Rooster - Fortune in 2020 & 2021

Rooster Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 7

Overall Luck:

Based on the Rooster fortune prediction in 2020, the overall Rooster fortune in 2020 is just so-so. 

The career won’t be such smooth or flat and people born in the year of Rooster are easily to be disturbed by competitors. As for health, their bodies tend to be weak and they will be less energetic compared with 2019. Induced by friends, people born in the Chinese zodiac Rooster will consume a lot in entertainment places. It is advised for them to go to entertainment places less and stay away from alcohol, avoiding some unnecessary pitfalls. 

Meanwhile, there will be romantic luck in 2020 for Rooster people, which is easy to appear in entertainment places or catering parties and easy to trigger affection. Therefore, People under Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac are suggested to be more self-discipline, and not to bother unnecessary interpersonal relationships.

Rooster Fortune in 2020


More competitors, stay away from cooperative partners

According to Rooster fortune in 2020, the situation in luck will not good. They are relatively passive in career and easy to be bothered by competitors, or delayed by induce of brothers and friends. Being less ambitious and less enterprising, it is hard for Rooster people to settle down to think about problems or plan their own careers. It is difficult to make progresses and breakthroughs because they are lack of motivations and directions. It is advised for them to take time to accompany parents and family members, or read some inspirational books in order to adjust their own states. Staying away from unreliable friends and entertainment places can improve themselves.


Not ideal, excessive consumption for friends

Based on the Rooster fortune prediction in 2020, the wealth fortune may not ideal. Rooster people are more likely to consume for friends, and they may spend excessive money in entertainment places or catering parties. Besides, Rooster people also tend to consume a lot for romantic luck, which may cause financial pressure for them. Therefore, they are advised to reduce these activities and cultivate other habits.

Love and Relationships

Good romantic luck, be self-discipline

People born in the year of Chinese zodiac Rooster will have good love fortune in 2020. They are easy to encounter with romantic luck thanks to their friends, and easy to harvest chances in love in entertainment places and catering parties. However, these unexpected relationships will bring extra consumption to them. As for those Rooster people who are married, it is recommended to be self-discipline, and stay away from wine, avoiding bringing hidden troubles for families and marriages.


Respiratory system problems, more physical exercises

For people of Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac, health fortune would be a little terrible in 2020. Addiction to alcohol will bring them physical discomfort and hidden dangers. Rooster people will be easy to be implicated to fight or harmful disasters, causing injury to their bodies. They are easy to catch respiratory system problems and typhoid cold. It is advised for them to stay away from dangerous waters or damp places. Rooster people are suggested to spend time accompanying parents, or going for a walk to forests to adjust the mood and state.

Luck Prediction for Roosters Born in Different Years

Age: 3
Children born in 2017 will have a stable and flat fortune in 2020, but also needs caring from parents. They are still in the period of kindergarten and too young to take care of themselves. In health, there won’t be any physical problems. However, it requires parents to pay more attention to special periods, such as season changes and flu seasons. Rooster children are clever and gifted, therefore, it is important for parents to strengthen guidance and cultivate children’s interests, and also pay attention to children’s emotional problems.
Age: 15

The overall fortune in 2020 will not be a smooth one for teenagers born in 2005. In wealth, it is advised for them to avoid pursuing luxuries, and try not to overspend. In study, they may encounter with a bottleneck and have some difficulties in breaking through them. In interpersonal relationship, there will exist some generation gaps with parents, which require them to solve these in time. In health, they are supposed to prevent the happening of accidents, so as not to bring serious consequences.
Age: 27

Rooster people will have a general fortune in 2020. In career, there will be some ups and downs; therefore, they are advised to be more careful in work and avoid being trapped in arguments with colleagues. For wealth, the solid salary will be unstable this year. Thus it is essential to be cautious in work. In love life, Rooster people will enter the stablest year and harvest harmonious relationships. As for health, there will appear many problems. Consequently, Rooster people are suggested to prevent in the following ways: learn how to improve immunity; do physical examination regularly; strive for the balance between work and health.  
Age: 39

People born in 1981 will have a not good fortune in 2020, with a lot of ups and downs. In career, they will have more complicated and heavier work tasks, which require them to balance work and family relationship. In wealth, they will have extra consumption, so it is necessary to learn to increase income and reduce expenditure. In love, they may encounter with major problems, therefore, how to get along with their partners very well is very important. As for health, it is important to combine exertion and rest.
Age: 51

