1993 Chinese Zodiac - Water Rooster

Which type of Rooster are people born in 1993 Chinese Zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1993 has the Rooster sign, and it is the Water element based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 1993 are the Water Rooster.

Referring to Gregorian calendar, the Water Rooster year starts from January 23, 1993 to February 9, 1994, and those people who born from January 1 to January 22 in 1993 belong to the Water Monkey.


Lucky Signs for 1993 Water Rooster

 Lucky Numbers: 4, 9

 Lucky Colors: gold, white


2019 Horoscope for Water Rooster Born in 1993

For people with Chinese zodiac Rooster born in 1993, their fortune in 2019 is going well and there will be no great obstacles in many aspects. They will also encounter many opportunities, but they need to carefully distinguish good chances from the bad ones.

In the year of 2019, the Water Rooster will have a pretty good career fortune. They are very serious and responsible for their work. As long as they remain enthusiastic and put forward their own ideas boldly, they will easily be appreciated by their boss. Besides, they need to acquire more professional skills and knowledge in order to have more room for improvement. Because of their excellent work, many peer companies will give them an offer, and some friends will also encourage them to start their own businesses. They need to make a detailed analysis before making a decision.

Chinese zodiac Rooster people born in 1993 will have an excellent fortune in wealth this year. The promotion in workplace will naturally bring an increase in wages. But instead of excessive consumption, it is better to make a money saving plan, which will help them save money. In their spare time, they can learn some financial knowledge and make some steady investments, but do not be greedy. Entrepreneurs will encounter very good projects this year. It is suggested that they spend some time on studying business management and operation. In doing so, they may make more money.

Their fortune for love and relationship will stay at an average level. They can gain a lot of friendship from their working team. Single Water Rooster will attend more parties this year, and they will know some opposite sexes. But it is a little difficult to have a love relationship with them. They still need to improve themselves to wait for their right person. Married people must not ignore their lover. Try to attend social activities with their partner, which will make them feel very safe and it can also strengthen the relationship.

The Water Rooster born in 1993 need to take good care of themselves in the year of the Pig. They will have some minor illnesses this year. When feel ill, they must see a doctor in time, and try to have a physical examination this year. In addition, they should keep good work and rest habits, eat more foods containing vitamins and exercise more. At the same time, they should keep a good mood and make appropriate adjustments when feel bad. When go out, they must obey the traffic rules and put safety first.

2020 Horoscope for Water Rooster Born in 1993

The overall fortune for Roosters born in 1993 will not bad. In career, the efficiency and good results of their work will always exceed their peers, thus they may get promoted the salary. This year will be a full harvest year for them. But they may have conflicts with colleagues and leaders. 

In wealth, the Roosters will earn more fortune in the workplace. For love and relationship, the Roosters will be in an emotional crisis with girlfriend or boyfriend. It is recommended that they create surprises and romances to enhance their love and relationship. While in health, long-term irregular work schedules would cause a series of diseases. They should avoid eating spicy and greasy foods during this period of time.

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Personality Traits of the 1993 Chinese Zodiac Water Rooster

People born in 1993 year of the Rooster are very clever and quick-witted. No matter what kind of difficulties they encounter, they can always come up with solutions quickly. They are warm-hearted, full of love and compassion, so they like animals very much and often help people when they are in trouble. In addition, they are imaginative since an early age. Therefore, they like wonderful things like fairy tales, fables, and so on, and they have a beautiful expectations for the future.

However, the Water Rooster are self-centered and born with pride. They are often strict with others but not themselves. They often help others, but they also want to get rewarded from them. Moreover, they are very sensitive and don’t like criticism from others.

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The Water Rooster have a relatively good fortune in career. For office workers, they will not encounter many setbacks in the workplace, and they are easily appreciated by leaders, so they can display their talents well. And if they grasp the opportunities well, they may work abroad, which can lay a better foundation for future development. For entrepreneurs, although there will be basically no twists and turns on the way to start a business, it still requires some efforts to achieve better development. It is suggested that they take part in more parties and activities, so that they can make more friends and maybe get some big orders.

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The wealth fortune is pretty smooth in their life. For office workers, wages are basically on the average level. After accumulating some money, they will have a larger expenditure, so it is difficult for them to save money. For entrepreneurs, although the development of the enterprise is good, there are not too many big orders and income. And remember that they must be cautious before investing, and never invest at will, which is likely to lead to a big loss.


Love and Relationships

The 1993 Rooster people will experience some ups and downs in love. It is not very easy for them to meet the right person, so that they need to go through several relationships before they finally get married. After marriage, because of their busy career, they may neglect their lover, so they often quarrel with them. Therefore, it is suggested that they should communicate with each other in time and spend more time with their spouses in their spare time.

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They need to be careful of the harm caused by chronic diseases. Some bad living habits such as staying up late, drinking, smoking and irregular diet are very harmful to their health. Therefore, they must develop a good living habit and arrange their work and life well, otherwise they will have serious health problems.

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