2017 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Rooster

Which type of Rooster are people born in 2017 Chinese zodiac year?

Rooster is the Chinese zodiac sign for the year 2017 and the year has the Fire element. Therefore, people born in 2017 are the Fire Rooster.

Referring to Gregorian calendar, people born from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018 are the Fire Rooster, and those who born from January 1 to January 27 in 2017 are the previous Fire Monkey sign.


Lucky Signs for 2005 Wood Rooster

 Lucky Numbers: 2, 7

 Lucky Colors: red, purple


Personality Traits of the 2017 Chinese Zodiac Fire Rooster

People born in 2017 year of the Rooster are honest, intelligent, lively and punctual. They are frank and good at communicating with others. The Rooster people have a strong planning ability and can make quick decisions when things happen. Furthermore, they are faithful and loyal to their families and friends.

However, Chinese zodiac Rooster are impatient, impulsive and pessimistic. If they are blocked on their way forward, they will be at a loss, unable to deal with even minor problems. At the same time, they are unwilling to admit their mistakes and do not like to accept criticism from others.

2021 Horoscope for Fire Rooster Born in 2017

4-year-old Rooster children will live a peaceful and happy life in 2021. They are well looked after by their parents and not likely to get sick this year. However, considering their instinct of playing outside, they may suffer minor injuries, which is not a big deal. By the way, their parents should start to instill self-discipline in them at this age.

Many children born in 2017 will start their kindergarten life this year. Once they feel constrained and reluctant to go to kindergarten, their parents might as well encourage them by telling the benefits of doing so such as making and playing with new friends. For kids who are super shy or not fully prepared, preschool education at home is also an alternative.

According to the Rooster fortune in 2021, some children born in 2017 may have rebellious behaviors at home. When it happens, their parents shouldn’t put up with them without principle, but tell them why it was unacceptable right away. Furthermore, parents can help them develop good habits by using rewards and punishments wisely.

In fact, for 4-year-old children, the most worth noticing aspect is their health condition. Luckily, as shown in the Rooster fortune prediction in 2021, few Rooster children are picky eaters, and the balanced and nutritious diet makes them insusceptible to many childhood diseases.

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The career fortune for people with Chinese zodiac Rooster born in 2017 is relatively smooth. For office workers, there may be some twists and turns at the beginning of their work, but as long as they try their best to solve the problems, their career life will turn very smooth. They can display their talent in areas where they are good at, thus being appreciated by their leaders, and then be promoted quickly.

For entrepreneurs, it may be difficult at the beginning of their business, but as long as they grasp the opportunity, the future development will be very successful. Their career is likely to reach the peak when they get old and they can leave a prosperous family business for their offspring.

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The Fire Rooster born in 2017 have a good fortune in money. For office workers, the increase of salary is very fast. Generally, by the age of 30, they can get much higher wages than their peers. In the middle age, their salary will be much higher and they will have a considerable amount of pension after they retire.

For entrepreneurs, the accumulation of wealth is fast. And because of their unique investment vision, they can often find the most suitable investment projects to obtain more wealth. However, be cautious when doing investment and do not trust others easily.


Love and Relationships

Chinese zodiac Rooster have a relatively good horoscope in love in their whole life. They will easily meet the person they like in the early age. But when pursuing the lover, they must be more proactive. After marriage, they may face some temptations, but as long as they stick to original will, they can easily resist these temptations.

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The Fire Rooster’s health fortune is not very good. They will feel irritated by the pressure in their work and life. And the stress may affect their sleep quality. At the same time, they are often in a state of anxiety and tension. Therefore, they should learn some ways to relieve the pressure. In addition, they should better take common medication with them when going out to prevent diseases caused by acclimatization.

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