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Monkey - Fortune in 2017

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 3
Overall Luck:

In 2017, everything takes a better turn for people born in the Year of the Monkey as they finally get rid of the unlucky Ben Ming Nian. Their fortune in the year of the Rooster will be improved a lot. Especially they would get assistance in the career, which also brings increase in wealth. The assistance from friends is another advantage for them to resolve problems. They should better brace up and fight for a flourishing new year.

Monkey Fortune in 2017
Harmonious working environment, possible promotion...

Progress can be obviously seen from Monkeys’ work as the relationship with people around is much improved. A pleasant relationship does much good to their career. Once they come across setbacks in their business and tasks, there will be nice guys coming for help. A modest and warm-hearted manner helps them win popularity among work fellows. The harmonious working environment enables them to get a possible promotion or salary increase. In this year, they are supposed to take good control of their emotions, especially when making critical judgments and decisions. Staying calm and persistent, they are able to open up a large space for career.
Wealth associated with efforts, stable finance...

Monkeys’ fortune in money is neither good nor bad in 2017 according to Chinese zodiac analysis. Their wealth is firmly attached with the career situation. If their business or work progress steadily, they surely can maintain a favorable income. On the contrary, if their career is blocked by difficulties, it would be hard for them to make a handsome profit. The fortune depends on their efforts and willpower. Meanwhile, only seeking wealth but ignoring the joy of life would also affect their fortune, so they need to keep a cool mind towards gains and losses.
Love and Relationships
Favorable fellowship, lucky marriage...

The most remarkable prediction is about their relationship. Under the effect of lucky stars, their love and relationship develop as well as they wish. In the year of 2017, single people with Chinese zodiac sign of Monkey could make acquaintances with more opposite sex friends. They are advised to be more confident to show their affections to someone they admire. 2017 would be a good year for people in love to get married, which may bring blessings for an everlasting relationship. As for the married ones, as long as they stay loyal to their life partners, the love will not fade. Long-distance relationship would go smooth with a considerate and faithful heart.

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Physical exhaustion, balanced diet...

Health issues needs to be paid extra attention for people of the Year of the Monkey. Exhaustion caused by heavy workload will give rise to some potential diseases. To keep fit, they should smartly alternate work with rest. It’s necessary for them to take regular physical examinations to take precautions against some hidden sicknesses. The fat intake should be reduced and a balanced diet is recommended. For liquor lovers, they need to restrict their drinking volume to prevent themselves from getting addicted. Besides, they need to squeeze some time for physical exercise to build up immunity.
Luck Prediction for Monkeys Born in Different Years
Born in 2004
Age: 13
For people born in 2004 with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign, they are still in middle school age, so their primary task is to study. Teenagers at this age may behave rebelliously, and parents should change their ways of communication a bit. Puppy love may distract them from school work. In addition; young Monkeys ought to be cautious when having some strenuous exercise.
Born in 1992
Age: 25
People at age of 25 will get pleasant fortune in 2017. The good point is that they remain persistent in work, but their competitive willpower makes other work fellows tensed. They tend to be aggressive when meeting different opinions. Furthermore, people born in the Year of Monkey can hardly make a compromise when having squabbles with lovers. Fortunately, their health condition is always favorable in the whole year.
Born in 1980
Age: 37
2017 will be a smooth year for people born in 1980. Finally, their efforts will get fruitful rewards, and their outstanding working abilities are well recognized by colleagues and partners. Even facing difficulties, they can still keep calm and undaunted. The relationship with families is well maintained. Apart from their own health condition, they should give more care to the senior members of the family.
Born in 1968
Age: 49
For people at age of 49, their career will develop into a flat stage in 2017. New challenges from work make them anxious. Although they exert themselves to make progress, the outcome is not very satisfying. There might be sudden changes both in their finance and relationship. To cope with these, they need to turn to friends or experts for guidance.
Born in 1956
Age: 61
In general, people born in 1956 would have a nice year. Career goes steadily as expected, and the stable income is able to support their life. Concerning health problems, they should give more attention to the digestive diseases and keep a light diet. It is also necessary to take regular physical examinations.

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