2015 Chinese Zodiac - Wood Sheep

Which type of Sheep are people born in 2015 Chinese zodiac year?

The year of 2015 is with the Chinese zodiac Sheep sign. And it belongs to the Wood element according to Chinese Five Elements. So, people born in 2015 belong to the Wood Sheep. 

Referring to Gregorian calendar, people born from February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016 are the Wood Sheep. People who born from January 1 to February 18 in 2015 belong to the previous Wood Horse.


Lucky Signs for 2015 Wood Sheep

 Lucky Numbers: 2, 7

 Lucky Colors: yellow, gray


2024 Horoscope for Wood Sheep Born in 2015

The children born in 2015 would make friends with many schoolmates and playmates, which shows their great popularity among others. Also, they would enjoy tender love of the family and lead a happy life. However, they might not be as successful as expected in their study, as they’re likely to be scatterbrained. Even so, they may do well in what they really like. Neither indulging in electronic games nor staying up late is advisable. It’s vital to carry out a healthy bedtimes for children in this age. 

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Personality Traits of the 2015 Chinese Zodiac Wood Sheep

People with Chinese zodiac Sheep born in 2015 are amiable, courteous, graceful and compassionate. They are willing to help friends and solve problems for them. Therefore, they have a good popularity. They are full of imagination and creativity. Being cautious in their work, they can leave people a dependable impression.

However, the Wood Sheep are very lonely, and totally a pessimist. Although they have many friends because of their kind personality, but a few of them are intimate friends. At the same time, they do not like their lives to be disturbed by others, thus it is more likely for them to have spiritual instability.

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People with 2015 Chinses zodiac Wood Sheep will experience many difficulties in their career.  However, they can solve the problems well with their own efforts, then they will be appreciated by their superiors and have the opportunity to be promoted. However, they should not engage in risky projects to prevent unexpected difficulties. For entrepreneurs, it is suitable for them to develop overseas markets. When there are opportunities to make more money, they should keep calm and make detailed analysis before action.

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They will make a good fortune through their life. They will earn a considerable amount of salary because of their good performance in work. And they are good at financial management. So they can save a large amount of money. However, they should pay much attention to investments; high risk investment must be avoided, or a lot of money will be lost.


Love and Relationships

People born in 2015 year of the Sheep will have a good fortune in love. They will not have many admirers, but they can find their true lover easily. After getting married, their relationship is so stable that nobody can intervene between them. They also travel with their lovers regularly to enhance their feeling.

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The Wood Sheep people need to take good care of themselves. They have strong resistance and vitality, but they often feel tired. It is not a big problem, they can restore their energy with a short rest. They must form a good work and rest habit and ensure adequate sleep.

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