1956 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Monkey

Which type of Monkey are people born in 1956 Chinese zodiac year?

In Chinese zodiac, 1956 is the year of the Monkey. And based on Chinese Five Elements, it belongs to the Fire element year. So people with Chinese zodiac Monkey born in 1956 are the Fire Monkey.

As lunar calendar which Chinese people follow is different from Gregorian calendar, the Fire Monkey year in Gregorian calendar starts from February 12, 1956 to January 30, 1957. People who born from January 1 to February 11 in 1956 are the previous Chinese zodiac Wood Sheep.


Lucky Signs for 1956 Fire Monkey

 Lucky Numbers: 1, 2

 Lucky Colors: green, cyan


2020 Horoscope for Fire Monkey Born in 1956

In 2020, Monkeys born in 1956 will have a large chance to obtain a pretty good fortune by hard work. In addition, they are suggested to manage their fortune properly. They could consider making some investments so they may earn more money than last year.

For the luck of career, they will make progresses gradually and may have opportunities to get promoted. But generally, it could be a little tough during the work, and some obstacles may be encountered. Even though, they still need to spare no effort to work hard. Be careful to be complacent about small achievements at work, otherwise, it could easily lead to mistakes for Monkey people. At the same time, don’t put too much pressure on themselves in case of harming their body and mental health. Besides, doing the part-time job is a good way to earn extra money.

In terms of love and relationships, if they are willing to make more new friends, then these people could bring them some happy feelings and inject new blood in their daily lives. Single female Monkeys may have more chances falling in love with others and it will breakthrough if they grab opportunity positively. For Monkey people born in 1956 who already have partners, it is important to be more concerned about their beloved ones and care about their moods.

As for health, they may easily feel tired and have a cold. Physical examinations will be essential and outdoor exercises are also necessary for them. It is better to keep a positive attitude towards life and take part in some social activities to make more friends. Last but not least, keep a good mood and cultivate good eating habits.

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Personality Traits of the 1956 Chinese Zodiac Fire Monkey

People born in 1956 year of the Monkey are born with wisdom, humor and quick mind. Therefore, they are outstanding in many aspects. They are generous, ingenious, confident, delicate in mind and good at imitation. They have lofty ideas and love adventure, so they are very suitable to be business owners.

However, they are impatient and over-ambitious, so they may encounter many strong winds and waves in their life. They put too much emphasis on fame and wealth and have a strong possessive desire. Therefore, learning to be content will make their life happier.

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There is no more big challenges in their career. They will complete their work successfully, and thus be respected and loved by their superiors and colleagues.

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Their wealth fortune becomes better and better. The 1956 Chinese zodiac Fire monkey can accumulate some money after a long time of work. Investment could bring more money for them in their old ages. However, they should keep sane. They must not have the idea of becoming rich overnight, and do not be confused by others to invest financial products with high risk.


Love and Relationships

The 1956 Fire Monkey have a harmonious family which usually admired by others. After getting along with their spouse for such a long time, they have known each other very well, and the relationship between them and their lover is pretty stable now. They can talk more with their spouse to make their marriage life sweeter. Children and grandchildren often visit them, so they are very satisfied with their family life.

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As they are getting older and older, the 1956 Monkey people need to take good care of their body. They should better take more outdoor sports, and travel with their families to relax and not let themselves be too tired. Besides, they should go to the hospital in time and take medicine and rest on time according to the doctor's advice if they feel sick.

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