Sheep’s Personality by Western Astrology Signs

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Personality: Endowed with creativity, people under the Chinese zodiac Sheep sign and western astrology Aries sign usually do startling things. They are rebellious and do not care about what others say. Many of them are witty and optimistic people. However, when their sense of security is challenged by poverty, they will be immersed in depression. It seems that they are happy and pure in most cases. It is common to see that they are laughing, playing jokes, and talking with others delightfully, but do not get deceived by the illusion. Beneath their sunny disposition, they are in fact very fragile and sensitive.

Love and Relationship: They cherish the relationship with their lovers so much that they are highly dependent on the love and security that their soul mates give them. They are extremely possessive and do not want their lovers to go beyond their view. However, they should realize that their lovers have to work outside to make a living.

Compatible Partners

Pig Aquarius
Rabbit Aquarius / Sagittarius / Gemini / Leo
Horse Sagittarius / Leo

Suitable Jobs: Sales representative, military personnel, artist

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Personality: With western astrology sign Taurus, people born in the Year of the Sheep are scanty of words but have an agile mind. Most of them have the potential to be geniuses. If their intelligence is used properly, they can make a real difference. However, if there are no appropriate opportunities for their development, they will live an aimless life. They are renowned for patience and strong will, but show very little foresight. They are frequently stressed by setbacks and self-doubt in daily life. Generally speaking, they have prominent tastes for beauty.

Love and Relationship: They are fond of being taken care of, but they have no will to do the same for their beloved ones. They are not persistent when getting along with their sweethearts. Sometimes they even forget the birthday and meaningful anniversaries, which will irritate their lovers. They have no sense of time and do not keep trivial things in mind. Nevertheless, they do not want to change at all.

Compatible Partners

Pig Pisces / Virgo
Rabbit Virgo
Horse Pisces
Monkey Capricorn

Suitable Jobs: Nurse, doctor, politician
Related Celebrity: Laurence Olivier

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Personality: For Sheep people that born with the Gemini sign, they are endowed with the gift for arts and know handicrafts well. They are gossipers by nature so they show interest towards anyone they meet with. They want to know things about everyone with whom they are acquainted. However, unless being asked, they will not talk about themselves. They handle the news about others’ private life carefully and always keep it secret. As eloquent speakers, they do not only possess the talent for grasping several languages, but also can imitate others' speech vividly.

Love and Relationship: They are quite loyal to their lovers, but will now and then be attracted by others. However, they will never go off the rails. Remember to err is human but to forgive is divine. If you are pursuing great success, they will be the perfect companion for you since they will not hinder your development. When having a romance with them, be strong-minded once crises arise.

Compatible Partners

Pig Libra / Aquarius
Rabbit Aries / Aquarius
Horse Libra / Leo

Suitable Jobs: Television personnel, singer, artist, diplomatist, actor, reviewer
Related Celebrity: John Wayne

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Personality: They are outgoing and optimistic, just like ordinary Goat people. Meanwhile, they have the characteristics of Cancers, such as adamancy, fidelity, and stability. They dream of coining money and work hard to realize it. They like to make contact with different people, so you can frequently see them in parties and banquets. Due to their kindness and generosity to friends, they have many a friends. It is a pleasure for them to run into old acquaintances after a long separation.

Love and Relationship: They are loyal and loving to the one they love. They know how to please their lovers, that is, they may invite their lovers to watch the best plays and movies to feel the romantic moments. They do not like to play with others' affections. Therefore, if you fall in love with a Cancer Sheep person, you should try your best to make him believe that he or she is all for you. They are eager for the sense of security and being loved.

Compatible Partners

Pig Taurus / Scorpio / Pisces / Virgo
Rabbit Taurus / Scorpio / Pisces
Horse Taurus / Scorpio / Virgo

Suitable Jobs: Designer, hairdresser, novelist, journalist, movie star
Related Celebrity: Franz Kafka

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Personality: Gifted with outstanding power, Leo sign people with Chinese zodiac Sheep sign are ambitious and strive for great success. However, they cannot focus on their goals for a long time. The perfect match of Leo's intelligence and Sheep's imagination attributes to their interest for adventures. They hate to be criticized and deliberately continue to do what has been ill-spoken of them to express their scorn. They are good at grasping opportunities, but if they do not tackle them wisely, they can only make transient success. It is suggested that they should take others' advice; otherwise they will needlessly be exposed to dangers.

