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Monkey - Luck Prediction by Month 2017

In the Year of Rooster 2017, people with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign would get enviable luck in all respects. In work, they can make breakthroughs easily if more efforts are put into the jobs. Their intelligence and capability are also recognized by work fellows, so career goes smoothly. Harmonious relationship also benefits them much, and health problems barely bother them.
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Monkey Fortune in 2017

  Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).

 January (01/28/2017 – 02/25/2017)

In a new lunar year, Monkeys will get rid of the misfortune in the first month. With the power of lucky stars, it can be foreseen that they could obtain a very bright prospect of life. However, they will still face some obstacles in their career, as their work comes to a bottleneck stage. Concerning relationship, single Monkeys have few chances to find their soul mates.
 February (02/26/2017 –03/27/2017)

According to Chinese zodiac prediction, their luck takes a turn for the better in the second lunar month. As long as they find the right direction in career and make efforts toward it, they would gain a satisfying outcome. Meanwhile, the relationship with colleagues becomes more harmonious, which make the team work fulfilled more efficiently. For people in love, if they are willing to please the other with smart tricks, the affair could remain as fresh as before. 
 March (03/28/2017 – 04/25/2017)

A very favorable upturn will happen to people with zodiac sign of Monkey, which means everything will be in good order. Their endeavors are recognized by their leaders, which bring them chances of promotion. Besides, for single young men, they may meet their soul mates. For girls, if pursued by some noble guys, they should be brave to make a step forward.
 April (04/26/2017 – 05/25/2017)

Changes take place frequently in this month, and Monkey’s luck develops at a steady pace. New challenges will shows up in their work, so they need to find ways to conquer them. If given opportunities for business trips, they would better seize them to show their capability. Furthermore, travelling to a desired destination is also a good way to defuse the bad luck.
 May (05/26/2017 – 06/23/2017)

Their luck meets a downturn this month, and Monkeys need to be well prepared for that. Their suggestions and ideas can be hardly agreed by work fellows or bosses, while their settled work plan also goes unsmooth. These blocks cannot be removed easily unless they devote more time and energy to solve problems one by one. Remember to keep a modest and calm mind when dealing with different people.
 June (06/24/2017 – 08/21/2017)

The good fortune will continue according to Chinese zodiac luck prediction. In this month, people born in the Year of Monkey need to be fully devoted in their job. Although having good luck, they can scarcely get obvious progress without concentration and persistence. As the fortune in wealth is favorable in this month, they could try to make some investment. Health condition is a bit worrying, but doctors will handle that.

  Note: June is leap month in 2017 according to Chinese lunar calendar, so the period is about two-month long.
 July (08/22/2017 – 09/19/2017)

Monkey’s interpersonal relationships are impacted by the poor luck in this month, which would upset their aspiration in work. However, the fortune in money is still stable, and they had better not lend money out. In regard to life expense, they should make a detailed budget and avoid costing too much on entertainment.
 August (09/20/2017 – 10/19/2017)

Their fortune becomes even worse in this period of time, which is mainly presented in their interpersonal relationships. Peoplw with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign must keep themselves in low profile, and never try hard to be the spotlight on public occasions. Especially for those rich people, they should never show off their wealth to friends or partners. Otherwise they would suffer economic losses. Monkey people are advised to invest more money in improving themselves but not enjoying eating and dressing.
 September (10/20/2017 – 11/17/2017)

The bad luck will change for better in the ninth lunar month as long as they try the best to fulfill their work tasks. If they get along well with people around them, they could make improvements constantly. Some ailments like headache and diarrhea may occur to them, so they would better have some physical examinations in hospitals and take regular exercise to build up their bodies.
 October (11/18/2017 – 12/17/2017)

The prediction shows that their luck fluctuates a lot in this month, so they need to notice some accidents caused by sudden changes. Most problems come from the interpersonal relationships but not work. Thus, they should behave themselves and never stir a trouble with others. Although being in depression, they are supposed to keep an optimistic attitude towards life. What’s more, the senior family members need their extra care.
 November (12/18/2017 – 01/16/2018)

People born in the Year of the Monkey get average luck in this month, with everything developing smooth. There is no big change, and both their work and finance are in a stable stage. However, they need to be very careful when making great decisions. They should never exert themselves in drinking and dating, but spend more time with families and friends. Keep an eye to the diet issue and avoid disease entering from mouth.
 December (01/17/2018 – 02/15/2018)

The general luck is very pleasant in the last lunar month of Rooster Year. They can enjoy some leisure time at home, provided that they maintain the right lifestyle and positive working attitude. The blessings and wealth will come by themselves. Nevertheless, they should give attention to their overeating problem, which poses a threat to their health. Thus it’s wise to keep a low-fat diet.
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