Monkey - Best Jobs and Working Partners

Best Jobs for Monkey

Linguist, diplomats, journalists, entertainers, businessmen, professional athletes, stockbrokers, detectives, lawyers, programmers…


Suitable Occupation Fields for Monkey

Challenging work

The Monkey are not easily influenced by others and they are not discouraged by their own failures. They are only determined to do things better, so they can become creators and pioneers in a certain field. They have a strong ability to accept new things and will put them into practice. And they have strong curiosity and want to try everything. Boring work always makes Monkey people feel bored. They like challenges and thrills. Only in challenging jobs can they feel fulfilled, otherwise they will feel dull even if they are busy. Therefore, professional athletes, stockbrokers and other challenging jobs are good choices for the Monkey people.

Logical work

The Monkey are calm and can deal with complicated problems in an orderly way. They can master a lot of knowledge and are typical generalists. They never act blindly. They always make multiple plans before doing things and also consider the consequences of failure. Hence, they are suitable for works requiring logical thinking such as detective, lawyer and programmer.


Monkey should choose jobs that place more emphasis on their individual abilities and give themselves more space. Freelance is a good choice. Actors, writers and journalists are all their ideal professions, which can make the Monkey people give their full paly.

Fields that Need Eloquence

Chinese zodiac Monkey people will achieve great success in literature and they are very likely to become a linguist. Also, they like talking very much and they have excellent eloquence. And their talk won't annoy others, but is deeply liked by others. They are very suitable for the job such as host, because a host can not only satisfy their talking desire, but also bring joy to the people around them. In addition, occupations like reporters, diplomats, businessmen, and so on are also a good choice for them.


Jobs Not Suitable For Monkey

They have changeable personalities and little patience. Therefore, they are not suitable to work as accountants, doctors, nurses, etc.


Working Partners for Monkey

Best Working Partners

Rat, Dragon & Snake
No matter who they work with, the cooperation will be very successful and they can make great achievement.

Good Working Partners

Rooster & Dog
Only when the three of them work together can cooperation be of the greatest value.

Bad Working Partners

Tiger & Pig
It is hardly for the Monkey to cooperate with the Tiger and the Pig, because they often have different opinions.


How to Work Happily

People born in the year of the Monkey are generous, confident and sociable, so they have a good popularity in their work place. Flexible Monkey people are good at solving various difficulties and complicated problems, so they can in general work happily.

They have a persistent pursuit in their career. Even if they feel overloaded, they will not complain. However, they are unwilling to face up to the contradictions and conflicts, especially those problems that have not been considered seriously by themselves, Monkey will take a boycott attitude. And they are too self-centered and like to manipulate others in their work. Acting impulsively often does no good to themselves. Therefore, learn to stay calm and rational, take every detail into consideration and listen more to workmates; all these will help the Monkeys be happy with their work.

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