Monkey’s Personality by Blood Types

Monkey with Blood Type O

Personality Traits: Optimistic & Decisive

 Strong Points: Because of the open-minded and curious personalities, people born in the Year of the Monkey with Blood Type O are always willing to learn new things in order to adapt to new work content and environment better. They don’t pay much attention to their gain and loss. Sometimes, they think that those pains and sorrows will be useful one day. Difficulties and frustrations are wealth in their eyes. They are good at making full use of their interpersonal relations. High communicating skills always help them get necessary information. Their positive attitude makes their family members and friends feel relaxed when getting along with them. They know how to adjust themselves as soon as possible even if meeting some big difficulties.

 Weak Points: Although they are born with many good qualities, several shortcomings are still existed, such as playful character, weak responsibility and less patience. So they are not suitable for being leaders. Lack of chariness and caution will leave an impression of indifference. In this way, they are usually not assigned to important tasks in a team. Even though they learn things quicker than others, their indolence give many chances to others.

 Love: They seek distinctive and special love experience. They are not satisfied with normal things which normal couples do. They prefer to find lovers who are more like intimate friends. Common values and life experiences make lots of common topics. Equal and soul communication is the final target for them. They would like to follow their hearts. They won’t impose anyone. At the same time, they don’t like to be forced to do anything, especially for love.

 Suggestion: They need to change the habit of excessive self-indulgence. In daily life, it is good to set several fundamental principles that can restrict themselves to some extent. Treat everything with serious attitude even if the thing is trivial. Try to complete proper business with more patience and willpower. However, it doesn’t mean that they cannot have time to relax. Just develop a nice habit of ‘Work First, Enjoy Second’. In this way, they will be very close to great success.

Monkey with Blood Type A

Personality Traits: Intelligent & Energetic

 Strong Points: Most people with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign and blood type A are earnest, astute and calm. The diligent, hardworking and responsible personalities bring lots of positive influences to their career. Facing complicated working tasks, they can always see the essential part of the matter and make systemic plans to complete. They are the people with pragmatic, right-minded and reassuring characteristics. As for interpersonal relations, they always help friends as long as they can. Therefore they always gain friends’ respect and support in daily life. The office atmosphere often becomes relaxing and pleasant because of them. They seem like ice-breakers that usually deliver happy mood to people around. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have principles of doing things. Their actions won’t contradict their declared moral principles.

 Weak Points: Sometimes, they are slow to respond other people’s words. This action is often misinterpreted as block-headed or indifferent. So they easily feel upset and frustrated. The inimical mentality will make them more sensitive and suspicious. Excessive conscientiousness produces many pressures. They always try to consider every detail which makes them feel so tired. Most of them detect themselves very difficult to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

 Love: They never show a frivolous image to lovers. They are perfect and ideal soul mates because they are gentle, humorous and romantic. What they want most is to find a person who can share happiness and sufferings with them. They pay much attention on others’ opinions. Respect and freedom are keys to help them find everlasting love relationship.

 Suggestion: Beside their gifted mind and excellent abilities, friends’ help are also important for them. Group power will promote big success to their career or study. They are advised to start their own business, such as operating restaurants or cafes because they have great-hearted and vigorous personality traits. Teacher is also a good job, for they meet the job requirements of responsibility, honesty and selflessness. It’s not suggested to find a fast paced job such as salesman, actor and journalist.

Monkey with Blood Type B

Personality Traits: Mature & Humorous

 Strong Points: People with blood type B are always out-going, frank and sprightly in daily life. In addition, the confident, modest and considerate characteristics are also their outstanding qualities. They are easy to become leaders in a group work. Kind-hearted and generous natures make things develop smoothly. Surrounding people are willing to obey them. They are never shy to express their innovative ideas and proposals. Strong adaptability and flexibility are good for using their strengths. Most of them have harmonious personal relations because they always put themselves in others’ place. In this way, they win respect and support from people around. As for career, their ideas are usually in tune with the times so that they can always grasp many golden development opportunities. Reasonable ways to manage money also increase their wealth day after day.

 Weak Points: The advantageous enthusiastic personality causes the biggest shortcoming. That is the lack of patience and strong will. Sometimes, just a few days after they have made a hard decision, they would change their minds and start to do something new. Especially, if they didn’t see the achievements in a short period of time, they will easily give up and find other chances. Born self-superiority makes them always consider their own gain and loss. Strong subjective awareness is regarded as a disrespectful behavior in other people’s eyes. In addition, competitive instinct also leads to their jealous characteristic.

