Rooster - Luck Prediction by Month 2019 & 2020


Luck Prediction by Month 2019

Rooster’s luck in 2019 becomes better in the Year of the Pig. It could be a lucky year for them to have advanced study or pursue improvements in career. However, interpersonal relationship is one thing they need to consider about. Keeping a good communication with family members and colleagues can help to prevent conflicts.

Besides, they are advised to keep an eye on their health conditions and receive timely treatment if not feeling very well. In general, they may have poor luck in May and July, while March and August are the auspicious months.

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Rooster Fortune in 2019

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/05/2019 – 03/26/2019)

The Rooster 2019 prediction on wealth might not be very favorable in the first lunar month, for there could be much expenditure in all aspects, especially health. In addition, they should have a lot of chances attending wedding ceremonies. Wedding gifts would account for a large proportion of the whole expenditure in the month. Therefore, it is suggested them to save unnecessary expenses, such as cinema tickets, luxuries or money spent on beauty parlor. 


(03/07/2019 – 04/04/2019)

The Rooster horoscope 2019 by month shows that February is not a lucky month for those who are in management positions. They might be bothered or even involved in a lawsuit because of employing the wrong person. Therefore, it is advised to interview candidates personally to find the best man for the job. On the other hand, well prepare the contract and state every item clearly to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future.


(04/05/2019 – 05/04/2019)

Entering the third lunar month in the Year of the Pig, Rooster’s fortune in studying is prosperous, especially for students. They can always get concentrated for a high learning efficiency in this lucky month. Meanwhile, they are very likely to receive great help from person who is experienced in the territory. If the one shows up, do grasp the chance to learn more precious experience and practical skills. In daily life, they are advised to have more communications with parents in order to improve the relationship. 


(05/05/2019 – 06/02/2019)

In this month, Rooster people could encounter some obstacles in career and wealth. Although none is hard to solve, they would still feel depressed with problems piling up before their eyes. At this time, it is suggested to adjust themselves to solve the issues one at a time. Try to find several suitable ways to relax themselves. Their efforts will finally be paid through salary increasing or promotion obtaining in the next month.


(06/03/2019 – 07/02/2019)

In this month, people need to be careful of mean colleagues in the company.  To avoid this, it is necessary for them to keep a low key in the company and do not talk gossips with colleagues, especially complaining about the superior. 


(07/03/2019 – 07/31/2019)

The Rooster luck in 2019 by month shows that those people's health condition might not be very good this month. Not only should they take care of themselves, but also they are advised to concern about the fitness of their friends and family members. Make sure to accept timely treatment at the hospital if not feeling very well. The aspects of career, wealth and love life will be good during this period of time. 


(08/01/2019 – 08/29/2019)

In this month, there might be some conflicts happening between people of Chinese zodiac Rooster and their friends. When that occurs, it is advised them to stick to their own disciplines and stand up for what is right; being tolerant all the time might not be helpful at some times. In addition, Rooster luck prediction in 2019 says that most of them are easily to get praises from leaders as long as they work hard day by day. 


(08/30/2019 – 09/28/2019)

According to Rooster 2019 prediction, it is a lucky month for them to pursue advances in their love life, especially for the married ones. The newlyweds are very likely to have a baby while those has already been in a marital relation could live a smooth and sweet marriage life. Furthermore, both husband and wife may consider preparing some surprises to keep the relationship fresh. About wealth, they can invest some money in low risked fields. In this way, they may get some extra income. 


(09/29/2019 – 10/27/2019)

In the 9th Chinese lunar month of the Year of the Pig, the possibility for people to get injured in unexpected incidents could be a little bit high. Therefore it should be a time for them to avoid involving in risky activities or physical conflicts. Based on the fortune in 2019, the good news is that the situations of their careers and wealth will be more favorable than last month. Keeping a modest attitude towards other people’s criticism is a key point to maintain harmonious interpersonal relationship. 


(10/28/2019 – 11/25/2019)

As per Chinese zodiac luck prediction, it is a month that people may have disagreements with their parents or children. When the quarrel happens, it is very necessary to calm down first and then try to have a good communication to exchange ideas. Give each other some tolerance and understanding, and all these puzzles will be figured out smoothly. In this lunar month, it’s predicted that they may earn more money from their financial products.


(11/26/2019 – 12/25/2019)

The Chinese zodiac luck prediction shows that people born in the Year of the Rooster need to pay much attention to gastrointestinal issues which are very likely to be caused by irregularities in their diet. No matter how busy the work is, do take some time to sit at the table and have good meals. Make sure to eat more light foods rather than spicy or greasy dishes, or take-out food. They should also notice the financial problem. 


(12/26/2019 – 01/24/2020)

In the last lunar month of the Year of the Pig, they might get involved in scams or thefts and result in property damage in the long run. So be vigilant when it comes to money issues. Do not take too much cash, bank cards or valuable jewelry when going out; double check the doors and windows at home, and it would be even better to install cameras in the house. Besides, do not expect winning lottery or gaining profits from stock market. Seeking for more stable incomes should be the most reliable way to improve the financial condition. 


