Sheep - Best Jobs and Working Partners

Best Jobs for Sheep

Painters, musicians, beauticians, doctors, teachers, editors, writers, typesetters, house cleaner…


Suitable Occupation Fields for Sheep

Domestic Service

Sheep people like to work quietly, and they are considerate. Therefore, home service work is extremely suitable for them. They can not only finish the work within the stipulated time, but also do it very well. The unanimous praise of colleagues and customers will also make them feel very proud and satisfied.

Artistic Field

The Sheep people are very intelligent and able to get inspirations from daily life. Therefore, artistic jobs are good for them, like painters and musicians. Moreover, artists need to be single-minded when working, so they usually stay in a quiet place, which makes the Sheep feel very safe.

Medical Field

Most of the Sheep people are calm and patient, so the medical field is very suitable for them. Moreover, sheep people are very persistent, and the medical field just requires people to have the spirit of continuous exploration, which is suitable for them.

Education Industry

The Sheep people has a relatively simple mind. What they want most is a peaceful life, so they are very suitable to stay with children. Teacher is a relatively stable occupation. Although there may be no high salary or great challenges in the job, it brings them a peaceful life.

Publishing Field

Because the Sheep people have a soft heart and they have a lot of understandings to their life, they can always publish works arousing readers’ sympathy. They are suitable for almost every position in the publishing field like editors, writers, typesetters, etc.


Jobs Not Suitable For Sheep

The most unsuitable occupation for people born in the year of the Sheep is civil servant. Most of the Sheep people are timid to express themselves in the workplace. As a result, not only do they have a low sense of existence, but also they are unable to struggle for good welfares for the citizens.


Working Partners for Sheep

Best Working Partners

Rabbit, Horse & Pig
Sheep’s career will have a great improvement as long as they cooperate with any one of them.

Good Working Partners

Sheep & Snake
The three people should cooperate together to get succeed in career. They need to rely on each other, restrict each other and cannot be separated, otherwise they will have the opposite effect.

Bad Working Partners

Rat, Ox & Dog
These three people have the opposite characteristics, tempers and opinions with the Sheep. If they have the partnership with any one of them, it is difficult to succeed.


How to Work Happily

The Sheep people are somewhat emotional and subjective. They are likely to show their dissatisfaction with their work without any disguise. Besides, Chinese zodiac Sheep people are as willful as a child sometimes, they can tell all their grievances to their colleagues and have no alert to anyone.

If they want to have a place in the workplace, they should learn to control negative emotions, and do not complain about work to everyone.

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