Sheep - Love Compatibility

People born in the Year of the Sheep / Goat / Ram normally share something in common when it comes to love and relationships. They are afraid of expressing feelings explicitly and always stand in a passive position. If you want to develop relationships with them, the following guidance must be useful.
Sheep's Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Animals

Male Sheep in Love

Self-disciplined, honest, faithful…

They are sincere lovers and know well how to please their sweethearts. On one hand, they are romantic and sometimes act like a child. On the other hand, they demonstrate the gentleman demeanor, which adds charm to them a lot. Having a strong sense of self-respect, they do not express their love frankly to the one they love. Though popular among women, they are loyal to their lovers. After they get married, they will be a good husband and father. They like to share pleasures with their family during vacations. If you fall in love with them, just go for it actively.

Female Sheep in Love

Virtuous, fragile, timid…

Women with the Chinese zodiac Sheep sign are nice and kind. They are endowed with a well-proportioned figure and a delicate face. Because of their shyness, it is hard to hang out with them. However, their considerate personality often appeals to men. When Sheep women are chased by someone they do not love, they are too worried about hurting others and do not know how to refuse directly. A wife born in the Year of the Sheep will be a virtuous and dutiful partner. However, once blamed by their husband, they will feel depressed.

How to get along with Sheep?

According to Chinese zodiac analysis, they are always timorous, so you should encourage them to open their hearts. Treat them fairly even though they may not care. If you fall in love with a Sheep, do not hesitate to tell him or her, because they are too shy in nature. For people married with them, take care of them and do not quarrel frequently. If they are blue, take them outside for a trip and communicate efficiently with them. Otherwise, they will just bear the accumulating stress by themselves because they do not want to bother others.

Love Compatibility in Marriage


Best Matches for Sheep Men

Horse As a pair of soul mates, they know the other’s mind very well. They support each other voluntarily so that they can maintain the relationship for quite a time.
Rabbit They are born to be a couple. Complementary personalities make their life smooth and happy.
Pig Conflicts seldom occur in their marriage life. Both of them are willing to make compromise with each other. Their relationship will be sweet and everlasting.

Bad Matches for Sheep Men

Ox Only if the two try hard to understand each other and make great changes, can they live harmoniously.
Tiger The completely different characteristics hinder their relationship development a lot. After they get married, they may not be good husband or wife.
Dog They are not a congenial couple. Though both are willing to get along well with the other, they cannot achieve it.

Best Matches for Sheep Ladies

Horse They have the same notions and goals. The combination will give more space to their career development.
Rabbit Both of them are romantic and easygoing, so they can yield to their partner. They will enjoy a satisfied family life.
Pig They are always together. Both are willing to take care of each other.

Bad Matches for Sheep Ladies

Ox They frequently quarrel with each other, even break up for many times.
Tiger With totally different traits, they have to enhance their understanding for each other before stepping on the red carpet.
Dragon They are not attractive in each other’s eyes. They cannot tolerate others’ shortcomings. If they want to get married, they must learn to be tender.

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Questions & Answers on Sheep\s Love Compatibility
Asked by Val from MALAYSIA | Jul. 11, 2020 20:19Reply
Sheep and Snake Love Compatibility
Hi, i want to know that my partner is a snake (leo)1989 and i am sheep (virgo) 1991 can we last for so long until marriage level? Can you give me an advise?
Answers (3)
Answered by Hannah from UKRAINE | Jul. 12, 2020 19:59

It's predicted that you are born to be a good match. Both of you can show enough patience and understanding to each other in daily life. Thus don't worry.
Answered by Rocky from PHILIPPINES | Jul. 14, 2020 14:02

How about sheep(virgo) 1991 and rooster(taurus) 1993?
Answered by Hannah | Jul. 19, 2020 23:09

According to the prediction, your love compatibility index would be high. You would have a large chance to obtain an everlasting love relationship.
Asked by sofia | May. 07, 2020 08:42Reply
Hi there. I want to know if a male sheep 1967 is compatible with a female dragon/ taurus 1976?
Can our relationship will develop into life long marriage?
Answers (3)
Answered by Denise from CANADA | May. 10, 2020 22:48

The prediction indicates that you would have a high possibility to become a good match. There is no big rise and fall in your love relationship. Thus don't worry. :)
Answered by sofia from CANADA | Jul. 03, 2020 05:21

He’s a libra/sheep man while I’m a taurus/dragon woman. Will our relationship lasts forever?
Answered by Denise | Jul. 05, 2020 19:08

Yes, the relationship would have a large chance to last forever.
Asked by tarepanda from CANADA | Jan. 23, 2020 09:59Reply
Compatibility of a male aries dragon 1988 and female gemini sheep 1991
I would like to know the compatibility of this pair. Will they have a long lasting happy marriage?
Answers (1)
Answered by Arthur from UKRAINE | Feb. 03, 2020 17:50

Your aspire to life's own enrichment, while maintaining mutual respects toward each other. You are a pair that draws wide admiration, for you will stick it out through thick and thin together.
Asked by Emma from SWEDEN | Feb. 23, 2019 04:19Reply
Compatibility between Dragon and Sheep
Are male Virgo Dragon and female Cancer Sheep compatible? What about long-term relationship? Can they last? What advice would you give?
Answers (3)
Answered by Jessica from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 25, 2019 01:55

It may be a little hard to maintain a long lasting relationship for Dragon and Sheep people. However, you can increase your love compatibility in daily life like having a romantic trip together, developing some common habits. Also, try to keep clam when facing conflicts and pay more attention to communication. Good luck!
Answered by Emma from SWEDEN | Feb. 25, 2019 06:35

Thank you for the advice!
Answered by John from USA | Jan. 03, 2020 21:11

Wife Swedish Sheep , husband American/Swedish Dragon married 26 years ...common loves, common experiences and wonderful children ...I guess I am still learning to be calm(er) ...thanks for the ideas as I don’t disagree at all ..Cheers to love and success in 2020
Asked by WinZa from NEW ZEALAND | Feb. 16, 2019 09:38Reply
Searching for the ideal successful partner. I am Gemini (M) Ram: 24/05/1967
I've been single for far far too long after a disastrous union with a virgo rat. Recently joined a dating site to find an ideal woman for an ideal future.
How can I best narrow the "search criteria ?" year, sun sign...
Thank Hu.
Answers (1)
Answered by David from SINGAPORE | Feb. 18, 2019 18:55

People with Rabbit, Pig and Horse will be more compatible with you but mostly it depends on if you can have common topics and if you can feel happy when you with your partner. Best wishes for you!
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