People born in 1969 will have a less satisfactory fortune in 2020. In career, Rooster people born in 1969 are going to retire. Generally speaking, it will be smooth and stable for them. All the things they can do is to keep the present status, and do their best to finish the tasks. For wealth, they have less income, so it is wise to save money, and also take some beside for unexpected needs. As for health, they will become less stronger. It is better to do sports and check physical examinations regularly. Rooster people will harvest satisfactory love in 2020. Although there are many downs or troubles in work and life, their partners will accompany them all the time. 
Age: 63

In 2020, the overall fortune of the Rooster people born in 1957 will not be very ideal. Especially in their career, they may make some minor mistakes, so they are advised to be cautious in their work. And the Fire Rooster's wealth luck will be relatively average. Although their income may be stable, there will not be any extra bonus, and they are not advised to do investments this year. In addition, they should better communicate with their families with a good attitude, or there may be many quarrels in their family. And the 1957 Rooster people need to do exercises and pay attention to reasonable diet to keep healthy.
Age: 75

In the year of 2020, the overall horoscope of people with Chinese zodiac Rooster born in 1945 is not very ideal. The Wood Rooster who are still working may lose opportunities in their work field and they can retire and start to enjoy their life with families. Influenced by their career luck, their wage may maintain a stable level. Furthermore, in term of love and relationships, as long as they can have a good control of their temper, they will live a happy life with their spouse and children. Last but not least, doing exercise is an effective method to keep healthy.

Rooster Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 10

Overall Luck:

Though the Rooster fortune in 2021 ranks low in the twelve Chinese zodiacs, they will be able to reverse the situation at crucial points. In terms of career, people with the Chinese zodiac Rooster will keep improving their professional capabilities. In addition, since their luck in wealth is just so-so, they’d better focus on their stable sources of income. As for single Roosters, keep it in mind that the only criterion when choosing a companion is personality instead of appearance. Lastly, Rooster people should pay attention to both physical and mental health this year.

In fact, many troubles in 2021 can be evaded as long as Rooster people shake off their impulsive temperament and perfunctory attitude. Meanwhile, they should carefully handle the interpersonal relationships so that others will help them when they are in need.

Rooster Fortune in 2021


Resolve conflicts at work, pursue further study

People with the Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac may have conflicts with their colleagues this year. However, they don’t need to take it personally because both sides make decisions for the good of the whole company. In addition, female Roosters may find it a struggle to keep a balance between job and family. In order to ease the stress, they should often exchange opinions with their husbands and optimize their daily schedule. More importantly, both new and experienced Roosters workers should grasp the opportunities to receive on-job training.


Focus on stable income sources, guard against financial fraud

According to the Rooster fortune prediction in 2021, their fortune in wealth is neither too good nor too bad. In most cases, their savings mainly come from their steady jobs. Thus, they’d better work hard and get higher performance-related pay. For people who want to earn money in other ways, they can try some less risky wealth management products or run a sideline. A word of caution, they should make their goals financially feasible and not be credulous about the unreasonably lucrative programs.

Love and Relationships

Fall in love with ideal mates, feel thankful to partners’ devotion

The Rooster fortune in 2021 shows that their love and relationships are blessed with much good luck. By virtue of their outgoing personality, it is easy for single Roosters to attract the opposite sex. When deciding whether or not to start a relationship with others, they should take the compatibility of characteristics into consideration. As for married Rooster people, they still enjoy a harmonious marriage relationship and do not take what their wives or husbands have done for them for granted.


Good health conditions, relieve mental tension

They are not likely to suffer from major diseases this year. In case of any injury or accident, children and the elderly should better go outside in the company of their supervisors. As for Rooster students and working people, they shouldn’t push themselves too hard and it is always important to keep a balanced diet and a regular schedule. What is more, in 2021, equal attention should be paid to their mental health. Being under great academic or working pressure, they are suggested to go on a trip as an escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

Luck Prediction for Roosters Born in Different Years

Age: 4
Rooster fortune prediction in 2021 shows that they still enjoy a happy life this year. In order to boost their immunity against disease, their parents will cook them nutritious food and inoculate them on a regular basis, thus they are not likely to fall ill this year. Apart from improving health, their parents should also help them cultivate self-discipline and develop the habit of reading. Once Rooster children make mistakes, their parents should immediately reason things out instead of act as a doting supervisor.
Age: 16

