Sheep - Love Compatibility

People born in the Year of the Sheep / Goat / Ram normally share something in common when it comes to love and relationships. They are afraid of expressing feelings explicitly and always stand in a passive position. If you want to develop relationships with them, the following guidance must be useful.
Sheep's Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Animals

Male Sheep in Love

Self-disciplined, honest, faithful…

They are sincere lovers and know well how to please their sweethearts. On one hand, they are romantic and sometimes act like a child. On the other hand, they demonstrate the gentleman demeanor, which adds charm to them a lot. Having a strong sense of self-respect, they do not express their love frankly to the one they love. Though popular among women, they are loyal to their lovers. After they get married, they will be a good husband and father. They like to share pleasures with their family during vacations. If you fall in love with them, just go for it actively.

Female Sheep in Love

Virtuous, fragile, timid…

Women with the Chinese zodiac Sheep sign are nice and kind. They are endowed with a well-proportioned figure and a delicate face. Because of their shyness, it is hard to hang out with them. However, their considerate personality often appeals to men. When Sheep women are chased by someone they do not love, they are too worried about hurting others and do not know how to refuse directly. A wife born in the Year of the Sheep will be a virtuous and dutiful partner. However, once blamed by their husband, they will feel depressed.

How to get along with Sheep?

According to Chinese zodiac analysis, they are always timorous, so you should encourage them to open their hearts. Treat them fairly even though they may not care. If you fall in love with a Sheep, do not hesitate to tell him or her, because they are too shy in nature. For people married with them, take care of them and do not quarrel frequently. If they are blue, take them outside for a trip and communicate efficiently with them. Otherwise, they will just bear the accumulating stress by themselves because they do not want to bother others.

Love Compatibility in Marriage


Best Matches for Sheep Men

Horse As a pair of soul mates, they know the other’s mind very well. They support each other voluntarily so that they can maintain the relationship for quite a time.
Rabbit They are born to be a couple. Complementary personalities make their life smooth and happy.
Pig Conflicts seldom occur in their marriage life. Both of them are willing to make compromise with each other. Their relationship will be sweet and everlasting.

Bad Matches for Sheep Men

Ox Only if the two try hard to understand each other and make great changes, can they live harmoniously.
Tiger The completely different characteristics hinder their relationship development a lot. After they get married, they may not be good husband or wife.
Dog They are not a congenial couple. Though both are willing to get along well with the other, they cannot achieve it.

Best Matches for Sheep Ladies

Horse They have the same notions and goals. The combination will give more space to their career development.
Rabbit Both of them are romantic and easygoing, so they can yield to their partner. They will enjoy a satisfied family life.
Pig They are always together. Both are willing to take care of each other.

Bad Matches for Sheep Ladies

Ox They frequently quarrel with each other, even break up for many times.
Tiger With totally different traits, they have to enhance their understanding for each other before stepping on the red carpet.
Dragon They are not attractive in each other’s eyes. They cannot tolerate others’ shortcomings. If they want to get married, they must learn to be tender.

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Questions & Answers on Sheep\s Love Compatibility
Asked by Miko from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 21, 2024 04:53Reply
My bf's birthday is JANUARY 3 1991 and mine is JUNE 21 1984 I know the the age gap is there but we are working this together. I would like to know the future between us.

I want to know what will be my future this year 2024 for June 21, 1984. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mandy | Jan. 22, 2024 22:24

According to the Chinese zodiac compatibility, you are not so matched and you need to make more efforts to work it out. A lot of challenges and misunderstandings will happen and it is really hard for you to go through it. Anyway, just follow your heart and good luck to you!
Asked by daniel from USA | Feb. 14, 2022 15:42Reply
my girl sheep/taurus left me monkey/taurus
I'm so much in love with my sheep/Taurus I have tried everything to win her back and it's not working
should I continue fighting for her love or give up
Answers (1)
Answered by T | Feb. 20, 2022 16:24

when someone says no, it means no the first time, “sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve better.”
Hoping you find happiness and solid love forever.
Asked by faye from UAE | Jul. 14, 2021 02:30Reply
compatibility of a sheep (woman) with a dragon (man)
Hello, I am an earth- sheep (woman) in a relationship with a fire-dragon (man)
We have known each other for more than a decade and this year, we are thinking of getting married
With almost every websites indicating that it is the worse pairing, is there a way to keep our relationship strong?

Thank you for your kind insight in advance
Answers (3)
Answered by Frank | Jul. 19, 2021 19:40

Faye, human effort is the decisive factor. Don't trust too much on these predictions. If you two can think for each other and spare efforts in enhancing your relationship, everything will be fine.
Answered by ABrand | Feb. 05, 2022 05:23

If other compatibilities exist, it could be good. Personally, having been in your exact situation twice, I would advise against it. I married two fire dragons. They both bored/bore me to tears. They like the idea of having me, but didn’t/don’t actually like ME!
Answered by Lana | Apr. 25, 2022 02:33

I was a earth sheep married to a fire dragon for 20 years. It was exhausting!!! I finally ran.
Asked by Sandee from USA | Dec. 16, 2020 22:46Reply
Best romantic year for Goats
I am a goat and most compatible with rabbit, horse, and pig. Are those years most favorable for romance for goats?
Answers (2)
Answered by Aly | Dec. 17, 2020 23:59

Don't worry. The prediction shows that 2021 would be a nice year for single goats. You should have more confidence about yourself. And be brave to express your love feelings!
Answered by Tena | Mar. 20, 2021 01:36

Definitely!! Im a goat. Had good experience
Asked by Mr Lee from SINGAPORE | Dec. 04, 2020 05:19Reply
Male Ox and Female Sheep
I am a male ox interested in entering a relationship with a sheep woman. I know that ox and sheep are opposites on the chinese zodiac cycle but can this relationship sustain as long as our hearts are true, love each other, show understanding, patience and support each other when in needed?
Answers (5)
Answered by Adalyn | Dec. 06, 2020 19:55

Yes, you don't need to worry too much. Sometimes, the prediction is just a reference. You just need to follow your heart. :)
Answered by Mr Lee | Dec. 08, 2020 05:45

Thanks for your answer Adalyn, you mean don't bother about the prediction and trust my own feeling as the prediction can be inaccurate sometimes?
Answered by Adalyn | Dec. 10, 2020 18:42

Yes, sometimes, the prediction is just a reference.
Answered by Tena | Mar. 20, 2021 01:41

Anything is possible but my strong opinion as a goat with Ox is no. Ox us too strong for goat and too boring. You would do well with a snake women. They like loyal partners meaning someone always there they can rely on.
Answered by mur | Mar. 25, 2022 07:23

Don't take it too seriously. We have been together 10+ years and never we have been broken up or even had big argument. I think i really have found my soulmate.
Communication, respect and trust.
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