Sheep's Personality by Blood Types

Sheep with Blood Type O

Personality Traits: Conservative & Popular

 Strengths: People under the Chinese zodiac Sheep sign and who have blood type O have a stable character and always play on the safe side. They do not like to break rules or make decisions. Having interests in a wide range of subjects, they are fond of imagining unrealistic things. Thanks to their considerate personality, they maintain close relations with others and seldom will they quarrel with others. They show esteem to the elders and are nice to their peers. They are very prudent; therefore, it is hard to cheat them. They make great efforts in their career, though often turning out in vain. Nevertheless, they will ultimately reach success later in life.

 Weaknesses: Due to their reserved nature, it is difficult for them to open up. They are frequently bothered with trivial things. Sometimes they pretend to be happy while they are quite blue. They are truly not used to revealing their true feelings to others. Moreover, they are too cautious to trust their partners which may cause them to miss a lot of opportunities. They are not strong-minded and may be downhearted when met with setbacks. They actually do want to change their living conditions but they seldom take actions.

 Relationship: Goat people with blood type O are very sensitive when getting along with their lovers. They may feel touched by the affection while easily get depressed by their lovers’ indifference. They are willing to sacrifice for their lovers, even when they are required to give up jobs and career. No matter what their lovers say, they will follow them. Once they are married, they will be loyal spouses. When in love, they take care of their lovers very carefully. However, the excessive care may result in antipathy. Male Sheep people under blood type O match perfectly with outgoing and optimistic females. Female Sheep people should marry a modest and tough man in order to make a happy couple.

 Suggestions: They should trust their colleagues and be open-minded. The assistance from partners will benefit them a lot.

Sheep with Blood Type A

Personality Traits: Peace-loving & Modest

 Strengths: With blood A, people born in the Year of the Sheep love peace and never do things detrimental to others' interests. They are careful not to offend or upset another person and keep harmony with the rest of the world. They hate to take adventures, so they often lead a settled life. Before they act, they will make out a detailed plan. They are renowned for amazing patience and guts which forms a foundation for their successful career. Though being prosperous, they are polite and unassuming. They have a practical aim in life and hold a down-to-earth attitude to achieve it.

 Weaknesses: They are heavily dependent on others and seek out stability. Emphasizing on appearance and grooming, they are sort of superficial. As they lack the spirit of enterprise, they are prone to restrict themselves to a relatively small circle. To pursue the so-called harmony, they do not hesitate to sacrifice their own interests. As time goes by, the unfair treatment will make them angry and despised. They are suitable to be engaged in traditional jobs. Once they come across new work demanding creativity, they may become anxious. Being too self-effacing, their talents will be undervalued which has a substantial negative influence on their promotion and pay rise.

 Relationship: They cannot bear ambiguous relationships with the opposite sex. They are ready to help their sweethearts at any cost. It seems that they show respect to their lovers, but in their hearts, they are afraid of being betrayed. Female Goat people with blood type A make a typical good wife and wise mother. They are suggested to marry an honest and humorous husband. Male Goat people with this blood type are adept at developing schedules. The simple and sincere character will attract innocent and romantic ladies. Their match will be excellent.

 Suggestions: They should make some changes, especially changes in the low-profile personality. Make friends with energetic and smart people so as to improve and diversify their mode of thinking.

Sheep with Blood Type B

Personality Traits: Upright & Impartial

 Strengths: People with Blood type B and Chinese zodiac sign of Sheep are emotionally stable and do not like to show off their achievements before others. Being honest and kindhearted, they hate to speak ill of others. In addition, they never flatter or grovel towards their bosses; neither blow the whistle at them. Though they are silent under most circumstances, they are very talkative and delightful when communicating with familiar friends.

 Weaknesses: Due to their inflexible character, they will leave others an impression of being unsocial towards others. When everyone feels in the best of spirits, they are abstaining from speaking. It is no good for them to act like this. Besides, they cannot adjust their mood very well. The bad mood will have adverse effects on their relations with others. When they lose their temper, even the best friends cannot stand them. They are likely to suffer autism and social inferiority.

 Relationship: They stand in a passive position when falling in love with someone. They will not initially approach the one they have a crush on thus always missing a romantic relationship. After they get married, they will try hard to get accustomed to the married life. Every now and then, their marriage experiences some challenges. However, they will not be errant. For male people born in the Year of the Sheep with blood type B, witty and meek ladies are the first choice. Female Sheep people of blood B are adorable among young men before they get married. Enterprising males are the most suitable husbands for them.

 Suggestions: They should join in some organizations to enhance their interaction capabilities. Meanwhile, try to control temper by listening to light music and practicing yoga, calligraphy, or painting.

Sheep with Blood Type AB

Personality Traits: Self-effacing & Clear-minded

 Strengths: Being meek and quiet, Sheep with Blood Type AB are rather modest when teaming up with others. Even though they are treated badly, they do not quarrel about it. As they are tidy and organized, they will often be entrusted with trivial but important tasks by their leaders. Therefore, promotion opportunities are possible. In addition, they manage money affairs well so they will have a considerable amount of money at hand. They only care about their own matters so that they are not easily influenced by others.

 Weaknesses: They pay attention to their own moral uplift without thought of others and do not volunteer to talk about their feelings and viewpoints with others; this makes them appear indifferent to others. Though they are easygoing and often bear unfair treatment, it is not because they are broad-minded but due to their endurance capacity. Once the breakthrough point is reached, they will suffer severe consequences. They are longing for an orderly life and will manage in realizing it. However, ordinary life robs them of their fun in experiencing exciting moments.

 Relationship: As they are introverted, their range for selecting spouses is very restricted. Though they clearly know what the right person is for them, they cannot find it in early days. Day after day, the situation does not change at all. Finally, they have to marry the one they do not really love. Fortunately, they will not complain about the unpleasant married life and undertake their duties. Female Sheep/Ram people with blood type AB are gentle but stubborn, so an outgoing and amusing man will match her best. The cheerful and pure ladies will appeal to male Goat people with blood type AB most.

 Suggestions: It is advised that they make more friends and learn to share feelings with others. Explore interesting things in daily life so that they will not feel so bored. If possible, expand their social circle, maybe new opportunities are just around the corner.

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Questions & Answers on Sheep Personality by Blood Types
Asked by jasmine from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 05, 2021 06:38Reply
born 11/22/1979 how will be my married life and career in 2021?
Answers (1)
Answered by Christopher | Feb. 07, 2021 22:28

Your marriage life would be stable and harmonious. About the career, there is no big difficulties. Thus you just need to work harder and find chances for promotion.
Asked by Ana from GERMANY | Dec. 08, 2019 02:27Reply
I am born march 14th, 1991. I am planning to continue my study abroad. How's my luck?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nathan from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 08, 2019 19:49

It is suggested to continue your study abroad. You have outstanding personal abilities. Thus you will get some successes. Good luck!
Asked by Susan from CANADA | Mar. 12, 2019 09:20Reply
Hi! My DOB is May 23 1979, I want to know if I will get the job that I interviewed for a month ago?
Answers (1)
Answered by Victor from NEW ZEALAND | Mar. 12, 2019 19:42

It is a favorable year for you in career aspect and you have a great possibility to get that. Good luck!
Asked by Tenzing Chosang from NEPAL | Jan. 29, 2019 07:45Reply
I am sheep 1979/06/ pig year 2019 lucky for me..????
Answers (1)
Answered by Daniel from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 29, 2019 19:27

Yes, you are pretty lucky in the Year of Pig, especially in career aspect. You may get many good chances at work and get support from colleagues in time. However, things may not be very smooth in love relationship. Good luck!
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