Monkey - Luck Prediction by Month 2018

Monkeys' luck in 2018 will be generally good in many aspects. For career, there are many opportunities to get promotion as long as they strive for the development of work. Good fortune with wealth will bring them increasing salary and high profit. Speculation is not suggested, or they will lose money. Their luck in love life can be great this year, and it is possible for them to find true love based on the Monkey luck prediction in 2018. However, they may feel unwell sometimes, hence a healthy diet is needed in daily life.
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Monkey Fortune in 2018

  Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


 (02/16/2018 - 03/16/2018)

People with Chinese zodiac Monkey may welcome a favorable turn in the first Chinese lunar month. They will have excellent relationship with their colleagues, and the boss may give them the chance of promotion as long as they work hard. Males may have better luck with love affairs than women in January. Monkey people need to pay more attention on healthy issues. They should keep a regular schedule on work and rest, and they are not advised to stay up late. 


 (03/17/2018 - 04/15/2018)

In February, the fortune in career and love life will maintain a stable state according to 2018 prediction by month. They will have a comfortable work environment and can get on well with their colleagues. As for love life, they are still lucky in this month. It is quite possible for men to find soul mates. Monkey people need to keep exercising in their daily life, so that they can throw off the lazy mindset.


 (04/16/2018 - 05/14/2018)

March is suitable for people with Chinese zodiac Monkey to focus on their career, and it is likely for them to get favorable reward. But they should prepare to face the heavy working pressure at the same time. They are supposed to concentrate on the career if they want a good business development. Besides, it is important for them to reduce expenditure in case of financial crisis. They are suggested to maintain physical fitness as well. 


 (05/15/2018 - 06/13/2018)

Generally speaking, April is not a very lucky month for Monkey people. There is no obvious improvement on career because of the persistent pressure. Based on the Chinese zodiac luck prediction, their wealth may not be stable; therefore, they should be very cautious about making any investment. Otherwise, they may be faced with money loss. Regarding health, they are supposed to do physical exercise to prevent the health problems in this period of time. 


 (06/14/2018 - 07/12/2018)

According to the 2018 luck prediction by month, bad things may not have obvious improvement in this month. It is possible for Monkey people to lose money. In order to avoid serious issues, they are advised to keep a low profile and not change the way of working. In addition, they are suggested not to develop the love relationships in this period because of the bad luck.


 (07/13/2018 - 08/10/2018)

Monkey’s fortune is still not good in June. Their poor luck in work may bring them a bad working state. They may meet bad-tempered coworkers so that it is hard to get on well with them. It is likely for them to confront the declining income, and the number of the social activities may be reduced as well. For the development on relationship, there shall be few chances for Monkey people to make new friends in June. 


 (08/11/2018 - 09/09/2018)

Their fortune in relationship will maintain a stable condition in July. In the area of career, they may be arrogant to their predecessors and leaders. It is rather difficult for them to get help from surrounding friends and colleagues. Even worse, they may have more expenditure in July, and saving money can be a little difficult for them.


 (09/10/2018 - 10/08/2018)

In August, Monkey people cannot keep a well-developed relationship with their leaders. Maybe some people will start to consider how to seek for a new job. They may have the poor luck in wealth. Despite this, it is not suggested for them to borrow money from friends or family members in case that they are unable to pay back in a short term.


 (10/09/2018 - 11/07/2018)

They may get rid of the former bad luck in various aspects. In particular, their finance will have a clear improvement in September. There will be many opportunities for them to earn money. If they can seize the opportunity, they may make a lot of money. Besides, Monkey males have fairly good luck in love affair. It is likely for them to meet some good-looking partners with nice personality in working life.


 (11/08/2018 - 12/06/2018)

October is the best time for people born in the Year of the Monkey to resign. They may witness the change of working environment in this month, and they are unable to keep their mind on current work due to this. In addition, there are a lot of chances for them to get development on new business and working styles. Hence, steady income can be guaranteed in the meanwhile.


 (12/07/2018 - 01/05/2019)

People born in the year of Monkey may meet some opportunities to earn much money in November. But it is hard for them to concentrate on making money in certain field because they always think of many channels of earning money. In addition, the bad luck in the development of career can influence their relationship.


 (01/06/2019 - 02/04/2019)

In December,  the luck prediction shows that they may have a stable fortune in wealth. Increasing income may help them stay motivated at work. They need to take care of their health issues in daily life. 

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