Rooster - Luck Prediction by Month 2023

2023 is a bumpy year for people born in the year of the Rooster. Be optimistic, brave and clearheaded to solve the problems and reverse the bad situation. The dark month is August, especially females, when they are unlikely to do a good job and earn a lot. Life is not always bitter. Rooster people would also be blessed by good luck in career and wealth in January, March, July, September, November and December.

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Rooster Fortune in 2023

  Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(01/22/2023 – 02/19/2023)

The luck for people born in the year of the Rooster in the first lunar month of 2023 is ideal and that in term of love is the best. Many charming opposite sexes may express their affections towards the singles and they would find out their true lover among them. In workplace, Roosters would feel just like fish in water and complete the tasks easily, fully showing their talents and ability to leaders and workmates. Thanks to that, their income would be satisfying. Their body would be in a good status, ensuring them to enjoy the life without worries.


(02/20/2023 – 03/21/2023)

Rooster luck prediction in 2023 reminds that they may meet health problems in February, caused by over drinking and irregular diet. Get cured in time before they develop into serious illnesses. They would finish their work as expected and earn enough income to live a life as usual. But they may not be lucky to earn some from other channels. The singles may have little possibilities to meet their lover. But those seeing someone may succeed in marriage proposal and those being married may welcome a little baby and enjoy family life happily.

Leap February

(03/22/2023 – 04/19/2023)

This month, the health luck for people with Chinese zodiac Rooster sign is on an uptrend. Follow a healthy life routine and they would not suffer serious physical problems. But the health of their elder family members may not be good and they need to spend more time taking care of them. Due to the family matters, they may need to ask for leave from work. Fortunately, their workmates would be kind enough to do some urgent job for them. But their income would decrease due to the absence from work. The singles may have no extra energy to make a girlfriend or boyfriend and miss a charming opposite sex. 


(04/20/2023 – 05/18/2023)

According to Chinese zodiac luck prediction, Rooster people would be protected by good luck in March and the misfortune seldom fall upon on them. In career, many opportunities would pop up around them. Seizing any of them and working hard, they would be appreciated by supervisors and become self-confident. The great performance in work would also bring them higher income than before. The relationship with their lover would be sweet and harmonious, so as that with families and other people around. 


(05/19/2023 – 06/17/2023)

2023 luck prediction by month indicates that April is a lucky month for singles born in the year of the Rooster. They may fall in love with someone at first sight. Luckily, that someone would appreciate them and they two would start dating soon. Getting along well with their lover, those having been dating may decide to get married and step into another life stage. In the aspects of career and wealth, their life would be smooth without big surprises or serious incidents. The body fortune is at an average level; as long as they take good care of them, they would stay healthy.  


(06/18/2023 – 07/17/2023)

Coming to May, they may need to travel to other places for job matters. But they may not be able to get used to the new environment quickly and feel difficult to make the first step, which would influence their efficiency and income. Alone in a foreign land, they would also miss their lover, families and friends a lot and feel isolated, which make them in a low mood or even cause physical disorders. Be positive to get familiar with the new place and people around and put the life back to the track again. In spare time, get in touch with their lover through cellphones to maintain the relationship.


(07/18/2023 – 08/15/2023)

Through continuous self-adjustment and help of people around, Rooster’s luck in June of 2023 turns better. With the assistance of some capable workmates, their job would be done as planned and they themselves are likely to give some creative ideas and hence pick up self-confidence. Thanks to the smooth work, they would not need to worry about income this month. What may annoy them is that their lover may feel unsatisfied about them because of some petty things; keep communication even if they would not meet each other every day.


(08/16/2023 – 09/14/2023)

Roosters’ luck in wealth is quite good in July. The businessmen would make a successful investment and earn a big amount of profits. For employees, they may receive extra bonus as a reward of their creative advice or eye-catching contributions at work. Their body would also be in a quite good condition. The only misfortune lies in that the singles would stay available and for those having a lover, conflicts may arise between them and their lover. 


(09/15/2023 – 10/14/2023)

It is a dark month for those born in the year of the Rooster, especially females. Because of the conflicts with colleagues, they may not finish their work well and the income may decrease a lot. Their lover may feel tired about their picky characteristics and their relationship may not be as close as before. Influenced by these annoyances, it would be difficult for them to keep a good status both mentally and physically. The fortune for males would be better for they intend to be less influenced by external factors. 