The prime concern for people born in 2005 must be their academic performance in 2021. Fortunately, under the teacher’s guidance, they will be able to find the efficient ways of learning for different subjects. Moreover, their schoolmates will readily help them to solve difficult problems, and both can make improvements in the benign competition. However, Rooster students shouldn’t regard learning as the only thing in life, and the extracurricular activities are also worthy of their attention.
Age: 28

People born in 1993 have already accustomed themselves to the working life and feel satisfied with their high income. In addition, the Rooster fortune prediction in 2021 shows that changes are likely to happen in their love relationship. Single Roosters need to stop flirting with others and treat their ideal mate with sincerity. Also, married people should understand their partners’ focus on career because good material living conditions also contributes to a smooth marriage. 
Age: 40

Roosters born in 1981 would have good fortune in career and wealth this year. As a charismatic leader in the company, they will have faithful subordinates work for them. Besides, there is no doubt for a cohesive team to overcome difficulties and achieve good results. Accordingly, Roosters may receive a substantial bonus as reward. Those who have a sideline job can also run a profitable business. Since Roosters are frugal in general, they can save a lot of money at the end of this year.
Age: 52

Generally speaking, they will have more leisure time in 2021. Since younger generation is in charge of tricky problems in the workplace, Roosters born in 1969 will enjoy a cushy job this year. In addition, thanks to their foresight to invest in the sunrise industry, they may earn a fortune in 2021 and the savings will be used to take a vacation. Apparently, with such a relaxing working and living environment, Roosters born in 1969 will be in good condition both in physically and psychologically.
Age: 64

2021 brings them good fortune in terms of career and wealth. Though at the age of 64, many of them are likely to be re-employed after retirement on account of their wide-ranging experience and the flexible handling of interpersonal relationships. Apart from the main job, they may also make money from joint venture or sideline business. However, 64-year-old Roosters may feel tired of the humdrum married life this year. It is suggested they create surprises to rekindle the relationship. Besides, some of them need to control their bad tempers, otherwise heart disease or high blood pressure may occur.
Age: 76

As predicted by the Rooster fortune in 2021, by virtue of their monthly pension and the family’s support, people born in 1945 needn’t worry about money at all. All they need to do this year is enjoy family life and take care of their bodies. At home, they are willing to act as a mediator to promote harmonious relationships among family members. Besides, they appreciate every day spent with partner and offspring. By the way, since many Roosters will inevitably live with chronic diseases at this age, they’d better to take routine physical examinations and avoid eating spicy or salty foods.

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Questions & Answers on Rooster\s Fortune in 2020 & 2021
Asked by Chandana Ghosh from INDIA | Nov. 03, 2020 00:04Reply
I suffered a severe turmoil in personal life in 2017, January.Can I ever feel peaceful again?
I was born on March,1, 1957,(afternoon ; perhaps after 5p.m)
Answers (1)
Answered by Luke | Nov. 12, 2020 22:55

You should believe yourself. 2021 can bring some good luck for you as long as you set up several goals in advance. In this way, you can see some positive changes.
Asked by Ogundero Raheem Anuoluwapo | Sep. 26, 2020 04:46Reply
I'm a rooster born in October 27 1993
I want to know about my career and wealth life and marriage life.
Answers (1)
Answered by Vivian | Sep. 29, 2020 23:35

The prediction shows that the general situation would change into a favourable condition. If you are still single, you would have a high possibility to find a soul mate. Good luck!
Asked by Kani from JAPAN | Jun. 26, 2020 21:26Reply
Earth rooster
Is this year is good for me to open a rice business? My business partner was monkey sign . Andplanning to retire next year
Answers (1)
Answered by Lincoln from DENMARK | Jun. 29, 2020 01:10

Well, it will be ok for you to open a business with your partner this year. Although you may face several difficulties at the beginning, you can finally handle them.
Asked by Dean from UNITED STATES | Mar. 31, 2020 09:56Reply
I want to know more about water rooster 1993 for me
I am born August 3rd 1993, I believe I am a water rooster. I just started a new career in sales for insurance. I moved to a new city. From San Antonio, Texas to Austin, Texas. I want to get help and understand my career, wealth, health and love.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jeremy from CANADA | Apr. 02, 2020 22:25

It is predicted that you would make some breakthroughs in career and wealth because you have outstanding abilities. There is no big problems in your healthy condition. For the love relationship, there would have several chances for you to fall in love with someone. Good luck!
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