Monkey - Fortune in 2018

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 6

Overall Luck:

In general, the fortune for people with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign can be favorable in 2018. Although there may be some obstacles, they can make progress in different aspects, such as love & relationships, career and wealth. Relatively speaking, if the Chinese zodiac Monkey people cooperate with others on business, it is easy to make a profit. Getting along well with their colleagues, they may expect a promotion in 2018. Besides, there will be many opportunities for advanced study for Monkey people.
Monkey Fortune in 2018


Promotion Opportunity; Advanced Study

For people with Chinese zodiac Monkey, 2018 could be lucky and there will be chances for advanced study and potential promotion. Students who are preparing for examinations are expected to make good performances. It is possible for them to start their own business in 2018, and they are advised to cooperate with relatives and friends to do this. They could make great achievements on real estate and mineral resources exploration. People with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign should work hard and fight for their career; as a result, the boss may give them the chance of promotion.


Higher Salary, Chance for Making a Fortune

As for wealth, Monkey people will have stable fortune. On the one hand, they may get increased payment because of the promotion, or higher salary from the new job. On the other hand, the seniors in their families may give them some money. Besides, people with Chinese zodiac Monkey could get more income by starting the business on real estate. They may have a chance to make a fortune if focusing on team-work, so cooperating with others is strongly suggested.

Love and Relationships

Relationship Development, Finding Soul Mate

For females with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign, 2018 can be a good year to develop relationships. There may be many opportunities for them to meet excellent people, and it’s possible to find true love. Some single females may meet stubborn and self-willed pursuers, while the majority of them can still find their soul mates in this year. The development of the interpersonal relationships would be not bad for male Monkey in 2018 as well. They may get help and guide from their parents for love life.

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No Good Appetite, Potential Diseases

In 2018, Monkey people’s health could be not good enough. They are suggested to focus on health condition in normal times because there may be potential risk of illness. People can go to lakeside for relaxation, or go to forest park to enjoy quiet natural scenes, then the risk of getting diseases can be decreased. 

Luck Prediction for Monkeys Born in Different Years

Born in 1992
Age: 26
People born in 1992 will get favorable fortune in 2018. They may have the chance to get promotion and advanced study, while there are some inevitable pressure on the working life. It is possible for singles of Chinese zodiac Monkey sign to find soul mates in 2018, especially the females, and they are advised to be proactive to develop the relationship. People at the age may have poor appetite in the year, but the circumstance is not very serious. 
Born in 1980
Age: 38
In general, the 38-year-old people will be lucky according to Monkey fortune prediction in 2018. In career, it is possible for Monkey people to get appreciation from their bosses and colleagues as long as they can fight for the enterprise positively. The Year of the Dog may not be a perfect time to find true love for the people born in 1980 for there may not be high level of luck in this aspect. They may get good fortune on wealth if they grasp the opportunity to progress the business on real estate. 
Born in 1968
Age: 50
In 2018, people at the age of 50 will have steady development on career and wealth. They may get increased income because their bosses may give them a raise on position. This year is also a good time for them to recover from the diseases. It is possible for people suffered by gastrointestinal issues to get recovery as long as they do some exercises. 
Born in 1956
Age: 62
People at the age of 62 may get nice fortune in the year of 2018 because they will have a stable and smooth development in career. After their retirement, it is likely to gain high pension. However, their luck of love may not be that good, so singles may be unable to find their true love. They will have the harmonious relation with their family members. It is pleased that people born in 1956 will maintain physical fitness, and the possibility of getting disease is low.
Born in 1944
Age: 74
People born in 1944 will get good fortune in 2018. They may earn much money as long as they work hard. The elder should pay attention to their digestive function, and it is good time to have an operation on serious lithiasis. They can have good relationship with families and friends in 2018 as well.

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