Which Type of 'Sheep' Are You?

-- Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements


Wood Sheep (1955, 2015)

 Personality: With Wood sign according to Chinese Five Elements (Wu Xing), Sheep/Goat/Ram people are tender, outgoing, outspoken and polite. Due to their uptightness, they hate to be cheated, and they are a bit jealous. They are dynamic, talented and like thinking. They get used to being independent, and dislike relying on others. With sympathy for people in need, they would like to join the volunteer activities.

 Career: They always strive hard in work, as they wish to have a leading position in career. They are over cautious, finishing everything in person, so sometimes they would waste time. When meeting difficulties, they could deal with them on their own. Their capability helps them win recognition and promotion in career.

 Wealth: Their luck of wealth is really nice, and it would be good for them to seek fortune in a foreign land, where they could gain assistances from some investors. However, they are not apt at financing, so they can hardly accumulate wealth. They need to take precaution against the later fall on the fortune in wealth, so it is advised to purchase some real estate.

 Love: Wood Sheep/Goat/Ram are very jealous in relationship, and they hate being cheated much, so they cannot withstand betrayal behaviors in love. If people are faithful and loyal to them, they will also be very tender and caring. They are stable in a relationship, and seldom get involved in a love triangle.

 Health: They are usually in poor physical condition because of anxiety and worry, and they need listeners and travel more.

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Fire Sheep (1907, 1967)

 Personality: Fire Sheep are honest, upright and frank. Facing adversities, they would never give in easily. They are capable and decisive, but also careless and a bit reckless. They are unstrained and rebellious at a young age. Besides, stubbornness makes them hard to listen to others’ advice. Anyway, they are kind of reliable partners and friends.

 Career: As they are emotional and stubborn, it is improper for them to cooperate in business with others. Most of time, they need to cope with difficulties on their own. As long as they persist in career, they could achieve something. As for work, they should expand their horizon and make more friends with elites of the same field. Even when they grow old, their experience in work or business would make them brilliant advisors.

 Wealth: According to the analysis by Chinese zodiac and Five Elements, their fortune in wealth is flat, and there is no big rise and fall. With strong desire for money, they always aspire to explore channels to make a fortune. When their financial status rises, they would like to live a luxury life. If they make a budget and purchase some real estate, their economy will be maintained in a good condition.

 Love: Their love life is quite rich, and the relationship is very pleasant. There are a lot of pursuers around them, and they need to deal with them carefully, especially for married people. It is unwise to get married early. Female Fire Sheep usually can give support to their husbands.

 Health: They may easily get sick in winter, and they need to care more about diet problems.

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Earth Sheep (1919, 1979)

 Personality: Earth Sheep loves thinking and learning; they are knowledgeable and experienced. As they are quite outspoken, they speak without much consideration. They are filial to parents and seniors. With great sympathy, they are glad to provide assistance to people in need. However, they are a bit hesitant when making decisions.

 Career: Their fortune is weak in career when they are young, as there would be many challenges on their way of progress. After middle age, their career takes a turn for the better, and they may get promotion with the leader's recognition. Stable career could support them to live a well-off life.

 Wealth: The fortune of wealth fluctuates a lot throughout their life. Therefore, they need to make detailed and doable plan before making investments. Besides, they should avoid being too greedy; once getting the profit, they should not invest more. Too much investment in stock is not a sensible choice.

 Love: Being faithful, they can always get smooth progress in a relationship. Males have good luck in love, as they can easily find soul mates among their friends. Most of them would like to make compromises in marriage life, so their love is usually sweet and harmonious.

 Health: At middle age, their physical condition would be poor because they are tensed and stressed in work.

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Metal Sheep (1931, 1991)

 Personality: People born in the Year of the Sheep with Five Elements sign of Metal seem timid and shy, but actually they are ambitious, responsible, faithful and farsighted. They are people of principles, and treat everything fairly and justly. Stubbornness makes them lack communication ability. They are alert and sensitive, with awareness of potential dangers in advance.

 Career: They usually finish their work following the prescribed order and lack flexibility. Therefore, they are suitable to be occupied in a profession related to certain skills or techniques and make achievements on that. When making choices or decisions, they are a bit hesitant, so some valuable chances may go away.

