1993 Chinese Zodiac - Water Rooster

Which type of Rooster are people born in 1993 Chinese Zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1993 has the Rooster sign, and it is the Water element based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 1993 are the Water Rooster.

Referring to Gregorian calendar, the Water Rooster year starts from January 23, 1993 to February 9, 1994, and those people who born from January 1 to January 22 in 1993 belong to the Water Monkey.


Lucky Signs for 1993 Water Rooster

 Lucky Numbers: 4, 9

 Lucky Colors: gold, white

2021 Horoscope for Water Rooster Born in 1993

In general, 2021 is a good year for Water Roosters. They needn’t handle demanding workload or the complex interpersonal relationships. Also, many of them are free from financial problems this year. Noticeable change may occur in their love relationship. Single people are likely to meet their perfect match in 2021.

Water Roosters born in 1993 can efficiently finish their work assignments in 2021, owing to their accumulated experience in the previous years. Also, according to the Rooster fortune prediction in 2021, their optimistic attitude and helpfulness make them a popular figure in the company. So, they will have many opportunities to build positive interpersonal relationships. Anyway, it is as little as possible for them to suffer layoff or salary reduction.

Many of them are satisfied with their monthly income and are able to use it wisely, so there is no way for them to feel cash-strapped. In other cases, if some people want to earn more to cover more expenditures, they may consider buying financial products under the professional people’s guidance. 

The Rooster fortune in 2021 shows that their best news may be the end of singlehood this year. Even the fickle people may change their personalities and treat their companion with utmost sincerity. In addition, some married men born in 1993 will pay more attention to career this year, and this needs their wives’ great understanding.

Considering the age, it is inevitable for Water Roosters to attend various social occasions in 2021, so they should be wary of the excessive alcohol consumption. Besides, it is suggested to have vitamins or more exercises to boost metabolism.

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Personality Traits of the 1993 Chinese Zodiac Water Rooster

People born in 1993 year of the Rooster are very clever and quick-witted. No matter what kind of difficulties they encounter, they can always come up with solutions quickly. They are warm-hearted, full of love and compassion, so they like animals very much and often help people when they are in trouble. In addition, they are imaginative since an early age. Therefore, they like wonderful things like fairy tales, fables, and so on, and they have a beautiful expectations for the future.

However, the Water Rooster are self-centered and born with pride. They are often strict with others but not themselves. They often help others, but they also want to get rewarded from them. Moreover, they are very sensitive and don’t like criticism from others.

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The Water Rooster have a relatively good fortune in career. For office workers, they will not encounter many setbacks in the workplace, and they are easily appreciated by leaders, so they can display their talents well. And if they grasp the opportunities well, they may work abroad, which can lay a better foundation for future development. For entrepreneurs, although there will be basically no twists and turns on the way to start a business, it still requires some efforts to achieve better development. It is suggested that they take part in more parties and activities, so that they can make more friends and maybe get some big orders.

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The wealth fortune is pretty smooth in their life. For office workers, wages are basically on the average level. After accumulating some money, they will have a larger expenditure, so it is difficult for them to save money. For entrepreneurs, although the development of the enterprise is good, there are not too many big orders and income. And remember that they must be cautious before investing, and never invest at will, which is likely to lead to a big loss.


Love and Relationships

The 1993 Rooster people will experience some ups and downs in love. It is not very easy for them to meet the right person, so that they need to go through several relationships before they finally get married. After marriage, because of their busy career, they may neglect their lover, so they often quarrel with them. Therefore, it is suggested that they should communicate with each other in time and spend more time with their spouses in their spare time.

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They need to be careful of the harm caused by chronic diseases. Some bad living habits such as staying up late, drinking, smoking and irregular diet are very harmful to their health. Therefore, they must develop a good living habit and arrange their work and life well, otherwise they will have serious health problems.

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