Love and Relationship: At beginning, they may be the one who take actions actively. As their relationship gradually gets stabilized, they hope to be attended to and become a type of dependent. They are often very charming, so it is no wonder that you are attracted by them. They are like a diamond in the rough, if cut and polished in an appropriate way, they will become marvelous mates.

Compatible Partners

Pig Aries / Gemini / Sagittarius / Capricorn
Rabbit Capricorn / Libra
Horse Libra / Sagittarius / Capricorn

Suitable Jobs: Artist, translator, public figure
Related Celebrity: Robert De Niro

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Personality: Virgo Goat people are liable to be affected or even be taken in by cunning liars. They are very picky about their surroundings, but sometimes others may find the continuous chatter interesting on the other hand. They tend to show off because they lack the sense of security. Generally speaking, they can do their work excellently and flawlessly. They are sticklers for perfection, and everything has to be exactly right. They may stay up all night just to make a new cover for a chair or decorate the Christmas tree.

Love and Relationship: Owing to their pride and strong personal desire, it is hard for their lovers to maintain long-term relationships with them. They are so self-willed that their adorers would often feel thwarted. To pursue true happiness, they have to change their manners and be more modest.

Compatible Partners

Pig Taurus / Cancer / Scorpio / Capricorn
Horse Cancer / Scorpio

Suitable Jobs: sociologist, theater designer, gardener
Related Celebrity: William Carlos Williams

Libra (September 23 - October 23)

Personality: Outwardly, Libra people with Goat sign claim their thirst for a peaceful environment, but in fact they are aggressive and irritable. They like to debate with others because they want to be noticed and admired. If provided with comfortable living conditions, they can create various handicrafts. One shortcoming of them is their lack of confidence. They enjoy living a stable life but cannot endure being ordinary for the whole life. They are easily disappointed at themselves.

Love and Relationship: They are capable of dealing with relationships efficiently. They are born with beautiful appearance, which makes them adorable. They pay a lot of attention to dresses and grooming, making them more attractive. They do not like to live alone, as they are heavily dependent on their lovers.

Compatible Partners

Pig Leo / Aquarius
Rabbit Gemini / Leo / Sagittarius / Aquarius
Horse Gemini / Sagittarius / Aquarius

Suitable Jobs: Poet, journalist, screenwriter, custodian, musician
Related Celebrity: Catherine Deneuve

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

Personality: They compose the most hardworking group of Sheep people and frequently put up forward new inventions, ideas, schemes, and concepts. They are eccentric and unstable while endowed with talents for arts. They expect some fame and economic return, so they work diligently to seek after them. However, they do not like to take advantage of others to fulfill their wishes. They are boastful about what they know, such as the latest news and the most popular music at present.

Love and Relationship: Love is an external driving force for them. Normally speaking, they will choose a strong-minded soul mate, so that their daily life can be scheduled in an orderly and progressive way.

Compatible Partners

Pig Cancer / Virgo / Capricorn / Pisces
Rabbit Virgo / Capricorn / Pisces
Horse Virgo / Pisces

Suitable Jobs: Sculptor, poet, singer, psychologist, dancer
Related Celebrity: Joni Mitchell

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

Personality: Having a wealth of creativity, they are smart and energetic. They can play an important role when in relatively comfortable conditions. Once they suffer from economic stress, family split, or other setbacks, they cannot recover. When they care about something, they will be a punctual and polite person. They are keen on detailed work and can do it very well. Good at arranging structures, they often make out plans for others but do not take actions.

Love and Relationship: They deal with the relationships with the opposite sex in a prudent way. They do not readily take responsibilities for others, unless they think they have enough money to support them. Freedom is as important as love for them. If you fall in love with Sagittarius Sheep person, you must respect him or her. You will become indispensable to them if you can cook delicious food and clean the house efficiently.

Compatible Partners

Pig Leo / Libra / Aquarius
Rabbit Aries / Libra / Aquarius
Horse Aries

Suitable Jobs: Insurance broker, doctor, lawyer, priest, farmer, designer, teacher, tailor
Related Celebrity: Mark Twain

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Personality: Born in the Year of the Sheep, Capricorn sign people clearly know that they have to struggle diligently to attain power and prominence. Driven by their lust for fame, they are busy doing things to make them succeed fast. They are a little bit hypocritical to others. As they grow older, they will be more flexible. Favored by fortune, they will finally get what they are seeking for.

Love and Relationship: They are romantic idealists, believing legendary fairy tales. Their lovers will receive various presents from them every now and then. However, they are quite fickle and may have extramarital affairs with others.

