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Rooster Fortune in 2023

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Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 11

Overall Luck:

Rooster horoscope in 2023 is not good and they need to make more efforts to live a better life. Stay clear-minded and calm when meet difficulties at work, so as to solve them quickly; if couldn’t, seek for help from someone professional and trustworthy. As their income from work may not be high, they may need to find other ways to earn extra money; remember to obey the laws and do not be greedy. The singles should be positive in pursuing true love, in spite of troubles in other aspects. To avoid the end of the love relationship, others are suggested to care more about their lover. Another advice for Rooster people is that eat better and care more about their health. 

Rooster Fortune in 2023


Lots of obstacles and difficulties; seek for advice from experienced ones

It is a challenging year for people born in the year of the Rooster in term of career. According to Rooster horoscope prediction in 2023, they would meet lots of obstacles and difficulties at work and may not be able to solve them quickly, which could draw dissatisfaction from their leaders. As a result, there would be little chance for promotion. In addition, their old customers may turn to others for more effective communication, which would also hit them. Keep calm and do not mess themselves up when in bad situations. If could not figure out the solutions in a short time, ask for advice from professional workmates or experienced elder family members.


Average income; cut down the spending to make both ends meet

Closely related to their performance evaluation at work, people with Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac may receive a little bonus in 2023 and the possibility for their salary rise would be low. What’s worse, they may have some unplanned expenditures, like buying gifts for friends or relatives who are going to get married, sharing the bills for gatherings, or restoring their house or car. 

To avoid running into debt, they’d better trim the spending down to fit their income, especially that on luxury items or unnecessary stuff. If possible, develop other channels to make money. But keep the feet on the ground and don’t try to earn ill-gotten wealth through crooked ways.

Love and Relationships

Singles may miss their Mr. or Mrs. Right; others should improve intimacy with their lover

In the aspect of love relationship, the Rooster fortune in 2023 is poor. With too many annoyances at work, the singles would have little interest to make a boyfriend or girlfriend. Thus, they may miss their Mr. or Mrs. Right due to the negative attitude. So when someone attracting them appears, seize the chance. They should know that life is not all about work. For those seeing someone or in marriage, they may seldom have conflicts with their lover, but the two would not be as intimate as before, because of lack of communication. If Rooster people still love that person, do something to rescue the relationship, like talking to him or her more often, sending a gift every now and then, doing housework together, or traveling together.


Get cured in time; eat better

People born in Chinese zodiac Rooster year is not blessed by too much fortune in health in 2023. They may catch some illnesses, which, if could not be cured in time, may develop to serious ones. So go to see a doctor timely when feeling not fine. Considering their average health fortune, they should also eat better: give up junk food and take in more nutritive food; meanwhile keep exercising to enhance their immunity system. Some elders may feel sad about certain things and could not get out soon, which may lead to psychological problems. Do not give themselves too much pressure and develop some personal hobbies, so as to drag their attention away from what make them sad.

Luck Prediction for Roosters Born in Different Years

• Born in 2017: They would acquire more knowledge this year with the help of teachers in kindergarten and their parents. Do not be picky about food and be careful when playing around, then they could grow stronger and stronger. 
• Born in 2005: Most people born in 2005 year of the Rooster are students and they may feel pressured a lot this year in school. Find out useful ways to improve the efficiency and also do some other things to relieve pressure.
• Born in 1993: This year, the singles intend to turn unavailable and those having a boyfriend or girlfriend may get married. In term of career, it’s likely they would not meet many difficulties, but would not make a big progress, either.
• Born in 1981: They may meet more difficulties in work than other years. Do not give up, get over them one by one and try their best to finish the work on time. Also, well manage their wealth in case of running into debt. After work, talk more with their partner to maintain a happy marriage. 
• Born in 1969:  It would be a difficult year for those born in 1969 in term of career, which means they need to make more efforts to achieve their goals. Do not give themselves too much pressure. In spare time, accompany the families more. 
• Born in 1957: People born in 1957 year of the Rooster are not blessed with much fortune in the aspect of health, so they need to pay more attention to keep healthy. To make both ends meet, do not spend money lavishly. Last but not least, be more tolerant towards their partner and later generations.
• Born in 1945: Their fortune in 2023 is not very good. They’d better have a plan to spend money and do not touch risky investment or buy strange health care products. In daily life, try harder to maintain health.

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Questions & Answers on Rooster Horoscope - 2023 Fortune
Asked by Jim from USA | Jan. 01, 2023 04:29Reply
Selling my nursing home business
I’m a 1945 Rooster and am getting ready to sell my business in 2023. What should I be aware of
Answers (1)
Answered by Mercy | Jan. 10, 2023 00:42

Be careful with the contract details and do not sell it out in a rush at a low price.
Asked by Lanie from PHILIPPINES | May. 13, 2021 22:24Reply
I was born 7 17 69 time 7 05 am will i still find longtime partner.
I have been in many relationships. been divorced had a partner after that but did not work as well. if not where should i focus my energy that will bring good fortune to me. Thank you
Answers (2)
Answered by Logan | May. 16, 2021 23:55

You are excellent enough and of course you will find your soul mate. If you want to find some interesting people, you should join in more social activities on weekends. Then, maybe your soul mate is one of your new friends.
Answered by Ella | Jun. 28, 2021 18:44

We have the same birthday but I was born in 2005
Asked by Riza from USA | Apr. 20, 2021 09:21Reply
Year of Rooster
Hi. I was born Jan 28 1994 at exactly 6:00 AM. My Mom said the roosters started to crow right when I got out of her womb at exactly 6:00AM.
Also, I married and he is rooster born May 12, 1993. We got married year of rooster Jan 13 2018. And we just bought an apartment and it’s in apt 7East. We just want to know our fortune for fun :)) This year we are actually kind of getting troubles with hospital bills which never happened since we got married. We are also trying to conceive. We want to know if we can possibly be able to make it this year? :) thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Nathaniel | Apr. 25, 2021 23:47

According to the prediction, you two may make some breakthroughs in the year of Ox. Both of you should have more confidence about yourself.
Asked by Sherley from MAURITIUS | Apr. 09, 2021 04:17Reply
Is my marriage going to last?
I am a fire snake born August 07 1977, my husband is a Metal Rooster born December 18 1981. We are having some relationship issues...he's been cheating for months.
Answers (1)
Answered by Penelope | Apr. 19, 2021 01:44

Well, you need to find an appropriate time to talk to him. If you still love him, I think you should find ways to solve them problem.
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