1944 Chinese Zodiac - Wood Monkey

Which type of Monkey are people born in 1944 Chinese Zodiac year?

According to Chinese Zodiac, the year of 2018 belongs to the Monkey year, and this Monkey year has the Wood element based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 2018 Chinese zodiac year are the Wood Monkey.

As Chinese zodiac is based on lunar calendar, the Wood Monkey year starts from January 25, 1944 to February 12, 1945 in Gregorian calendar, and people who born from January 1 to 24 in 2018 are the previous Water Sheep.

Lucky Signs for 1944 Wood Monkey

Lucky numbers: 7, 8
Lucky colors: golden, white

2023 Horoscope for Wood Monkey Born in 1944

Being ambitious, people born in 1944 year of the Monkey, although retired, would like to figure out some ways to make money. However, their wealth fortune in 2023 is not good. So keep their current money safe: do not invest in unfamiliar or high-risky programs and cut down the cost on unnecessary stuff. 

In 2023, their emotion may not be steady. As a result, they may have conflicts with people around, including their partner, friends, and neighbors more often. Try to be mild and soft and they could live a happier life. 

Their health horoscope is the worst this year. They are advised to pay more attention to take care of themselves, especially those having basic diseases. In daily life, keep healthy diet, have enough rest and do some exercise suitable to them.

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2024 Horoscope for Wood Monkey Born in 1944

The overall fortune of Monkey people born in 1944 is just so-so in 2024. They may be lucky to profit a lot, but it’s also likely to suffer some losses. At an old age of 80, their health becomes an issue. It’s vital to keep a good habit of healthy diet and living style, but some illness is probably inevitable. Conflicts may arise between them and family members, which needs patience of them to keep the family harmony.

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Personality Traits of the 1944 Chinese Zodiac Wood Monkey

Most Chinese zodiac Monkey people are humorous, wit, lively and popular. They have strong practical ability and are good at imitation. Wood Monkeys can always make the people around them happy. Moreover, 1944 Wood Monkey are passionate, good at communication, and they have high emotional intelligence, so they can get along well with the people.

But the Wood Monkey do things without a sense of responsibility, so they do not take things they don’t like serious. And they do not have much patience and will choose to give up at slight setback.

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Wood Monkeys born in 1944 may have already retired at home. But for some Monkey people who start their own business may still stick to their career. It is high time that they could plan to spend more time with their family.

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The wealth luck of 1944 Chinese zodiac Monkey is pretty good. They become extremely lucky after middle age. In life, they may often encounter all kinds of unexpected good things, for example, the stock they bought at random may suddenly rise and their wages raise. It is suggested to make some small investments if they have some spare money.

Love and Relationships

The relationship between 1944 Wood Monkey and their spouses is relatively harmonious. There will be no big disturbance between husband and wife. Although there are occasional disputes and quarrels, they will be reconciled later. And they are enviable model couple. Besides, they also get along well with their children, but they should try not interfering more about children’s affairs.

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Although Monkey people born in 1944 have very good physical qualities, they should still pay more attention to their physical condition because they are getting older and older. Because their resistance is not as good as when they were young, they may easily suffer from respiratory system and their kidney function may also decline. Therefore, they should keep a more healthy diet and do proper exercise.

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Questions & Answers on 1944 Chinese Zodiac - Wood Monkey
Asked by Pamela Poe from USA | Oct. 24, 2021 07:39Reply
What is the best direction for my front door.
I am a Monkey person of 1944. My question is which direction should my front door face for good luck. I am thinking about buying a house.
Answers (2)
Answered by Wyatt | Oct. 25, 2021 10:04

For Monkey sign, the lucky directions are north, northwest, west.
Answered by mia kalifa | Feb. 02, 2022 04:10

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