 Love: In their love relationship, most of them are loyal to their lovers and marriages. They are not good at saying many funny things to attract the opposite sex. If they are attracted by someone, they will choose to care about the person quietly. When they want to establish a stable love relationship actively, it means that they fall in love with someone deeply. Their honest and mature personalities can give enough sense of security. Gentle and mild people are the most suitable for them.

 Suggestion: How to keep modest is the first thing that they need to learn and improve. This good personality will bring them a lot of help in the future life. Don't be over complacent because of occasional successes. Before making decisions, it is suggested to have a complete plan and periodical goals. When there is any objection or divergence, other people’s suggestions are important references that can avoid failures as far as possible.

Monkey with Blood Type AB

Personality Traits: Sensitive & Out-going

 Strong Points: This kind of people not only have Blood Type AB’s extrovert, keen, swanky and quick-minded traits, but also occupy Monkey’s clever, quick-witted and versatile characteristics. They have very strong sense of self-respect. Their litigious images ask them to be the first one to get success. In normal life, they are skillful in catching favorable opportunities to create wealth. At the same time, their hard work and excellent abilities will be appreciated by leaders and colleagues. In general, most of them will have smooth and nice lives. No big and serious setbacks will bother them in the early and middle age.

 Weak Points: Actually, they are simple people because others can easily figure out pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy on their faces. In some certain circumstances, they don’t know how to control and hide their true feelings. The mood changes dramatically, which leads to others’ dissatisfactions. Besides, even if they have humorous and funny character, they usually tend to use cynical tone to point out others’ mistakes. This behavior brings many discomforts to people around.

 Love: They always play the more active role in a relationship. They like making plans or decisions for their lovers. Their fancy and romantic ideas will capture their lovers’ hearts easily. They are honest and frank. Meanwhile, they also require their soul mates to obey the same principle. Enthusiastic sweet love needs efforts from both sides. When they get depressed, they need someone to encourage and support them. After that, confidence and optimism will come back to them again.

 Suggestion: First of all, sarcasm - a roundabout way of talking is not a good habit. They are advised to express their ideas and dissatisfaction directly. This way can be accepted by others. Secondly, learn how to properly hide their moods and emotions at certain circumstances. Don’t fully expose themselves. This is not the way to solve problems. On the contrary, it sometimes brings negative influences to people around.

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Questions & Answers on Monkey Personality by Blood Types
Asked by Onyinye from NIGERIA | Mar. 24, 2018 04:39Reply
I was born 20th April,1980,please what is my lucky numbers from 1-80 thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Skyler from SINGAPORE | Mar. 26, 2018 02:37

1, 7 and 8 will be your lucky numbers.
Asked by ChineseMon from INDIAN OCEAN | Jan. 17, 2018 04:09Reply
Hello I was born a water monkey 1992 and my boyfriend is a Wood Rat 1984.
1. Is he the one lifetime partner that I will be marrying with?
2. How is our love relationship going to be in 2018?
3. Am I going to improve my money situation?
4. Is considering working abroad good for me?
Answers (1)
Answered by Liam from FINLAND | Jan. 17, 2018 20:45

1. Yes, you are born to be a perfect match. Optimistic attitude towards life will make you solve troubles together. You can tolerate the shortcomings of each other. You will have a tacit understanding after long-time’s living together.
2. Your love life will be stable in the whole year. There are several chances to get married in 2018.
3. Yes, you can earn some extra money by making several investments.
4. You should establish more confidence. You have enviable and outstanding abilities. Thus it will be possible for you to work abroad.

Good luck!
Asked by Carrie from UNITED STATES | Nov. 24, 2017 16:19Reply
Will we reunite? Him June 28, 1968 Her February 20, 1971.
Intense 3 month relationship ended suddenly but still talking. Will we reunite? Are we meant to be together to accomplish our goals? I know we have 80% compatibility.
Answers (1)
Answered by Sebastian from FRANCE | Nov. 27, 2017 02:43

If you two can show more understanding and patience to each other in daily life, your love relationship will become more stable. And there will be a large chance to accomplish your common goals. Good luck!
Asked by NP from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 17, 2017 04:44Reply
My bf and I have been together for 5 years. He's born on 11/05/1992 while I was born on 11/02/1992.
So we're both Scorpio and Monkey. I would like to know if how compatible we are and when is the best time to get married and have kids. Thanks!
Answers (1)
Answered by Taylor from USA | Nov. 20, 2017 20:25

You may have distinct personality traits, and you are deeply attracted by each other, which enables you to discover the good side of life. This combination will bring good results. Don't worry.
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