 Wealth: They are quite lucky in wealth throughout their life, but for people born in the last lunar month, they will be poor when they are young, and things take a turn for the better after 30. The major income is usually from their hard working, and the remedy to increase wealth is to speak less and do more. For technicians, if they dig deeper in their field, they could create a chance to make a fortune.

 Love: They are hesitant when falling in love, and the relationship promotes slowly. Although they may feel incompatible with lovers, they are loath to part with others. If they really want to gain a relationship of true love, they should well maintain the feelings with each other.

 Health: They are supposed to take control of their weight; otherwise they may suffer from some potential diseases related to obesity.

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Water Sheep (1943, 2003)

 Personality: Friendly and frank, Water Goat are peace lovers and seldom squabble with others. Being careful, diligent, prudent and responsible, they win popularity among peers. In their friends' eyes, they are warm-hearted and modest. They never steal others' thunder, and care little about their gain and loss when helping others.

 Career: They are a bit introverted, so they like to think and work independently. Jobs related to literature or art are fit for them, especially for those with unrivaled talents. If they keep cultivating their talent and dig deeper, they would finally make outstanding accomplishments. In the early stage of their career, they would come across many obstacles, but they could handle them step by step.

 Wealth: Their chance in making money is kind of prosperous, but the luck fluctuates always. Therefore, they should strive hard, care more about reasonable financing, and avoid speculative investment. Besides, they should never show off when they are rich, otherwise they would suffer some unexpected loss such as getting stolen.

 Love: Considering the Chinese zodiac Sheep sign and the Five Elements sign of Water, they are very emotional and sensitive in love, so when problems happen, they would not like to face them willingly. Sometimes the relationship would become tense if they lack communication. However, their marriage life is admiring. Especially for males, they will marry wives who can support their career and care of the family both.

 Health: Most of them could live a long life if they adopt a healthy life style, and they do not need to worry about severe diseases.

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Questions & Answers on Sheep Character and Fortune by Five Elements
Asked by Renee from USA | Dec. 30, 2023 09:31Reply
I 12/30/67 him 7/24/67. We have been together over a year and half. We have never had an argument. Everything was going great and now we have just decided to be friends with benefits. Should I give it a little more time before I move on?? I believe his fear is his x wife cheated on him.
Answers (1)
Answered by Maria | Jan. 02, 2024 18:35

Your love compatibility in Chinese zodiac is not bad. However, it is not suggested to maintain such a relationship. Leave him and find your soulmate. Good luck!
Asked by Monika Grant from USA | Jan. 31, 2019 14:20Reply
I'm about to leave my job at an medical office to take care of the doctors disabled daughter.
Born April 1st,1967
Is this the right decision for me?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jenny from CANADA | Jan. 31, 2019 19:48

Hi, according to the zodiac prediction, this year is favorable for you and you don't have to worry too much.
Asked by Marlene from SWEDEN | Aug. 05, 2018 05:30Reply
Moving for career in 2019
My dob is September 18th, 1979. I'm considering moving to a different country at the later half of 2019 to pursue a career. Is this advisable or should I wait until 2020?
Answers (1)
Answered by Darnell from USA | Aug. 06, 2018 20:44

2019 is a good time for you to purse a career and you may get more promotions and higher salaries in this way. Good luck to you.
Asked by Vesna from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 15, 2017 06:40Reply
I'm relocating back to my home country. Date of birth 31.05.1979.
Will 19 December be a happy day for me as I have some anxiety disorders regarding traveling?
thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Alexandra from POLAND | Dec. 17, 2017 21:25

Yes, don't worry. It will be a happy day for you to travel. Good luck!
Asked by Jessie from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 12, 2017 19:00Reply
I'm wanting to know about my luck for love, career and property investment in the next year or so.
21 November 1991
Feeling very disillusioned - working in a city far away from my parents and other family, also single for some time now.
Answers (1)
Answered by Caden from DENMARK | Nov. 13, 2017 00:42

According to the prediction, you are likely to suffer financial loss this year. You are not advised to cooperate with the fair-weather friends doing business. It is important to work hard as usual and try to keep a good relationship with the coworkers. The general luck for love life can be a little more comforting than other aspect. You may meet some nice people and a romantic relationship can be started.
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