1981 Chinese Zodiac - Metal Rooster

Which type of Rooster are people born in 1981 Chinese zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, people born in 1981 have the Rooster sign. And Water is the 1981 Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in the year of 1981 are the Metal Rooster.

As Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar, whose dates are different from Gregorian calendar. Based on Gregorian calendar, people born from February 5, 1981 to January 24, 1982 are the Metal Rooster. And Metal Monkey is the sign for those who born from January 1 to February 4 in 1981.


Lucky Signs for 1981 Metal Rooster

 Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 20

 Lucky Colors: yellow, brown, gold, white

2021 Horoscope for Metal Rooster Born in 1981

Rooster fortune in 2021 foretells their good luck in career and wealth. Their leadership and foresight is conducive to making satisfactory results at work and generating profits from investment. In addition, they still enjoy a peaceful love life this year. Special attention should be paid to their digestive diseases and high blood pressure.

Working people born in 1981 need to deal with some challenging tasks this year. Luckily, they have many loyal and competent subordinates help them. However difficult the task is, it will be finally overcome by team cohesiveness. Then a generous reward is waiting for them.

Also, their good fortune in wealth cannot be overlooked. People who engage in investment will earn a lot on account of their wise decision. Those with a sideline job are also blessed with many lucrative opportunities. Since Metal Roosters do not spend money lavishly, they may have an enormous amount of savings at the end of this year.

Frankly speaking, married Metal Roosters will pay less attention to family life in 2021. No matter how busy they are, they should always set aside time for playing with their kids and chatting with their partners. It will be better if a family vocation is put on the agenda.

At this age, people born in 2021 should avoid being a workaholic at the cost of health. Bear in mind that it is unwise to save time by skipping meals or be overanxious about the minor problems in work, otherwise they might suffer from digestive diseases or high blood pressure.

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Personality Traits of the 1981 Chinese Zodiac Metal Rooster

People with Chinese zodiac Rooster born in 1981 have a clear and calm mind and strong logical thinking ability. At the same time, they have great perseverance in the things they like. They are very frank and never blame others behind their backs. The Metal Roosters are quick-witted, eloquent, good at argument and very persuasive. They are also very diligent, capable, responsible and disciplined, and they do not like idle people.

However, Chinese zodiac Rooster people are kind of mean, short-sighted and self-righteous. They do not like to accept other people's advice. In addition, due to their frankness, they often say what they think, which makes them easily ignore the feelings and dignity of others.

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People born in 1981 Chinese zodiac Rooster year have a fairly good career fortune. For office workers, their work is relatively smooth. They can work in the fields they are good at and will not be stumped by leaders. But there is no big breakthrough in their career. It is suggested that they should better stick to their work for a little longer when they are in a difficult period. If they stick to it, they may get different results. For entrepreneurs, in the process of starting a business, they must pay attention to improving their own abilities and qualities. In particular, they should work hard on their interpersonal relationships, which may lay a good foundation for the development of their enterprise.

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The Metal Rooster will have a relatively smooth fortune in wealth. For office workers, their salary is basically stable and at the average level of their peers. However, it is suggested that they try to make financial investment, because their performance in extra wealth accumulation is pretty good. For entrepreneurs, their financial status is also at general level. However, if they can keep a humble attitude and keep improving themselves, they are likely to make great profits and bring long-term development to the enterprise.


Love and Relationships

The love fortune for people born in 1981 year of the Rooster is not good enough. They can meet many admirers, some of them are sincere and some of them do not take their feelings seriously. If they don't distinguish the good people from the bad guys, it is easy to waste time and get hurt. After getting married, they will face many temptations and may have extramarital affairs. They should learn to draw a clear line, be faithful to the partner, and keep a certain distance with those temptations.

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They will not have too serious problems in health. Sometimes there are some minor problems such as headache and fever. For the sake of health, eat regularly, do not overeat or stay up late. They should also go to the gym regularly. Besides, mental health problems also need to be noticed; do not put too much pressure on themselves.

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