize ambitions at all cost. Usually, they have unique minds, which others cannot understand or agree on, so it’s hard for them to debate in harmony. However, they will insist in their faith regardless of others’ objection. Frank and straightforward, they will just speak their minds openly but not fear to offend people around.

Love: They are extremely realistic, and likely to choose a partner with affluent economic status to support their easy life. They will indulge themselves in the passionate love with abandon, but in marriage life, they seek a platform of solid rock to spring forth from. Anyone resolute, steadfast, and silent, is almost perfect.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Cancer/ Virgo/Capricorn/Pisces
Sheep Virgo/Pisces

Suitable Jobs: Spy, lawyer, entrepreneur, cook, gardener, choreographer, singer, municipal planner or actor.
Related Celebrities: Roosevelt, Paul Simon


Sagittarius  (November 23 - December 21)

Personality: Sagittarians born in Horse Year are full of energy and seldom feel exhausted. They will keep working hard until they drop. They care a lot about others’ affairs, for they believe helping others to make the right decision is their duty. Meantime, the only reason why they concentrate on one thing is their eagerness for benefits. They want to be the dominator of their fate, and they will not fight for vanity but for respect and dignity. Quite ambitious in work, they only indulge in entertainment for a short break.

Love: In the early time, Sagittarius may make mistakes in love, for they are born to be passionate, flirting around. However, growing up, they have learnt to take control of themselves and find a suitable life partner. In marriage, they will be fully occupied in the work to support the family and do not want to be disturbed, so the best-matched soul mate for them is the one who can take care of their life and support them unconditionally.

Compatible Partners

Tiger  Aries/ Libra/Leo/Aquarius
Dog  Libra/Aquarius
Sheep  Aries/ Leo/Libra

Suitable Jobs: PE teacher, pasture owner, real estate agent, writer, diplomat, actor, journalist, football coach, market analyst, politician or psychological doctor.
Related Celebrities: Godard, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Capricorn  (December 22 - January 19)

Personality: Born in the Year of Horse, the Capricorn people are kind-hearted in nature, and they would like to offer aid to the people in need. They are skilled in making others happy. Although they may look like a bit cold and serious regards general appearance, they are easygoing and warm-hearted inside. Cautious like always, they will try the best to avoid potential mistakes in work. When they commit an error, they will examine themselves and find out the reason. People usually admire Capricorn’s persistence and optimism, for they will survive all hardships like disease, setbacks, poverty, and misfortune. Their naivety and plainness will be retained till the wrinkles crawl upon their face.

Love: Love is an important part in Capricorn’s life. Their courage and talents always attract many pursuers around. However, they are loyal to their true love, having no interest in one-night stands. What they seek is an interesting partner, and sweetest accompany for a life time.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Pisces/Virgo/Scorpio
Dog Pisces/Virgo/Scorpio
Sheep Taurus/Leo/Pisces

Suitable Jobs: Scientist, cook, health care provider, veterinarian, craftsman, furniture maker, architect, nurse or tamer.
Related Celebrities: Newton, Puccini Giacomao


Aquarius  (January 20 - February 18)

Personality: As for the Aquarian born in the Year of the Horse, changes and actions stand for freedom. These types people chase after freelance work, and the fixed office hours are killer to their vigor and penchant novelty. They are the type that can have a command of multiple languages in a short time. Without strong financial resource, they often raise money through funds. If failing to get money, they will starve. Their heart is filled with mercy and generosity, so they are deeply concerned about the need of poor people in low social status.

Love: In relationships, Aquarius people can hardly give in, even making mistakes. They will never get involved in complicated relationships, and they want to enjoy a dominating status in marriage life. People falling in love with Aquarius need to be considerate and understanding, so the relationship would be everlasting.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Sagittarius/Libra
Dog Gemini/Sagittarius
Sheep  Libra

Suitable Jobs: Movie star, philosopher, interpreter, speakers, funds raiser, art teacher or employee.
Related Celebrity: Franklin Roosevelt


Pisces  (February 19 - March 20)

Personality: They have sharp insight towards career. They can always foresee the potential difficulties in the process and avoid them, or give up before becoming involved. Most of them can adapt well to different circumstances, and rarely struggle for a well-to-do life condition. They are inclined to be silent and selfless, for they never ask for a reward after they exert to help others. Agile and smart, they are quite popular in social activities. Once they age up to twenties, they will make a long-term plan, and devote themselves into their career of a life time.