(10/15/2023 – 11/12/2023)

Based on Roosters’ 2023 luck prediction by month, September could be a lucky month for them. They are likely to find better jobs in bigger enterprises, so as to fully display their talents and wisdom. Meanwhile, they would get a higher wage. The advice is that make a detailed comparison between the different job offers before making the final decision. In other aspects, the singles would be lucky enough to encounter their true love and those in love would receive more care from their lover. Be low-key in case that extreme joy would beget sorrow. 


(11/13/2023 – 12/12/2023)

In October, their health luck is quite poor. Because of lone-term unhealthy eating habits, they may get stomachache. Fortunately, under the considerate care of their partner and with the help of the doctor, they would feel much better soon. Even though, they are advised to give up bad eating habits and strengthen the body by exercising. Being grateful towards their lover’s patient care when they were ill, they would cherish the other half even more and the family atmosphere would be even better. This month, they would not experience much misfortune in career and wealth.


(12/13/2023 – 01/10/2024)

Blessed by good luck in career and with the help of some capable people, Roosters would make great contributions or earn a big amount for their company. In turn, they would receive a big amount of bonus. They are also likely to earn some from other channels, supporting them to live a better life. This month, they would learn a lesson and care more about their health, so their body would be in a better condition comparatively. Their partner would be happy for their achievements and love them more.


(01/11/2024 – 02/09/2024)

They would also be lucky in terms of career and wealth in the last lunar month of 2023. Work hard and there is a great possibility for them to climb to the wanted position in workplace and earn a higher wage. For students and others to attend important competitions, they would also get good ranks. But their fortune in love is poor. They’d better not have conflicts with their lover; instead, do something to enhance their intimacy. The singles are not advised to do useless job to make a boyfriend or girlfriend, but save the energy and time for the coming year. 

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Questions & Answers on Rooster\s Luck Prediction by Month 2023
Asked by James from CANADA | May. 10, 2021 15:59Reply
My luck in 2021
D.O.B.: August 3, 1981 (Lunar Calendar)
I am going through 2 big events now.
When and how will they end?
Answers (2)
Answered by Bailey | May. 16, 2021 20:50

You should keep the positive attitude. The prediction shows that the overall situation would change into a better stage in the second half of the year.
Answered by Chessy kessy | Jul. 17, 2021 16:00

February 10
Asked by Anastasia from GREECE | Mar. 26, 2021 10:20Reply
Should I accept a new job offer or stay in my current job?
I was born on the 8th of August 1981 and I am working with my current employer for the last 3 years.
I have been offered a new job to another company. Should I accept it ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emery | Mar. 28, 2021 20:46

According to the prediction, it would be ok for you to change the job or stay in the current job. Both of these two choice can bring you good luck because you have enough abilities and intelligence. Don't worry.
Asked by Heidi S. Montejo from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 02, 2021 04:12Reply
What can you say about my career forecasts?
I was born on April 15, 1969. My fear is my job. I want to have a stable job because as a single mother it is very hard to raise your kid alone and pay the monthly bills, aside from buying your food and other basic needs nothing is free.
Answers (3)
Answered by Erica | Feb. 07, 2021 18:26

Don't worry. The situation would change into a much better stage this year. You should keep the positive attitude. You would find a stable job in the first half of the year. :)
Answered by Lovleen kaur | Feb. 18, 2021 20:13

My name is lovleen Kaur born October 10 1969 at 1000 am and 10 minutes. I lost my job because of Covid, when I am gonna get another job , which month ? Plz and thanks
Answered by Carrie | Feb. 21, 2021 15:44

June, August and October are lucky months for you.
Asked by PN from CAMBODIA | Jan. 31, 2021 19:24Reply
Hello! My date of birth was May 29, 1981. What are all about the whole year for career, weath, etc?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sally | Feb. 07, 2021 18:24

Your Chinese zodiac is Rooster. If you keep the modest attitude at work, then you would obtain the chances for promotion. There is no big problem in your love life and wealth. But you should pay attention to your health. Regular physical examinations are necessary.
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