1991 Chinese Zodiac - Metal Sheep

Which type of Sheep are people born in 1991 Chinese zodiac year?

In Chinese calendar, 1991 is the year of the Sheep, and furtherly according to Chinese Five Elements, it is the Metal Sheep year. Different from westerners, Chinese people follows lunar calendar since ancient times. In Gregorian calendar, people born from February 15, 1991 to February 3, 1992 are Metal Sheep, and people born from January 1 to February 14 in 1991 belong to Metal Horse.


Lucky Signs for 1991 Metal Sheep

 Lucky Numbers: 5, 9

 Lucky Colors: yellow, black, brown, white


2019 Horoscope for Metal Sheep Born in 1991

1991 Chinese zodiac Metal Sheep will have a relatively smooth 2019. Healthy living habits, serious working attitude and positive life attitude can make their horoscope better.

The Metal Sheep will have a good luck in career. Although there will be some obstacles, as long as they keep enthusiastic, positive and earnest attitude, they will have the chance to be promoted. In addition, they should improve their professional skills and be sincere to their clients so as to gain more opportunities. For those who are doing their own businesses, they should be cautious about the bubble economy. Do not follow others blindly and make a thorough investigation before making decision.

The wealth luck for them is not very good this year. Despite their excellent work, their salary may not increase a lot. Also, the advance expenditure leads to the shortage of money. They need to refrain from unplanned consumption and make good plans to save money. In addition, they will not get much from investment this year.

Their love and relationship will get much better in the year of the Pig. As long as they are modest and helpful, they will gain good friendship. Single Metal Sheep are likely to meet their lover in 2019. Married people will get along well with their spouses, and they may have a baby this year.

The health fortune for people born in 1991 year of the Goat is not as good as the fortune in other fields. Irregular work, rest and eating habit and less exercise lead to sub-health. In addition, their mood may fluctuate greatly this year. They should make a healthy diet plan and do more exercise. They could listen to music and watch movies to relieve their pressures.

2020 Horoscope for Metal Sheep Born in 1991

In the year of 2020, Sheep people born in 1991 will have much fortune in their careers. They should seize opportunities and set clear career plans. In that way, they can achieve their goals step by step. If they make unremitting efforts, they will achieve their goals finally.

However, when it comes to love and relationship, Sheep people will have relatively less luck. Single Sheep people will have many pursuers. Married people born in 2020 need to be loyal to their wives or husbands and keep themselves away from the love affairs. Only in this way, their relationship with their partners will be close and steady.

For wealth, Sheep people born in 1991 will earn more money compared with the previous years. It is beneficial for them to make money in other cities. If their economy allows, they can make some investments. Speaking of health, Sheep people will not get some big diseases, but they will suffer from some trial illnesses. When go outside, Sheep people should keep themselves away from getting hurt or some epidemic diseases.  

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Personality Traits of the 1991 Metal Sheep

People with Chinese zodiac Sheep born in 1991 are kind-hearted, ambitious, responsible, cautious, efficient and enterprising. They like to do things according to plans, leaving people the impression of being reliable and trustworthy. They attach great importance to principle and faith. They spare no efforts in helping friends when they are in trouble.

However, the Metal Sheep are very stubborn and lack flexibility. They are pretty traditional and rigid and do not know how to adapt to changes quickly. At the same time, they are impatient and do not care the feelings of others when talking to them. They are more likely to get angry and their moods are erratic.

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Their career fortune is pretty good. They make progress step by step in their work. Because they are not only capable, but also low-key, they can easily get appreciation from their superiors, and be promoted. Moreover, the relationship with colleagues is also relatively good, and there will be no conflicts.

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Chinese zodiac Metal Sheep’s wealth fortune is pretty good. Because of their good performance in career, they will earn a considerable amount of salary. Besides, they are very good at investment and financial management. As long as there is enough fund, they can make a fortune. However, it should be noted that there are risks in investment, and they should be careful of the traps in the market.


Love and Relationships

The 1991 Metal Sheep have a good luck in love and relationship. Generally speaking, they can meet the opposite sex that they like, but they should be good at seizing opportunities to date with them. At the same time, they should watch out for inappropriate opposite sex around them and draw a clear line with them in time, otherwise it will affect their love relationship. Last but not least, remember to communicate more with the spouses. Good communication is an important way to promote feelings.

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Their health luck is relatively smooth. There will not be many changes in health. But do not do anything harmful to their health when they are young, such as staying up late and overdrinking. In particular, the 1991 Sheep who have undergone surgery should pay more attention to their body to avoid recurrence. They can take some short trips with their families and go out more frequently for fresh air.

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