Monkey - Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Monkey

March, June, July, August, December
 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Click to check your birth month in Chinese lunar calendar.


Born in January

People with Chinese zodiac Monkey born in January are healthy, energetic, honest and generous. They get little help from the kin but lots of help from others. About career, they may achieve success and earn a lot if leaving their hometown; but they may also spend a lot.

Born in February

Their fortune is not very good. Although they are clever and may get lots of help from last generations, they may not get a high position in work and their wealth may go ups and downs because of betrayals from the villains around. Be careful and honest and do not just focus on the immediate benefits.

Born in March

People born in March in year of the Monkey are smart, talented, gentle and humble. They may live a happy and leisurely life without disaster and lacking no food and clothing. But it is hard for them to be super rich. Their marriage life is perfect. Their career can succeed in many fields with the help of friends, except the agricultural field.

Born in April

Their life as a whole is half happy and half difficult. They are smart, capable, intelligent, and energetic. They may be hard working but it is difficult for them doing a big business and becoming rich until middle ages. During their lifetime, they may argue frequently with others and need to spend money to avoid some possible disasters.

Born in May

Monkey people born in May are sociable, polite, honest and humble. They like to help others; in turn they can get help from others in career. However, due to thin ancestral accumulation, they may live a difficult early life. In middle ages, the good luck starts to fall on them and in late life, their life may be abundant and happy.

Born in June

Born in June with Chinese zodiac Monkey, people are ordinary but living a leisurely life. They may get support and help from parents, brothers and sisters in many fields except the financial field. They do not have a big life goal and love the stable and peaceful life, so they may always be cheerful. As a whole, their life has no big disasters and is happy.

Born in July

They are not ambitious, so may not obtain a big success in career. But they do not lack food and clothing at all, and can live a happy and comfortable life. The relationship with parents, brothers and sisters, partner and descents are in general harmonious.

Born in August

People born in August in year of the Monkey can live an either glorious or carefree life. They are clever, intelligent, talented, virtuous, honest and humble. In career, they can get help from friends, achieve success, and obtain both fame and benefits. In family, their partner is supportive and the children are nice.

Born in September

Their life may go big ups and downs, and as a whole is plain. Monkey people born in September are energetic, talented, ambitious and skilled in certain field. But due to seldom help from others and their timid personality, their career may not succeed. If they work hard on their skills, they can also make a significant achievement.

Born in October

Monkey people born in October are talented but lacking of courage, determination, and perseverance. They only want to live a stable life. If they could work hard based on their detailed analysis on the social situation, they may become the world famous big person.

Born in November

Born in November, people with Chinese zodiac Monkey are straightforward, talented, kind, brave and generous. However, they may be not good at gathering money and get little help from the kin; if they leave hometown to make a living, the situation may be different.

Born in December

As a whole, they may live an either happy or rich life. Being kind, their life is also peaceful. Due to their hard working in study, they may get famous and admired by others in early ages. Their late life is carefree.

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