Love: They are the most loyal people in relationships. Considerate and careful, they are skilled in taking care of their life partners. Sometimes they seem to be shy and will not show their true heart openly, while Pisces will please their lovers with tenderness and admiration.

Compatible Partners

Tiger Cancer/Libra/Scorpio/Capricorn
Dog Taurus/Scorpio/Capricorn
Sheep Taurus/Capricorn

Suitable Jobs: Gardener, bookshop owner, astrologer, psychological doctor, musician, writer, movie director, artist or poet.
Related Celebrity: Chopin

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Questions & Answers on Horse Personality by Western Astrology Signs
Asked by Allina Tiwari from INDIA | Dec. 24, 2023 13:12Reply
I am planning to prepare for India Civil Services. Is the career right for me and how successful?
DOB: 19th August, 2002
Answers (1)
Answered by Diana | Dec. 25, 2023 19:22

Yes, it is suitable career and the new year is favorable for you. However, you may need to work harder to acquire some great chances. Good luck!
Asked by Anonymus from UNITED STATES | Mar. 13, 2018 23:25Reply
My mom was born november 26, 1975 and my dad was born march 8, 1978. Are they compatible?
Answers (1)
Answered by Genevieve from RUSSIA | Mar. 14, 2018 22:26

Yes, actually, they are acompatible based on the Chinese zodiac prediction.
Both of them are enterprising and positive, making their life progress steadily. Married life will be happy and sweet. They will have an admiring marriage life, and both of them are willing to give all they own to each other. Don't worry.
Asked by Lak from INDIA | Jan. 26, 2018 01:27Reply
Im searching job for past 2 years but did not get any, will I get job of my interest in 2018 year?
July 6,1990. Born in India
Answers (4)
Answered by Aubrey from GERMANY | Jan. 29, 2018 21:09

The Year of the Dog will be fortunate for job-hoppers. You should make up your mind to apply for the suitable positions. Surely you will find better jobs and make a difference. Good luck!
Answered by Lak from INDIA | Jan. 30, 2018 01:06

Thank you for reply but I am also wondering about my personal life in this year -- marriage,health wealth.
Answered by Aubrey | Jan. 30, 2018 20:00

It is suggested that you can make full use of your intelligence to invest wisely. Being utilitarian should be avoided. Although you have to make great efforts, profits will compensate. Usually you feel well, but sometimes stomach upset may happen. As a result, a healthy diet is needed. Regular physical examination should be kept, because there may be something wrong with your respiratory system in 2018. In addition, about your love relationship, you will have chances to find a soul mate. Just become patiently.
Answered by Lak from INDIA | Jan. 31, 2018 09:32

Thank you for response Aubery
Asked by L from USA | Oct. 06, 2017 23:06Reply
Wood Horse female born at 10:12pm in on 5/29/54 in WNY.
Will I have a love relationship soon and what sign would be most suitable?
Answers (1)
Answered by Addison from DENMARK | Oct. 09, 2017 03:00

According to the Chinese zodiac preidtion, males born with Tiger, Sheep and Rabbit would be your perfect matches. You are born to be a well-matched couple, sharing a lot in common. It is predicted that you may meet your Mr.Right in the middle of 2018. If the love relationship goes well, you may get married in the end 2018 or 2019.
Asked by Maria from USA | Sep. 25, 2017 05:21Reply
Wood Horse and Wood Sheep
Female born 5/29/54 and Male born 1/25/56-we had a good friendship in 2016 until November 2016. I think there were people who didn't want to see us together that were interfering way too much. Now we are cordial but nowhere near it was before. Do you see us returning to the former relationship and moving forward to something deeper and maybe a marriage or should I forget it and walk away?
Answers (1)
Answered by Adalyn from POLAND | Sep. 25, 2017 21:36

Yes, you will have high possibility to move forward and establish a deeper relationship. Both of you are loyal to family. You have common goals to support the family and keep similar values to fight against the difficulties. The family atmospheres are always relaxing and harmonious. So just be brave. You actually have enough abilities to establish a happy family.
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