Which Type of 'Monkey' Are You?

-- Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements


Wood Monkey (1944, 2004)

 Personality: Analyzing from Chinese zodiac and Five Elements, they are born to be optimistic, industrious and warm-hearted. They are people full of sympathy, and glad to provide help to others. They are responsible and faithful to friends. With accurate sense of time, they are always punctual in meetings and appointments.

 Career: They are diligent, busy and aspiring in finishing their work, as they always put work in the first place. Their fortune in career is favorable, as they can solve problems resorting to their own capability. Their careful and ambitious character is appreciated by leaders, and they would easily get the chance for promotion.

 Wealth: People born in the Wood Monkey Years get nice fortune in wealth. Although their working life is much harder than others, their income makes all their efforts worthwhile. If they spend some time learning more about financing, they would live a worry-free life in their later years.

 Love: They get admiring love life. Being stable and enthusiastic in a relationship, they could harvest a sweet marriage life. Small squabbles are inevitable. If they could make compromises, the love and relationship will not be affected.

 Health: After 40, they need pay special attention to the kidney disease.


Fire Monkey (1956, 2016)

 Personality: Monkey people with Five Elements sign of Fire are brave, adventurous, persistent and energetic. With passion and enthusiasm for success, they are bold enough to take challenges. Ambitious and hot-tempered, they set long-term goals for a lifetime. They are dominant, mighty and jealous, and they desire money and power much.

 Career: Fire Monkeys can open up their career in a foreign land when they are young, and the possibility of success is huge. They are not afraid of stress and competition in work, and they even take advantage of them. Although they may need to give much more efforts than others, they can win others’ respect and appreciation.

 Wealth: Their luck in wealth is really pleasant, and they have fair chances to make a big fortune. They can probably earn easy and fast money, so it is doable to try stock or lottery. They could also be brilliant businessmen no matter what kind of industry they seek. In addition, real estate is a safe option for investment.

 Love: They like to make friends with different people. However, when they are in a stable relationship for a long time, they may get entangled in extramarital affair. If they deal with it irrationally, they may lose true love forever.

 Health: They get flat luck in health, so they need to keep fit through balanced diet and regular exercises.

Earth Monkey (1908, 1968)

 Personality: Earth Monkeys have a brave heart, and they keep an optimistic attitude towards life. Confronting with adversities, they are calm, independent and tactful. As peace lovers, they do not like to quarrel with others. They are quite vigilant against strange people, so sometimes they may offend others unconsciously.

 Career: Influenced by zodiac sign of Monkey and Five Elements sign of Earth, they have stable fortune in their career, and some of them could achieve success in career from nothing. All their good fortune comes from their hard working. If they specialize in one field or dig deeper on one technique, they could become brilliant.

 Wealth: They are thrift and industrious in character, but their fortune in wealth is prosperous. If they know something about financing, they would accumulate a great amount of money. When meeting economic crisis, there will be nice people coming for help. Their luck in easy money is also nice, but they still need to make budget in daily life.

 Love: They may find their life partners among friends or colleagues, and their relationship will also go smooth if they carefully maintain it. Females' love life is not stable. If they communicate more with each other, the trust issues will be well handled.

 Health: There is no severe concern on fitness, and they need to take exercises to build up their body.

Metal Monkey (1920, 1980)

 Personality: Metal Monkeys are clever, humorous, versatile and confident. They pursue freedom during their entire life. They are outgoing and highly esteemed, and it would be hard for them to take advice from others. Besides, they are scheming when dealing with interpersonal relationships.

 Career: In career, they are unwilling to be left behind, so they always strive hard in fierce competition. They are suitable for work that needs creativity, and they could be talented writers or artists. Their family cannot help them much in career, so they need to start their business from nothing on their own.

 Wealth: Metal Monkey’s wealth usually comes from their daily savings which are earned by hard working. When they make a fortune, they should buy some antiques or jewelry for investment. They should stay away from gambling activities or lottery in case of unnecessary money loss.

 Love: They are not good at dealing with interpersonal relationship, but their love life would develop smoothly. They should avoid getting married too early. The triangle love may happen on them, and they need to cope with that sensibly.

 Health: Their immunity is weak, so they may suffer some common sicknesses often. They should also pay special attention to the dietetic hygiene.

Water Monkey (1932, 1992)

 Personality: They have staunch, responsible and courageous characters. Sometimes a bit aggressive, they may come across problems when dealing with interpersonal relationship. They are acute and enterprising, willing to take challenges and risks. If they lie less, they could make more true friends.

 Career: Water Monkeys have outstanding abilities of organizing and guiding, so they have potential to become good leaders. However, their aggressive personality may bring obstacles in their career path. If they want to get promoted in government system, they need to handle the relationship well and become more modest and keep in low profile.

 Wealth: On the whole, they get good fortune in wealth at young and middle age. Their stable income can support them to live a well-off life. Now and then they may get some unexpected extra income, but they should avoid being too greedy. When the investments generate profits, they are recommended to buy some real estate.

 Love: Being kind of lucky in love affair, they could easily find their soul mates among friends and peers. Their marriage life is also stable and harmonious.

 Health: Some of them may have staying-up habits, which would do much harm to health. Enough rest is a must for their fitness.

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