Monkey - Destiny by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates for Monkey

1st, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 23rd, 25th, 26th, 28th days of a month

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Click to check your birth month in Chinese lunar calendar.

 Born on 1st day of a month
The Monkeys born on these days are predicted to have an auspicious destiny. Males born on these days are talented and females are skillful and virtuous.

 Born on 2nd day of a month
For this group of people, the good luck is always followed by bad luck. When the bad things come, deal with them cautiously!

 Born on 3rd day of a month
Although they can make a fortune, it may disappear in a flash due to their failure in career. So be careful when make big decisions!

 Born on 4th day of a month
According to fate prediction, their early and middle life is great and they can make a big fortune. But the bad luck may fall upon in late life. It is advised to save some money for the late life.

 Born on 5th day of a month
People with Chinese zodiac Monkey born on these days are clever, brave, and sensitive. They are able to act according to changing circumstances.

 Born on 6th day of a month
They may develop career not so smoothly and make money not so easily, which can only meet their basic needs. But their late half life is happy.

 Born on 7th day of a month
Even though they work very hard, it is difficult for them to achieve success due to the setbacks along their life path. However, if the birth hour is auspicious, the destiny can be good.

 Born on 8th day of a month
Their life time is predicted to be busy, but there is a great possibility for them to be successful and make money from many areas.

 Born on 9th day of a month
With flexible mind, strong will, self-motivation, and never do things by halves, they can be successful businessmen.

 Born on 10th day of a month
Males born on these days in the year of the Monkey are sensitive and good-looking; females are clever and beautiful. Both of them are optimistic, decent and honest.

 Born on 11th day of a month
Their career may develop smoothly, bringing them good fortune. However, their family life may not be happy because of the not-so-good relationship between them and their partners.

 Born on 12th day of a month
There is no disaster along their life path. Good at doing business, they can live a rich life. However, they may have too many love relationships, which can bring them troubles.

 Born on 13th day of a month
It is predicted that people with Chinese zodiac Monkey born on these days may live a difficult and busy early life. Their destiny turns good in middle ages and they may be a high-rank official.

 Born on 14th day of a month
The fate of this group of Monkey is quite good. Inherited a lot from their ancestors and assisted by their parents and dignified persons, they can live a rich life.

 Born on 15th day of a month
Being gentle, kind, honest and respectable, their life path is generally smooth with only a few bumps.

 Born on 16th day of a month
This group of people born in the year of the Monkey is smart and rational. There is a great chance for them to be an official. Their marriage life is happy and harmonious.

 Born on 17th day of a month
Being clever, skillful and able to make small fortune, they may live an abundant life.

 Born on 18th day of a month
Their life may be busy, but steady and they will not lack money. Pay attention to health during the late half life.

 Born on 19th day of a month
Being talented and knowledgeable, they may be a government official. However, their official career may not be smooth with ups and downs. 

 Born on 20th day of a month
Due to their weak-willed personalities, they change their staying places and jobs frequently. About love life, it may be colorful as they may have several love relationships.

 Born on 21st day of a month
Being lazy, unambitious, addicted to comfortable life, and afraid of difficult and tiring jobs, they may make no contributions to this society.

 Born 22nd day of a month
For this group of Monkey, their first half life is bitter and busy with some setbacks while the late half life is sweet with good luck falling upon.

 Born on 23rd day of a month
Their intelligence and skills may bring them not only money and power, but also fame. As a whole, their life is smooth.

 Born on 24th day of a month
Although being clever, there may be no chance for them to use it. About career, they may get little help from parents and relatives and can only develop it by themselves.

 Born on 25th day of a month
This group of persons born in the year of the Monkey is wise and talented and may benefit a lot from going to school. They may be a high-rank official in the government.

 Born on 26th day of a month
Their life is predicted to be good. Males with Chinese zodiac Monkey born on these days are clever and good at doing business; they can be rich after middle life. Females born on these days are beautiful.

 Born on 27th day of a month
Being talented and resourceful, they can develop their career into a large scale and make a big fortune. However, they are tend to be spendthrifts saving nothing.

 Born on 28th day of a month
Born with leadership, they may reach a high position in the government, contributing a lot to the society and making themselves famous. 

 Born on 29th day of a month
Their fate before adult may not be so good but it turns good after and their life path will be flat since after.

 Born on 30th day of a month
Along their career path, there are more successes than failures, leading them to a rich life. However, they are kind of addicted to love affairs, which may bring them troubles.

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Questions & Answers on Monkey - Destiny by Birth Date
Asked by Micha from PHILIPPINES | Apr. 21, 2021 01:18Reply
I'm born on 2nd of March, 1992.
What should I do to increase my luck and what should I do to avoid bad luck? Thankyou..
Answers (1)
Answered by Declan | Apr. 25, 2021 23:43

You are born with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign. In career, you are suggested to keep the modest attitude all the time and accept other people's suggestions. :)
Asked by Lisa from CANADA | Mar. 11, 2019 14:20Reply
I am a metal monkey born on the 18th with a O blood type.
I ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately and want to know which careers would suit my category best?

Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Andy from SINGAPORE | Mar. 11, 2019 19:38

Hi, this may depends on your own interests and professional skills. The horoscope cannot help you too much.
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