Rooster - Fortune in 2022

Rooster Fortune in 2022

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 1

Overall Luck:

In 2022, people with Chinese zodiac Rooster are well blessed by good lucks in many aspects. 

In career, their talents help them do great jobs and get recognition from leaders. When facing difficulties, some kind people may pop up to help them out. The good performance in work ensure them a stable income. However, their fortune in making extra money from lottery or investment is not good, so they’d better stay away from them this year. Based on Rooster fortune prediction in 2022, the family life for the married ones is stable the whole year. For singles, their fortune in love is not very good and it requires more efforts to start dating this year. The fortune in health is the worst compared with that in career, wealth and relationship. And Roosters are advised to watch out for skin and enterogastric diseases in the year. 

Rooster Fortune in 2022


Perform well in work, little chance of promotion

According to Rooster fortune in 2022, the good luck in career will help them perform well. Their working efficiency will also be greatly increased benefiting from their talents and improved working abilities. Although the chance of promotion is little, it helps their advancement to a higher position in the future. However, people with Chinese zodiac Rooster are advised to deal with the relationship with leaders carefully and do not conflict with them. For businessmen, they’d better strictly obey the laws of the country, which can ensure their profits; otherwise they may get into a lawsuit. 


Can get higher income from work, not lucky in making extra money

The wealth fortune for people born in the year of the Rooster is also good in 2022. Don’t be lazy and work hard, it’s very likely for them to gain increasing income from work. Don’t expect to make money from lottery or other risking investment. Businessmen are also suggested to do business stably and stay away from venture capital investment; they are not lucky in this field in 2022. If insist, they may experience financial losses. 

Love and Relationships

Singles: little chance to start dating; Married ones: generally happy 

In 2022, it’s possible for single Roosters to know some opposite sexes, but difficult for them to make actual progress and start dating; and it’s even harder for females. They are advised to be more active and make more efforts in order to become attached. For those in marriage or being dating with others, their love relationship may go ups and downs several times in the lunar February. Deal with the conflicts with lovers timely to avoid breakup. In other months, the love life for people with Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac is generally smooth and happy. 

The relationship with friends goes well and people born in the year of the Rooster can get lots of help from friends when in difficulties. 


May suffer skin and enterogastric diseases; eat healthily and regularly

Compared with fortune in other aspects, Roosters’ fortune in health is not very good in 2022. They are likely to be vulnerable to skin and enterogastric diseases, especially the elders, hence advised to pay more attention to personal hygiene, eat healthily and regularly and do not go to the crowded places. Also, do not fight with others, which may cause bleed. When driving, obey traffic regulations in case of accidents. The little kids should not try dangerous sports for safety reasons.  

Luck Prediction for Roosters Born in Different Years

Age: 5
Most young Roosters born in 2017 can enjoy themselves in kindergartens this year and new things like dancing and singing make them happy easily. Their parents and teachers are advised to be patient when they are naughty and teach them rules gradually. Also, protect them always from possible dangers. 
Age: 17

2022 is a lucky year for people born in 2005 year of the Rooster to make progress in study, hence get praises from teachers and parents and become popular among classmates. However, they are advised to spend more time studying rather than dating. They are too young to start a love relationship at 17. To stay safe and healthy, be cautious always and follow a healthy living timetable.
Age: 29

According to Rooster fortune prediction in 2022, they will not be very busy in work, so it’s advised that they spend some spare time learning new skills and knowledge, which will be helpful for their future career. They are very likely to earn more than before, but be cautious when making investment in case of financial crisis. Singles should be active to pursue the ones interested in. For married people, create some surprises to their partners every now and then to make the tie closer and closer. 
Age: 41

According to Roosters’ fortune in 2022, their career will develop well in spite of more pressure. Do some exercise like Yoga and Taichi to relieve the pressure and keep healthy. Meanwhile, they will get paid from work with higher salary or a promotion. The single females will have chance to start dating while the single males need to make more efforts. The family life of the married ones is stable; but they are advised to spend more time with their partners. 
Age: 53

Being flexible in workplace and gaining every chance to achieve the goals, the 1969 born Roosters are prone to perform well in work, especially when expanding market and making plans. Although they may earn a lot in 2022, don’t spend all and save some for needy days. Be more tolerant and considerate towards the partner to maintain harmonious family life. For safety and health reasons, avoid conflicting with others, keeping a good mood and doing exercise regularly. 
Age: 65

People born in 1957 with Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac are able to deal with the difficulties in work properly in 2022 and they can live a care-free life based on their salary. For those retired, their pension is also enough to cover their daily expenses. At the age of 65, they are advised to take care of themselves with more efforts and stay away from possible dangers. When feeling boring, make a trip with partner or friends to make life interesting. 
Age: 77

In 2022, their retirement pension is enough to support their daily life. Besides, they may gain some extra income to improve the life quality. Just remember to save some for emergencies. Don’t bother the later generations a lot. Spend more time with partner and pay more attention to weather change, so as to dress properly to avoid getting sick. 

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Questions & Answers on Rooster\s Fortune in 2022
Asked by Lanie from PHILIPPINES | May. 13, 2021 22:24Reply
I was born 7 17 69 time 7 05 am will i still find longtime partner.
I have been in many relationships. been divorced had a partner after that but did not work as well. if not where should i focus my energy that will bring good fortune to me. Thank you
Answers (2)
Answered by Logan | May. 16, 2021 23:55

You are excellent enough and of course you will find your soul mate. If you want to find some interesting people, you should join in more social activities on weekends. Then, maybe your soul mate is one of your new friends.
Answered by Ella | Jun. 28, 2021 18:44

We have the same birthday but I was born in 2005
Asked by Riza from USA | Apr. 20, 2021 09:21Reply
Year of Rooster
Hi. I was born Jan 28 1994 at exactly 6:00 AM. My Mom said the roosters started to crow right when I got out of her womb at exactly 6:00AM.
Also, I married and he is rooster born May 12, 1993. We got married year of rooster Jan 13 2018. And we just bought an apartment and it’s in apt 7East. We just want to know our fortune for fun :)) This year we are actually kind of getting troubles with hospital bills which never happened since we got married. We are also trying to conceive. We want to know if we can possibly be able to make it this year? :) thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Nathaniel | Apr. 25, 2021 23:47

According to the prediction, you two may make some breakthroughs in the year of Ox. Both of you should have more confidence about yourself.
Asked by Sherley from MAURITIUS | Apr. 09, 2021 04:17Reply
Is my marriage going to last?
I am a fire snake born August 07 1977, my husband is a Metal Rooster born December 18 1981. We are having some relationship issues...he's been cheating for months.
Answers (1)
Answered by Penelope | Apr. 19, 2021 01:44

Well, you need to find an appropriate time to talk to him. If you still love him, I think you should find ways to solve them problem.
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