Luck Prediction by Month 2020

Based on the Chinese zodiac luck prediction, the fortune for people born in the year of Chinese zodiac Rooster is just so-so generally speaking. The 2020 lucky months for them will be the 7th and 12th Chinese lunar month, while 2nd and 9th Chinese lunar month will be unlucky.  

In wealth, they may not earn a large amount of money but they will make progresses in their work. For the luck in love and relationship, they may meets their future lovers and start stable love relationships in the end of the year. In terms of health, they need to beware the problems of the stomach and intestines.

 See general introduction to Rooster Fortune in 2020.

Rooster Fortune in 2020

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(01/25/2020 – 02/22/2020)

Based on Rooster luck prediction in 2020, the luck in the first lunar month is pretty good for the Roosters. They will attach more importance to work and they are given strong support by their families. They will take every step steadfastly and also get some progress slowly.


(02/23/2020 – 03/23/2020)

2020 luck prediction by month indicates that the luck in the second lunar month is just so-so. There will be limits in their personal development for that they may approach wrong methods. They will keep trying new ways and finally find the right way. They won’t make any progress this month but they adjust themselves well. 


(03/24/2020 – 04/22/2020)

In the third month, the fortune for Roosters goes down slightly. This month, there will be a lot of social engagement that cannot be rejected for the Roosters. They will continue accompanying the customers or their leaders. Most of them need a good rest. The pressure on the Roosters in March will be great. They are afraid of losing their chances because of their slack in the social engagement.


(04/23/2020 – 05/22/2020)

According to 2020 luck prediction by month, the luck in the fourth month will be just OK. People born with Chinese zodiac Rooster sign will be stubborn and can hardly accept others’ advice which can avoid detours for them. In addition, they may be too nervous this month. Pay much attention to their health condition.


(05/23/2020 – 06/20/2020)

The luck in the fifth month turns good. They may meet several influential people who may save them from dilemma. In career, they will be under great pressure this month, but they can solve problems and difficulties in work or life with their wisdom and intelligence.


(06/21/2020 – 07/20/2020)

The luck in sixth month would be bad. They are not suggested to tell their secrets to others even friends. Rooster people will become more conducive to further study and work skills in this month. However, there will also be more constraints and interference which make them more depressed. They are suggested to find suitable ways to get some relaxation.


(07/21/2020 – 08/18/2020)

The Rooster’s luck in 2020 shows that the luck in 7th month is favorable. People born in the year of Rooster will get good things because they offered help to others before. It will be easy to make friends who are helpful to them during this period of time. For boys, there may meet lovely girls this month. However, they need to find ways to become attractive and charming enough. Otherwise, it may be difficult to catch opportunities timely.


(08/19/2020 – 09/16/2020)

In this month, the fortune in love and relationship for the Roosters will not favorable. They may ignore the feelings of their lovers since they are busy with other things. It is advised to care more about people around them and spend more time with them. In terms of love and relationship, married Roosters spend less and less time with lovers, which leads to conflicts between them. Therefore, they should accompany their lovers more.


(09/17/2020 – 10/16/2020)

According to the Rooster’s luck in 2020, the Roosters will easily be influenced by others this month. They are suggested to communicate with self-motivated people, so that they may also be motivated and make progresses. The luck in health would not good. They need to pay attention to the problems of stomach and intestines. The diet needs to be light and nutrient. If there is any small pain and diseases, it should be cured in time, otherwise it may cause serious illness. 


(10/17/2020 – 11/14/2020)

The luck of the Roosters in 10th lunar month continues to go down, especially the luck in wealth. Some of them may be cheated and lose a lot of money. They need to take precaution against to the internet fraud especially. In career, it may be difficult to successfully finish the tasks assigned by the superiors, resulting in the monthly performance cannot being completed in time.


(11/15/2020 – 12/14/2020)

The fortune in 11th lunar month will become better than last month. Roosters will be very careful and they can avoid some losses. This month, they will feel that the pressure is not so heavy and their life attitude will change very well. They can also listen to others suggestions. They will also perform well on some important occasions and get some good opportunities because of the improvements of their appearance. 


(12/15/2020 – 01/12/2021)

Based on the Rooster luck prediction in 2020, the 12th lunar month is a lucky month. There will be more work take time to finish than before. Besides, the potential of the Roosters will be discovered in this month. Some ideas and suggestions of them will be approved. In the end of the year, single Roosters may have a large chance to fall in love with someone and start the stable love relationship. 
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Questions & Answers on Rooster\s Luck Prediction by Month 2019 & 2020
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Well, you two need to have enough time to communicate. When facing divergences, you should solve them together. In addition, your love compatibility index would be high. Thus it is worth to win her back.
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Just give her a space but dont forget to send a sweet lovely messages even she didn't reply you.
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Oct. 16, Oct. 17, Oct. 18 and Oct. 24 can become your lucky dates.
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The prediction shows that you can become a good match. You can rely on each other, and you can also give sincere advice or criticism to each other. The relationship will get along steadily. Good luck!
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October this year will be a lucky month in your wealth. Maybe you can meet several lucky stars that can provide some necessary help. In addition, you should also control the expenses in daily life.
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