Monkey - Luck Prediction by Month 2022


According to Monkey’s luck in 2022, it is a year full of chances and challenges. 

There will be chances in work for them to make progress, on the premise that they can seize them and work hard with positive attitude. When making investment, learn from trust worthy persons and the lucky months include June, July, September and November. For singles, make more efforts in February, April, May, June, November and December when the possibility for them to start dating is high. Their health will not experience too much ups and downs. Take care of themselves in daily life; even if there is an illness, they can recover soon. 
 See general introduction to Monkey Fortune in 2022.
Monkey Luck in 2022

  Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/01/2022 – 03/02/2022)

In the first lunar month of 2022, people born with Chinese zodiac Monkey will be blessed with some chances in work. However, it seems they will miss them, but spend energy pursuing the goals out of their ability and in the end feel depressed. Remember this Monkey luck prediction in 2022 in the bottom of heart and try to avoid it happening. The wealth luck is plain. The salary is only enough to cover the daily cost and do not waste it in invest. Their love relationship may be influenced by others. To maintain it, they’d better spend more time with their lover. For singles, it is not a lucky month to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right. 


(03/03/2022 – 03/31/2022)

It is a lucky month for people with Chinese zodiac Monkey. They will meet many chance s in work to make progress and get appreciated by leaders and workmates, especially when cooperating with other companies. However, they will be busier than before because of heavier workload. Even though, remember to take enough rest in order to keep health. Luckily, the good performance in work will bring them good return in the form of money, supporting them to live a better life this month. Their love fortune is good, and there is a high possibility for the singles to start dating, especially males; and the married ones can receive comfort from their partner timely.


(04/01/2022 – 04/30/2022)

According to Chinese zodiac luck prediction, the third lunar month is also a lucky month for those born in the year of the Monkey in many aspects. They are likely to gain extra income through cooperating with others in work, and during the process some resourceful person may be glad to offer help. In this month, they are prone to make some new friends who can help them with their future career development. Their family life is peaceful and family members get well along with each other. Their health fortune is fine. But do not take it lightly. Keep regular exercise in spare time and follow a healthy life routine.


(05/01/2022 – 05/29/2022)

This month, opportunities and challenges coexist in their work and they may feel more pressured than before. Be careful when handle things together with government official. Do not have a hand in risky investment or lend money to others, for it is predicted they will meet financial losses and even crisis in the fourth lunar month. There are opportunities for them to know some attracting opposite sexes and it is easier for females to make a progress than males. Their physical status may not be so good. They may feel weak and tired more often than before. Have enough rest and keep doing exercise, which will help rejuvenate them. 


(05/30/2022 – 06/28/2022)

According to 2022 luck prediction by month, Monkeys are likely to feel pressured in work in the 5th lunar month, but they can face it positively and solve the problems cleverly. This month, they may spend more money with reasonable reasons. However, the luck in pursuing additional income is not good, especially from stock or other forms of investment, so they may feel a little stressed financially by the end of the month. Someone may help the singles know their Mr. or Mrs. Right. However, it requires themselves to make efforts to start the relationship and maintain it. Those in marriage are likely to get along well with their partner as a whole in May. For unknown reasons, their immunity may decrease. So they’d better pay more attention to their health; do not go to places where the air is bad; and be careful when stay closely with those catching a cold. 


(06/29/2022 – 07/28/2022)

The lunar June is a lucky month for the singles born in the year of the Monkey. There is a great chance for them to meet kind-hearted people and fall in love with each other. Their fortune in career is also satisfying. To be specific, it is a lucky month for them to pass tests, find a new job or get support from talented people in work. Even though, they need to make efforts instead of doing nothing. Otherwise, the good luck will slip away without a trace. Their wealth fortune is on an uptrend. In addition to stable salary, they are likely to gain satisfying returns from investment together with reliable persons. The health fortune is the worst compared with those in other aspects, because they may have to drink a lot when attending social activities. For their own health, learn to refuse toasts skillfully and politely and do not over drink. 


(07/29/2022 – 08/26/2022)

Their fortune in making extra money in addition to regular salary is good. But it requires them to do something to make it come true instead of waiting for pennies from heaven. About career, they are prone to be busy and feel restricted and uneasy about some rules. But it is possible for them to achieve the monthly goals at the end. The prediction says the married Monkeys will have an affair and hence ruin their marriage. To avoid this, they should be honest to their partner and keep a distance from the temptations outside. Their health may be risked by respiratory disease or hepatobiliary disease; be cautious and take preventive measures. Also, do not act impulsively, which may threat their safety. 


