Monkey - Fortune in 2020 & 2021

Monkey Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2020 

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 3

Overall Luck:

There will exist ups and downs for people born in the year of Chinese zodiac Monkey in 2020. 

In career, there will emerge some chances and opportunities, which will be beneficial to business cooperation, design & planning, and expression of personal talents and abilities. It is suggested to control tempers and communicate with bosses calmly. For health, People born in the year of Monkey are relatively active, and they will pursue what they like and things they need. Therefore, it is necessary to have enough rest and relax regularly. For relationships, it is possible for them to encounter with many people and develop stable friendships.

Besides, it is unfavorable to go to dark and damp places, don’t participate in exploration of underground caves, don’t go to dangerous waters.  

Monkey Fortune in 2020


More chances and opportunities, avoid offending bosses or leaders 

Based on Monkey horoscope in 2020, they will have more opportunities in display and development of vocational skills, which helps in business cooperation, expressions of personal talents and abilities. However, due to their pride, they may appear to be rebellious and wilful, which easily leading to conflicts with bosses and leaders, influencing the relationships with colleagues. Therefore, it is advised to pay much attention to interpersonal relationships with colleagues and leaders in the whole year.


Certain profits, reduce consumption 

According to Monkey horoscope in 2020, Monkey people will have benefits, as well as harms. For benefits, they will get some profits from careers related to technology industries and design planning. For harms, they will be tired and over concerned about themselves. What’s more, Monkey people are suggested to go to relax at forests or nature, rather than entertainment revenues like bars or other similar places, not to drink too much alcohol, reducing consumption of meaningless socialization.

Love and Relationships

Chances to meet suitable partners

According to the Monkey fortune in 2020, males with Chinese zodiac Monkey will be lucky in their love relationship. Their talents and abilities will attract many opposite sex, bringing them more opportunities to establish the stable love life. As for Monkey females, it is better to avoid being sharp, rebellious, and self-willed; otherwise, it will be easy to damage personal image.      


Avoid arguments, stay away from alcohol  

The health horoscope may not good for Monkey people in 2020. Respiratory problems and diseases are easily triggered, and it is easy to catch cold as well. Sometimes, they also suffer from wagging of tongues. Therefore, it is advised for them to avoid have arguments and disputes with others. Based on the Chinese zodiac luck prediction, Monkey people are also suggested to stay away from alcohol, not to get close to damp places or dangerous waters.

Luck Prediction for Monkeys Born in Different Years

Age: 4

Based on the Monkey fortune prediction in 2020, Children born in 2016 will perform well in kindergarten. They are clever and loved by teachers and elders. They should be taught how to be polite to others. Their actions should be corrected in time and given right guidance. As for health, Monkey children born in 2016 will be easy to trapped in diseases when season changes. Therefore, parents should guide children to keep exercising and build strong body.
Age: 16

The Monkey fortune prediction in 2020 indicates that children born in 2004 will perform excellently in study. Most of them are still in study and will encounter with major examinations. For wealth, they are still dependent, so they are supposed to consume reasonably and make ends meet. They will have good friends in class and be focused by teachers. It is advised for them to focus on study, keeping the balance between study and relationships. Health is not ideal for them in 2020. Monkey students are advised to strengthen exercise to keep healthy, and pay more attention to release pressure.  
Age: 28

People born in 1992 will have a very prosperous Monkey fortune in 2020. For wealth, except solid and regular salary, they will also earn extra money from friends and lottery tickets; so it is important for them to stay away from greedy. In career, they will get promotions due to their diligence and hard working. For love fortune, single Monkeys will meet the other part, so it is advised for them to grasp tightly. According to the Chinese zodiac luck prediction, Monkeys in love will enter marriage this year. The most important thing is don’t be too choosy, and treasure the one who are accompanying them at present. Health fortune would be pretty good in 2020. Most Monkey women born in 1992 are in child- bearing period, so it is important to take care of themselves and fetus.
Age: 40

Monkey people born in 1980 will have a pretty good fortune in 2020. In career, they will get appreciation and affirmation from leaders, and even get chances of promotion. Meanwhile, they will also earn more. In health, they are supposed to concern more about their physical problems. It is advised for them to adjust pressure and stay up late. For love, they will harvest love and sweet love this year.
Age: 52

Entering 2020, Monkey people born in 1968 will harvest satisfactory fortune in all aspects. In career, they will still have a stable work with less pressure. For wealth, they will earn from salary and other incomes, so it is better for them to learn to manage fortune. As for love, there may exist some arguments or conflicts with partners, but it won’t matter. In health, they are easy to be influenced by small diseases, while, they will recover soon.
Age: 64

According to Monkey fortune prediction in 2020, people born in 1956 will have a good fortune. They will have a pretty stable and stable career. Wealth will become better progressed in 2020, and it is advised to learn to plan finance and manage fortune. For relationships, monkey people will harvest a satisfactory relationships, bringing them happiness and good mood. However, health is not so ideal for them in 2020. Therefore, outdoor sports, regular physical examinations and good rest are essential. 
Age: 76

The Monkey people born in 1944 are expected to have a good overall horoscope in 2020. The momentum of their career development is relatively good. As long as they pay more attention to the maintenance of interpersonal relationships, they are expected to get the chance of promotion or salary increase. Because they are 75 years old and their body functions are not as good as before, they should pay attention to rest and not be overworked. And proper physical exercise can keep them healthy. In addition, more communication should be conducted with their spouse when problems arise. And the Wood Monkey should stay away from villains to avoid property losses.

