2016 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Monkey

Which type of Monkey are people born in 2016 Chinese zodiac year?

2016 is the year of the Monkey and it is the Fire element according to Chinese zodiac and Five Elements. Therefore, people with Chinese zodiac Monkey born in 2016 are the Fire Monkey.

Chinese people follows lunar calendar since ancient times. Referring to Gregorian calendar, people born from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017 are the Fire Monkey, and those who born from January 1 to February 7 in 2016 are the previous Wood Sheep.


Lucky Signs for 2016 Fire Monkey

 Lucky Numbers: 4, 9

 Lucky Color: white


Personality Traits of the 2016 Chinese Zodiac Fire Monkey

People born in 2016 year of the Monkey are smart, witty, talented, and articulate. They have a strong desire to show themselves. They are skillful in social communication and can unusually attuned to other people's feelings, so they can easily get along well with others. In addition, the Fire Monkeys are full of energy and have a strong adaptability to environment. And they never give up easily.

But they are too fond of playing around and lack patience and perseverance. They usually like to boost, and do not put down their feet on the ground. Sometimes, they are typical opportunist with a strong sense of conceit and excessive optimism. Therefore, no matter what they do, the Fire Monkey must be honest and serious.

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2021 Horoscope for Fire Monkey Born in 2016

Fire Monkey fortune in 2021 will be good in all aspects. They have inquiring minds and are good at making new friends in the kindergarten. At home, they will show a growing sense of intimacy with their parents. Though sometimes they may pester their parents with toys and goodies, they are well-behaved in most cases. In addition, they are very healthy this year.

Most children born in 2016 are very smart. Compared with other kids, it is easier for them to concentrate on class and grasp what teachers say. In order to maintain their zeal for knowledge, no matter good or bad the results are in a test, parents should encourage them all the time.

At the age of five, it’s time for parents to instill the concept of money in Monkey children. When they ask for toys, parents should set limits on the amount instead of buy them as many as they want. Also, parents can let them start to save money by doing chores.

Though Monkey children have made a lot of new friends, they are still clingy to their parents and want to be pampered. Within such period that is crucial to shape their personality, it is suggested their parents have more talks with them to know their feelings.

The Monkey fortune prediction in 2021 also shows that on account of a balanced diet and enough exercise, Monkey children are not likely to fall ill this year.

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People born in 2016 year of the Monkey have persistent pursuit spirit in their career and have the courage to struggle for success. Therefore, they will have a pretty good fortune in career. They may feel overloaded, but they can solve it by their own ability. They will also be respected and loved by their superiors and colleagues and have the opportunity to be promoted. At the same time, they are also very suitable for starting a business or developing new businesses of their own. Just remember that the detailed and reasonable plan is the only way to success.

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The wealth fortune for the Fire Monkey is relatively good. They have the ability to earn a large amount of money and they also have the ability to accumulate it. Moreover, they can get small monetary awards through lucky draw. But they are not suitable to participate in speculative activities. At the same time, it is necessary to identify the traps in economic activities in a timely manner.


Love and Relationships

The love fortune is not good enough for people with Chinese zodiac Monkey born in 2016. It is hard for them to meet their true lover in the early age. After getting married, the relationship may not be very harmonious between them and their spouses. What's more, they may have extramarital affairs. In order to prevent this from happening, they should talk more with their partners, learn to understand them, and accompany them more. Besides, they can travel together with their partners to promote the relationship during holidays. Last but not least, they should learn not to lose their temper casually.

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The 2016 Fire Monkey should take good care of themselves. They are likely to suffer from minor ailments such as headache and inflammation due to agitation. So they should learn to relax and relieve stress. In addition, they need to pay attention to oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay or respiratory diseases. Do not eat too much candy when they are young. And wear a mask when the air quality is poor.

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