(08/27/2022 – 09/25/2022)

Entering August in Chinese lunar calendar, Monkeys seem not interested in work and may make some mistakes because of their negative attitude. But the situation is expected to change by the end of the month and it is possible for them to complete the monthly tasks finally. During the process of accumulating wealth, they may meet many obstacles and even worse, their efforts may not be paid accordingly, which may make them feel depressed. This month, as they care less about their lover, who in turn will be unsatisfied about them and because of this, their relationship may not be as close as before. If they still want to maintain the relationship, change the altitude towards the other half timely. The possibility for them to get sick is high this month and they’d better look after themselves more carefully. 


(09/26/2022 – 10/24/2022)

It is likely that they will get some help from others in work and also benefiting from their own hard work, they can achieve the short-term goals. But they may feel restricted and supervised by leaders very often. With the assistance of elder family members or through their own talents, it’s possible for them to earn extra income in 9th lunar month, especially from stock. Their love fortune is just so-so. Fortunately, they start to show their care towards the partner more often, which help drag them closer. This month, they may feel not very well every now and then, but it won’t influence their life a lot. Try to get rid of the bad living habits, which will make them feel better gradually. 


(10/25/2022 – 11/23/2022)

It is predicted that they will be willing to spend more energy in work this month. As they are smart, their focus on work will lead to good results not surprisingly. Under the guidance of friends, they may spend more than they can earn and go into debt by the end of the month. So think twice before making the payment. For singles, do not waste energy finding their Mr. or Mrs. Right in October, because it sees little chance of success. For those being dating, their relationship is stable but it is difficult for them to make a big progress. For married ones, think more for the other half and their family life will be harmonious in general. Keep healthy living habits and do not stay up late often and their physical status will be fine. 


(11/24/2022 – 12/22/2022)

People born in the year of the Monkey are intend to be positive about their work and eager to push the project forward. During the process, they will accumulate lots of experiences which will be helpful for their future development. Blessed by good wealth luck, it is very possible for them to make additional money to improve their living standard. The better life quality will help enhance the tie between them and their lover. Being busy with work, they may not have time to eat well and have enough rest, which may lead them to catch a cold or other minor illnesses.


(12/23/2022 – 01/21/2023)

According to Monkey luck prediction in 2022, they will work hard in the last lunar month of the year, hence make good performance and gain more useful experiences and get higher return economically. The singles will have chances to meet a charming opposite sex and it is possible for them to start dating through continuous efforts. The love life of the married people is peaceful but lack of romance. They are advised to go out dating with their partner every now and then instead of just staying at home, which help make their life interesting. Their health fortune is not bad, but not good either. A few illnesses may occur to brother them, but it will not be serious and can be cured soon. 
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Questions & Answers on Monkey\s Luck Prediction by Month 2022
Asked by Nicolasa Pamela Padilla from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 09, 2021 16:27Reply
I've been unemployed since December 30, 2020. When will I find a new job ?
I was born on Sept. 10, 1968. I feel I have been unlucky in my search of an ideal employer. I have changed employers. Will I find my ideal employer soon?
I have been widowed since July 2016. I had a relationship last 2018. Right now, I have an American lover . Our relationship started just a few days ago. Will he be the one I will end up with?
Thank you so much.
Answers (1)
Answered by Candace | Feb. 14, 2021 18:18

You should have more confidence about yourself. It's predicted that you would find an ideal employer soon. Besides, you should be brave in the love relationship. Just follow your heart. You two can become a good match.
Asked by Shary from UNITED STATES | Oct. 08, 2020 11:50Reply
DoB 24/12/1968
I'm out of work since August 2020 and looking for new work. When will I get a suitable one?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jayden | Oct. 13, 2020 00:41

You are born with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign. The prediction indicates that you would find many golden chances to find a job in late 2020 or early 2021. Don't worry.
Asked by John from MALAYSIA | Aug. 08, 2020 22:13Reply
23/9/1980 male monkey
How’s my career for this remaining 2020
Answers (1)
Answered by Madelyn from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 12, 2020 20:13

It is predicted that the golden chances for jobs would occur in August and December. You should make full use of time and learn more things to improve personal abilities. In this way, you will pass the interview easily.
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