Compatible Partners

Pig Taurus / Leo / Virgo / Capricorn / Pisces
Rabbit Leo / Virgo / Scorpio / Pisces
Horse Leo / Scorpio / Pisces
Dog Aries / Libra

Suitable Jobs: Performer, surgeon, physician, politician, producer, dean
Related Celebrity: John Denver

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Personality: Often struck by novel ideas, Aquarius people with the zodiac sign of Goat have great development potentials. They are experts in making long-term plans and always ready to put the plans into practice. They are impartial and broadminded, allowing others to enter their circles. However, sometimes they may be bothered by their friendliness. They love making fun and playing jokes, which may lead others to think they are ridiculous. In fact, they are authentic artists dedicated to learning and researching.

Love and Relationship: When it comes to relationships, they are difficult to deal with. They never feel satisfied with the affections from their lovers. They just want to enjoy current pleasure, not considering outcomes, so they often pay for casual relationships. As a result, they got a bad reputation for playing with others' love. They do not even know why they should be loyal to their lovers.

Compatible Partners

Pig Gemini / Libra / Sagittarius
Rabbit Gemini / Libra / Sagittarius
Horse Aries

Suitable Jobs: Artist, illustrator, toy designer, inventor, musician
Related Celebrity: Thomas Alva Edison

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Personality: Pisces Sheep people have good powers of observation and able to learn knowledge from anything they see or hear. Their photographic memory enables them to remember insignificant details. They hate to be judged or criticized and they do things at their own will. The so-called rules and regulations do not exist in their eyes as they do not like to follow them.

Love and Relationship: Once they enter a certain relationship, they can hardly get rid of it. Many a time in life, they will avoid being too intimate to others due to their psychological distance from others. However, for the sake of having a family, they will get married. Their spouses will be a tough one who can control their life. Even the Pisces sign people born in the Year of Sheep are married; they do not realize the meaning of loyalty.

Compatible Partners

Pig Taurus / Scorpio / Capricorn
Rabbit Taurus / Cancer / Scorpio / Capricorn
Horse Taurus / Cancer / Scorpio / Capricorn
Sheep Scorpio

Suitable Jobs: Dresser, tailor, hairstylist, writer
Related Celebrity: George Washington

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Questions & Answers on Sheep Personality by Western Astrology Signs
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My birthday is 27th Nov 1998
His birthday is 1991 04 Dec

Q1 what does he think about me
Answers (1)
Answered by Carolyn from FRANCE | Mar. 15, 2020 20:34

Based on the Chinese zodiac compatibility index, you can become a good match. The connection between you can become tight in the year of 2020.
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Workplace zodiac conflicts check
Hi, At workplace, is there any conflicts between born 10 Jan 1977 (Male) and Born 14 nov 1967 (Female)?
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Answered by Emma from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 12, 2019 19:45

Well, it is complicated and sometimes there may be some small conflicts. However, there is no large problem and don;t worry too much. Good luck!
Asked by Vidhya from INDIA | Jan. 04, 2018 08:54Reply
Will i marry my love? My name is vidhya, born on 24/07/1995 in Bangalore
will i marry the boy whom i love, Chethan, 15/04/1991 Bangalore. Unfortunately our relationship is too complicated due to our families.
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Oh, although you face many difficulties, you two are suggested to solve them together. Having more communications with family members will do help to this love relationship. Don't give up when you still love each other.
Asked by Monica from NZ | Sep. 11, 2017 04:36Reply
Male and female born in 1967, Sheep year
Hi there
I was born on 1st August, 1967, 8.30pm in Bucharest (Romania). I've just met a man born the same year, on 24h of June, born in Auckland NZ. How compatible we are please?
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Answered by Henry from BRAZIL | Sep. 11, 2017 22:05

Oh, you make a perfect couple. You love each other and are willing to make everything for both. Although both of you are a little lazy, it won't affect your normal life. You enjoy depending on each other, which makes you keep intimate. Do cherish the love!
Asked by Riz from PHILIPPINES | Jul. 14, 2017 23:07Reply
I am an earth snake woman born on dec. 30 1989 and my estranged husband born on dec. 15 1989.
My question is there hope for us to reconcile?and is it worth it in case this will happen? We've been seperated 2 years and no contact anymore..we have son whose 14 months old.
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Hi, Riz. You two will make a pretty good couple. You need to consider that if you could catch up with your partner and learn his action and motivation. If yes, then you might reconcile with him.
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