Horse - Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Horse

January, February, March, May, August, December

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Click to check your birth month in Chinese lunar calendar.

Born in January

Born in January, people with Chinese zodiac Horse are honest, broad-minded, knowledgeable and very interested in making friends. They may be born in a rich family and get lots of help from the last generations to live a wealthy life. However, they may not be ambitious for any change in the status quo.

Born in February

People born in February in the year of the Horse are clever, smart and graceful. They like to be clean and tidy, so are always well dressed. They do not like to be strained, so lack of discipline awareness. Although there are difficulties and disasters in their life, with the help from kin and others, they can get through safely. 

Born in March

Horse people with birth month in March are born lucky, smart, and wise. They are knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. They have great ambitions since childhood, which they can realize with the help from last generation and others. Their life has little disasters as a whole.

Born in April

Their life goes ups and downs a lot. Although Horse people born in April do not lack food and clothing, it is hard for them to be successful. They are good at making money, but better at spending it, so they may not have much savings. To achieve success in career, they should set up life goals and not be intimidated by the difficulties.

Born in May

Horse people born in May may get little help from relatives. But relying on their wisdom and hard working, they can succeed in career and live a happy late life. They may fall in love very early, but get married late.

Born in June

They may inherit a little from ancestors and live a difficult early life. In their 30’s, they may start their own business totally relying on themselves. In 40’s, the career develops fast and smoothly and in their 50’s, the career turns stable and they may live a happy life since after.

Born in July

Horse people born in July, their life as a whole is happy and peaceful without big disaster and serious illness. They are clever, elegant, attractive, and energetic. Although the ancestral industry withered, they can make it thrive based on their wisdom and useful support from others. However, they may have disputes even lawsuits with others.

Born in August

People with Chinese zodiac Horse born in August are clever, honest, noble, brave and talented in both literal and military fields. They may develop their own business relying on their hard working and help from others, and finally get successful. They are blessed by god and suffer no serious disasters and dangers the whole lifetime.

Born in September

Most of them may live a plain life. Their talent is not bad, but they do not have a magnificent life goal or work for progress, only want to have a stable and not busy job. They may have weak wills and feel frustrated or depressed once meeting setbacks. If making efforts, they can also have a bright future.

Born in October

Born in October in year of the Horse, happiness and difficulties fall in their life half and half. Due to thin ancestral foundation and lack of help from others, they may live a rather difficult early life and at the same time, meet many disasters. However, they are smart, capable and have strong wills, based on which they can become rich in middle ages and their life since then turns good. 

Born in November

Horse people with birth month in November may be born into a declining family and live a hard early life. But good luck falls in their 20’s; in their 30’s, they may get a steady job in the government; in their late life, the family may start to prosper again.

Born in December

As a whole, people born in December in the year of the Horse may live a peaceful and carefree life. They may get married early and need to support the family difficultly. However, the wealth comes in their middle ages and the life starts to turn better. Their late life can be rich and glorious.

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Questions & Answers on Horse - Destiny by Birth Month
Asked by Mae from USA | Apr. 03, 2021 10:59Reply
What business should I get Into to be lucky financially?
I am a female wood horse, now in my 50's and want to get into business, but I read that I might not be lucky in that area, so what do you think is the best area, business, field that I should go into to make some good financial luck to better my life? I have 3 children and a single parent that I need help really bad. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Isabelle | Apr. 06, 2021 23:40

You are suggested to do the business that related to your strong points and interests. In this way, you can get some successes easily. :)
Asked by Laarni from SINGAPORE | Feb. 07, 2018 07:32Reply
Will i get back with my ex? Im a year of dog..june2 1982..
my ex is april 11 i need to accept him back..for our son sake?he want to come i need to accept him?what do i do.
Answers (2)
Answered by tryagain07 from USA | Feb. 07, 2018 12:47

If you don't love him... don't take him back just for the sake of your son... you both can still be friends or be cordial with each other for the sake of your son... your son will still grow up to be a fine young man... if you just love him and teach him to be loving too... I'm speaking from experience... I haven't been with my son's dad since he was a baby in my tummy... his father is a great dad but we weren't meant for each other... our son is now a caring, loving, hard working young man at 18 years old... your son will be just fine if you and his father just communicate with each other... good luck with whatever your decision may be!
Answered by andrea guisinga from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 04, 2019 10:07

what should l do to forget him or to move on? l love him so much but he don't love me anymore? what should l do to focus in my studies? what should l think to be motivated all by myself? is there a chance to get us back together again? he will love me again? or not? i was born on sept 06, 2002 and he was born on april 18, 2002. my name is andrea, and he's name is rico.
Asked by March from CANADA | Jan. 24, 2018 21:33Reply
He was born October 26,1966, I was born March 31,1963. How is our match?
Are we be together in the future? We are planning to get married this year,What is the best month?
Answers (5)
Answered by Maria from CANADA | Jan. 25, 2018 21:36

Don't worry. It’s no doubt that this match is a wonderful pair. You both can provide much help in each other's career and wealth. Same interests and similar characteristics always bring a forever marriage life. The prediction shows that July and August will be lucky months for you to get married.
Answered by March from CANADA | Mar. 09, 2018 03:13

I didn’t meet him, do u think his proposal will go thru this year? It’s been a week I didn’t hear from him? Is there a possibility that we can still meet each other? How is my financial for this year 2018? Thank you!
Answered by Maria | Mar. 13, 2018 02:08

The prediction shows that there is a possibility that you can still meet each other. Both of you should make great efforts about your love relationship. Currently, you two need more communications in daily life. Try to find more ways to contact him. Good luck!
Answered by March from CANADA | Mar. 13, 2018 04:00

I don’t think we will see or meet each other since he’s mobile is already turn off and I know I don’t know now where to reach him out. I don’t know what to do? Sad :( . What is your prediction? Thanks!
Answered by Maria | Mar. 13, 2018 21:42

Well, according to this situation, the result seems not that good. Just send a text message to him and end this relationship. Then try your best to look forward and start a new life. You deserve better!
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