Monkey Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 7

Overall Luck:

Monkey Fortune in 2021 is more of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, they may have difficulties in taking an internship or adjusting themselves to the quick tempo in the workplace. Also, the excessive consumption may lay a heavier burden on them and decrease their sense of security. On the other hand, people with the Chinese zodiac Monkey have much fortune in love & relationships. Single people are likely to meet their soul mates and others may embrace a happy marriage life in 2021. 

In general, Monkey people are innocent and straightforward. That’s why they are easily affected, or disturbed by the external change. Actually, as long as they have faith in themselves and view things from a comprehensive angle, they are able to avoid bad lucks in career and wealth.

Monkey Fortune in 2021


Learn from others, be open to external help

In 2021, though the Monkey sign of Chinese zodiac isn’t blessed with too much fortune in career, they can deal with all sorts of difficulties through their colleagues’ collective effort. It is suggested that Monkey interns often draw from others’ advantages. Once they become a regular staff member, they should be prepared for the demanding workload and the ensuing pressure. For those who take a leading position in the company, they should change their way of thinking and welcome others’ assistance and suggestions.


Avoid risky investments, live a simple life

Monkey fortune prediction in 2021 is just so-so in terms of wealth. Some of them may speculate on stock exchange. However, before investing a considerable amount of money, they’d better assess the risk involved first and listen to others’ opinion. Otherwise the reckless decision may end in losing a fortune. A wiser way to earn money is to get a second job with low risks. In addition, they should live a frugal life this year and avoid spending too much on upscale products.

Love and Relationships

Say goodbye to bachelor life, get married

Most good signs of Monkey fortune in 2021 can be found in their love and relationships. Once they meet their ideal partners, they should shake off their bashful personality and bravely express their affection. For those who already have a girlfriend or boyfriend, they are likely to get married this year. Also, the rest of the Monkey people will still derive happiness from their mutually dependent married life, which is truly enviable. 


Balanced diet, regular exercise

Monkey people should pay enough attention to their health in 2021. Since children and elderly people have weak immunity to disease, they should have more nutritious food and enough exercise. Working people and students should keep a balanced diet and avoid staying up late. In addition, for those who live with chronic or recurrent disease, it is vitally important to have re-examinations on a regular basis.

Luck Prediction for Monkeys Born in Different Years

Age: 5

2021 will a joyful year for Monkey children born in 2016. In the kindergarten, they barely have trouble in getting along with other kids. More surprisingly, they start to show great interest in learning new knowledge. What is more, they are less likely to get sick this year. One reason is that they always have good appetite and are not particular about food at all.
Age: 17

For teenagers, their Monkey fortune prediction in 2021 would be very auspicious. They are efficient in digesting extensive knowledge and eager to prove themselves in various academic contents. Though it can be more or less tiring, they still enjoy challenging themselves. Also, as a grateful boy/girl, they are good at handling interpersonal relationships at school.
Age: 29

People born in 1992 may lack fortune in career and wealth this year. When facing defeat and unfair treatment, they should maintain confidence and never flinch at the fierce competition. Also, do not feel upset at the meager savings because the payoff is merely a matter of time. Luckily, they are very healthy in 2021 and may fall in love with an attractive person.
Age: 41

Monkey people born in 1980 mainly focus on career and wealth this year. They try to grasp every opportunity to expand business and set apart themselves little time to rest, let alone the time to spend with their family. Accordingly, conflicts between them and their partners may arise. Besides, health problems may occur due to their tight schedule. In 2021, they should try to embrace a slower paced life.
Age: 53

People born in 1968 will live a simple and happy life in 2021. Though they may not earn a fortune, they feel at ease from their cushy job and are able to keep a balance between job and family. More importantly, they feel thankful for what they’ve had every day. Even the routines like cooking meals and cleaning house are a pleasure for them.
Age: 65

The Monkey fortune prediction in 2021 shows that they may go through a hard time. In terms of career, they find themselves unable to keep pace with the young. In addition, many things are over budget this year, which makes them feel more anxious. Being under pressure, they become increasingly unwilling to communicate with others. It is important for them to change their mindset and focus more on caring family and staying fit.
Age: 77

2021 is a smooth year for Monkey people born in 1944. They enjoy the generous pension scheme and have little financial pressure. Despite the occasional conflicts with their family, their retirement life is relaxing and peaceful in general. Special attention should be paid to their health. Regular diet and enough exercises are the recipes for longevity.

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Questions & Answers on Monkey\s Fortune in 2020 & 2021
Asked by Deep from INDIA | Aug. 18, 2020 19:19Reply
My birthday is 14/5/2004 what's my lucky number
Answers (1)
Answered by Josiah from CANADA | Aug. 19, 2020 19:38

1, 7, 8
Asked by axi from SG | Aug. 17, 2020 18:28Reply
Water monkey (female) and wood ox (male). Are we compatible?
Answers (1)
Answered by Adrian from FRANCE | Aug. 19, 2020 19:37

You still can make some efforts to become a suitable match. In daily life, you can cultivate more common hobbies. In this way, the relationship would be improved. In addition, showing more understanding and patience are also important.
Asked by Geraldine from PHILIPPINES | May. 11, 2020 16:19Reply
What will i expect to my love life this year. Thanks .I'm born in August 15 1992.
Answers (1)
Answered by Bryony from DENMARK | May. 18, 2020 01:03

It is predicted that you would have a large chance to fall in love with someone this year. Maybe you can find several ways to enhance the charm. Making more friends will help you find soul mate much easier.
Asked by fem monkey from USA | May. 04, 2020 11:30Reply
female monkey november 23,1992
Can you please tell me about my future job situation I got laid off today and everything’s going not that great for me thx
Answers (1)
Answered by Samantha from POLAND | May. 06, 2020 01:22

The situation would change into a better stage in the following months. You should insist on. You are still advised to find a job that you are familiar with. When you find the job opportunities, you need to catch them timely.
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