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Rooster - Fortune in 2017

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 10
Overall Luck:

2017 turns to be the zodiac year of birth (Ben Ming Nian) for people born in the year of the Rooster. Ben Ming Nian is never a good year for any zodiac signs, so Roosters may go through a lot of rise and fall in this year. Although their fortune in 2017 is not the worst, they can hardly obtain obvious improvements. Sudden changes may occur in their life, for example, bottleneck stage in career, investment losses, and relationship issues.

Rooster Fortune in 2017
Favorable turns, big breakthrough...

Ben Ming Nian doesn't really cause much damage to Rooster people's fortune in career, as there are always favorable turns when their work gets into troubles. For entrepreneurs, the capital shortage may result in depression in career. The pleasant side is that they maintain a nice relationship with partners, so there might be nice guys coming to their rescue in hard times. Despite of sudden occurrences, they are likely to make big breakthroughs in their task and get over this tough year as long as keeping a serious and positive attitude.
Low income, smart budgeting...

Trapped in bad luck, their fortune in money is far below expectations. With support from nice people, people born in the year of the Rooster can reduce the various economic losses to some extent, but their annual income is still unfavorable. As long as their money is expensed smartly, they do not need to worry much about the income. They need to find more channels to increase their wealth and make investments with great care. To avoid unforeseen financial losses, they could make some social donation and wear accessories with their own lucky numbers or colors.
Love and Relationships
Care more, squabble less...

In 2017, people with Chinese zodiac sign of Rooster get unpleasant fortune in their love and relationship. As they cannot get fully devoted in love on account of heavy workload, their lovers or soul mates may feel desolated. Meanwhile, in their zodiac year of birth, their emotions are unstable, inclined to be skeptical and bad-tempered, which gives rise to squabbling with others. The affection with families will be impacted, but they seem nonchalant about that. For Roosters in their Ben Ming Nian, 2017, it is unwise to get married or hold a wedding ceremony. On the contrary, if they attend more jubilant occasions like other’s wedding and house moving, their mood will become better.

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Physical injuries, driving with care...

Rooster’s health condition is quite worrying in 2017. Jinx also brings about some physical ailments or injuries. Especially it’s good for them to keep a light diet, with more ingestion of fruits and vegetables. Besides, they should never let their guard down when driving. Acting to the rules helps them to avoid unanticipated accidents. Traveling far from home is also not suggested in case of natural disasters. At the meantime, regular exercise can make them regain vigor.
Luck Prediction for Roosters Born in Different Years
Born in 2005
Age: 12
It is a worry-free year for children at age of 12. Although they are in Ben Ming Nian, their life will not be severely impacted. They might behave rebelliously, but their willpower in progress is still inspiring. Parents should give more space for them and let them make decisions on their own.
Born in 1993
Age: 24
People born in 1993 will come across a year full of events, changes and turbulences. Superficially, the fortune seems little for these people with Chinese zodiac Rooster, but 2017 is still a very critical turning point in a lifetime. Luck is always either good or bad. If seizing opportunities and avoiding crisis, they could ensure the career and relationship develop at a steady pace.
Born in 1981
Age: 36
For those at age of 36, they would meet the most difficult times throughout their life. To be simple, they had seniors to support and kids to raise. Thus, they need to exert themselves to fight for a better life standard for families. At the same time, they may confront trifles in work and relationships with peers. A firm faith guarantees them a better-off future.
Born in 1969
Age: 48
For people born in 1969, with good awareness of troubles in 2017, they tend to be calm and modest. They are brave to face the possible misfortune and depression in life, and willing to cope with those issues forwardly. Besides, in 2017, they ought to give more care and love to their families.
Born in 1957
Age: 60
For seniors at age of 60, they will have a smooth year in terms of career, wealth and relationship, but the health condition will bring anxiety to families and themselves. Intestinal sickness will trouble them for a while. Roosters are advised to gather families and friends for a 60-year-old birthday celebration, which may bring good fortune for them.

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