Rooster - Luck Prediction by Month 2018

People with Chinese zodiac sign Rooster may not have fairly good luck in the Year of the Dog according to the luck prediction by month. There are some opportunities to gain improvement in the aspect of work. They may get a promotion, and job-hoppers can succeed in finding a well-paid job. For those who want to run their own business, they will get help and support from seniors in their families. In general, they may have poor luck in February and May, while April and October are the auspicious months.
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Rooster Fortune in 2018

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


 (02/16/2018 – 03/16/2018)

It is a lucky time for people with Chinese zodiac Rooster sign in the first Chinese lunar month of 2018. They will earn the respect of their colleagues and leaders because of their excellent capacity to work. Accordingly, they will get more rewards in this month, such as a promotion and higher salary. Although they have good fortune in wealth, their expenditures may climb a lot. They should keep a healthy diet in daily life; otherwise, they may get the diseases in the digestive system. 


 (03/17/2018 – 04/15/2018)

According to 2018 luck prediction by month, February is not a preferable month for people with Chinese zodiac sign Rooster. They may have troubles with their career because it is difficult for them to communicate with colleagues. They are advised to keep a low profile in the black month.


 (04/16/2018 – 05/14/2018)

Rooster's luck in March is just so-so. There are no obvious changes in career. They will meet a lot of chances to improve the bad working state, but it is easy to miss these chances. Despite this, it is very likely for them to get to know excellent cooperators with nice personalities according to the prediction. Therefore, starting a business can be expected. Females may have good luck in love and relationships, and it is suggested to be active during a romantic relationship. 


 (05/15/2018 – 06/13/2018)
Rooster people will be busy in April. In fact, they will be offered with many job opportunities, so it can be a good time to change a job. If sticking to the current company, they will have good prospect of promotion. Meanwhile, they will witness big pressure in this busy period, so they may not have enough energy to manage their daily expenditures.


 (06/14/2018 – 07/12/2018)

May is a black month for people born in the Year of Rooster. They may get exhausted because of hard work for a long time. Thus, a good rest or a short trip can be considered for relaxation. Their love life will be influenced by the poor working state, and they may have conflict with partners. To keep harmonious, mutual communication with their love can be needed. In addition, their fortune in relationships will turn worse than April, and it's hard to communicate with their partners. 


 (07/13/2018 – 08/10/2018)

They will be lucky in June. They will get some easy work, and they can finish the job perfectly. It is a pity that there will be few chances for them to gain good income in this month. They should learn how to manage their money. 


 (08/11/2018 – 09/09/2018)

In this month, some mean colleagues may play tricks on them privately, which may influence their working state more or less. To avoid this, it is quite necessary for them to get on well with their colleagues and leaders. If they can maintain a stable interpersonal relationship in July, they will meet few work problems. For wealth, they are suggested to avoid high-risk investments.  


 (09/10/2018 – 10/08/2018)

According to Rooster luck prediction in 2018, they may have poor luck in relationships in August. In order to keep good interpersonal relationships with others, they are supposed to be friendly with colleagues. They should not be stubborn and inflexible during the process of issues solving. Furthermore, they are advised to develop a harmonious relation with partners. 


 (10/09/2018 – 11/07/2018)
Rooster people will be lucky in the month. They are likely to make a fortune at this time. Besides, they will solve difficult issues in their jobs as long as they can maintain a steady working state. They should focus on their health issues this month in case of unexpected diseases. 


 (11/08/2018 – 12/06/2018)

As per Chinese zodiac luck prediction, October is lucky for people to get high profit. They will have excellent fortune in wealth. There will be lots of optional items for them to invest. For example, they can earn more money from the business of real estate. Therefore, there won’t be financial crisis this month.


 (12/07/2018 – 01/05/2019)

November is a preferable month for people born in the Year of Rooster. They may witness some opportunities to get promotion, but the premise is that they should be friendly when communicating with colleagues and leaders. The approval from others will bring them good luck in everyday life to some extent. 


 (01/06/2019 – 02/04/2019)

In December, their fortune can be stable. They will be given a promotion and an increase in salary for their well-done tasks. But they should improve their communication skills. The well-developed relationships with their friends and colleagues will bring good fortune to themselves. For example, their friends will recommend to them some good job opportunities. 

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